EnVyUs beat Heroic to win DreamHack Atlanta

EnVyUs have won DreamHack Open Atlanta after seeing off Heroic on three maps with a reverse sweep.

The first map of the series was Overpass, Heroic's pick, where the Danish team got out to a quick 5-0 lead on the Terrorist side. EnVyUs then finally put their foot down to hold Heroic back, but Jakob "JUGi" Hansen clutched a 1v3 in the next round with a double AWP kill to reset the Frenchmen's economy.

After calling a tactical pause, EnVyUs turned up the CT aggression, which worked out for them for a while as Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom continuously picked up multi-kills. With a quad-kill from Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, the Danes went into half-time up by five rounds.

The second half began with the Danes retaking the B bombsite, with Nikolaj "niko" Kristensen getting three kills in the process. EnVyUs hit back immediately on a force buy thanks to a 1v2 clutch from Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer, and they went on to win five of the next seven rounds, bringing the deficit to 11-13. Heroic would not let a comeback happen, however, as they won three rounds in a row to lock down the map.

EnVyUs win DreamHack Atlanta with a vintage ScreaM performance

Next up was Cobblestone, which was all about EnVyUs' clean offence in the first half. After losing the pistol round and the subsequent anti-ecos, the French team came charging out of the blocks, winning 11 rounds in a row in convincing fashion before Heroic finally managed to take a gun round.

The second half pistol and the following anti-ecos would go to EnVyUs, putting Heroic on the ropes. A quad-kill from es3tag in the first gun round still gave Heroic fans some hope, but EnVyUs would soon regain control of the game to wrap things up with back-to-back rounds.

Heroic had to settle for second place

Inferno was the final map of the series, and it was a complete bloodbath right from the start. Heroic only managed to stop the Frenchmen's executions ten rounds into the game, and they were unable to make anything out of it as they lost the remaining rounds of the half.

A near-flawless CT pistol then put EnVyUs on match point. Heroic would still take one more round in a desperate force buy, only to lose the next round against the poorly-equipped French players. 

24th July 2017

 Heroic K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Denmark Jakob 'JUGi' HansenJUGi 45 - 44 +1 71.3 1.06
Denmark Nikolaj 'niko' Kristensenniko 43 - 47 -4 61.2 0.87
Denmark Patrick 'es3tag' Hansenes3tag 33 - 49 -16 65.0 0.83
Denmark Marco 'Snappi' PfeifferSnappi 40 - 51 -11 64.7 0.83
Sweden Andreas 'MODDII' FridhMODDII 36 - 58 -22 67.5 0.78
 Envy K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' BenrlitomScreaM 62 - 37 +25 86.5 1.54
France Vincent 'Happy' SchopenhauerHappy 50 - 42 +8 80.5 1.23
France Cédric 'RpK' GuipouyRpK 49 - 44 +5 77.1 1.18
France Alexandre 'xms' Fortéxms 43 - 37 +6 68.5 1.16
France Christophe 'SIXER' XiaSIXER 45 - 37 +8 79.0 1.15

Dreamhack Open Atlanta final standings:

1.  France Envy - $50,000
2.  Denmark Heroic - $20,000
3-4. Europe HellRaisers - $10,000
3-4. Australia Renegades - $10,000
5-6. United States Misfits - $3,000
5-6. Sweden GODSENT - $3,000
7-8. Serbia Binary Dragons - $2,000
7-8. United States NRG - $2,000

