allu: "I definitely want to, at one point in my career, play in a Finnish team again"

FaZe are 2-1 after the second day of ESL One Cologne, and in the aftermath of their game with fnatic, we sat down with Aleksi "allu" Jalli to get his thoughts on the Finnish scene, NiP's start to the event and AWPing.

The European mixture had a rocky first day in Germany, struggling to close out Inferno against Heroic and losing Nuke to mousesports. The second day was somewhat better, as Finn "karrigan" Andersen's side closed out the game against fnatic to go 2-1 up.

The Finnish AWPer has been putting in more hours, hoping to regain his consistency

Following the victory, we had a long talk with Aleksi "allu" Jalli on topics such as communication, his time in ENCE and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg's post-roster shuffle form.

Jumping straight into the matches you had here, in the match against Heroic you had a good first half, expected as you were the favorites, but when you switched to the CT side of Inferno, you had a lot of struggles to close it out. What do you think that was down to, did they do something special or were you just struggling to play your game?

As T on Inferno, we lost the pistol but we won our force buy, I think they forced back and we won, they forced again to go with what they saved... We had a really good control of the money game, which is really important, on Inferno especially. We got 10 rounds, pretty good, I think there are some more rounds that we should've won, but when we changed to CT, we won pistol and we lost to an A execute.

They had really good executes in this particular match. They had a really good short go (strat) on Inferno and they used that one with a Tec-9 buy and they just wrecked us. I don't remember if we bought back or no, but in this scenario now they were in control in the money. After we eco'd we won one round, lost a round, eco again, win, lose...

They played really well and we have the tradition of being really slow starters, we always seem to struggle in the first games and especially the group stages. We don't know what it is, but somehow we don't hit our peak. I mean, all props to Heroic, they played really well, but fortunately, we were able to close the match.

The second match you played was against mousesports. It was a similar thing, considering your CT side was a struggle, and this was on Nuke. In the end you lost the game, was this you not playing individually well enough or was there something you saw in that game that you have to change, that isn't working?

No, not at all. I think we played [well], Nuke is one of our stronger maps and always has been. As CT, the first rounds we lost, we lost every first duel, and they played really well, mid rounds when they had an advantage, they calmed down and just killed us. It was not much that we could do, except to revenge frag and so on better. We talked about our CT and everybody felt that we were doing correct things but we got caught off guard or just lost the first pick that gave them a huge advantage. After that, they executed or played really good as a wolfpack.

When we went T, we were just talking, like if mousesports can do this to us then we can do it to them as well. We got the flying start, won big rounds, we had like 10 or 9 rounds as T, but then we lost to a force buy, or eco. There were some communication errors and some confusion going on. After that, it was really hard to come back. I mean, we lost to well-playing mousesports, all props to them. Obviously, we also had the long wait for the game, we stayed here for 12 hours here, but I don't see it as an excuse, they played in similar conditions. They were better yesterday and hopefully we can meet them again later in the tournament.

You mentioned communication issues, back at StarSeries when you were still a fresh lineup, kio mentioned that communication was one of your big problems, working out with all of the different people from different cultures and scenes. Has that been improved since then, how do you feel the communication is working in the team now, comparing it to three months ago?

Yeah, we've improved a lot, not only in communication but with everything that contains communication which would be teamplay, asking for a flash, taking initiative with your teammates, "let's peek here" or "play on me" in clutches and so on. We have improved a lot and we've really paid a lot of attention in practice to this.

I mean, I don't see it as an English speaking team problem but it's just a problem with our players. Sometimes we have people wanting to go for hero plays, not play the rounds, just want to be the star of the round. Sometimes we might lose rounds because of that, sometimes we win rounds because of it as well. I mean, it's a balance, and we've been trying to really put input to play as a team, not get frustrated and just try to work together. 

And we've been in good shape lately, in official matches, in ECS, in Sydney as well, and we keep improving. We still have a lot to improve in almost every aspect of our team. I'm really happy.

