Inzta: Focus on qualifiers, we need to keep it up

June 18th, 2017 17:25

After his team bowed out of DreamHack Open Summer with two defeats, Peter "Inzta" Kragelund took some time to answer questions about Singularity, their preparation and the opposition they faced in Sweden.

Singularity opened the tournament with a match against one of the favorites to win the event, SK, and faced mousesports in the elimination match. The Danish side put up a good fight in both matches but wasn't able to close out a map in the end.

Considering their preparation, Inzta was happy with how his team performed

To learn more about the team, the players and their plans for the future, we talked to the team's in-game leader Peter "Inzta" Kragelund.

What happened from the point when you qualifier for this event, how did the preparations go and what were the expectations like?

When we qualified, we were playing with AnJ and yeah, he was the star of our team, also at Copenhagen Games. He just did what he wanted and killed people. I mean, when we qualified for DreamHack we were all pumped, but a week later AnJ told us he got offers from some teams and that when our contracts expire, he wanted to try out those options.

So our expectations were quite high at the beginning but when AnJ told us this, we were like... We have three weeks until DreamHack where we are going to play some of the best teams in the world, and we have to change a player. So really, our expectations for this event weren't that high, we were just going to be happy if we don't get smashed, so we are happy with the results here.

You didn't have much time and you picked up refrezh, how did that happen, why did you go down that route?

Well, we needed a guy with a lot of aimpower, because AnJ was a player that has strong with aim, so we picked up refrezh. Even though we had three weeks to prepare, we didn't really play that much because three of our players had exams, big, important exams that we needed to pass.

So half of the three weeks we didn't play because we couldn't, we needed to focus on something else, since we are not professionals, we don't live from CS. So it was kinda hard, really, to prepare, and I must say that before going here I was kinda depressed. We had a lot of faults, we did a lot of mistakes online when practicing, and we are going to a LAN where it's a lot different, both the people you play against and how we play. That's why I can say that I'm happy with how we played, of course, we still did a lot of mistakes but we can work on that.

You come here, as you said you weren't happy with the preparation, and you get the double Major champions SK in the opening match. What was the mentality going in and how did the match go from your perspective?

I just told the guys to not be worried, they are great players but everything can happen, that's the beauty of CS:GO, everything can happen in these matches. We just need to hit our shots, they don't know who we are, they don't know what to expect, we just need to play our game and we will see what happens.

Of course, we didn't expect anything, but when we started winning rounds on the T side, it was clear for me that in the SK didn't respect us, they played... maybe a bit sloppy, they did some pushes that they wouldn't do against a team they respected, but after they started to respect us. We kept winning some rounds after that as well, so I'm happy with that.

You just played mousesports, and on both maps you were losing for the most of the game, but you managed to come back. That is not something you usually get from an underdog, they mostly, if they start losing, lose out fully. Tell me a bit about that, is that something your team is usually good at, coming back in matches, or did it just happen now?

Normally, also with AnJ, we would always start out bad. We always lose pistols, start out bad, maybe lose the first buy round, and then we are behind 5-0. This happened a lot at Copenhagen Games and we did a lot of comebacks. We don't give up, the mentality we have is pretty strong, so we may be behind 5-0 but we still believe in it. I think that is very positive.

What are you taking away from the match against mousesports and the tournament in general?

I think what we are going to take away from this is that aim-wise and strat-wise, I think we are able to compete with some of the top teams out there. I think we are able to compete with really high-level teams and I really feel that we could've won against mousesports. I felt that it was a lot of mistakes on our side that cost us a lot of rounds, especially on CT side Nuke. I mean, if we had a bootcamp before this or if we played longer with refrezh, some of those mistakes might have been fixed. Actually, I think we gained a lot from this, we can go home, watch VoDs and learn from that.

You mentioned having a bootcamp when you get home, what is your team's plan for the next couple of months?

First of all, our contracts with Singularity will expire so we will have to find a new home. Also, we will have a bootcamp for a week or something, because people have a vacation soon, so we can fix all the stuff. We will play ESEA Main, we are currently 2-1 and of course we want to qualify for Premier for next season. Also, there are I think three DreamHack qualifiers coming up the next three weeks. DreamHack Valencia, Atlanta, and Masters Malmo.

Basically, we will focus on those qualifiers because we need to keep it up, we can't just go home and maybe in 3-4 months attend a tournament again. We want to keep competing on a high level and the only way we can do that by getting into closed qualifiers and maybe qualifying for another DreamHack or minor event.

Touching on the Danish scene, where do you fit yourself as a team in the top 10 of Denmark? Also, is the scene as vibrant as it seems from the outside, how is the feeling from the inside?

I think there are a lot of good players on the Danish scene. That's why when AnJ told us he wanted to do other stuff, we were like "ok", because of course it is bad but there is a lot of talent out there in the Danish scene. We just need to pick the right one and make it work. So yeah, I think the in Danish scene, there is a lot of talent and that's really great. 

Considering the top 10 in Denmark, I think we are top 5, we were rated top 5 last month, but we are competing against Tricked for that top 4 spot. And for me it's just amazing that a top5 in Denmark can come here to DreamHack and compete with these high-level teams, it just seems like the Danish scene is really strong at the moment.

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ez gl
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Sweden Flukey 
Well played Singularity.
2017-06-18 17:26
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
nice interview boy! Congratz, good luck in the next steps! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
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