valde released by Heroic

Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså has announced on Twitter that he is no longer contracted to Heroic.

The 22-year-old's future has been up in the air since he expressed uncertainty about his future on Heroic, who decided to bench the player ahead of the closed qualifier for ESL One Cologne.

At the time, Heroic parent company RFRSH Entertainment revealed that it would help Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså to find a new team while he remained under a contract with the organisation, but, according to a tweet from the player, he is now free to join another team.

valde is open to offers after leaving Heroic

Formerly of Copenhagen Wolves, valde is recognised as one of the most promising young talents in the Nordic region. During his time with Heroic, he helped the Danish team to win the International Gaming League 2016 Finals and reach the semi-finals at IEM Katowice. 

Denmark Valdemar 'valde' Bjørn Vangså
Valdemar 'valde' Bjørn Vangså
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil MachoMachoMan 
2017-07-18 20:34
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
1. virtus pro 2. skg 3-4. ast 3-4. gambit
2017-07-18 20:35
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
1. gambit 2. skg 3-4. ast 3-4. virtus pro :dreaming:
2017-07-18 21:28
2017-07-19 04:33
RIP Aizy
2017-07-18 20:35
2017-07-18 20:39
ZywOo | 
Europe Noway1 
No way they cut MSL, -aizy Could move to mouz aswell -lowel?
2017-07-18 20:41
France remyos 
eh no? lowel is good
2017-07-18 20:54
Argentina FoxterGaming 
RIP magisk
2017-07-18 21:13
Denis more likely
2017-07-18 21:33
wtf why lowel obviously - denis
2017-07-18 21:38
Germany turbo_rolg 
im not a fan of mouse and i dont watch much of their games but what i saw on the major and cologne denis was the guy who did a good job most of the time
2017-07-20 22:30
I agree with you it's kind of a meme at this point tbh. Because when first NiKo joined mouz back then they still had the German trio of nex spiidi and denis, NiKo dropped like 30-35 frags every game but the Germans always had below 1 ratings and were really horrible. So nex got kicked and then spiidi got benched, even at some point chrisj was benced. In the end denis is the only one from that trio so that's why he's still called a bot etc. while he's actually playing pretty decent now.
2017-07-21 01:16
Germany turbo_rolg 
spiidi played awful before he got benched :D
2017-07-21 11:04
Aizy would be my guess, or -Fox plot twist he joins up with hundens leftovers and makes it to semis next major
2017-07-18 22:35
-Fox cuz memes
2017-07-18 22:35
blows my mind how no one said -chrisj
2017-07-18 23:55
Finland coswell 
2017-07-19 00:19
''..'' their T side is fucking terrible, fragging like shit is not acceptable if you can't even come up with proper strats
2017-07-19 01:01
Finland coswell 
True, but ChrisJ can step up if someone else takes the lead, or Chris just gets more comfortable with the igl'ing.
2017-07-20 11:18
3st company, nice
2017-07-18 22:03
2017-07-18 20:34
I'm guessing they offered him a new contract but he declined in hopes to find a better team. He's a top tier talent so I'm assuming a top team will pick him up. We'll see.
2017-07-18 21:02
Russia Liberast 
I love Faze
2017-07-18 20:34
Germany Exking 
2017-07-18 20:35
Bulgaria Kreasiner 
2017-07-18 20:34
-k1o +valde FAZE TOP 1
2017-07-18 20:34
New Zealand PROALTO 
Actually you have something going here m8 ... to be confirmed after the players break!! there could be changes on the nV or G2 teams following the trades as aizy´s spot could be challenged as well.
2017-07-18 20:44
u mean NV and LDLC
2017-07-18 20:47
New Zealand PROALTO 
people has an eye on latest Apex performances ... as he would have a spot on nV if released by g2