Denmark Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen
Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
France Vincent 'Happy' Schopenhauer
Vincent 'Happy' Schopenhauer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Nikolaj 'niko' Kristensen
Nikolaj 'niko' Kristensen
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
Adil 'ScreaM' Benrlitom
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Jakob 'JUGi' Hansen
Jakob 'JUGi' Hansen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2017-07-24 03:23
ScreaM definitely deserves to be in G2, even with a shit team he manages to dominate. He would do even better alongside shox like we saw in the summer of 2016
2017-07-24 03:25
2017-07-24 03:24
youtube.com/watch?v=rqbQrhdSoTw Nah, EnVyUs is gonna be a top 10 team again soon. Just wait and watch. ScreaM is becoming good again.
2017-07-25 20:29
that guy edited his post, at first it said 2ez4ScreaM i'm an EnVyUs fan all the way man
2017-07-26 00:47
Europe ElMaestr0 
hahaha! My bad! ScreaM, literally was beasting that game.. altho without RPK envyus wouldn't do something good.
2017-07-26 10:29
France Deadfish 
deserves or not, G2 kicked him, that's it.
2017-07-24 03:29
s1mple | 
Sweden Anders1 
dumbshit he left
2017-07-24 03:42
France Deadfish 
source? (thanks in advance) for what I heard, Scream have to leave after G2 decided to form a full french team.
2017-07-24 03:55
France cedd 
It had nothing to do with 'full french team', g2 did not want him in the team over boddyy. They wanted the role of boddyy over scream, and thought that apex fulfilled scream's role already well enough.
2017-07-24 04:45
they dont have enough fragging power, scream is honestly the solution as he also helped shox igl so that means less pressure on shox and they can both frag with kennys
2017-07-24 06:41
Not really.. NBK will never play with screaM that's why
2017-07-24 08:20
Brazil 1stworlder 
False, Shox was primarily the one who didn't want ScreaM on the team.
2017-07-24 08:59
2017-07-24 10:06
Belgium rainb0wHRS 
I think he said that in some interview of VaKarM, but i'm not sure.
2017-07-24 11:00
Actually it was NBK, who did not want to play with Screamie.
2017-07-24 11:19
Brazil 1stworlder 
hltv.org/forums/threads/1407052/shox-exp.. Scroll down to see its pulled from an interview with NiaK. If you want more just look for it yourself
2017-07-24 11:27
Dont you even know the biggest prize pool this year was related to an "alibaba" event where you needed 5 players from same country and they changed right after ?
2017-07-24 12:44
Retard ofc it's bc. full french team for playing WESG $800,000 price hungry french
2017-07-24 13:23
World aagii247 
Body sucks thats it and fuck Nbk he suck too! Nbk doesnt want to play with Scream but Nbk suck dick
2017-07-25 10:32
Spain JasonRacism 
Wow you're an idiot
2017-07-24 06:14
Time to kick apex :(
2017-07-24 03:40
Liechtenstein Hidolf_Atler 
He plays not in envy :) but in g²
2017-07-24 07:13
United Kingdom drackula 
go to bed
2017-07-24 09:06
2017-07-26 18:41
Stewie2K | 
North America Xheng 
Scream played like shit till the final.
2017-07-24 03:42
ScreaM is so overrated, he is great fragging but his decisionmaking also loses alot of round (especially vs t1 teams) and when his fragging doesnt work out he is essentially useless.
2017-07-24 15:14
Guatemala Larch__ 
Wh would you kick to scream to go in tho
2017-07-24 04:27
Rpk is MVP tho.
2017-07-24 04:29
United States Droidd 
at this point a time RpK is better than ScreaM
2017-07-24 04:48
Scream is fucking shit on big lans this is tier 2/3 tournament lol
2017-07-24 06:52
2017-07-24 08:58
Singapore Nephalith 
Wow, just one good game in whole tournament is enough to forget all the contribution made by happy and Rpk who carried the team to the finals. This is why ScreaM fans can never be taken seriously.
2017-07-24 09:36
2017-07-24 11:53
Happy did nothing.
2017-07-24 15:01
France Kanti 
After all the stuff we saw this last 6 month, you still think that individual performance are that important in csgo
2017-07-24 12:21
-NBK +ScreaM And G2 can be the superteam
2017-07-24 15:04
France Nozzen11 
-shox -body +happy +kio lel
2017-07-24 22:08
