Gfinity expands to Australia

August 7th, 2017 17:27

Gfinity has announced the expansion of its tournament to Australia, with the Elite Series set to start next year.

HT&E, an Australian media company, has revealed the creation of a new brand, HT&E Events, that will be responsible for the creation of Gfinity Esports Australia alongside Gfinity Plc and IKON Media & Entertainment.

The Elite Series, which will start in Summer 2018, will see teams battling it out weekly "at dedicated esports venues". The games will be broadcasted in both online streams and "TV and media platforms".

Gfinity venture to Australia

According to the official announcement, a 5-year agreement has been made, meaning that the Gfinity Elite Series format and brand have been officially licensed to Gfinity Esports Australia.

Besides the main league, there will also be an online competition named The Challenger Series, which is set to start during this quarter. Since there will be a player draft after the amateur series, not only will it "be the battleground for amateur players to compete", but also an opportunity to play professionally in the Elite Series.

Here is what Neville Upton, Chief Executive of Gfinity, had to say about the new Australian league:

"Gfinity shares a passion for esports with gamers and fans across the world. Following Elite Series' immense popularity in the UK, we're excited to bring it to Australia where HT&E's expertise and extensive knowledge in the Australian market will be invaluable as we aim to build the most engaging and dynamic esports offering in Australia."

As for Ciaran Davis, the HT&E CEO and Managing Director said that this comes as a chance to "engage with the esports community":

"This move supports our strategic objectives to diversify revenues and expand our audience base, and we see in this opportunity the potential to reach a younger audience base and drive growth for HT&E. Leveraging our unique combination of media assets and using Gfinity's tournament platform, Gfinity Esports Australia will also be perfectly positioned to run bespoke events for sponsors and strategic partners looking to engage with the esports community – a highly engaged audience that will continue to grow."

Nifty | 
United Kingdom Hende 
2017-08-07 17:28
CIS sergioff 
2017-08-07 17:28
Latvia DanShu 
Aussie top1
2017-08-07 17:28
Australia 1ukey 
good stuff
2017-08-07 17:28
2017-08-07 17:45
Gfinity shares a passion for esports with gamers and fans across the world. Following Elite Series' immense popularity in the UK.... 800 viewers popularity
2017-08-07 17:51
Bulgaria FrostNixon 
Came hereto say that.
2017-08-07 17:55
Malaysia phyzell 
they'll get more viewers if international teams are attending. Would also like to see if Gfinity is able to become the prime tournament organizer for the maidens. :)
2017-08-07 19:34
Australia xdxdxdxdCX 
hell yeah lets get it boys
2017-08-07 18:08
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
nice! good luck boys! we smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-08-07 18:25
Gfinity, plz fix your anti-cheat.
2017-08-07 18:40
more jobs for thorin
2017-08-07 19:12
JW | 
Sweden peterrrr10 
haha thought the same xD
2017-08-07 20:36
great minds
2017-08-07 20:54
Malaysia phyzell 
Make everyone fly to Perth for the Grand Finals, invite teams from six continents. Let's see who's tougher than the summer. LOL
2017-08-07 19:18
Australia Cyberwaste 
Did they end up dropping the regional slots and team renames that they had planned in the initial release? I can see this succeeding following Screenplay or something similar if they don't screw with the format.
2017-08-08 01:32
Portugal eZlo 
No. There will be seven franchise teams competing this Summer: Adelaide Photonics, Brisbane Deceptors, Melbourne Metattak, Melbourne Rebolte, Perth Subnets, Sydney Blue Surge and Sydney Opsydian.
2017-08-08 18:24
Australia Cyberwaste 
Poor form.
2017-08-09 02:03
Bring FPL first ...
2017-08-08 05:27
I do like Gfinity, but that bit about the player draft threw me off. This isn't a CGS-type thing, is it?
2017-08-08 08:41
Australia Zzav 
2017-08-08 09:00
Australia Roflko 
au :)
2017-08-08 10:51
Australia dirgaH 
cant wait for chiefs to shit on everybody. hopefully tucks' vac doesn't affect anything
2017-08-08 11:32
Best of luck guys!
2017-08-09 08:44
Australia has the potential to compete with NA teams, if only we invested more into our esports scene. Right now, its easier and generally better to get picked up by an American team.
2017-08-11 02:58
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