HellRaisers see off TyLoo at Major Qualifier

HellRaisers live to fight another round at the PGL Major Krakow qualifier after defeating TyLoo 16-11 on Overpass.

The second match of the day saw TyLoo get out to a quick 3-0 lead following a successful B push in the pistol round. The first full gun round then went HellRaisers' way following a triple kill from Patrik "Zero" Žúdel in the canal, but TyLoo responded in the next round, breaking the Europeans' economy.

Down 5-1, HellRaisers finally managed to put their foot down to hold TyLoo back. Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow's men kept their defense very tight until the end of the half, winning eight of the next nine rounds to secure a 9-6 lead before switching to the Terrorist side.

HellRaisers are now 2-2 in Bucharest

In the second half, HellRaisers were slaughtered on their way to the B site in the pistol round, which allowed TyLoo to equalise the score at 9-9. When the half reached the gun rounds, the landscape of the game changed dramatically, with HellRaisers picking up four quick rounds as TyLoo struggled to apply any sort of map pressure.

TyLoo then found a lifeline as they brought HellRaisers' streak to an end, but the European team rallied back in the following round thanks to two entry frags from Zero on B. HellRaisers quickly hit match point, and even though TyLoo still tried to fight back, the Chinese team were simply helpless to prevent their opponents from taking the map.

 TYLOO K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
China Hui 'DD' WuDD 22 - 21 +1 79.3 1.06
China Zhen 'HZ' HuangHZ 13 - 19 -6 73.9 0.90
China Ke 'captainMo' LiucaptainMo 16 - 20 -4 61.8 0.88
China HaoWen 'somebody' Xusomebody 13 - 17 -4 57.7 0.85
Indonesia Hansel 'BnTeT' FerdinandBnTeT 16 - 19 -3 57.8 0.82
 HellRaisers K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' KarasiowANGE1 23 - 16 +7 91.8 1.49
Slovakia Martin 'STYKO' StykSTYKO 19 - 15 +4 83.5 1.17
Hungary Bence 'DeadFox' BöröczDeadFox 19 - 15 +4 70.9 1.14
Ukraine Vladyslav 'bondik' Nechyporchukbondik 19 - 18 +1 85.7 1.08
Slovakia Patrik 'Zero' ŽúdelZero 16 - 16 0 63.9 1.05

Below you can find how the Swiss stage is looking at the moment:

