ESL One New York qualifiers announced

ESL has revealed the first details about the qualifying process for ESL One New York.

The North American event will run from September 14-17 at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn, with half of the eight tournament spots having already been filled through invites.

Two of the remaining spots will be determined by qualifiers, held in Europe and North America. In both regions, the qualifiers will consist of an open and a closed stage.

Europe and North America will have qualifiers for ESL One NY

Seven teams will be invited to both closed qualifiers, in which they will be joined by the winning sides of the open qualifiers in a best-of-three single-elimination bracket. 

Below you can find the dates for the qualifiers:

  • Open Qualifiers (EU & NA) - August 14-15
  • Closed Qualifiers (EU & NA) - August 19-20

The prize fund for ESL One New York remains unannounced but it is certain to be above $200,000 as the event will count towards the $1 Million Intel Grand Slam.

The team list for the North American event currently looks as follows:

CIS Natus Vincere  Poland
Europe FaZe Brazil SK
Other TBA Other TBA
Europe EU Qualifier North America North America qualifier
United States Globebuster
2017-06-27 23:55
Europe EUR0PE
Here are the Ticket prizes and Seat Information
2017-06-27 23:58
2 ez 4 s1mple
2017-06-27 23:57
My baby simple <3
2017-06-28 08:09
Denmark anton^
2017-06-27 23:55
Where is China qual or Tyloo's invite? WTF ESL
2017-06-28 02:13
Czech Republic Razgris
They have no chance against EU / NA xddd
2017-06-28 02:41
Wow... czech toxic towards me? wtf bro...
2017-06-28 02:41
Czech Republic Razgris
I'm not toxic just telling the truth :D
2017-06-28 02:46
2017-06-28 06:41
2017-06-28 09:55
Russia ez4u
The truth is oskar b8er, eco and exit fragger
2017-06-28 11:42
2017-06-27 23:55
Invite G2 ffs
2017-06-27 23:55
North America lordhead
of course sk would be there.
2017-06-27 23:55
why just 1 team ?
2017-06-27 23:57
VP and Navi invited, what a joke lol.
2017-06-27 23:59
last year's finalists yeah let's not invite current major champions for the next major - your logic
2017-06-28 00:09
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
in that case fnatic should have been invited for katowise 20167 since they were 2016 champions.but they had to qualify.
2017-06-28 00:20
but that was a different lineup m8
2017-06-28 00:22
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
same lineup.jw,flusha,olof,krimz,dennis.
2017-06-28 00:22
yeah my bad well, then esl is retarded
2017-06-28 00:26
In fact, in Katowice they invited NiP who won the last IEM tournament before, which was Oakland 2016.
2017-06-28 07:08
Kazakhstan JPDragao
NaVi VP final inc
2017-06-28 00:00
mika | 
Faroe Islands kLango
Should be 1 more qualifier for SA and other to ASIA-OCEANIA
2017-06-28 00:00
and africa as well
2017-07-21 01:07
mika | 
Faroe Islands kLango
agreed, don't know why they don't get that mixing the whole world gives you more views and more sponsors
2017-07-21 01:20
So hyped! Hope G2 gets invited!
2017-06-28 00:04
ez 4 SK
2017-06-28 00:06
Only 8 total teams in the event and two of four announced so far are in massive slumps. Doesn't sound like it will be a success. I still believe that CS would be better suited to doing fewer events that last longer with larger prize pools. Expand these events to include a larger number of teams and do a BO3 Swiss system. Where each match is a BO3 and teams with the same record play each other until a certain number of losses. This will make the players happy because a vast majority dislike the BO1 group setup and the fans get to see a greater number of games. By doing fewer events, the event length can be increased to accommodate the BO3 format. Of course, this is all predicated on the fact that at some point CS will become regulated and formed into some type of an association/league/group. Which I also think will help with the longevity of the game.
2017-06-28 00:10
2017-06-28 00:19
Glad I'm not alone in this...
2017-06-28 00:19
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
-1. even with bo1 swiss format in a 16 team tournament,it will need nearly 4 days to complete the group stage. so its not feasible to do bo3 swiss format
2017-06-28 00:31
That's why the number of events is decreased to accommodate the length of the tournament. Also, it's not like 8 days (i just doubled the four days as an estimate) is a long time for group stages. Look at other sporting events for example. CONCACAF Gold Cup has 12 teams, the group stages last a week. So with that in mind what's wrong with 1) getting more games for the fans and 2) ensuring the best teams are advancing?
