Epsilon sign trio

June 13th, 2017 21:05

Epsilon have announced that they have revamped their roster with the addition of three players.

Epsilon's roster had been depleted to just two players after the organisation sold Swedish duo William "draken" Sundin and Fredrik "REZ" Sterner to NiP, and parted ways with Norwegian veteran Karl-William "kalle" Haraldsen.

Joining the team are two up-and-coming talents, Nexus' 18-year-old Romanian star Cosmin-Mihai "cosmeeeN" Butuc and Endpoint's 17-year-old ace Owen "smooya" Butterfield. They will now be given the chance to prove themselves at the highest level after catching Epsilon's eye while playing in their respective countries.

smooya joins Epsilon after impressing for Endpoint

Lasse "maeVe" Elgaard, who reunites with André "BARBARR" Möller after the duo played together on Orgless/Escape in the past, completes the roster, which on paper looks to be one of the strongest multinational squads to emerge in Europe in recent weeks.

“I would like to thanks Nexus Gaming for all their support," cosmeeeN said in a statement. "Without this key element I don’t think I would have reached this level.

"Few days ago, I was asked by Barbarr if I was willing to join Epsilon as a player, I thought It was a dream… After checking it was real I accepted gladly.

"I would like to thank Epsilon Esports and their sponsors for the opportunity. I hope to make my family, my friends and my Romanian fans proud!”

The three new players have just made their first official appearance for Epsilon, helping the team to beat Planetkey 16-8 in ESEA Premier. The team's roster looks as follows:

Sweden André "BARBARR" Möller
Sweden Fredrik "freddieb" Buö
Romania Cosmin-Mihai "cosmeeeN" Butuc
United Kingdom Owen "smooya" Butterfield
Denmark Lasse "maeVe" Elgaard