lmao, put any of the g2 players against this level, and they will go ham too =p we all saw scream against top teams in 2017 XD
2017-07-25 00:50
oh, amazingggg, one match, find more pls, come on :>
2017-07-25 02:03
Singapore Nephalith 
Oh look! ScreaM senpai so powerful!!!1111 ONE GOOD GAME AND EVERYONE ORGASMS. I can do that too. hltv.org/stats/matches/mapstatsid/47097/.. Oh wow NBK completely rekt EnVyUs! Best player ever! But wait! hltv.org/stats/matches/mapstatsid/47249/.. hltv.org/stats/matches/mapstatsid/45946/.. hltv.org/stats/matches/mapstatsid/45939/.. WOW AMAZING! Is ScreaM a support player?? Or IGL? Recent games vs G2 and only ONE good game while NBK and RPK had more impact overall? Wowwow G2 should totally pickup this guy because his fans cant wait for more "wun tap" moments so they can jerk off while G2 will continue losing more games . NiaK and shox interview - translation courtesy of BigBaguette [Shox : "about French shuffle. Discussions started in august. I felt like our team (old g2) couldn't reach and stay in top 5. EnvyUs was having a really bad time between each others. I'm a competitor I wanted a team to be top of the world". Niak: " everyone but scream was seeing it coming. And keeping a secret is not a good thing to do in a team. So we choose to tell everyone at major qualifier". Shox: "why not scream? I wanted kennyS. Period. I needed a player able to assist my call and think in game to adapt to other's. Apex is also a good entry and those guy are rare. NBK was an anchor a support and also able to take other's role, entry, roamer, etc.. 1 slot remain: Scream is a monster in what he do. But I wanted versatile players and he is not. Instead of a 3 core skilled aggressive guys, I wanted another anchor versatile support so if they get bored after time they can switch role. Scream is not."] Sorry ScreaM fans. Maybe your hero isn't so highly rated after all in the French scene. He's just another Shroud, all hype.
2017-07-25 05:37
are you actually that retarded or do you want me to pull up some apex and bodyy stats?
2017-07-25 05:45
Singapore Nephalith 
Uh so? We can go through this over and over again. I'm merely doing what you did, pulling stats up your ass nitpicking the best moments of ScreaM completely disregarding his trash games which is considerable. But alas, since you've called me retarded as a come back, I shall share you the same courtesy of telling you to fuck off and deal with it. ScreaM will never be in any best french line up ever again barring any unforseen suicide bombing event which will eliminate half of the French pros.
2017-07-25 06:02
and how is that "versatile" and NBK anchor working out for them? xD shox and scream together was super combo + kennyS awp and apEx entry + an ingame leader would be a french super team this is clearly not NBK is shit period
2017-08-10 13:57
Denmark JustYes 
2017-07-24 03:24
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
THIS MAJOR WAS AMAZING but i thought i will be in a krakow instead of atlanta again
2017-07-24 03:24
It was not a Major ... It was a small Tourney ...
2017-07-24 06:07
JW | 
Sweden peterrrr10 
xD u sure?
2017-07-24 14:47
device | 
Netherlands L03K 
Im pretty sure dh cleared up that their major was gonna be in atlanta
2017-07-24 09:27
Better than major
2017-07-24 12:44
2017-07-24 03:24
CIS zzero 
xms and happy look like twin brothers lmao its so funny to see the two next to each other, same height and all
2017-07-24 03:24
lol xms looks more like Happy's SON xD
2017-07-24 03:25
I was thinking the same. A fattest version of Happy on this picture.
2017-07-24 12:14
Thorin | 
United States Zolep 
out in minor just to save strats for this event
2017-07-24 03:24
Argentina roulettesoad 
gj <3 but inevitably this roster need changes, kick sixer ffs!
2017-07-24 03:24
Yea Sixer should be in LDLC
2017-07-24 03:31
France cedd 
+1 sixer has no business in ldlc either he does not have the skill
2017-07-24 04:46
gg nv
2017-07-24 03:24
Should've been 16-0 FeelsBadMan
2017-07-24 03:24
2017-07-24 03:26
Pakistan Hassanmushtaq 
Damn screaMy
2017-07-24 03:26
2017-07-24 03:28
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
ez 4 mr. one taps
2017-07-24 03:28
rain | 
Indonesia lather 
2017-07-24 03:29
Sweden godname 
2017-07-24 03:34
