FalleN: "Starting to feel a bit of burnout, but the focus is winning the next one"

SK picked up another trophy in Cologne, and the in-game leader Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo was awarded the HLTV.org MVP medal for his contributions to the win. After he lifted the trophy, we talked to him about burnout and how it impacted this tournament.

The Brazilian powerhouse went three for three, picking up the win at ESL One Cologne after victories at DreamHack Open Summer and the ECS Season 3 Finals, defeating Cloud9 3-0 in the grand final in the LANXESS Arena.

SK have felt a bit of burnout in Cologne

SK's in-game leader was also the most valuable player of the tournament, so we talked to him after awarding him his second HLTV.org MVP medal.

With you being in Europe and attending a lot of events recently and in regards to the group stage where you lost two BO1's, was the burnout catching up to you a bit there? Where you a bit tired from staying and competing all the time?

To be honest, I felt a bit of burnout at this tournament, I've even told the guys that for the Major we are not going straight to preparation, we need some days to rest it's a little bit too much to play two or three tournaments in a row, almost every single week we have to compete. So yeah, we felt a little bit of burnout at the beginning and as we realized that, we had a group talk and decided to do a bit of a speech before the matches and during the matches so we could have a little bit more of a team spirit. So we have been starting to feel a bit of burnout, but the focus is winning the next one now. And I think the football (against Virtus.Pro on Monday) is going to help us as well, to take the minds outside of the game a little bit. 

You passed the group stage of course and met OpTic in the quarters. They actually took Mirage off of you, you didn't seem happy about losing that map? Tell me a bit about that.

Yeah, the win against OpTic, and it's nothing about playing OpTic or someone else, it's just a state of mind that I had during the game. That was a combination of a little bit of burnout and the game was very tense, so you mix the two and frustration starts coming in. That is what we've been trying to change for some time. In the semi-final, we went in with a different mentality, only positive things.

After that, the game against FaZe. You've been meeting them a lot, tell me a bit about that match, especially the first game on Overpass, a map you recently struggled on a bit?

FaZe is always such a difficult opponent, They have so much skill and they are very organized. They decided to pick Overpass, and Overpass is a map that we've been working hard on in the recent past because the results weren't so great at a couple of last tournaments. They faced a good team on the CT side, we played almost perfectly, doing a lot of good decisions during the map and they couldn't play Overpass against us.

When we went to Cache, it was a bit unexpected, they played super well, they had a good plan as CT, they tried to delay our mid takes and other things. It took us a little bit of time to realize how we should approach the match against them. When we did that we won in overtime. It was really difficult but the team really wanted that win, and we did everything we could to get it.

Let's just touch on the grand final, especially the second and third map where Cloud9 had good leads but you just came back as it was nothing. Tell me about the comebacks, how did you feel during them?

I think in the first match we had coldzera playing amazingly, on Cobblestone he changed the game for us. The second game, the CT side was a little bit problematic, but we won the T pistol and got rounds going. "Modestly" saying, I was very important in a lot of situations on the Train T side, I was able to hold some bombplants and get some important kills for us. And we did one of the best T sides on Train we ever did. 

On Inferno, they had a huge lead, they were winning very well, we didn't play our best. A couple of mistakes at the beginning of the game from us, some positioning that should be a little bit different, we needed a little bit more force when we were striking sites. And on CT side, it has been a difficult side for us to be honest, so we were a little bit scared of losing that map, but as I said, the mindset needs to be positive, always. So we knew we could do the comeback, we played super well on CT as well. They got two rounds, so it got scary, but we got TACO stepping up and fer doing good plays as well on the B site. I think one of the most important plays was from felps as well, he killed the guy over the smoke on CT and helped us win a 3v2 that was crucial for the game.

The entire series was pretty difficult, I think Cloud9 played super well, despite being 3-0, I think the game was much closer than the score looks like.

Lastly, you won the MVP, of course, winning the tournament is the most important, but between you guys in SK there has been at least bit of joking about coldzera winning all the MVPs. Now you and fer (at ECS S3) picked up two, how is the feeling about that?

