CeRq responds to Outlaws contract dispute

A joint release on behalf of Cvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov, his father, and the family's legal representative has been issued, with the player claiming to have no binding agreement with company UltraPlay or the CS:GO team Outlaws.

In a public release, that was forwarded to press outlets by NRG, Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov's legal representative Emil Pehlivanov claims that the 17-year-old is not legally bound to Outlaws:

"CeRq and his father would like to set the record straight - there exists absolutely no binding agreement between UltraPlay and its team Outlaws, which would prevent CeRq to act, or be treated, as anything other than a free agent.  It had been CeRq’s free choice to train and compete with Outlaws in recent past, and it also was his free choice, with the consent and encouragement of his father and legal guardian, to begin seeking other opportunities going forward."

CeRq's legal representative claims that the contract between the player and Outlaws is not binding

Pehlivanov stated that the contract that UltraPlay sent out to media outlets was signed between CeRq and a company called Eastern Technologies, Ltd., which is now defunct. Even if UltraPlay would be the successor to that contract—which was bound to run out at the end of next month—Pehlivanov claims that it violates "a multitude of labor laws relating to the employment of minors" and has also been signed without the consent of a parent, which is against the law. All of that combined has made CeRq's father commence "legal proceedings to have the document judicially declared void". 

The statement finishes with a paragraph in which the player's view of the case is given:

"CeRq is also eager to express that these disagreements with UltraPlay in no way diminish the joy and camaraderie he experienced for the past year while training and competing alongside the Outlaws players.  These friendships and relationships would be nourishing his spirit forever."

"Instead, it is CeRq’s personal sentiment that by targeting him, UltraPlay are seeking to financially exploit an opportunity from NRG to which UltraPlay have no legal or moral right. They dress their motives up in a general straw-man argument about the eSports sector’s need to establish uniform rules, whereas in fact such rules are already in place and operate well, benefiting from the long history of athletic and entertainment contract law - it was UltraPlay who failed to abide by them, like they had many times in the past. UltraPlay target NRG with claims of nonexistent unethical acts, fully knowing the reality that CeRq had departed their team long before he initiated any contact with NRG."

Meanwhile, CeRq has still not been officially announced as an NRG player, but is expected to play for the team in their first ESL Pro League match of the season. They will face off against Splyce, with the double header starting at 03:20.