2017-06-28 00:41
Croatia nAmeless69
Yea i agree Major should be like that
2017-06-28 00:59
What I think would be cool in the long run is to do something like in Tennis where they have the grand slams. Maybe CS could do 4 or 5 Majors each year and then teams can do the pro-league to maintain their skills and partake in smaller local tournaments that go Friday-Sunday to boost the local scene. This way teams won't be traveling as far as often and smaller teams get to compete in something other than online tournaments.
2017-06-28 01:06
Myanmar Lemo2K
4 or 5 major each year will rip the hype
2017-06-28 09:00
Please explain?
2017-06-28 16:58
Myanmar Lemo2K
It won't be fun if its 5 majors per year and the major won't be so special too. The prize pool will probably decrease too.
2017-06-28 17:16
How many majors are there currently?
2017-06-28 17:25
Myanmar Lemo2K
2017-06-28 17:30
World neomax360
I get your point. But a lot of event have actually the good format. An advantage to have a lot event, it is that allow some others teams (T2) to attend big event. If few event with same format, we will see the same teams and same games every time.
2017-06-28 01:15
I don't think we will see the same matchups if the draw is random. Again going back to my tennis reference (#52), the same heavy hitters play in the grand slams, but each event isn't the same. The same can be said for CS. If the draw is purely random then we will see T1 teams playing early or T2 teams possibly getting an easy route to two wins. But I do see your point. Obviously, my idea isn't perfect but neither is the current system.
2017-06-28 01:25
There was a video on youtube (by 3killsphilip or something) where guy pointed out that oversaturated events actually kills viewership and I agree with him. I love watching cs:go but I can hardly sit through three bo3 in one day or one bo5 final (even tho I freaking love the idea of bo5). The more cs =/= better. It's very good in small doses, but when it's fully stacked day after day it's killing all the fun for viewers and therefore views for the org. In theory your idea is awesome but on practice it won live up to the theory.
2017-06-28 02:47
Poland shadyman15
SO Na'vi, that won the tournament year ago and virtus pro who came 2nd have to qualify? WTF LUL, they should've got invite spot.
2017-06-28 00:08
2017-06-28 00:10
PeeP | 
United States Den422
Read it again guy, they were invited to the tournament.
2017-06-28 00:10
Poland shadyman15
Oh sorry, yea i just see. I thought these are the qualifiers that they put. Thanks for that.
2017-06-28 00:11
Ez for Faze! jk
2017-06-28 00:26
They probably will invite Fnatic and C9 G2 and Liquid probably will qualify, I don't see astralis trying to make it to this event I hate events like these that aren't solid T1 events, but also don't hive chances to a lot of T3 teams like CLG, Immortals, Envyus, etc. All the teams in the ~8-16 range on hltv can compete with each other pretty solidly. We need more tournaments for teams who "never make it out of groups" and less of these events with such a skill spread. I'd rather see 8 closely ranked teams. It seems like this is just a big org meme event so whatever, another Faze SK final will be fun assuming they keep form
2017-06-28 00:32
I think they will invite at least one NA team bcuz of the crowd and astralis or g2
2017-06-28 00:43
Sweden RaketHopp
Fnatic and c9/Liquid
2017-06-28 00:50
ez for G2
2017-06-28 00:58
Croatia nAmeless69
G2 and liquid qual: fnatic and C9
2017-06-28 01:02
Ez Sk
2017-06-28 02:17
NaVi in 2017 xD
2017-06-28 02:36
2017-06-28 02:38
Sweden 4Sweeeden
Clown9 and Astralis/G2 will probably get invite. Immortals and NIP will win qual.
2017-06-28 03:54
hope navi will win this :(
2017-06-28 06:37
Slovakia TatKo
FeelsBadMan no asian teams
2017-06-28 08:06
Russia ez4u
At least 3 wasted spots already: Navi, VP and NA qualify spot Probably clown9 will be invited then 4 wasted spots
2017-06-28 11:40
United States sayNt
Have to invite Liquid and C9 right...have to invite some NA team.
2017-06-28 23:35
Na'Vi double champion,check in 17september
2017-07-06 08:13
United States doopiedoo
BIG and Gambit are final invites, C9 and G2 qualify.
2017-07-20 07:33
Invite Gambit right now
2017-07-23 23:13
2017-07-23 23:15
Cuz they are MFKN Champions!
2017-07-24 07:04
Astralis and Gambit invited
2017-07-24 07:12
Gambit Astralis!!!
2017-07-24 13:52
Astralis and NiP invited
2017-07-27 15:09
gambit ez
2017-07-27 15:09
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