The feeling is awesome. To be honest, I think the best thing of this team is that the team is always above the individuals. And that is how it needs to be. So, getting the MVP is cool, but getting the trophy is much more important, I don't care about the MVP medal to be honest. 

About the joke, yeah, it's hard to be the MVP when you play with cold because he might be missing for the entire tournament and then when it matters he just appears. So I'm very surprised that I won the MVP, but I feel like after the plays I had on Train convinced people that I should take it. I'm glad, I'm very happy about it, but it doesn't matter too much for me.

ok wallen
2017-07-09 20:44
SK out in groups at the major CONFIRMED
2017-07-09 20:52
Germany No_Kappa
in your wet dreams
2017-07-09 23:49
2017-07-10 04:47
Latvia yummys
omg i hope so
2017-07-10 00:10
NiP and Fnatic exit as the very first teams :-) SK - ALL THE WAY !!! Major champions incoming
2017-07-10 00:50
Agree about NiP and FNC #112
2017-07-10 04:47
I don't think NiP will exit at all.
2017-07-10 14:36
LUL tru
2017-07-10 14:57
World Sins
yes, if BO1, cache will bring playoffs for them.
2017-07-10 15:00
they're not playing in the major...
2017-07-12 19:24
World Sins
just b8ing
2017-07-12 19:25
you can't use that as an excuse every time -_-
2017-07-12 19:27
World Sins
were i use it?
2017-07-12 20:05
2017-07-10 06:21
In all the past tournaments you guys said that, sk won all those
2017-07-10 00:50
Chill down, i was joking about this: "FALLEN: STARTING TO FEEL A BIT OF BURNOUT"
2017-07-10 04:46
say that is easy, show me a 1k usd bet i will start to respect u
2017-07-10 06:30
2017-07-10 06:54
Bet against SK 1000 $ and he will believe you xD.
2017-07-10 11:28
Brazil sain1
2017-07-10 13:33
hahahahahahah crying is free newbie. I'm not saying that sk will win the major, relax. but i think nip fnatic godsent wont win aswell haaha good luck next time
2017-07-09 21:14
fnatic VS vp in the final CRY kidoo
2017-07-09 21:42
VP bots :)
2017-07-09 22:26
ofc nip or godsent wont win, since they are not playing? NT
2017-07-09 23:50
Germany rotz
2017-07-10 00:35
cry more
2017-07-10 03:47
Brazil rickz1996
Fallen is a fucking beast. wp
2017-07-09 20:45
2017-07-09 20:45
major finalist for sure
2017-07-09 20:45
2017-07-09 20:45
Czech Republic MSQT
do it online
2017-07-09 20:45
FalleN is fucking amazing. Top 3 in the world confirmed!
2017-07-09 20:45
VP will return to destroy SK in Karkow get ready
2017-07-09 20:45
best joke ever! :D
2017-07-09 20:46
Brazil Goecker
2017-07-09 20:46
Lol good one m8
2017-07-09 20:50
Brazil Caistro
VP jokes in 2k17 ?! LUL
2017-07-09 20:51
2017-07-09 20:53
Norway Napapijri
haha, this guy is a good stand up comedian
2017-07-09 20:53
Brazil adre221
If they don't disband first that is, lol
2017-07-09 20:54
you are talking about the football, right?
2017-07-09 20:54
i hate sk but sit the fuck down
2017-07-09 20:56
So fucking funny!!! FalleN can bear VP alone with glock no armor.
2017-07-10 04:18
VP are in the same group of Vega and Penta for me, one of these will be 0-3 at the major.
2017-07-10 19:37
xD burnout from video games i play way more and i am completely fine so stfu
2017-07-09 20:45
even if you're trolling this is the most braindead comment I've seen in a while
2017-07-09 20:46
2017-07-09 23:49
Matchmaking or faceit aint burnout inducing. You gotta play competitively to feel all the stress
2017-07-09 20:51
Glad to see you're so optimistic that even being silver elite master doesn't burn you out
2017-07-09 20:55
2017-07-10 11:27
Europe haHAA_
2017-07-10 01:44
my guess is that they won't win the major, they'll either lose in the semifinal or in the grand final but it's still beyond impressive that they managed to win 3 tier 1 events prior to the major
2017-07-09 20:46
ropz | 
Brazil ands1
I have that feeling too. The eyes of every team in the world are on SK right now. Will be difficult for them, but if have a team who can do it, it's SK. They are so good in adapt.