2017-07-18 20:52
There's no way G2 is gonna have a roster change. They all signed a 4 year contract. Highly doubt that and as for Apex, we all know he's inconsistent since he's a pure entry fragger. So yeah...
2017-07-18 21:16
New Zealand PROALTO 
Gossip talk homie, I´m not giving any certainties ... But keep an eye out since contracts can be bought out and players can be moved to back-up positions we are talking about k1o being moved to the frenchies and not valde (valde to Faze in this case)
2017-07-18 21:33
United States DeasT! 
Would kio want to play with the team that basically back stabbed him? Remember the whole "kio was the problem" problem lol. Kio has expressed he was mad about that
2017-07-18 23:16
Poland peta1996 
well said man
2017-07-18 23:27
Denmark Marvelw0w 
k1o is support whats the point? valde is entry
2017-07-18 21:16
North valde
2017-07-18 20:34
New Zealand PROALTO 
read #61
2017-07-18 20:44
EZ for fnatic
2017-07-18 20:34
Brazil virish 
OMG its happening !
2017-07-18 20:34
Argentina roulettesoad 
faze valde?
2017-07-18 20:34
s1mple | 
Ukraine ZGendeR 
gj Heroic
2017-07-18 20:34
gl he is good player btw.
2017-07-18 20:34
about time. also, hotmail in 2k17
2017-07-18 20:34
such newfags, @msn 4ever!
2017-07-19 15:43
Thailand hahahoha 
valde to faze
2017-07-18 20:35
Russia alabar 
2017-07-18 20:35
Brazil say1 
dignitas valde?
2017-07-18 20:35
valde to north -aizy
2017-07-18 20:35
2017-07-18 21:44
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
Where he gonna go lol. NA?
2017-07-18 20:35
if he goes to NA RIP career
2017-07-18 20:38
Not really look what happened to s1mple
2017-07-19 06:39
look at gob b tabsen in nrg, crucial in splyce, anj to nrg pimp to liquid, the frenchies in misfits
2017-07-19 06:49
The players you mention, aren't really players that would get into a top EU team anyway. So what would you expect of them? Atleast Valde has potential to become better. Gob b and pimp, are prime examples of players that didn't improve for loooong periods of time.
2017-07-19 15:45
faze or north?
2017-07-18 20:35
dignitas will sign valde, calling it now.
2017-07-18 20:35
Serbia livefour 
He can do way better
2017-07-19 10:40
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Good luck man! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-07-18 20:35
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
north mouse
2017-07-18 20:35
Portugal dracø 
If north doesnt replace aizy with valde they are full retards
2017-07-18 20:35
United States ViKaLiBuR 
North -Aizy +Valde
2017-07-18 20:35
good luck on North
2017-07-18 20:35
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Released? Heroic should be doing all they can to keep him, he's their best player. More like he left.
2017-07-18 20:35
United Kingdom m0o 
released just means he's free of contractual obligations. Heroic probably understand his desire to leave, and like the guy so want the best for him rather than try to cling to a player who doesn't have their heart in it for their current team. But yeah, Valde is wanted by several teams methinks
2017-07-18 20:55
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
Fair enuf, Would be exciting to see him in North.
2017-07-18 21:15
RFRSH just bought into Astralis (owns 55% now) and Heroic (80%). I suspect it's because of the acquisition of Heroic, that they let him leave, otherwise he'd probably be eligible for some kind of compensation or whatever. It was the easiest thing for both parties, to just release him. Also by doing that, RFRSH just set back danish CS years.
2017-07-19 15:52
Turkey CamelotzZz 
North inc -aizy
2017-07-18 20:35
- kio -allu + valde + 1
2017-07-18 20:36
United Kingdom Andy8993 
+1 = oskar
2017-07-20 11:23
Jordan LBJ 
-BOT device +valde inc
2017-07-18 20:36