Australia Excelerate 
sure NOW you dominate Heroic on inferno NV
2017-07-24 03:43
s1mple | 
Ukraine st1ng7 
-NBK/ bodyy +ScreaM
2017-07-24 03:47
device | 
Asia Korajon 
2017-07-24 11:24
Russia Mr_Shurikkk 
No, ScreaM is a good aim but he haven't brain(tactics)! Bodyy/NBK more better!
2017-07-24 12:16
Nbk lacks braincells
2017-07-24 14:30
Russia Mr_Shurikkk 
It's your point of view! But my is that NBK better than ScreaM!
2017-07-24 14:41
Worthless sack of baguettes
2017-07-25 12:46
Scream doesn't have tactics? He was helping shox call in G2.
2017-07-24 15:03
Russia Mr_Shurikkk 
ScreaM is a very good player! But NBK and Bodyy more better for me now!
2017-07-24 15:05
s1mple | 
Ukraine st1ng7 
man.. G2 has a good captain - shox, they dont need more captains, so ScreaM is a better option to G2.
2017-07-24 17:41
2017-08-10 12:05
Happy | 
Kazakhstan broomz 
Yeaaaaaaah! They did it. I'm very happy! #GoEnVy <3
2017-07-24 04:18
From t1 to t2 tournament. :(
2017-07-24 04:29
United States floobie 
At least they're winning tournaments, not getting into the major and getting washed off
2017-07-24 04:45
France cedd 
beating heroic is actually more than what i expected from nV. Heroic has performed well at every LAN they have played at, for a long time. They are more consistent than Envy. I would place Heroic higher in placings in any ranking than Envy, any day. To beat them is still a victory for them :)
2017-07-24 04:48
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
most surprising thing of those 2 events were g2 winning 2 matches. i expected them to insta 0 3 so gz g2 !!
2017-07-24 11:58
EZ for Happy and Co.
2017-07-24 04:56
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
ScreaM GOD! Congratz EnvyUs!
2017-07-24 04:56
Estonia teremartin 
trash final xD Gambit vs Immortals > Heroic vs nV
2017-07-24 05:04
France rsi_rise 
GG nv!
2017-07-24 06:40
nv won more money than g2 this week lol.
2017-07-24 06:47
+1 lul
2017-07-24 07:50
Slovakia DLG Inspire 
But stickermoneyzz
2017-07-24 11:03
Luxembourg alex24 
this was better than the actual major final
2017-07-24 08:22
Germany Bongskie 
Did not expect Envy to win a Major wow. GG!
2017-07-24 08:46
this proofs ScreaM his place in G2 instead of that fcking shit overrated whining cunt NBK
2017-07-24 08:59
NBC is that type of dude who thinks giving his personal best is enough.
2017-07-24 10:12
Russia Mr_Shurikkk 
OMG, NBK more better than ScreaM! You should see the ESL S5 Finals! And NBK incredible kills!! He was VacNBK! And NBK x2 Major Winner!
2017-07-24 12:27
2017-08-10 12:06
France yvo 
EZ 50k
2017-07-24 09:22
Who is MVP?
2017-07-24 09:34
Israel asafborger 
2017-07-24 09:54
Where u get that info?
2017-07-24 09:55
Sweden dohfOs 
nothing official afaik but looking at the numbers and with nV winning the tournament it's pretty obvious twitter.com/lurppis_/status/889294026557..
2017-07-24 10:12
Poland mamba99999 
50k - still more than G2 at the major huehue.
2017-07-24 10:09
You forget sticker money. G2 is earning a lot more than nV out of this
2017-07-24 15:04
If apEX&kennyS weren't a package deal, I'd say they should kick apEX to bring ScreaM back, then NBK plays support and bodyy entries sites like he did in old G2 and ScreaM follows him for ez frags. But it will not happen, because NBK hates to play support and he doesn't like ScreaM. But it would be cool...
2017-07-24 10:27
Switzerland NAjKON 
just -nbkry
2017-07-25 12:16
shox always gets to NBK when he wants to create something good, first LDLC, then G2. shox sacrificed ScreaM just to play with NBK, he will not kick NBK.
2017-07-25 14:00
2017-08-10 12:07
Australia Blacko7 
Finally envy got something
2017-07-24 11:06
better than Major final xD
2017-07-24 11:15
Poland trancemeister 
ScreaMy too stroNK. gg nV.
2017-07-24 11:24
2017-07-24 11:27
NRG lul
2017-07-24 12:57
Ofc no NIP envyus will win ahhahahha
2017-07-24 13:12
Scream overhyped again after budget DH victory EXPECTED
2017-07-24 14:04
Salty G2 fan with washed up players since 2014, NBK, apEX
2017-07-24 14:09
Doesn't mean ScreaM isn't overrated.
2017-07-24 14:11
Supporting a team with 2 of the most overrated and washed up players in CSGO and then call another player overhyped.. LUL logic
2017-07-24 14:18
