paiN lose team

paiN Gaming and their CS:GO squad have decided to go their separate ways, the Brazilian players have revealed.

In a statement to ESPN, Denis "⁠dzt⁠" Fischer explained that this was a team decision as the players feel that "it will be easier to achieve something here [in the United States] without an organisation's name" behind them. 

The Brazilian team, who are currently ranked 45th in the world, recently attended the ESEA Season 24 Global Challenge and the Americas Minor, finishing 5th-6th at both events.

chelo & co leave paiN

After the Minor, the team decided to stay in the United States to continue their growth as they hope to become the next big squad to emerge from Brazil.

"For now we are fine, we are practising a lot and we do not have any problems with our legal papers," dzt added.

The Brazilian team's roster consists of:

Brazil Paulo "⁠land1n⁠" Felipe
Brazil Alef "⁠tatazin⁠" Pereira
Brazil Denis "⁠dzt⁠" Fischer
Brazil Gabriel "⁠NEKIZ⁠" Schenato
Brazil Marcelo "⁠chelo⁠" Cespedes 

Brazil Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes
Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedes
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Alef 'tatazin' Pereira
Alef 'tatazin' Pereira
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Gabriel 'NEKIZ' Schenato
Gabriel 'NEKIZ' Schenato
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Denis 'dzt' Fischer
Denis 'dzt' Fischer
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Paulo 'land1n' Felipe
Paulo 'land1n' Felipe
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2017-07-08 02:51
Portugal Hashiii
Tsm inc
2017-07-08 03:04
This is what happens when you lose to a Premier PUG during the DH Open Qualifier.
2017-07-08 05:04
United States DeasT!
It was total ownage B)
2017-07-08 05:34
link plz
2017-07-08 10:11
I didn't understand what you said with link so i'm going to link you the game page. The team was called ownage, actually it was kinda close.
2017-07-08 16:41
ah that's disapponting... thx anyway
2017-07-08 20:56
Germany Trip1909
Rip Clg confirmed?
2017-07-08 12:59
Brazil ziulera
2017-07-08 05:22
who cares?
2017-07-08 02:51
Enough people care that ESPN reported on it. ESPN sticks to the big 3 mainly (NFL, MLB, NBA, 4/5 if you want to stretch to include NHL or MLS but both of those are woefully undercovered) and falls hopeless short on everything else. I was shocked when I saw that ESPN reported it.
2017-07-08 02:59
World Sins
2017-07-08 04:29
Yeah, I saw the link in the article.
2017-07-08 04:44
Brazil igricardf
It's braziliam espn, they diversify their content a lot over here.
2017-07-08 05:57
The only reason why I need to learn Portuguese right there.
2017-07-08 06:08
Argentina Jijador
Tsm confirmed
2017-07-08 02:51
Muffin Lightning confirmed
2017-07-08 02:56
2017-07-08 03:40
LMAO hahaha good one.
2017-07-08 03:47
Why are people loling it's the truth
2017-07-08 04:44
sk academy inc
2017-07-08 02:51
2017-07-08 03:21
2017-07-08 03:40
Brazil smm1le
yes please
2017-07-08 03:43
2017-07-08 03:54
Romania WOTAN
So SK academy's academy ?
2017-07-08 11:07
Brazil Nimenz
2017-07-08 18:56
2017-07-08 05:51
not gonna happen
2017-07-08 10:40
it is going to happen, u heard it here first
2017-07-08 11:28
2017-07-08 15:11
2017-07-08 02:51
2017-07-08 02:51
That aint make no sense at all
2017-07-08 02:51
playin as a no namer is easier
2017-07-08 02:54
Brazil PedroJym
They might have already made a few contacts with a NA team , not being under some form of contratc will make easier for them to stay in US.
2017-07-10 17:19
Brazil Leozzin
2017-07-08 02:52
Brazil Collee
Expected. Now LG pick up chelo and the other 4 get back to brazil and compete on the level they should Also wtf is this? "it will be easier to achieve something here" [in the United States] "without a name" of an organisation behind them.
2017-07-08 02:55
Just using a work visa to immigrate to the US. Kappa
2017-07-08 03:01
Maybe pain want them back or they are trying to get an NA org, and without a br org it can be easier
2017-07-08 03:02
sad :(
2017-07-08 02:54
Australia aucs
Good luck bois
2017-07-08 02:54
TSM confirmed
2017-07-08 02:55
2017-07-08 02:55
2017-07-08 02:56
who is paying their bills?
2017-07-08 02:57
PeeP | 
United States Den422
2017-07-08 02:58
When we could call this a team??
2017-07-08 02:58
Colombia spamzzy
im pretty sure the org got their visas and now they leave, good luck to em much potential
2017-07-08 02:58
Brazil LeoAv
Chelo entry Idk lurker landin igl awp horvy support duken or leo drunky
2017-07-08 03:05
Brazil Henr1qu1n
why so many people are saying TSM? i mean any source or just a guess?
2017-07-08 03:07
Tempo Storm2 , TSM?
2017-07-08 03:10
Apparently Hikos team will go to Tempo Storm.
2017-07-08 10:19
Sk academy, that'd be lit.
2017-07-08 03:11
United States floobie