Norway Karl-William 'kalle' Haraldsen
Karl-William 'kalle' Haraldsen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
Owen 'smooya' Butterfield
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden William 'draken' Sundin
William 'draken' Sundin
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Fredrik 'freddieb' Buö
Fredrik 'freddieb' Buö
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Romania Cosmin-Mihai 'cosmeeeN' Butuc
Cosmin-Mihai 'cosmeeeN' Butuc
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden André 'BARBARR' Möller
André 'BARBARR' Möller
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Lasse 'maeVe' Elgaard
Lasse 'maeVe' Elgaard
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Sweden Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner
Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2017-06-13 21:05
2017-06-13 21:10
2017-06-13 21:18
smooya will 40 bomb every game
2017-06-14 00:30
2017-06-13 21:28
2017-06-14 11:34
Lmao they are still shit and will be more than that
2017-06-13 21:06
Yes but they could be the best shit around
2017-06-13 23:36
no, they can't be NiP
2017-06-14 01:27
so cold
2017-06-14 02:53
so cold yet so much burn
2017-06-14 11:18
Who wants to be NiP atm xD
2017-06-14 15:55
they are still better than you with monitor off :))) ,and your team
2017-06-14 15:38
and who are you? the popular throwing scene? we got fnatic. who do you have? nexus? HAHAHA
2017-06-14 16:41
lol,u`re comparing SWE scene,with RO scene =)) are u mad man ? compare SWE with DK scene if u want a proper comparation..ow wait their scene > your scene thats why u compare yourself with little almost none existent scenes :))) ...man it`s like comparing Premier League with Swedish football league....i`m not gonna get into details fanboi go bark at another tree...the big scene SWE which at the moment can`t do damage even to the balkanik teams =))) and has no team capable to do some real damage =))) ...
2017-06-15 09:09
Gl boys
2017-06-13 21:06
ez nip
2017-06-13 21:05
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:06
good news
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:06
Nice nick =)
2017-06-13 21:15
They can change every1 but they will never get to form that they were with REZ and draken :)
2017-06-13 21:07
rez and draken=smooya and cosmeen selling rez and draken=300+K buying out smooya and cosmeen=20k max ez profit and still same quality players and fans from different countries rofl nt mr noscene
2017-06-13 21:11
worse comms since no more swedish tho, still good business
2017-06-13 21:18
2017-06-13 21:22
i think cosmeeen came as a free agent, as nexus doesn't own the players, they don't have contracts if I'm correct.
2017-06-13 21:41
source? Didnt know
2017-06-13 21:41
Esport in Romania is still not that spread, so, I'm almost positive that nexus players are not under contract, Nexus beeing a gaming internet caffee and offering them free privileges at that caffee.
2017-06-13 21:52
oh lol i didnt know that xdd thats good for both the players from Nexus and Epsilon owner who didnt have to pay anything xd
2017-06-13 21:52
300+K? Lmao who the fuck would pay this amount of money on rez and draken. You can't talk about a 150k player coming from tier 5 teams. Last time scream was evaluated at 75k being sold by a tier 2 team
2017-06-14 16:37
rez´s buyout was around 200K :) i guess that draken´s was around 100k considering that people such as jugi have 150K buyouts
2017-06-14 20:43
man epsilon is launching talents regulary ,bought by big teams,so u can ask for some good money for your players,especially when is interest from NiP calibre organizations which have the money....like in football,every team will pump their price for a player,over value the price when it`s an offer from Premier League where is plenty of money,and they are spending it like dumbasses..for example 70 mil euros for Martial 2 year ago to buy him from Monaco for a kid with 1 great season,i`m thinking we will see agents soon in CS representing the players ,the scene is growing ,also the money involved get bigger ...and Epsilon isn a new organization or team that came from nowhere and stunned people...maybe those buyouts are bigger than the real value of the players,but if those who are interested in buying your players are ready to spend big and have the cash why not ? i`m curious bout how big salaries got nowadays
2017-06-15 20:37
Me too. I heard rumours about NiKo's salary being around 6k/month
2017-06-16 08:03
i know (not sure if it.s true) that SK with GTR and f0rest had salaries of 4k,at least f0rest and GTR when they`ve been signed by SK from fnatic<3 ,and we are talking bout 2009 2010
2017-06-17 13:32
woaahh j
2017-06-13 21:06
ez 4 smooya
2017-06-13 21:06
Nice that's official ! GL !
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:06
United Kingdom LANK 
2017-06-13 21:06
Wtf cosmeeen noo, destroyed one good romanian team xD
2017-06-13 21:06
cosmeeen and xellow the only good players in nexus
2017-06-13 22:47
a ajuns si btn fosila =))) in scena cs`ului =))) ....e primu pe nuke l`a cat nuke a bagat perry in el :))
2017-06-17 13:51
Which one, mate? He was top fragging every match in nexus
2017-06-13 23:44
t5 team
2017-06-13 21:06
1month team
2017-06-13 21:06
nice, good luck boys!
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:06
This is the most random lineup ever lol. Gl