The fact i have a g2 logo next to my nick doesn't mean i'm not objective I love NV too
2017-07-24 14:12
And most of you fags from G2 hates ScreaM for no reason. You salty fcks
2017-07-24 14:14
Rofl salty about what? What did they achieve this year compared to G2? I still cheer for them I just hate ppl overrating him, he's a good aimer but has no great game sense. After every good NV performance, everybody goes "scream to g2 omfg" but it's bs Like ppl screamed "WTF BODYY AND NO SCREAM" when they annouced the roster People will talk differently in a few weeks, like they used to shit on him during the minor qualifiers
2017-07-24 14:18
Everyone knows his gamesense is lacking since 2013, why bring this up in a thread where nV finally won something.. Cant u be happy for him? No u cant cuz ur a hating faggot. About braindead gamesense, apEX by FAR wins that trophy among CSGO pros. " everybody goes "NV to g2 omfg" < where?
2017-07-24 14:18
just look at all the hltv threads Yeah i'm happy, i watched the game yesterday so what? Am i not allowed to add something different from the "EZ FOR NV LUL" we have by dozens? I looked at most of the comments and added that what's the pb. He plays in a french team, why would I be mad about him? I think bodyy is a better pick, but wouldn't mind if he had joined. You speak about being a salty faggot, but look who's the scream fanboy here. I didn't insult him, i talk about his playstyle. Can't I say anything? Triggered kid
2017-07-24 14:21
ScreaM fanboy? Pointing out dickheads like you hating pros for no reason and loving backstabbing/hypocrites ones (NBK) is just too retarded. about his style? You clearly said he was overhyped BECAUSE he won a LAN... ?
2017-07-24 14:24
yeah overhyped AGAIN...like ppl shit on VP and post dozens of threads about the disband, and then suck their dick during PGL Krakow Ppl change their opinion about players every week on hltv
2017-07-24 14:26
OK mr retard. Let's call him overhyped, he still is better than botty, nbk, apEX. And also, remember when nbk, apex, kennys played with happy? LUL! Now THAT was an overhyped team & players. those 3 played worse than UK cs...
2017-07-24 14:29
ah you mean when they won Major DH Cluj 2015 and crushed Zeus' Navi? + WESG 2016, IEM 2015 ect ... ah yeah so overhyped 4Head ps : don't call me Mr. Retard when you're clearly triggered you couldn't get a point in the discussion
2017-07-24 14:34
HAHA The Major was honeymoon, the next Major after it they got rekt and out in groups ROFL. WESG? T3 tournament, Nice.
2017-07-24 14:43
Still one major, you mad?
2017-07-24 14:44
Annnnd then they went to complete dog shit, all of those 3 players were playing like pronax. GJGJ
2017-07-24 14:45
what was gambit doing this time? ah yeah you were cheering for another CIS team 5 days ago I've seen you talking about Happy IGLing..you know why they underperformed don't lie
2017-07-24 14:55
Sorry too bad you play cs since you saw a m0e video 6 months ago
2017-07-24 14:43
HE never said that he was overhyped because he won a LAN, he said he is overhyped, period. Which he is. ANd it's not because we love him or hate him that we think that, he just is. OK, best aim in the world, perhaps, but it's not what G2 needs right now, that's it.
2017-07-24 15:43
Belgium adumonBE 
Pretty ez win for them, we all know that they would win this one!
2017-07-24 14:25
Who cares about this shit teir 3 tournament XD
2017-07-24 14:45
True but we also know VP wouldn't win this or any other upcoming tournaments.. They only show up in majors and still got only 1 Major in the back :'(
2017-07-24 14:53
Lol why you talking about VP in this post? XD lol
2017-07-24 15:39
NiKo | 
Russia Zevuha 
2017-07-24 14:47
2017-07-24 14:59
finally an upset
2017-07-24 15:05
congrats to nv good work guys!
2017-07-24 16:32
EZ nV ScreaM One Taps !!!!
2017-07-24 16:42
why so ez?
2017-07-24 20:06
Even with Happy in team ScreaM manages to win the Dreamhack? And now the question: why the fuck is he in Envyus?
2017-07-25 13:48
yeah. scream deserves to play under ex6tenz. even if scream is bad, ex6tenz could lift him up.
2017-08-17 11:22
France rezpecful 
EnvyUs godtier team
2017-08-17 11:23
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