Now comes the question: how will they will survive in America without an org to pay their wages? Going to wash cars or prostitute probably. This makes no sense at all, they would not drop org if they didn't sign with another one already. I bet the team and the org had different plans. GL anyways
2017-07-08 03:14
This. How the hell they r gonna pay their bills?
2017-07-08 03:18
I was thinking the same thing. Also, where are they living now?
2017-07-08 05:11
ex-paiN guys are living in SK's house while FalleN & cia are in Europe playing tournaments and praccin
2017-07-08 05:23
Brazil m4th
A very risky decision ,I hope they get an organization soon
2017-07-08 03:20
I believe they already have something in the bag. Otherwise they would not plan to stay abroad
2017-07-08 05:23
I dont know about the others.. But Chelo played like a GOD that tournament last month.
2017-07-08 03:23
Chelo is playing nuts right now, kid has a bright future. Hope he stays in the US, going back to Brazil would hurt his development
2017-07-08 03:26
I wish there were international Tier 3 and lower tournaments
2017-07-08 03:26
Dh open tournaments are for low tier teams
2017-07-08 03:38
And yet paiN and teams like that have no chance of getting there. I mean something lower
2017-07-08 04:01
well they played the qualifier for dh open atlanta but lost to a mix team. The oportunity was given.
2017-07-08 04:26
Maybe, one day, we'll have the technology to play international tourneys online :(
2017-07-08 06:37
in a statement to ESPN lol ESPN
2017-07-08 03:28
"TSM acquire ex-paiN roster" PRINT THIS
2017-07-08 03:31
tier 9 NA
2017-07-08 03:37
"it will be easier to achieve something here" [in the United States] "without a name" of an organisation behind them. ????????
2017-07-08 03:38
AFAIK paiN was not paying their bills there. They must be trying to join a new org
2017-07-08 05:24
TSM incoming! good luck boys! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-07-08 03:40
I'd agree but not smart
2017-07-08 14:15
Brazil Feio91
Chelo play ez. the others are leftovers.
2017-07-08 03:44
WTF lel
2017-07-08 03:45
GL in the future bros
2017-07-08 03:48
chelo and the bots (dzt and nekiz sometimes good, SOMETIMES)
2017-07-08 03:53
Brazil stmm
Winout is comming Kappa
2017-07-08 04:02
2017-07-08 04:06
I'm confused as to what being nameless helps you accomplish I doubt pain as an org was totally useless and they must be giving up more than its worth, or there is something they aren't telling us
2017-07-08 04:07
Brazil Seleskva
Pain wanted them to live and play national tournments in Brazil. They were basically playing by their own with no support (only salaries), but they don't have a gaming house (It seems they are in SK's house and are gonna stay there until SK guys come back from Europe). Being nameless allow them to receive offers from organizations, i mean, they must find a good one being a top 45 team.
2017-07-08 05:57
Thanks for your insight, I understand their decision now
2017-07-08 17:23
Would be funny If they were kicked cuz fl0m won against them with a mix team.
2017-07-08 04:13
Lul, Chelo tweeted he had good news, that ain't good news :\
2017-07-08 04:19
ONE >>>pain
2017-07-08 04:29
Nah I think pain is way better than team one
2017-07-08 05:15
That makes no sense. How are they going to survive in there? Part time jobs so they can live in a shit place with shit connection? That will backfire so much if they don't get hired quickly.
2017-07-08 05:23
Bro AFAIK paiN was not paying their bills there. They're living in SK's house for the moment and they must be looking for a new org/house in America
2017-07-08 05:26
Brazil Juneco
2017-07-08 05:34
Brazil VAC0
no pain no gain
2017-07-08 06:46
Brazil Fauchard
Better go to the college now !
2017-07-08 08:51
they are bad, when sk arrived to NA , they didnt lose to argentinians or a fucking mix called ownage, come back to bronzil please
2017-07-08 08:55
So they are bad because they lose againt argentinians? Miami Flamingos is a good team
2017-07-08 20:14
lmao, people laughing at this team, they can be better than many na teams :> they just arrived on NA scene now... those guys at least are hungry, if they get an opportunity they will embrace it... just wait :>
2017-07-08 10:00
Pain please merge with LG to make a decent T2/3 roster
2017-07-08 11:52
Seems bit fishy maybe, tho I'd still guess that pain's new offer just wasn't good enough for them to accept and they are waiting for better offers. Such a boring story then xd...
2017-07-08 12:54
I agree. I just think i'm reading a gold digger speech from them.
2017-07-08 18:41
Faroe Islands sundby
DENIS!? dafuq
2017-07-08 13:37
Good luck for all! Abre mais stream dzt caraioo
2017-07-08 15:39
What the fuck has hapend here? They were great
2017-07-08 15:49
Many want the opportunity they have had and have not given value ..
2017-07-08 17:17
France ElevenFUT
XD !!!
2017-07-09 19:31
expected n1 players ex cheat players
2017-07-09 23:34
It's really sad to see the Brazilian scenario in this situation :(
2017-07-10 19:39
2017-07-30 08:30
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