2017-06-13 21:06
meh... why would anyone join that org. They will just sell their talents anyway, just a massive waste of time for everyone
2017-06-13 21:06
because they are beeing paid.
2017-06-13 21:53
That's exactly the reason why. People join them, get attention from better teams, then leave. It's like Borussia Dortmund of CS. How can one not even understand such a fundamental thing...
2017-06-14 00:49
2017-06-14 08:04
Not enough swedish players --> Not Sweden Academy anymore
2017-06-13 21:06
2017-06-13 21:07
From a solid top 20 a few months ago to this. Poor barbarr and freddie.
2017-06-13 21:07
It could be working imo.
2017-06-14 09:11
So.....random wtf?
2017-06-13 21:07
smooya, UK's most known & famous player!
2017-06-13 21:07
huh? Rattlesnk is by far the most toxic and known uk player.
2017-06-14 05:26
2017-06-13 21:07
its like faze academy.
2017-06-13 21:08
wtf max 2 months
2017-06-13 21:08
rip epsilon :( P.S. Is smooya such a good player?
2017-06-13 21:09
Online he is literally insane. watch his demos. not sure about his lan performance
2017-06-13 23:34
he has a 1.25 rating on lan this year but i think its mostly against awful UK teams. for epsilon and uk cs's sake i hope hes the real deal. in demos he looks really damn skilled.
2017-06-14 02:00
2017-06-13 21:10
<3 EPS nice new lineup gl guys
2017-06-13 21:12
2017-06-13 21:12
nice maeVe, smoyaa GL
2017-06-13 21:15
sweden is so fuckin rip that they cant even produce cs talent anymore LUL
2017-06-13 21:16
there is meave now. es3tag on heroic.... my old fanboy team is totally wasted now :/(
2017-06-13 21:18
Signing a budget team after losing REZ.
2017-06-13 21:20
I had the enjoyment to watch cosmeeN on LAN and I think he's pretty decent player. Gl Epsilon, you look promising!
2017-06-13 21:23
2017-06-13 21:23
I don't know if these multinational teams keep forming to try to replicate FaZe's success or what, but I'm all for it
2017-06-13 21:24
dont forget from where faze start
2017-06-13 21:48
-maeve +pyth
2017-06-13 21:26
smooya top 1
2017-06-13 21:29
2017-06-13 21:29
2017-06-13 21:31
nice, lets go boys, to the top. ez4freddieb&co.
2017-06-13 21:43
smooya is a pug hero who can't do shit in actual games. Kicked within 1 month.
2017-06-13 21:45
United Kingdom tr4c 
the absolute boy
2017-06-13 21:49
Didn't know that tier 50 was relevant.
2017-06-13 22:22
tier 50 still qualifies as an 'actual game', does it not? youre eating your own words here
2017-06-14 17:00
2017-06-14 18:32
nice GL smooya
2017-06-13 21:50
gl smooya and cosmeeen
2017-06-13 21:55
i get it.. smooya and cosmeeen.. maybe tier 3-4 team.. but why the fuck maeVe
2017-06-13 21:59
MaeVe is not as bad as People think, in tricked he had to awp when noone else would (before they had Friis) and he also had to IGL when they formed ajukreizi. Probably not the most skilled player in the lineup, but I'm sure he can do damages
2017-06-14 09:14
GL HF cosmeeeN
2017-06-13 22:00
retarded picks based on stats :D ??
2017-06-13 22:01
They needed star players to replace Rez and Draken and a more passive/ support player for Kalle. Their packs are actually pretty good regarding the roles within the team. The question is, can Smooya and Cosmeen can reach a star player level now
2017-06-14 09:16
but xellow > cosmeen tho anyway goodluck to you fella :)
2017-06-13 22:05
let's go COSMEEEEN!
2017-06-13 22:06
2017-06-13 22:08
Good luck
2017-06-13 22:10
Epsilon the new faze all those countries But a greate team
2017-06-13 22:13
EZ smooya big up
2017-06-13 22:17
uk cs taking over
2017-06-13 22:17
2017-06-13 22:20
It's great to see Cosmeen is finally getting a nice chance; much luck to you and your team!
2017-06-13 22:32
these international mix teams are really becoming the standard. I was hoping Epsilon would keep the line-up all Swedish for a while longer, but oh well
2017-06-13 22:35
Who would they pick up tho? Some players from Red Reserve? I mean, sure, KoN was made to showcase new and upcoming talents on the scene but still, I can't think of anyone that could've build the 3rd/4th best swedish team.
2017-06-14 18:41
friberg and pyth are free agents, atter as well, pauf maybe wants to make a comeback, there are some good players in Fnatic Academy and Red Reserve as you mentioned, and plenty of up-and-coming young talents in teams like Crowns, #FREEIBP etc. Obviously won't be a great team right away with young inexperienced players but they'll get two good mentors in freddieb and BARBARR and a decent org to grow in. Would be good for the Swedish scene imo
2017-06-14 19:51
Hmm, that sounds possible, you're right. Even if it wasn't the best team on paper or theory, at least it would be able to say that the country's scene is still united and trying to recover, so yeah, indeed it would be great for the scene.
2017-06-14 21:58
I give this lineup 3months - REMEMBER ME
2017-06-13 22:35
2017-06-13 22:48
justifiez vos articles! c'est bien beau d'avoir un mode nuit mais si vous justifiez pas on ira pas loin #G2ARMY
2017-06-13 22:49
temporary lineup until friberb contract's expire
2017-06-13 22:50
wierd lineup
2017-06-13 22:54
GL Cosmeeen ;)
2017-06-13 23:02
Gl cosmeeeene
2017-06-13 23:06
"Few days ago, I was asked by Barbarr if I was willing to join Epsilon as a player" nice that they tested the lineup for a while before going final xD
2017-06-13 23:14
probably a lot of locked rosters coming up and esea
2017-06-13 23:27