Bulgaria Tsvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov
Tsvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov
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Shittiest org ever
2017-08-23 01:36
2017-08-23 01:35
Malaysia phyzell 
His father also needs to sign any contract with the company.
2017-08-23 01:37
France StickyRice 
GL Mr CeRq
2017-08-23 01:37
best father lol
2017-08-23 01:37
Sweden 133665 
bulgarian corp trying to squeeze rich org like nrg for money lul
2017-08-23 01:37
A joint release
2017-08-23 01:37
Seriously? :D
2017-08-23 01:40
2017-08-23 01:40
2017-08-23 13:59
Spain Alser 
when you're 17 so you need a legal representative to speak for you
2017-08-23 01:38
I didnt understand anything tbh
2017-08-23 01:40
Cerq was set transfer from Outlaws to NRG. He said that he has no contract binding with Outlaws anymore but then the Outlaws org said he has. :D the same happend some time ago as well with Outlaws having problems with players going to other teams
2017-08-23 01:44
Estonia swag420weed 
Minors need permission from parents. He signed contract without permission. Contract not legally binding
2017-08-23 13:40
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Called it.
2017-08-23 01:44
Lol at NRG/Cerq's father trying to exploit every loophole they can find so they can get away without giving money to Outlaws. Well Outlaws is shady too anyway so who cares
2017-08-23 01:44
Canada Keenieel 
Outlaws wants to take money from transfer... rats
2017-08-23 01:45
United States 2uh 
Eh it looks like a legit argument. I've been with a small organization before and they signed kids without parental consent. That's kinda a no-no, and most of these are hardly official contracts
2017-08-23 01:48
Netherlands HACI 
"there exists absolutely no binding agreement between UltraPlay and its team Outlaws, which would prevent CeRq to act, or be treated, as anything other than a free agent." LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL DID THEY JUST SAY HE GOT POACHED WHEN HE WASNT EVEN SIGNED?
2017-08-23 01:57
There was a contract, it just wasn't legally binding because the org didn't account for the fact that they are employing a child.
2017-08-23 02:34
So there was no contract lol.
2017-08-23 06:03
Can you read?
2017-08-23 11:04
Can you read? A worthless piece of paper has nothing to do with a contract. Not to mention, that worthless piece of paper was with a defunct entity. If you can't grasp that... I got bad news for you son.
2017-08-23 14:00
I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one.
2017-08-23 14:56
Sweden crindz 
real talk
2017-08-23 16:16
haaha get rekt like i already said outlaw and ultraplay are just a bunch of greedy fucks wanting to get money for a player they don't have under contract cunts
2017-08-23 02:01
k0mplex | 
Europe R4as0n 
btw UltraPlay is a scammy odds provider for a lot of bookies who cancels legit bets all the time to make more money.
2017-08-23 02:14
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
Im gonna remove the outlaws logo from my profile. I like the team but the way their owners are acting against CerQ is just wtf. He carried the shit out of them so many times... Fuck them seriously.
2017-08-23 02:41
So if faze wants a buyout for kioshima, fuck them because they are acting against him?
2017-08-23 03:13
k1o has an active contract with faze( if it was not terminated),while cerq doesnt,but the org claims he has so they can get money.Get it?
2017-08-23 04:14
That's beside the point. What I'm trying to say is that UltraPlay doesn't seem to have done anything against the player. They asked for a buyout but NRG didn't have to pay because of a mistake in the contract. What's malicious about that? Am I missing something?
2017-08-23 11:47
No, you're missing the fact it's just business. There's no legally binding contract present, so why would NRG waste money, on a player they can get for free*. Just an economical consideration from a business perspective. The fact the other party is now getting mad because of a mistake they themselves made, shows what they're like. He's a decent player and they're giving him up for free, losing their 5th and top fragger(?). Now they'll have to sign a new player and pay him, thus on top of losing the player, they have to pay. Seems a bit unfair, but when you've made your bed..
2017-08-23 15:02
I don't have anything against NRG getting the player for free. I just don't understand all the hate against UltraPlay in this thread.
2017-08-23 16:50
2 words...legal contract
2017-08-23 10:11
tier5 contracts... omg
2017-08-23 02:59
Everyone is giving the ORG shit without even looking at the other side of the story. This isn't some sick case of an org maliciously trying to freeze a player's career. This is just NRG taking advantage of a legal fuck-up to skip a buyout. Yeah, UltraPlay made a retarded mistake and the contract wasn't legally binding so it's kinda their own fault, but still, they have the right to be salty. They paid the player's salary and took him to events, just to have him weasel out of the team via a legal loophole.
2017-08-23 03:16
It's not a legal loophole lmao, they had a minor sign an illegal contract.
2017-08-23 03:49
There is nothing legal about a minor signing a contract for money without a parent's consent. Your loophole theory is shot my son. Next?
2017-08-23 08:40
Yeah, and the lack of written parental consent was a technical flaw which prevented the legal document from fulfilling it's intended purpose, aka a loophole. I'm not nearly enough of a twat to write 'next?' at the end of my comment.
2017-08-23 11:32
Portugal antCB 
"Yeah, and the lack of written parental consent was a technical flaw which prevented the legal document from fulfilling it's intended purpose" it's not a loophole. it is the same as if the contract never was never signed, it's VOID from the get go. they're idiots for having it done that way. and they're even worse idiots trying to get money for that kid (which they will NEVER get).
2017-08-24 05:23
are you high or something...?
2017-08-23 10:11
Yes, I shitpost on hltv when I come down from speed.
2017-08-23 11:57
you clearly shitpost...
2017-08-23 11:57
get rekt little 3rd world poor org trying to make money off a contract that doesnt exist. hes a free agent and he signed with a team he wants, you have no right to any money you shit outlaws. go back in your poor hole and gtfo lmao at this shitty org calling out other big orgs like wesa and esl to take action like they give a fuck about a small useless org like outlawws who threatens because they have nothing else to fall back on. either have a contract that is valid in court or shut the fuck up and stop trying to steal money from nrg, they only making this public because their trash doesnt hold up in court
2017-08-23 05:02
CeRq | 
North America Dacvid 
$5 org got de_stroyed
2017-08-23 05:15
This is more complicated than the neymar jr deal to PSG
2017-08-23 06:16
Canada Sipr 
Good fuck outlaws
2017-08-23 08:16
Exactly what I thought when I saw the dispute going public about a 17 yo kid. Doesn't matter if UltraPlay want to steal some nice transfer money from NRG. Or NRG is greedy to pay. Only thing that matters is that there is no valid contract = NRG wins. gg wp
2017-08-23 09:24
Netherlands Darkrain 
2017-08-23 10:31
United Kingdom weloverussia 
CeRq is like baby dosia
2017-08-23 14:43
Outlaws took advantage of Bpro twice stealing their players...idk about this case, but I think CeRq is right to resign since Outlaws didnt realise their mistake when making contracts with 17y olds and allowed this to happen. Being an organisation that deals with the law on day to day basis releasing contracts to different people for different jobs/positions I think they just neglected this minor detail and now try to get their hands on whenever they find convenient like they did with Bpro NK4Y and niki1 like pulling them out of Bpro without any official agreement is just a single case I dont imagine Ultraplay treat their "job contracts" in the same way like they treat their players, because the government will surely notice some mistakes that can be punished with solid taxes. But the in the world of eSports is another case and there is no government to follow these activities with inspections and stuff...Im pretty sure Outlaws/Ultraplay are getting fat checks for publicity just by looking at their shirts and the million logos found there, therefore monthly salaries wouldnt be the major problem here especially for the players themselves...thats just classic example of Balkanism mocking the guy in their website as "MANGALOV" which means JIPSY I hardly believe that was a typo mistake or even troll...Outlaws are using him as much as he uses them look at that T-shirt for fuck sake its full of logos which feeds the fat asses of Outlaws CEO and Manager as well as the players. I dont think their investment in CeRq was a mistake they just didnt respect the laws and now cry to ESL...but ESL is not governmental authority and has no power over the contract which is by all means failed
2017-08-23 15:05
His father sounds like a cool guy :) I'm glad he supports him.
2017-08-23 15:02
United States MAY0 
We need a governing body to manage things of this nature and shut down shady deals. Players/talent union with legal advisers is necessary to continue the health of the game
2017-08-23 15:05
Serbia ZAG0R 
2017-08-23 15:36
United States LJPixels 
You know they picked the wrong fight with nrg considering they are owned by an NBA team who deals with this stuff all the time with players. That's an awesome dad to call out the Bs though.
2017-08-23 16:50
Brollan | 
Sweden LoxXy 
Please stop writing "eSports" it's like calling football "footBall"
2017-08-23 17:13
gl kid
2017-08-23 18:10
Finland ginbay 
Papa I need burger wtf.
2017-08-23 18:12
outlaws is also the most succesfull matchfixing org in CS:GO history, check their record. when underdogs = win favorites = loss obvious pattern, 80-90% Of the time
2017-08-24 18:20
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