The communication improved a lot since FaZe's StarSeries win

Improving as a team is one thing, lets' touch on improving as individuals. Like, for you, now playing in FaZe, under karrigan and in the new dynamic of the team. For you personally, for your AWPing, how are you feeling in that regard? Have you been changing anything considering the type of the team you are in and all the star players?

Yeah, we had a lot of changes. Some maps we play are more based on me taking map control and me playing with someone and taking a lot of initiative and having a bit more space. Then some maps I play a bit more passive. I don't mind, personally, as long as we win I'm happy. Obviously, lately, I've had a bit of struggle individually. I don't know what it is, one game I'm good and one game I'm bad, I'm trying to work that out, and also put in more hours myself. 

Also, we have different styles of how we play, even on a single map, we can play really explosive, we can play a really structured and slow. Sometimes one style fits my AWPing better than the other. We also force buy a lot, so we don't necessarily always have the money for the AWP, you get into unnecessary positions. It's been a struggle, but what can I say, we've reached four finals, won one of them, so we are playing really well and we are constantly improving. So I don't have any regrets, I just try to do my job and make us better.

As you said, you've come to the top with this team, still not number one, but you are there, contending for titles all the time. But let's say after a period with this team if you achieve what you want with FaZe... NiKo in his profile video for ESL mentioned that he would like to go back to his own region and build something there. Do you have a similar mentality in that regard? Does the Finnish scene attract you, to go back and play there once again?

Yeah, for sure, I already tried it after NiP, with ENCE, and it didn't go so well. I mean, we did OK, and could've done so much better I think. We were competing a lot with teams like HellRaisers who have broken through that tier 2 right now, Space Soldiers and these kinds of teams. And we were 50-50, we won and lost against them.

So we had decent results, but we expected too much from ourselves and that eventually, when we didn't have the results we needed—or wanted—, that broke our team. I definitely want to, at one point in my career, play in a Finnish team again. I do think that there is a lot of potential, a lot of talented players in Finland, we just need a correct environment and correct players in one team that can really thrive and work on teamplay, just being a team and going forward.

allu would love to come back to the Finnish scene one day

So what are your thoughts on the two most notable teams in Finland in the moment,, that made it to the Minor, and HAVU, that is up and coming now?

I have to say that I haven't followed that much, so I don't have really deep insight., they have been playing with almost the same lineup for a long time, which is really respectful. They've been improving bit by bit. But I'm not sure how far they can go with this particular lineup, but they've been doing OK so I guess if they believe in it, it's good for them.

About HAVU, many of them are my ex-teammates, from a few years back. I've played a lot with them, so I would expect them to be the number one Finnish team at least, but they haven't done so well right now and I don't know if they play enough or what is going on with them.

In PENTA there are also two Finns, suNny and zehN, they have been doing a really good job and they also qualified for the Major so I'm really happy for them. It shows that we, Finland, we do have talent, but somehow we can't figure out to have a Finish team that can at least compete against the top15 teams.

Let's recap the fnatic game that was pretty tight, and what it means for you going forward?

We were pretty happy to get fnatic in the draw, as we have a pretty good idea how they play. It seems like their playing style fits ours really well. Lately, we haven't had that much problems playing against them, even though they games can be a bit tight. This one as well, we got off to a flying start, 6-2 or 6-1, but we kept forcing some things a bit too much and then they got money control.

A team like fnatic, even though they haven't done so well lately, they still have unbelievable individual players, if you give them space they will take it and you will lose rounds. But as CT, we knew exactly how we wanted to play and there was one key round when kioShiMa won a 1v2. Though, after, it was 12-9 for us and we lost a 2v5, because of a bit of a miscommunication error on B and olofmeister having a huge, huge round. Other than that it was quite straightforward.

allu is not certain about what fires up f0rest after a roster move

NiP is here at the tournament, they went 3-0 in the groups so they qualified straight for the playoffs, and they had some good wins as well. Again we see them making a change and then having a good result straight after that. You've been on the team so you can maybe share some more insight on how the chemistry is inside of the team when someone new joins and how that, seemingly, always boost their results in the short term?