Europe mousesports France G2
Europe PENTA  
CIS FlipSid3 Germany BIG
United States Cloud9 United States Liquid
Russia Vega Squadron  Europe HellRaisers
Norway Dignitas Australia Renegades
Sweden GODSENT Brazil Immortals
Kazakhstan Tengri United States OpTic
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Slovakia Patrik 'Zero' Žúdel
Patrik 'Zero' Žúdel
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Germany simbrero 
ez 4 europe
2017-07-02 11:24
Europe mlok401 
2017-07-02 11:25
Turkey Mustafa- 
2017-07-02 11:25
Spain Wakeful_ 
Chinese CS LMAO
2017-07-02 11:43
Indonesia EvilPolish 
gg TYLUL no sticker :(
2017-07-02 11:24
Poland sakkeustnp 
Yesss tyloo lose!!! Pls out from tyloo back to evilpoland team again
2017-07-02 12:02
Indonesia EvilPolish 
2017-07-02 12:05
tyloo just doesnt deserve to go to major. they are so fucking shit
2017-07-02 11:24
They aint shit just playing way to much individually and dont understand its a team game. Hopefully peacemaker can fix that soon
2017-07-02 11:26
Serbia lenj1vac 
I doubt that can change until bntet learns Chinese because their communication is just too shit
2017-07-02 11:51
its hard for polish to learn chinese
2017-07-02 12:50
Denmark iPlayer 
They are really lacking experience, but the more they play vs EU the better and I believe they learned a lot from these 4 games. And honesty looked like they had some original strategies for overpass, so they probably came as prepared as they could, which deserves credit imo.
2017-07-02 14:57
rain | 
Indonesia lather 
Ez for half finland
2017-07-02 11:33
They aren't a fucking FINNISH TEAM!!
2017-07-02 13:30
rain | 
Indonesia lather 
2017-07-04 02:05
Ukraine Revo1t 
Happy Birthday Bondik!!!!
2017-07-02 11:24
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
2017-07-02 11:25
RIP TyLoo, maybe next time :(
2017-07-02 11:25
United States Cario 
nope. they will continue to act like they are all superstars, and that may work in the chinese scene where everyone has an IQ of 4, but out in the real pro league, they get rekt every time.
2017-07-02 13:09
Poland gethooo 
rip tyloo stickers :/
2017-07-02 11:25
Expected, tyloo cant play CS. They have a weird gameplay, just like at MVP when they play esch other. It's utter chaos
2017-07-02 11:26
Faroe Islands shubaNNN 
tylul in major? I aren't think that
2017-07-02 11:26
Their new team logo doesn't looks cool at all. Their old one looks so sick, and they might go on major, if they still use that logo.
2017-07-02 11:29
Nice, last round is going to be tense. Only teams left who every right to be disappointed if they don't make it in the end (maybe with exception of Vega)
2017-07-02 11:27
Styko sticker LUL
2017-07-02 11:36
Germany [ml] 
TyLoo played like bots. I'd rather see Flash Gaming at such a tournament.
2017-07-02 11:37
Russia EIJX 
ez fot hr =D
2017-07-02 11:41
North America yoshunaka 
Yesterday HZ and DD not quite showed up. In the results, they lost. Now, their star player, bntet become the problem itself. They lost, and also eleminated. Learn whats wrong, tyloo. Its obvious.
2017-07-02 11:42
sad for tyloo, EU teams are too powerful to them, no stickers again. But Swiss format has no luck, only you are strong enough can qualify.
2017-07-02 11:45
Also, tyloo 11 points contains 6 pistol rounds, means they only get 5 points in rifle rounds, big problem.:-(
2017-07-02 11:46
Tyloo, has a long way to get better, i think that in the future they can become a really good team.
2017-07-02 15:21
Indonesia autumnleaves_ 
tyloo now has a big communication trouble.. they played pretty bad.. bntet with recca much better than bntet with tyloo.. sad tyloo eliminated..
2017-07-02 11:50
Malaysia phyzell 
Don't let temper become an element of your team's success.
2017-07-02 11:51
I hope TyLoo kick peacemaker, trash coach
2017-07-02 11:53
cajunb | 
China Kistah 
no, native coaches are worse Imo China CSGO getting worse and worse, no young talented plyers no future
2017-07-02 13:20
No young talent? Gas is better than hz for sure, zhoking should be on the list, dont foget aumaN whos literally their best player in vici, bottle pretty good, shuadapai and qka is very good. The problem is the ego. These tyloo players are just too comfortable to practice since theyre already better than the whole china scene, so why would they practice harder again when they'll get at least 2nd place even in their bad form. That kind of mentality is in their mind rn
2017-07-02 13:32
cajunb | 
China Kistah 
yes i agree with ur point of view, TyLoo tried but didnt get the guts to step out their confort zone, and after fancy1's left, Tyloo had too many things to rebuild,Bntet is good and HZ is just a hurried choice. now absorbing a foreign coach means they want new challenges, nevertheless im not optimistic about it those Chinese players u mentioned:gas,zhoking,auman,bottle etc.first they are not young enough (most > 21 yearsold),they have been playing CSGO as a pro for 4 years and they have shown their upper limits in the world scene, and they all get some bad habits in games hard to change. when i say about young talented players i mean players kinda like ropz and s1mple who under the age of 18 and have shown huge potentials. i have played CSGO for 3 years in china and i barely saw young players under 18,thats why i said "China CSGO no future".
2017-07-04 05:28
bro the problem is their mentality. as i said these guys will get tons of money even if they failed to qualify for major or big tournament etc. first of all they should remove HZ which is literally a BOT and put zhoking or gas on the list. why gas? this guy is literally BnTeT in any team he join.
2017-07-04 11:37
It's peacemaker fault belive me, I am 1000% better as this noob really. Peacemaker insults every org after he get drops but he get drops on his own mistake and complain that failure came from the players. Generally who are peacemaker for true reasons...I am in the scene over 15 years, managing and coaching tons of teams and you see peacemaker only get kicked from orgs, did he bring anythings for the teams, NO!
2017-07-02 18:37
cajunb | 
China Kistah 
Thx bro As you said peacemaker's coaching career failed again and again, but people can change i mean lets wait &see,you need to know that Tyloo has so many problems too, maybe they will create the team chemistry
2017-07-04 05:50
nice, happy 2 see that
2017-07-02 12:04
Turkey nonstopg0_0 
Zero has only 63 adr but he got important kills.Actually when he hold b
2017-07-02 12:08
s1mple | 
Russia pEndos 
2017-07-02 12:19
bntet should leave
2017-07-02 13:09
Germany grabke 
bntet should stay were he his. Dominate the Asian Scene in Europe he is just an ordinary player.
2017-07-02 13:44
Sweden 133665 
TyLUL GOD Bntet they said xD
2017-07-02 15:32
Indonesia Nicholasft114 
Make wkwkwkwk land great again BnTeT :) lmao
2017-07-02 16:09
gohome ganlatyloo don't be disgraced any more 1god+4bot
2017-07-02 19:36
buster | 
China qwe8706 
nice my country cs L U L
2017-07-03 08:21
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