PGL Major Krakow day 3 photos

With the third day at the PGL Major Krakow 2017 over, here are some of the day's best photos.

The day started out with a nail-biter between PENTA and Vega Squadron, in which the European combine was finally able to close a 16-14 comeback over the CIS side to keep its chances in the tournament alive. Following that, FlipSid3 shockingly eliminated FaZe, one of the favorites from competition.

After North edged past mousesports in overtime, 19-15, to go 2-1, Immortals beat Natus Vincere on Overpass, 16-10. The last matches between teams with a 1-1 score saw G2 beat Cloud9 in overtime, 19-17, and Astralis edge out fnatic, 16-14, on Nuke.

The last two matches of the day gave us the first qualified teams for the playoffs, as the teams with 2-0 scores matched off. The first had Gambit beat the locals,, for the first spot in the quarterfinals, while BIG upset SK, 16-14, on Inferno.

For the rest of the images from the day, head over to the gallery, here.

World ZwergDerGrosse 
Great pics!
2017-07-19 01:09
United States donaldjae 
nice pics
2017-07-19 01:09
Portugal SidneiGama4 
2017-07-19 01:09
2017-07-19 01:09
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
2017-07-19 01:15
Spain Alser 
No good shots of tabseN celebrating after the SK match rip
2017-07-19 01:44
Chile imeanit 
Great pics!
2017-07-19 02:04
Australia Raychippy 
Device in that photo looks sad :(
2017-07-19 07:44
2017-07-19 12:22
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