I mean, the main thing is, this has been said for many, many, years, f0rest always seems to fire up when there is a change. I don't know, he's a friend but I don't know what it is in his head that just clicks after that. Maybe it's just fresh blood, new stuff, he plays more freely, maybe he has more space, he doesn't go with the old routines, tries more stuff... And usually, when f0rest plays really well, NiP wins, at least lately. That is what he has been doing in this tournament.

Also, we practiced quite a bit against NiP before coming here, the change in practice from when they played with friberg and when they play with REZ now has been huge. I'm happy for them, the scene lacks NiP, they are legends, so I at least want them to compete for titles and to be able to win tournaments. But not against us, of course. 

It seems to be working for them, it's only the group stage here, so it's too early to say, but I've watched their games and they seem to play good Counter-Strike. We have to take into account that they have only played Cache. We don't really know where their strengths lie. But it's also an advantage for them, as they only showed strats on Cache, and they changed the lineup so nobody really knows how they look on other maps. I'm 100% sure that they have a lot of tricks on other maps as well. It's going to be interesting to see how far they can go. It would be interesting, after the Major and the holidays, to see how much they can improve from here to there, and can they keep it up.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
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Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg
Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg
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Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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2017-07-06 10:00
United States Jrfaster 
The point is to make the team better
2017-07-06 10:04
Poland Qiub1337 
Snax incomming
2017-07-06 11:21
United States Jrfaster 
He's not an main awp... Well he was then he wasn't. Man snax does everything doesn't he
2017-07-06 11:22
Singapore derpydm 
he snipes with mag7
2017-07-06 12:36
United States CWalker 
2017-07-06 13:28
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
2017-07-06 14:55
allu | 
Finland kappa34 
2017-07-06 10:00
ez for GODALLU and BnTeT best players
2017-07-06 10:42
Finland kAlluYT 
Penta Inc?
2017-07-06 10:00
Switzerland rhiq 
2017-07-06 10:01
- allu +oskar
2017-07-06 10:01
Czech Republic Argeras 
Yes please
2017-07-06 11:25
s1mple | 
Turkey solfex 
2017-07-06 11:49
Shitskar? No pls.
2017-07-06 14:40
Czech Republic DeadlyStrike 
-Allu + Oskar=TOP 1 team
2017-07-06 10:02
Nepal Naughty_O 
lul :D
2017-07-06 14:50
Usually I don't give much consideration to these kids shitposting about "BOT Allu", where they hugely underrate him based on one play (when he is the second-best player on FaZe, statistically), but Oskar is such a beast that I wouldn't even mind seeing how that would work out.
2017-07-06 15:50
I feel that it wouldn't be as simple as awper swapping for awper, plug in and its an upgrade for faze, while i think oskar might be more dynamic... i think allu is in general someone you can rely on to do his job wuthout taking too much space away from the other stars. Oskar is like a main carry role where as with niko and rain on the team i feel one of them will have to give up alot to get oskar performing. The team might end up better, but it could also end up monunentally worse. So with Faze's consistency so far i dont think it is worth it to make a move that might kill the roster for a period of time
2017-07-06 16:42
I agree. allu is completely fine not being the star, but oskar's flashy style needs him being the star. I think allu can make the team better with his experience and ability to play any role, even though I agree that oskar has more impact in team. He indeed would take some room from others.
