Stewie2K: "I don't think we would've gone through without valens"

On the last day of the Main Qualifier, Jake "Stewie2K" Yip talked to us about Cloud9's journey to the Major, the upcoming ESL One Cologne, and preparation for the Major itself.

Cloud9 made it to the Major on the last day of the Main Qualifier, clinching their third win after taking down FlipSid3 with ease on Mirage for an overall 3-1 record, only losing to G2 in the Swiss format.

Stewie2K and company will use ESL One Cologne to implement new things

We caught up with Jake "Stewie2K" Yip to find out how his team prepared for each of their match-ups and what their mindset will be for ESL One Cologne before they head into their bootcamp ahead of the PGL Major Krakow.

With how your recent tournaments have went aside from ECS, how did you feel going into the qualifier?

We've been struggling the whole year and everyone knows we didn't make it out of groups except at ECS, we knew that we'd be kinda shaky and that we couldn't rate any teams. We were favorites at this qualifier but we didn't picture it like that, we don't underestimate any teams, for example FlipSid3 could be a good team or could be a bad team, we don't like to think about it that way, we like to think about every opponent in our way, we don't like to underestimate anyone.

Considering the format and the fact that there were teams that were tough to gauge, like FlipSid3 who barely played anything, was there any special preparation towards your opponents in between the rounds or even before the tournament?

We actually had some pretty good preparation this whole tournament. valens helped me out a lot, I don't think we would have gone through without him, he actually takes a lot of stress off all our shoulders, he does demo reviews and gives us a lot of tips, specific details that really help us a lot. I think we did pretty good preparation together against all these teams.

We felt like in the G2 game, the scoreline didn't really represent the game, we felt like we should've beat them if we didn't get eco'd and our momentum got killed for us. For FlipSid3, it was a little rough, they dropped out of all the tournaments, so it was kinda hard to do research on them. We were kind of surprised that they left Mirage in for us instead of playing Train, we thought it was going to be Train 100%.

With how these matches have went for you, aside from the loss to G2 who admittedly was the best team here, how will you feel going into Cologne in a few days?

Cologne is not going to be anything like the Major qualifier, we're going to try to take it seriously, but we're also going to try to implement new things. We'll try our best to make it out of groups there and hopefully prepare for the Major, I think we have a bootcamp afterwards, so I think Cologne an experience for us rather than going there with a winning mentality. We're going to try to win, obviously, but we want to face our mistakes and make things a little bit more structured, grind out clean rounds.

Do you feel like Cologne will be like that for a lot of teams, having it more as a test ahead of the Major?

I think a lot of teams will do the same thing like us, we're going to make new things, see if they work and then prepare for the Major.

This is your seventh tournament in the last three months, do you see this as a bad thing, going from event to event when you were in a rough period? Is it hard to keep up good results when you don't have much time for adjustments?

It's definitely harder, because a lot of teams who do research on you from the past tournaments and know all the tricks up your sleeves and you have nothing new, it's kind of hard to call. That's why having a bootcamp after Cologne would be the best for us.

Is this going to change for you in the future, will you begin prioritizing a little more?

Yeah, I think we are going to try to attend less tournaments, for example DreamHack in Sweden, we might not attend that next year, and we're just going to attend all the bigger LANs, like ECS, major qualifiers and things like that.

United States Jake 'Stewie2K' Yip
Jake 'Stewie2K' Yip
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Poland lendi 
2017-07-02 18:53
great headline
2017-07-02 18:54
2017-07-02 18:54
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
who cares about c9 lul
2017-07-02 18:54
c9 probably has the most fans of a team on counter strike
2017-07-02 18:56
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
NA fans are fake af move from whatever team is on top if c9 disbanded they would all just jump ship to liquid
2017-07-02 18:57
Korea Damianlee 
As a C9 fan , you can support Optic ; you can support CLG , you can support NRG , you can support brazilian teams , you can support Asian teams , you can support European but you can't support Liquid
2017-07-02 19:08
United States Upmind 
That's called being a bandwagon. Stick to your region. Brazil/EU can support all teams in their own regions, and they don't switch regions (except for the mighty 1% ofc), they are making the consious decision to cheer for worse teams if they switch. NA has shuffles in best spot, there's a reason to change opinion there already, you don't need to cuck up to better teams. Have pride in your region. C9=NRG CLG MSFT etc. SK= IMT, Pain, Miami. Liquid=idfk, optic?
2017-07-03 07:40
North America bloodwolf1710 
Most c9 fans arnt loke that. Its the fans of other teams like liquid and optic that switch depending on how good they are. Even wen c9 struggles they still have a big fanbase.
2017-07-02 19:14
United States ShadowLord74 
2017-07-02 19:35
2017-07-02 19:48
United States ThetaSigma11 
2017-07-02 20:48
Sweden Cemmy 
2017-07-02 19:50
United States retrocs 
It's all about our home teams, we like to be represented, like any nationality. If Kinguin and Virtus.Pro are in the same tournament, and one gets knocked out, every Polish fan jumps to rooting for the other team. If Fnatic and NiP are in the same tournament, if one gets eliminated Swedish fans jump to rooting for the other as well. It's not an NA thing, it's a home team thing.
2017-07-02 23:01
Japan Th3Koala 
Lets go
2017-07-02 18:55
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
2017-07-02 19:03
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
-nothing +elige or any good rifler -skadoodle +shahzam c9 5 times better than this actual lineup
2017-07-02 19:03
ska > shahzam
2017-07-02 19:06
United States n3h 
shahzam? Dont you remember last time he was in c9. Biggest choker in LAN history.
2017-07-02 19:08
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
indeed but since 2 years he is really stronk with other teams
2017-07-02 19:23
United States n3h 
Yea because they are online and against shit teams. He blows @ lan.
2017-07-02 19:23
Shazam of all NA AWPers. Nice one
2017-07-02 19:11
North America bloodwolf1710 
Shazam no thank u
2017-07-02 19:36
yep, ShahZam deserves another chance, tbh. he's been one of NA's top players for several months now. you could argue that the competition hasn't been high level, but he hasn't shown this kind of consistency before.
2017-07-02 20:35
United States n3h 
shahzam? Dont you remember last time he was in c9. Biggest choker in LAN history.
2017-07-02 19:08
Autimatic Stewie Elige Seangares Skadoodle/koosta Top Juan
2017-07-02 19:10
China yakmonster 
Elige + Seangares? i dont think that .. -Elige + twistzz -Seangares + BOT for stewie after dead
2017-07-02 19:35
Sean gares is literally a dream for c9. He was the best Na igl and doesnt have bad aim. If you watch the old c9 with seangares he was by far their best and most important player.
2017-07-02 23:05
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
and we're just going to attend all the bigger LANs, like ECS, MAJOR QUALIFIERS and things like that. Stewie knowing already they are going out of groups. Lmao.
2017-07-02 19:19
United States ThetaSigma11 
No. He doesn't want to go to as many tournaments because it's stressful and hard to call because you won't have things up your sleeves since you go to so many tournaments.
2017-07-02 20:49
Yes and no, since he does say major-quals he is kinda counting on not going trough groups.
2017-07-02 21:12
Ukraine Radlexx 
Gl at major
2017-07-02 19:50
United Kingdom PompeiLad 
2017-07-02 19:57
Slovakia zephh1337 
true rofl
2017-07-02 21:36
lets go steww
2017-07-02 23:01
C9 please save EliGe from Liquid
2017-07-03 19:58
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