2017-07-10 00:00
2017-07-10 00:01
think so aswell, getting that fnatic before Columbus '16 or DHW '14 deja vu
2017-07-10 00:39
Anyway ez major for Astralis
2017-07-09 20:47
Poland DzonPrice
XD Astralis will lose either against Faze or SK
2017-07-09 20:53
Ok anyway sk Will lose Ez major for navi
2017-07-09 20:54
Poland DzonPrice
Would be great to see but no chance. Ez major for Faze/SK
2017-07-09 21:07
Hope in a final faze astralis
2017-07-09 21:10
FaZe - Astralis in semifinals. In the other bracket, SK - G2. Major of the dreams.
2017-07-10 17:43
fallenGOD <3
2017-07-09 20:47
Feeling burnout is not good tbh but it-s normal if you play a lot of tournaments.
2017-07-09 20:50
he feels burnout cause any team can beat them, and he start to feel dont have a really motivation
2017-07-09 20:52
ez 4 the best awper and igl in the world
2017-07-09 20:52
Sweden wyv0
SK looking at their strongest right now, feels like they are unbeatable right now.
2017-07-09 20:52
China Yao_Ming
playing vs Optic, C9 in playoffs. Not sure. I want to see them beat G2 in a bo3 again, since they seem to give them trouble
2017-07-09 21:54
2017-07-09 22:31
It's a bit funny between the top 4 teams, G2 seem to give SK fits more than FaZe or Astralis, but G2 in turn have serious matchup issues when playing against those FaZe/Astralis.
2017-07-10 02:07
China Yao_Ming
Astralis and G2 are the biggest threats to SK
2017-07-10 20:23
already an excuse because his coder won´t provide an updated hack for the major? #FALLSKG #BANWALLEN #DISGRACE
2017-07-09 20:56
You know you went full retard when you create a fake profile and name it gabriel_twoface_toledo. Never go full retard.
2017-07-09 21:07
Brazil Vidatti
You just went full retarded
2017-07-09 22:05
you know you went full retard when you create a profil and put favelian flag
2017-07-10 12:44
2017-07-10 01:59
Nice beast. Gabriel Corleone Toledo
2017-07-09 21:00
yes plz get burnt out and retire so we can enjoy some cs
2017-07-09 21:00
SK is showing the best cs i have ever seen in my life, i've playing cs for over 10 years, they teamplay is close to the perfection. Every SK game is a show to who don't give a shit about nationalities and just want to enjoy and learn about the game
2017-07-10 00:05
O totally agree with you
2017-07-10 06:59
I think he meant that if there was no SK, we could enjoy watching CS more. 1 team dominating ruins everything. No point of watching, if you know who is going to win befire the tournament has started...
2017-07-10 14:34
+1 As long as SK is in the tournament there's no excitement. It's just them reking everyone.
2017-07-10 18:52
Europe MaDaRa99
Mate, SK is like those NA Pugstars(good aim for those who won't understand) with brain and teamplay. It's great to watch them.
2017-07-10 13:29
2017-07-10 17:45
I think the burnout started to affect these guys. I don't think they will lift the Major trophy. Matches against G2 or Astralis will be very struggle from them. But still, 3 trophies in a row, 5 at 2017 is very impressive. cs_summit, IEM Sydney, DH Open, ECS S3, ESL One Cologne.
2017-07-09 21:04
Australia USTlLO
2017-07-09 21:24
Humility <3
2017-07-09 21:06
Brazil Nickzim
I think the hardest part of this tournament will be the swiss format, they will be really burnout on this stage. If they managed to pass that, their toughest opponent will be G2 and Astralis, especially Astralis, this week off to them will make all the difference. But I hope they get Faze on the semis ou quarters, that way they will be disqualified for sure.
2017-07-09 21:12
If they win the major, greatest of all time confirmed. Krakow is the most important tournament of their life.
2017-07-09 21:31
No Problem, mouz will win major anyway
2017-07-09 21:36
I really wanna see VP and Na'Vi doing well in the Major alongside SK and Immortals :)
2017-07-09 21:54
United States core0