2017-07-06 17:11
Allu one love (((
2017-07-06 10:05
Ukraine CISfan[Guy] 
-allu + one good awper who's going to be kicked from his team after the major
2017-07-06 10:06
India TYZ4 
KSo, snax or guardian?
2017-07-06 10:24
Ukraine CISfan[Guy] 
Guardian i think he speaks English not Londonish )
2017-07-06 10:28
Finland eMBeJaana 
2017-07-06 11:26
2017-07-06 15:51
Mixwell will leave optic
2017-07-06 11:10
suNny | 
Finland iPaZ 
-allu +xartE
2017-07-06 10:07
Portugal dracø 
2017-07-06 10:07
Finland Madd!z 
Five finns together is just too much
2017-07-06 10:08
valde | 
Finland Juvi 
2017-07-06 11:39
Finland VALTZUb 
2017-07-06 13:01
+1 one more?
2017-07-06 14:41
2017-07-06 15:58
Weirdly, this is true quite too often so +1 :D
2017-07-06 16:11
Sweden TutsiGOD 
2017-07-06 10:08
-allu +snax Problem solved for both teams lmao
2017-07-06 10:09
well nice boys finnish last
2017-07-06 10:18
Brazil FaZenatic 
-allu +jugi or s1mple
2017-07-06 10:16
Israel asafborger 
Lmao sh1tple
2017-07-06 10:18
Brazil FaZenatic 
he's a great player that loves to awp. also his style didn't fit with navi's.
2017-07-06 10:20
Finland eMBeJaana 
S1mple in faze. I aren't think that
2017-07-06 11:27
valde | 
Finland Juvi 
I cant see that coming as well
2017-07-06 11:40
Brazil FaZenatic 
why wouldn't that be a possibility?
2017-07-06 12:36
Aleksib | 
Finland Slyp3 
They already have 3 agressive players. CS doesnt work if all players play supet agressive. Also s1mple is toxic so if he and niko are on a same team LOL. And simple's english isnt very well...
2017-07-06 13:57
Allu = besterest reflex than jugi.
2017-07-06 14:43
s1mple's English is enough to understand calls and shit, but yeah. His style worked on Liquid just because he could play pretty loose and just go apeshit and carry. FaZe players would probably be kind of irritated to have somebody play so loose and try to hog the spotlight on a team with so many talented players. I can at least imagine NiKo and s1mple trying to be the brightest star on the team ending up in flames. Also, FaZe has really calm personalities who mesh together well and enables FaZe to get their comebacks and stuff. NiKo has some footage of being slightly aggressive, but he's probably infinitely less aggressive than s1mple, even these days. I think s1mple would put everybody a bit too on edge.
2017-07-06 15:55
The legend, do not argue
2017-07-06 10:17
Poland skibv 
-allu +s1mple The Dream
2017-07-06 10:18
Denmark Ableskewer 
s1mples english is not good enough for that. Have you seen his stream? Did you hear the about the struggles on TL? Guess not.
2017-07-06 11:54
The struggles didn't stop them going deep in majors though, lol. And I think it's even better than he doesn't have very good or native english.
2017-07-06 12:01
CIS SelVoice 
-allu= Faze top 1
2017-07-06 10:20
Dear allu, either practise much more, or increase your zoom sensitivity, do something to finally hit your fucking shots ok???
2017-07-06 10:26
2017-07-06 10:29
Finland coswell 
The problem with Finnish teams seems to be with attitude. Even if you're good, doesn't mean you can win anymore without putting in hours. I'm always cringing at iGame, cos they don't even play official games with tags and real nicknames.. Not like it would make them better, but it would make them seem more professional.
2017-07-06 10:31
professionalism, or rather the lack of it, has always been an issue with full finnish teams.
2017-07-06 11:53
when I played 1.6 (never on a very good level may I add) there was a huge difference when I played with finns or with foreign mates. finns were individually on high level, and seemed to understand the game well. but with foreigners it actually felt like we had a team. we practiced some tactics and tried to improve. it was clear who was igl etc. then again, I never wanted to put much time on it. I had the basic finnish mentality myself. which I think is fine when you're not interested in being a pro. but even our pro players are like that.
