TaZ: "The mood in the team is still very good, we are not happy, but we are working"

Virtus.Pro had another tough event, losing to Immortals, SK and Heroic in the ESL One Cologne group stage. After the event finished for them, we managed to sit down with Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas and learn about the Poles' problems in 2017.

The Polish side's struggles continued, as they have now been eliminated in the groups of the last three big tournaments they played, IEM Katowice, StarSeries S3 and now ESL One Cologne. In Germany, the Poles did show some promise in the opening match against Immortals, but SK and Heroic proved to be too tough to handle in the end.

Virtus.P.ro are on the right track, even though they haven't shown it in Cologne, TaZ says

After Virtus.pro was eliminated from the tournament, we managed to talk to Wiktor "⁠TaZ⁠" Wojtas about his team's issues, relegation to Premier and other issues.

You had a good start to the year, second place at the ELEAGUE Major, then first at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, then after that came the two very bad tournaments for you. Tell me how you went through that phase, going from the top to a very bad form, how was that period for you?

Well, it's not easy, we had a good start to the year, which, I actually think that the China event (WESG 2016) was a big, big upset. But overall it felt like the year started well, that we are very strong and everything is clicking. But after Vegas, I think we got complacent, but we tried to do some stuff, work on our game.

The thing is, I don't think that we underperformed in Katowice, I tink that we actually played a good event. We lost two close maps at the beginning, Na`Vi and North. We were very close to comeback against North on Cobblestone and then they won the force buy, which obviously won them the game. Against Na`Vi I think we also had a good start on Train, but we somehow gave it away and they owned us. And in the end, it came down to the game against Heroic and we, unfortunately, picked their best map at that time. Which was also a good map for us, but they had a good approach and took us by surprise. 

Overall I felt like Katowice was a good event for us, I felt comfortable going into the next events. But we did many changes after Katowice, we worked on different aspects of the game, but I think we forgot about just playing the game, playing it the simple way, how we always like to play the game. Adapt to the opponents and play simple, not some crazy tactics, right? 

And we got destroyed at StarLadder S3, then we changed some stuff in-game again, we changed leadership in-game, we changed positions in-game. Basically what we did was changing a line-up, in a way. Because, for example, I play Nuke for 17 years I've always been covering the upper site, and now I'm covering ramp. So for me, it's the first three months of playing ramp on Nuke for example. And this happened on other maps as well. There had to be time to adapt to it, and during this time we had to play Pro League, and we played really, really bad. 

I think, overall, to make it a short answer, we had a pretty good start to the year, but then we got lost in our heads, how we want to approach the Katowice event, the StarLadder event. It feels like we are playing better and better, but we simply didn't show it at this event. We are doing a boot camp now, and hopefully, we will show it in Krakow. If not, then we have a break, and after the break, with fresh minds, we will try again.

An unexpected dark period followed Virtus.Pro's success at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas

After that, the thing that happened to you was getting relegated to ESEA Premier. So even though its online CS and all that, that officially marked your falling into the tier two competition, in a way. Did that hurt you a bit more than what people maybe think it would?

Of course it hurts, It's not like we don't care about Pro League or we don't care about ECS, we care about all of these online leagues because LAN events of this leagues are always great and overall, the media exposure is really great in those events. So it sucks for us to not play in the next Pro League season, but it also gives us a big hit in our head and egos, that we need to give more attention to the online play. And not only the official games, but also practice games. We tend to have a very bad approach to practice games, and we need to change it, and we are changing it at the moment.

And maybe it's a good thing for us, obviously, there will be a lot of jokes about Virtus.Premier—that are in a way funny—but this is also a good thing for us to just refresh our heads and play against all the teams that we usually have problems with. We always had the biggest problems with, how you say, the tier two teams, or even teams worse than that. We always seem to play to the strengths of the opponents. So if we learn in Premier to play against all these teams, then it can only get us faster back on the track.

Touching on this event, in the map against Immortals, you showed some good executes, something new that people didn't see before. But in the end, they managed to close out the game. Can you talk me through that match a bit, what went wrong?

Basically, I think that the game against Immortals was going well for us. We underperformed as CT, I didn't play to my best on CT on Cobblestone which is usually a good map for me. Other than that, I think it came down to boltz pushing us, we were waiting for the push for like ten rounds, then he pushes in one round after a technical break. So it kinda sucks, but that's what happens, he had the balls to do it.

