HLTV.org live from Valencia

HLTV.org has arrived at the Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Centre to give you full coverage of DreamHack Open Valencia.

From Thursday to Saturday, Valencia will see eight teams battle it out for a share of the $100,000 prize-pool. The first game of the tournament will be between Envy and KPI, with the likes of NiP, CLG and Heroic in action later today. 

HLTV.org has sent a two-man team to Valencia to provide you with galleries and interviews throughout the three-day tournament.

Valencia is set to host yet another CS:GO tournament

The first day of the event will feature the opener and winners' best-of-one matches. Tomorrow will be all about the elimination and the decider matches, while Saturday will be reserved for the playoffs.

Make sure you also use our event page and viewer's guide to be up-to-date on everything concerning DreamHack Open Valencia.

ez KPI
2017-07-13 13:23
Netherlands TsunamiCow 
2017-07-13 13:24
2017-07-13 13:23
Turkey ^li 
ez 4 SS
2017-07-13 13:23
Sweden lagcats 
dats liiiit, wish i was there atm
2017-07-13 13:24
ez nip
2017-07-13 13:27
Nip got this
2017-07-13 13:58
Poland mamba99999 
The major is nothing comparred to this.
2017-07-13 14:02
Brazil plc_junkeR 
Hope the Ninjas win this tournament. Go go ninjas go!!!
2017-07-13 14:22
Ninjas in pyjamas got this tournemant Easy
2017-07-13 15:23
ez nip or nv
2017-07-13 16:30
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