Fallen is very good
2017-07-09 21:56
Where can I watch stream from VP vs SK football match? XD
2017-07-09 22:03
2017-07-09 22:41
2017-07-10 03:57
2017-07-10 04:09
Sweden dohfOs
2017-07-10 09:02
Luxembourg Hargreaves
wins the tournament and talks about feeling burnt out smh
2017-07-09 22:05
yeah, I think the first signs of that was the optic map lost. cmon SK shouldn't lose a map to optic. After 5 tournaments, their strats are kinda overused and they are also kinda burnout.
2017-07-10 04:43
steel | 
Belarus Ruble
If you are burnout why not skip tournament like astralis.
2017-07-09 22:12
If I'm SK I'd watch out for Astralis bootcamps and lots of cologne demos
2017-07-09 22:49
Brazil PlNGUlM
Many people go to tournaments just to cheer against SK because they are the best. The cry is free, against numbers there are no arguments. NOTE: This format of championship with matches in md1 favored a lot for a bad team as this C9 reached the final. It could be a much more interesting final with another team.
2017-07-09 22:59
we fallen!
2017-07-09 23:48
2017-07-10 00:05
United States y0rk
It's natural to be burned out. Sadly there's not really time to take a break anymore. Too many events.
2017-07-10 00:49
Yes, maybe astralis did right but... don't know, they are practicing.. is different of competition but maybe can be stressful as well... perhaps They should have skipped dreamhack summer
2017-07-10 05:11
Sk has the perfect lineup #RUNSK !
2017-07-10 00:56
France [SPQR]
completely burn-outed soon :(
2017-07-10 02:33
Brazil vass28
very good guy and insane player
2017-07-10 03:11
We did it my boys! I hope we can recovery in time to play a good major! Let's go my boys! We can do it! We are champions! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-07-10 03:32
TOP 1 AWP FalleN
2017-07-10 04:03
lmfao, feeling the heat is not the same as burning out.
2017-07-10 04:07
SK <3
2017-07-10 04:15
Wonder when winning is enough.
2017-07-10 04:20
probably gonna win this major too
2017-07-10 05:34
If SK wins major, undeniably april to august will be sk era
2017-07-10 06:03
They lost just spaces soldires
2017-07-10 06:38
where is space soldiers in the tournament ?
2017-07-10 06:45
all team is eleminated SS is first majer lan tournument it is normal they trying to do something
2017-07-10 06:54
Brazil hillFTW
ez pz
2017-07-10 06:58
SK to win everything before and after the Major, but not the Major itself, thank me in advance
2017-07-10 09:36
Completely opposite to 2016?
2017-07-11 10:03
2017-07-11 10:26
Europe Komakino
Congratulations to FalleN and the SK team! They played really well. I was hoping for a much more closer match against cloud9 so the game would be much more interesting. Good luck for the next tournament!
2017-07-10 12:15
Malaysia phyzell
complaint, complaint made lots of cash but still whining...
2017-07-10 12:39
Finland jakem0n
Man you're whining and not even doing anything... did you just read the article and the interview? FalleN basically said that they are the best even though they are competing in every tournament and not being able to go home at all to rest and see friends, family and ones you love. Typical Malesyan 60 iq brain. Or just c9 fakeflagger fanboy
2017-07-10 16:14
Malaysia phyzell
based on your analysis, he's complaining of not being able to go at home at all to rest. plus see friends. He's feeling disappointed/depressed which is equivalent to whining about how shit his life is right now. Don't be a hypocrite, other teams have to endure all that to win the title and make some cash from each trips.
2017-07-10 17:13
Finland jakem0n