Then we went alley, and just lack of a pure execute. When we killed lucas there should be a push to matrix, taking the alley, but the guys stopped for like 2 seconds which gave kNg the time to get his great play. These actions, in my opinion, decided the whole outcome of the game. If we took one of these rounds it would be a lot closer, it would probably be overtime or something like that. But this was a good game actually, in my opinion.

VP giving their opponents too much respect in-game is one of their issues

After that, you lost to SK, maybe not a big surprise considering their form recently, and then again you faced Heroic in the elimination match. Again, the Danes took you out, tell me a bit about that, was the approach a bit different now, considering Katowice? What went on in the match?

Obviously, against Heroic we didn't want to give them Nuke, we wanted to play other maps, and we were able to play Cobblestone. And then you saw us just failing miserably on our T side which was just a pain to play and a pain to look at when we watched the replay.

I think this is something we need to take back and have a different approach when we are playing. It just feels like we are giving all the teams a very big amount of respect in-game. It feels like other teams don't respect anyone. Nowadays, Counter-Strike is all about pushes, it's more about aggression, and just playing simple tactics. When you want to execute, do some cool stuff, fancy stuff with smokes, you are very lucky if you do it without losing a player.

So I think this will give us a fresh approach to the game. Obviously, we should have been wiser than that and we should be prepared, but we weren't. So it's our fault that we failed, respected teams that used it and they destroyed us.

You have... not that much time left to the Major in Poland, your home country. You touched on it before, but tell me a bit what your mentality is and what are your goals, what do you want to do, fix, or change in the next couple of days?

I think it's just about playing time. We need to just play the maps, change a bit of our approach that we already discussed, be more aggressive in-game and just have fun, see how it goes. There is no need to be stressed or take on more pressure because we are losing a couple of events, that is the way you make teams disband.

You just put immense amounts of pressure on the players, on a team, and you expect them to perform. And there are events, there is enough pressure on teams. We are not going to push ourselves in any way that can discourage players. We are going to play our game, hopefully, we will show a good side of Virtus.Pro, because you didn't see it for like half a year.

TaZ feels that there is not much to take from pasha's recent comments

I just wanted to get your comment on pasha's Facebook status, how much can we actually read into that, what did he actually mean?

I don't think it's so serious, that we have a big problem in our team, it's just a message to fans and people that he sees what is happening with the team, that we are not standing and just looking, that we are trying our best and it's not working. Maybe you should also ask pasha, because when you ask me, I can tell you that the mood in the team is still very good, we are not happy, but we are working. That is the attitude in the team, we will work until we win. It worked for three years for us and even though we didn't have a big span of wins in a row like other teams do, we always manage to come back. We will see if we are able to do it one more time. Hopefully, we can.

Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas
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Poland Snacer1337
I hope VP will back strong again! Love u Taz!
2017-07-07 12:15
Europe _EpiC_
I hate him. Best thing he said recently " E sports is great , there is no hate in the sport" - the most SALTY and NASTY guy in pro scene !
2017-07-07 12:14
the most salty cunt in the game is still s1mple. taz is just competetive and there's nothing wrong with that.
2017-07-07 12:50
Europe _EpiC_
hahaha pls he is always bragging and shit. He is so lame
2017-07-07 12:51
bragging? he's just confident.
2017-07-07 13:42
Europe _EpiC_
synonym of confident is being a prick
2017-07-07 13:42
Sweden aer1aL
Favorite team:TyLoo seemsgood.
2017-07-07 14:13
haha xD
2017-07-07 14:16
since fucking when excuse me? im learning new things here.
2017-07-07 14:45
Synonime of not confident is pussy. I'd rather be prick than pussy. You sound like an insecure weakling. A hateful one too.
2017-07-07 17:19
Europe _EpiC_
wrong - not confident = humble
2017-07-07 17:20
All those "quiet" pro guys who deliver are not confident? Yeah, right. I bet.
2017-07-07 17:26
cyx | 
United States NeZiX
You speak English as a second language (clearly), and you're trying to tell people which English words are synonyms. Being confident is to be aware that you are good and not hide it. It has nothing to do with being a prick, which insinuates that a person is mean spirited.
2017-07-08 02:24
Hungary Shaperz
lmao if you really think that, i'm sure you are not a confident person at all.. are you scared to talk to girls irl?
2017-07-07 17:28
2017-07-07 12:56
nice interview
2017-07-07 12:13
yeah hahah
2017-07-07 12:13
France France98123
nt, go retire pls
2017-07-07 12:13
Pakistan perth
I would be happy too if I got paid to suck dick at my job... Literally and figuratively.
2017-07-07 12:16
You can always be a gay pron actor :D You will suck a dick at your job and get paid :P
2017-07-07 15:06
Pakistan perth
Nah mate pornstars have all kinds of diseases. I think i'll just go to a random mens bathroom and suck some dick there.
2017-07-07 15:18
Less moni tho
2017-07-07 16:35
Pakistan perth
ya but safer
2017-07-07 16:44
You are a cheap manwh*re then. Pretty sad.
2017-07-07 17:20
Pakistan perth
shut up or I will start sucking your dick
2017-07-07 17:38
are you referring to Renegades?
2017-07-07 19:54
Pakistan perth
I wasn't originally but you can add them to the list too since they play like dogshit.
2017-07-07 19:55
yeah but VP won few big tournaments :) so many he doesn't suck dick at what he's doing
2017-07-07 19:56
Pakistan perth
A shame. They went from winning tournaments to sucking dick...how tragic.
2017-07-07 19:57
shit happens
2017-07-07 19:59
Pakistan perth
You don't have to tell me mate I fucked my life up to the point where I might end up homeless in a few years.
2017-07-07 20:00
playing pubg or what
2017-07-07 12:14
good mood not happy > pick one
2017-07-07 12:14
+1 lol
2017-07-07 12:17
+ 1 kek
2017-07-07 12:57
2017-07-07 14:10
HTC 1v1 pasha vs taz streetfight.
2017-07-07 12:15
The thing about street fights the street always wins
2017-07-07 12:28
2017-07-07 12:17
VP will win the Major and the kids here will cry ayy
2017-07-07 12:20
Poland BuIbo
Why people are soo negative LUL #GO VP
2017-07-07 12:20
Sure you can. Let's go !
2017-07-07 12:21
2017-07-07 12:22
i think vp want salary increase
2017-07-07 12:29
from "we will come back" to "hopefully"...what happened tazboyy, out of salt? i'll supply you for free, heck i'll supply whole poland for you :*
2017-07-07 12:30
I don't think your parents could afford supply this big
2017-07-07 12:51
you must be the president of pashas london school milord?
2017-07-07 12:52
I hope VP will perform well in Krakow :) Say what you want people, we'll see what's gonna happen at the major.
2017-07-07 12:34
you already know they won't, but still hoping :O this is 2017. So many teams nowadays are just too good for vp. lets not live in the past!
2017-07-07 12:42
I'm following the scene for too long for not believing in comeback :) Let's see... Well, you're gonna see, i'll be probably travelling when the major starts, so i'm gonna miss the 2 first days :P
2017-07-07 12:43
i think if they play a simple game, thjey could just rek with good aim and some cheesy aggressive pushes. they'll just piss them off :D
2017-07-07 16:55
Poland karic91
We belive, Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas
2017-07-07 12:34
U need to practice dm's because your aim (all of them) are absolutely awful lately VP's chances of winning Krakow is close to 0
2017-07-07 12:38
maybe they saved their aims for the Major lul
2017-07-07 12:50
I hope so Major is their last chance, if they fail there (in Poland) they are DONE
2017-07-07 14:08
indeed but according to taz they want to try it even then. i really can't imagine that
2017-07-07 15:12
I think taz can say whatever he wants but VP staff will force them to make changes
2017-07-07 15:30
that might be the case
2017-07-07 16:36
hope is not so high but the interview increased it a bit let's legends of CS!
2017-07-07 12:50
TL;DR Q: You got rekt there, what happened ? Taz: *excuses* Q: And then you got rekt there , what happened ? Taz: *excuses* Q:But then you got rekt here again by this team , what happened ? Taz: *excuses* Q: So whats your plan for the future? Taz: Keep playing and hope.