Japan shinji_Yuno 
gl in North
2017-07-18 20:36
ez dignitas?
2017-07-18 20:37
-msl +valde
2017-07-18 20:39
Worst move for north here.
2017-07-19 06:39
Portugal ChicoS 
Welcome to dignitas
2017-07-18 20:39
+valde -allu
2017-07-18 20:41
Poland ramones1 
2017-07-18 20:41
Spain mar1no 
The North is here
2017-07-18 20:43
Portugal Death_Hack 
kick allu , add Valde. Karrigan and Niko can pick AWP
2017-07-18 20:43
Mouz, faze or north... Just my guess but there are other options like maybe liquid, optic or even c9. We will see :)
2017-07-18 20:47
i don't think any of those eu teams will pick him up bc they are somewhat decent atm but as for NA c9 or optic would be interested bc shroud is ass and optic needs a 5th.
2017-07-18 20:50
Actually north is nowhere near their hype... Mouz looks solid (but who knows what will happen if they finish in group stage) and faze... Oh well... Yes, its just 1 tournament but who knows how do they feel right now. I dont think that its THAT impossible...
2017-07-18 20:54
N0thing is ass and dies far too much, replace him over shroud and get a real IGL.
2017-07-18 21:18
valde should go join Optic bc they have the firepower that can crush any top team including SK just need a bit more tactics.
2017-07-18 20:48
Brazil Charizaldo 
Faze valde
2017-07-18 20:49
optic valde pls
2017-07-18 20:50
Not at too bad idea they really need an IGL
2017-07-18 22:55
2017-07-18 20:54
Thorin | 
United Kingdom Weldo 
-k1o +valde
2017-07-18 20:56
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
-kjaerbye, heard it here first.
2017-07-18 20:58
Palestine hevCS 
North please
2017-07-18 20:59
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
ah the good old hotmail... you don't see this more often nowadays... sadly
2017-07-18 21:00
-aizy +valde inc, I mean come on...they release this AFTER FaZe gets eliminated? coincidence? I think not.
2017-07-18 21:04
kio is ze problem so ehh..
2017-07-18 21:06
-kio +valde -aizy +valde
2017-07-18 21:10
fnatic valde
2017-07-18 21:13
He deserves to be on a top team
2017-07-18 21:23
fnatic valde is coming bois
2017-07-18 21:27
Optic would be interesting for him. Mouz? I doubt it, but still decent choice. Faze? 2 days ago i wouldn't say so, but now? Who knows :)
2017-07-18 21:43
-aizy +valde coming soon
2017-07-18 21:48
frozen | 
South Africa nimmaJ 
Please -denis +valde
2017-07-18 21:49
Rip kioshima
2017-07-18 21:49
north, faze or mouz
2017-07-18 21:57
he's going north or na
2017-07-18 21:59
-tenzki +valde let's go
2017-07-18 21:59
Germany Merkelistan 
-MSL -aizy +MSL +valde
2017-07-18 22:08
Spain JasonRacism 
North or FaZe -Aizy or -Kio
2017-07-18 22:09
mch | 
Brazil Tkkchrist 
So much time wasted, he deserves to play in a T1/T2 team. GL Valdemar.
2017-07-18 22:15
Portugal Stifmyster 
Mousesports -chrisj
2017-07-18 22:16
"RFRSH Entertainment revealed that it would help Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså to find a new team while he remained under a contract " more like "we would allow him to leave RFRSH only if we can get a shitton of money for him"
2017-07-18 22:26
Well, now they released him and got NOTHING, it might be well they didn't even ask that much but player also must want to join the team, maybe only some shit na org made offer. I guess it could be though he had plan to join for north but it never came through xd...
2017-07-18 22:33
NA teams pick this man up
2017-07-18 23:08
Peru devbot 
RIP Denis
2017-07-18 23:44
-aizy +valde Thoughts???
2017-07-19 00:39
overrated player maybe tricked will pick him up or somethin
2017-07-19 01:05
Germany NiceC 
FaZe valde ? :o
2017-07-19 06:45
Good luck with faze Valde :>
2017-07-19 16:16
not gonna happen Valde will go to Navi = Simple leave navi to Gambit
2017-07-21 11:06
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