2017-07-06 11:59
Finland coswell 
I can relate 100%. Thats why i dont really have Finnish friends on steam, except for rl friends. Never really enjoyed playing in Finnish anyways and now it just seems hard, cos i dont even remember/know call-outs in Finnish :D
2017-07-06 13:26
We have a goddamn star control 2 fan here. Let's steal his rollator!
2017-07-06 14:45
amazing game! :D
2017-07-06 18:27
YES IT IS! And still alive as Urquan masters. Ported for android too so everyone can enjoy it on tab or phone. Fucking awesome game! After so many years.
2017-07-06 19:03
I played it through again (as Ur-quan masters ofc) a year ago. Was still fun after all these years. Definitely ages well, such an old game. Brilliant "plot". Great world. Good amount of freedom, and humor. And love the music.
2017-07-06 19:29
Iceland fatboislim 
im glad to hear he knows he is struggling and willing to admit it, and most importantly trying to improve. but from that interview i'd say allu is a perfect fit for faze, he just needs to get he's shit together.
2017-07-06 10:32
Nice interview Why kick allu when you make it to every final? At least give this roster time to stabilize and show its potential. He knows he's inconsistent and is working to improve that
2017-07-06 10:34
Who said he will get kicked? I am sure he'll stay for atleast 2 years
2017-07-06 10:39
Because they've also lost every final apart from one.
2017-07-06 10:57
With that logic shouldn't Astralis kick someone because the haven't made it to a final in like 2-3 months, sure they're consistent and top 3 but fuck that, roster change needed
2017-07-06 12:29
Faroe Islands shubaNNN 
ok, leave FaZe after the major, ty.
2017-07-06 10:34
Nepal Naughty_O 
FaZe without allu... could be disaster.
2017-07-06 14:54
Greece PentaGR 
Sunny Zehn Allu Juho Saggertron
2017-07-06 10:36
Finland eMBeJaana 
And coach Slaava "Twista" Räsänen
2017-07-06 11:30
Fuck that. Sunny and LLU but not any of the others. Sergej
2017-07-06 14:47
Europe RadduZEW 
2017-07-21 11:25
Greece PentaGR 
true -Juho he is a noob
2017-07-21 16:44
Malaysia phyzell 
WCA is your thing boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-07-06 10:37
Switzerland TyRRRR 
ROCCAT : ( allu, ZOREE, zehN, suNny, juho ) +nasu > Can crack a TOP 15, a better version of PENTA.
2017-07-06 10:48
Juho = shit.
2017-07-06 14:48
Switzerland TyRRRR 
You don't have a better entry in Finland. > I don't think my boy HS would learn finnish even if i would like to.
2017-07-06 15:46
YES he could. Ropz too. A lot of estonian ppl working in Finland. Actually that Finesto would rock.
2017-07-06 16:17
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Thing with ropz is that he's a lurk and that wouldnt work at all role wise, but the optimal lineup would be. ROCCAT : ( ropz, allu, zehN, suNny, HS ) +nasu > This would be insane, mixing english, finnish & estonian to speak they would be able to communicate properly, they would be TOP8 material.
2017-07-06 16:20
- zehn +sergej imho.
2017-07-06 16:29
Switzerland TyRRRR 
There is no finnish team without zehN. 1- zehN would be the ingame leader a role finnish scene really lacks of. 2- zehN would be the support. 3- sergej is 15 he can't attend any tournament within 2 years. 4- sergej has teh same role as suNny. > Its litteraly unrealistic & impossible.
2017-07-06 16:34
Im listening...
2017-07-06 16:39
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Im here for that bro <3 ;'D
2017-07-06 16:40
Sergej and a few other players in the finnish scene are quite a bit more potential imho and what I've understood about Juho's mentality during the years, he atleast used to be quite toxic. Idk personally if it's gotten better with age but I wouldn't pick him solely for those reasons. I think he'd be a risk in any team albeit he can play the game.