2017-07-07 12:57
what people expected when asking someone why he lost? > you lost? why? > because i didnt win?
2017-07-07 13:01
Dude, if you don't make it to the playoffs at the major, your good mood will look retarded, you were a T1 team not so long ago, being able to defeat SK, and now you're losing to Heroic, it's shameful and unacceptable, bring back Neo's ingame leading, and you TaZ should care less about your family and care more about your aim practice, because if you lose your place in VP, your family will clean toilets for living.
2017-07-07 12:54
Disband these old men already
2017-07-07 12:55
10-20k $ per month not gonna happen
2017-07-07 12:59
with they salary they never disband, even they have 80 years xD
2017-07-07 13:44
The thing is, they can be fired. Also this salaries starting to be a problem. Imagine how much you wanna win 250k event (100k first prize) when you have 20 hell even 10k per month. Its like nice bonus, not much else for them. Thats why their motivation sucks balls, they dont need to win events to make good living out of CS anymore. And i believe thats problem. You can compare it to sport stars (they earn much more) but they are used to it and can motivate themselves usually. He said it himself, maybe its good thing for them and i hope they will get their shit together, because they are terrible at the moment and i believe its because lack of work ethic. Other teams/new teams working harder and harder as there are more money in the game to grab and more titles to win. Ye and changing what works for years because of 2 tournaments is always "great" idea.
2017-07-07 14:18
Poland kick_michu
,,support us love us hate us fuel us we are number one ,, Wiktos,,BIGEGO,,Wojtas
2017-07-07 13:08
good, keep it up, 12 years old saying disband can go kys
2017-07-07 13:43
Poland mamba99999
I expect them to win Kraków.
2017-07-07 13:51
really :D
2017-07-07 13:58
lolollolololol desperate vp fanboy
2017-07-07 14:12
Hello 'fan of Faze'. Watch Your fav team to be destroyed by Liquid right now :*
2017-07-07 17:12
so stfu, ok
2017-07-08 01:00
lol nice definition of destroyed you have Meanwhile VP goes out 0-3 in groups :D
2017-07-08 03:13
No reply, guess your too ashamed :D
2017-07-08 17:06
VP will bounce back. they will achieve a top 8 finish again in the upcoming major. But to win the major they need to play out of their minds
2017-07-07 13:58
VP will win the major and be top1 again!
2017-07-07 14:01
In what world
2017-07-07 14:12
And pasza MVP
2017-07-08 16:35
2017-07-08 17:02
lol taz making up excuses as always, at least pasha is honest
2017-07-07 14:13
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd
time to retire mr taz
2017-07-07 14:30
Albania Kush9
vp is love vp is life
2017-07-07 14:35
Poland kick_michu
,,We are doing a boot camp now, and hopefully, we will show it in Krakow. If not, then we have a break, and after the break, with fresh minds, we will try again.,, yes make break just back to babysiting childrens wife or whorever what you want do it competive CS:GO isnt for old ppl or after this break time to back with new VP lineup you cant learn old dogs new triks
2017-07-07 14:40
I've been hearing it since 2009 lul
2017-07-07 15:23
Waiting for Krakow...
2017-07-07 15:44
Guys, I have been following you since 2005, the moment i saw Pentagram vs Begrip.ru on clanbase cup (inferno, you lost 14-16). And ever since then I was cheering for you no matter what. Don't worry i still do. Just like many others. Come back, come back stronger than ever before.
2017-07-07 15:55
Nice to read
2017-07-07 16:07
Man the last questions answer seems like Taz needs to hear some St.Anger by Metallica.
2017-07-07 16:53
Albania Kush9
best interview ... was worried about golden five but now im fine ... vp is love vp is life ... group stage kings like navi and g2 will be rekt soon <333
2017-07-07 16:57
Funny comments. So many worthless and useless nolifes here hating the guy. I bet you will never achieve 10% of what successful pro CSGO players have achieved in their lives so far. Keep on posting shit. That's all you can do, that's your secure zone. Instead of challenging yourselves you prefer to dwell in caves and pour hate in anonymous posts. I admire pro players who just keep practising and strive to achieve goals regardless or race, origin, country, language etc etc. You want success? You gotta work to earn it. Eat shit bitches - that's all you can do.
2017-07-07 17:24
Funny comments. So many worthless and useless nolifes here hating the guy. I bet you will never achieve 10% of what successful pro CSGO players have achieved in their lives so far. Keep on posting shit. That's all you can do, that's your secure zone. Instead of challenging yourselves you prefer to dwell in caves and pour hate in anonymous posts. I admire pro players who just keep practising and strive to achieve goals regardless or race, origin, country, language etc etc. You want success? You gotta work to earn it. Eat shit bitches - that's all you can do.
2017-07-07 17:27
Come back ready to rekt everyone in krakow, tataz
2017-07-07 18:42
No1 TAZ WP 4ever
2017-07-07 20:30
RESPECT TAZ who remembers 2015 dreamhack tournament ?
2017-07-08 01:37
Germany Tunio
get out of groups would be something to beginn with
2017-07-08 13:12
I believe
2017-07-10 12:47
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