actually the rumor that he will join epsilon was for a few weeks
2017-06-14 01:05
knew you could make it smooya, the grind has paid off, well done my chappie :)
2017-06-13 23:14
2017-06-13 23:28
FaZe nr3 hahhaha
2017-06-13 23:35
tbh i really enjoy this lineup. great players, all of them. Looking forward to watching them play :) only player im not sure about is maeve
2017-06-13 23:37
Maeve doesnt need to be a huge fragger if Cosmeen and Smooya go off + Barbarr can have some huge games, especially in LAN it seems like he always shows up during the big matches Maeve is most likely gonna Take kalle's role, and I think he can do it.
2017-06-14 09:19
As I said before, this is COSMEEEN's chance to get in the eyesight of tier 1 teams (imo he might get picked up sometime in 2018). Hopefuly he won't waste it and will have a great attitude. Don't forget that he didn't play full time CS until now. He can now drop school and perform in tier 1-2 how he's been performing against tier 3 teams.
2017-06-13 23:52
if he manage to do great on epsilon i guess he have solid chance in future to play for mouz/HR and maybe even FaZe,or maybe nexus will grow up in this tiem ? WHO knows :D
2017-06-14 01:14
2017-06-13 23:56
best of luck
2017-06-14 00:09
That's a good lineup actually! I love when high-rated 'randoms' get a chance to prove themselves on better teams.
2017-06-14 01:43
Kalle to nip
2017-06-14 01:52
2017-06-14 01:58
gl cosmeen omg I think it's first time for a romanian in a pro team in csgo
2017-06-14 02:00
first roumaine with salary in CSGO I hope Nexus even without him will grow up and take a good player as replacement,seminte maybe
2017-06-14 02:03
Now freddieb to swedish stuffle
2017-06-14 02:08
Smooya on LAN? Hell yeah looking forward to see that.
2017-06-14 02:49
I love international teams. best of luck to these guys, will follow their journey 4sure
2017-06-14 03:11
why not issaa or vanity?
2017-06-14 04:05
Why are all the retards saying roumaine??? Ffs you uneducated dumb fucks the country is Romania!!! Roumaine is french for a romanian woman. Sometimes i could actually suicide only knowing that i will evoid retards with no education. Stay in school!!!!
2017-06-14 04:22
Stay calm
2017-06-14 08:26
Good luck smoo smoo
2017-06-14 04:25
how to ruin a perfect team. they could add pyth and wait for friberg to leave NiP for good and sign him too. + they could add someone from ex-fnatic academy
2017-06-14 06:03
they have no money to buyout friberg and pyth they have contracts with nip until 2018
2017-06-14 09:26
wait for friberg to leave =/= buy him out, rofl
2017-06-14 15:25
why would they wait 6 months?
2017-06-14 17:59
cuz its better than these nonamers ? do you even use your brain?
2017-06-14 18:56
These 2 new guys are better than friberg and pyth and more cheaper , it's a bit risky because they are young and never played in high level but it can pay off .
2017-06-14 12:21
how can pyth be expensive when he is a free agent.
2017-06-14 15:25
Salary ?
2017-06-14 16:46
? he would be happy to get any money and play in any team. wtf
2017-06-14 16:48
he is still under contract with nip
2017-06-14 17:59
he is not lol. he said it already
2017-06-14 18:55
bad decision
2017-06-14 06:24
Epsilon > NiP
2017-06-14 06:36
MODDII BARBBAR GuX Maikelele pita #dream
2017-06-14 07:39
Choose one : -having a dream -pita
2017-06-14 08:24
both :D
2017-06-14 09:18
Went to primary school with smooya, nice guy, good luck to him!
2017-06-14 07:59
Aww, rip xellow + cosmeeen :(
2017-06-14 08:05
2017-06-14 08:19
Great team, glhf
2017-06-14 10:25
2017-06-14 12:19
Rip Barbarr and FreddieB playing with trash.. From Draken,Rez and Doplan to this!
2017-06-14 14:17
Y how fun let's pick a questionable UK-pugger a Romanian and worst of all a semirelevant DK-player into a Swedish team instead of upcoming Swedish talent. Epsitrash hope you the worst.
2017-06-14 15:13
gl cosmen
2017-06-14 15:58
Lets get it smooya
2017-06-14 17:46
Should be renamed NiP-Academy
2017-06-14 17:51
Is cosmeeeN like SeDaN in 1.6?
2017-06-14 17:52
Pretty much. He is the Romanian star at the moment. He destroyed everything/or was top 1 fragging (with exceptions) in tier 3 when played alongside Nexus - check his current rating on HLTV. His only problem until now was that he didn't play fulltime CSGO, because here, in Romania, players don't have salaries, they only keep what they earn from tournaments (this might change soon-ish). Now that he has a salary at Epsilon he can go fulltime CS and I say he'll go huge in tier 2 soon, then sometime in 2018 he might get picked up by a tier 1 team.
2017-06-14 18:36
him and xellow
2017-06-15 18:28
I was thinking, why the fuck would you have Maeve and Smooya in the same team? Isn't a single main awper enough?
2017-06-14 18:39
i think maeve was awping before they add fris just because no one could. Now he is IGL.
2017-06-14 20:31
Still, I don't see much use in Maeve in this form either, since BARBARR is an IGL himself. If anything, I can only see Maeve as a support atm, to be honest.
2017-06-14 22:00
only ignorant people would underestimate the real value of this team cosmeen is a solid rifle and smooya a dedicated sniper. great choices.
2017-06-14 20:30
good luck smooya and cosmeen.
2017-06-14 20:31
Go go cosmeenn and maybe we ll finally see a romanian player in the scene
2017-06-15 00:04
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