2017-07-06 16:23
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Oh don't get me wrong, finnish scene has many talent its quiet underrate as a scene actually. Im just not gonna put sergej, aerial & ottoNd in here now because i want them to evolve a bit before putting them in here.
2017-07-06 16:27
probably the worst thing i have read in long time. theres no way if finnish guys make a "superteam" they would pick sergej yet
2017-07-06 16:29
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Too young indeed, i still have hope for ottoNd tho.
2017-07-06 16:35
otto is very good player too ye
2017-07-06 16:36
Well, that superteam would have to grow and building him for the spot on the way would be most optimal but yeah, didn't take the age limit in consideration obviously. But the original point about not picking Juho still stands. I'd even really consider sLowi or Bona for the entry role, both could most likely pull off crazy stuff.
2017-07-06 18:09
ottoNd impressive too
2017-07-06 18:09
Jordan zordak 
+Respect Allu !
2017-07-06 11:01
Slovakia Cavorapper 
Old good ENCE, they made a lot of skins for me :D Their roster was too good for this scene.
2017-07-06 11:11
Germany Lennard 
-allu +maikelele
2017-07-06 11:27
Hint: Mixwell to FaZe
2017-07-06 11:28
Sweden Trkmag 
Respect for allu
2017-07-06 11:28
-Allu +Twist Lekr0 should go over to Fnatic and replace who ever who is underperform.
2017-07-06 11:29
very good interview
2017-07-06 11:49
ENCE 2.0 inc??????
2017-07-06 11:52
I guess when that time comes his career will be finnished.
2017-07-06 11:59
2017-07-06 12:14
-allu +kenny
2017-07-06 12:16
Asia bossen1 
2017-07-06 12:20
-allu +cerq
2017-07-06 12:23
Croatia nAmeless69 
2017-07-06 17:56
2017-07-07 00:29
I hate people saying allu should be replaced, but then completely ignoring how allu contributes really well to the chemistry of the team from what I've heard, and how he doesn't need to be the top frag every game considering the star players around him. Also a top 2 team CLEARLY needs a roster change..
2017-07-06 12:27
VP is about to disband so... -allu +Snax FaZe top 1 PogChamp Kreygasm FaZe era Kreygasm.
2017-07-06 12:50
- allu +me ez major
2017-07-06 13:26
Europe Hempxz 
-allu +jugi
2017-07-06 13:30
Wtf? Allu justpwned jugi
2017-07-06 14:49
Finland kappaboi 
"Sometimes we have people wanting to go for hero plays, not play the rounds, just want to be the star of the round" like 5v2 yesterday vs fnatic
2017-07-06 13:33
Your not a FaZe supporter if you want allu gone. So who gives a fuck what you have to say because you don't support the team lol. Kids these days. It's like I'm football. You don't give a fuck about wanting a player from another team gone. So why say it in this game?? So clueless and brainless.
2017-07-06 13:43
Just kick this finnish noob so he can get back ro tier 3 teams where he belongs
2017-07-06 14:09
Nepal Naughty_O 
lul autist spotted
2017-07-06 14:56
2017-07-06 14:57
needs +joelz
2017-07-06 14:29
Derpface allu wants his booboo ;c
2017-07-06 14:47
Finland Jonzu95 
good read I really miss the old 3DMax & Roccat Lineups.
2017-07-06 14:53
Finland jonttu 
-krystal +allu Penta top10
2017-07-06 14:58
Allu Sunny Zehn Joelz xarte Because xarte must be in every top finnish team.
2017-07-06 15:19
- Allu +Jugi or +s1mple
2017-07-06 15:22
Allu fits so well with FaZe.
2017-07-06 16:36
Am I the only one who read all this with a finnish accent?
2017-07-06 17:28
2017-07-07 15:05
is he fucking retarded? allu reminds me of twist, plays with friends who are literally shit instead of playing on a winning team, now i honestly hope that u get kicked
2017-07-07 18:12
LUL sometimes your words can be strong
2017-08-03 20:46
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