He said that he is feeling overburnt. Have you ever heard about it? It's not depression or disappointment, it's when your physical body aswell as your mind have used too much energy for a long period of time. Overburning is really bad condition. I wish all good to falleN and SK. And what can I say to that bullshit what you just said that other teams need to win before they can leave and play bigger tournaments... these gaming organizations are huge and they definetly give money to theirs players and pays the trips etc. I mean, every professional team in CS has some money to use that their players can participate to tournaments. It's fucking sports now-a-days and have you seen any professional athlete to work all day cuz no money to go tournaments or any kind of competition? No offence but you really dont have logic
2017-07-10 17:29
Malaysia phyzell
you do know what's inside Fallen's mind when he said that right? Does overburnt means that he's not in a good environment, less excited with the current situation, or jetlag & fatigue on the verge to blowing up? If he's feeling sick/dizzy, it's better for others to do the talking before he starts confusing fools like you. Like you said, he's well paid so there is no reason for him to give a perception that esports will make you end up in a bad spot. Why does he need to feel overworked when professional teams has some money? If esports players are treated like forced labour, does that give a good signal to potential young players to follow their footsteps in professional gaming? Does professionalism in esports should be done in a childish manner? ESL provides a comfortable schedule for the players unless they lacks discipline, maybe you didn't notice that there are few tournaments in the US where the players have to attend matches the entire day unlike ESL One. So Fallen has to consider himself to be in a lucky spot, and he should show his gratefulness by not the showing negative effect of his profession. Ok here's an example, Barcelona won the Champions League, now Leo Messi is feeling overburnt. So what? Overburnt is not a healthy activity as you know it. Oh btw, I can't find the definition of overburnt on the Internet. Can you tell me what does it exactly means?? And yes, the only reason SK Gaming owns them is because they're rich organization. But how rich are they if the players are treated like forced labour. LOL
2017-07-10 21:36
Finland jakem0n
I guess they want to do so much work by themselves, like attend to all of these tournaments and now he just said it's maybe bit too much. I know some people who have been burnout and just because they have been over estimating their strengths. Shit happens and it's OK for me to say if you're feeling burnout because of your effort to the game, team and to the whole community.
2017-07-10 22:01
nice story botallen. i see u're keeping urself in good shape but this is ur last top1.
2017-07-10 16:14
he's baiting for better odds
2017-07-10 16:15
Malaysia byaIi
fallen is smile
2017-07-10 16:29
2017-07-10 17:06
2017-07-10 17:13
They're one of the greatest team in CS history!But they'll not win the next major they'll make the the Playoffs,but they'll fall to astralis or Faze.MAybe NaVi and VP'll wake up.The CIS squad had a hard year and they were kicked out in the Quarters in Atlanta.VP the sleeping bear, though year for them also,but let's be real they could make some damage for any team.This Major'll be great,but VP and Na Vi is definetly coming for a revenge.Don't underestimate them! Also Gambit a great CIS team they have a great upset potential! Or fnatic! This teams are coming for a revenge and sorry I have to say,but they'll rape SK.
2017-07-10 17:29
It´s no time to VP improve to Major. Unfortunately, I think VP one more time will be out of groups. Only G2 can stop SK at Major, I think.
2017-07-10 17:52
Excuse is ready if they fail in groups in Krakow
2017-07-10 17:45
OMG. Brazilian are so toxic. (Cancer to csgo community).
2017-07-11 11:43
My invite to betting SITE!!! (goo.gl/y6BcSmhttps://goo.gl/y6BcSm Try it with little deposit for test! Easy money!
2017-07-11 15:47
The GOD Wallen congraturations!!
2017-07-12 11:56
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