DreamHack brings coaching changes for Malmö

August 24th, 2017 14:47

DreamHack has announced changes to the way coaches interact with players ahead of its Masters event in Malmö.

With the new set of rules, coaches will be allowed to communicate with players not only during halftime and tactical pauses, but also during freeze time in every round.

The changes, which are based "on feedback and dialogues with coaches from a variety of teams", will also come into effect at the remaining DreamHack Open events of the 2017 circuit, in Montreal, Denver and Jönköping.

Coaches will get plenty of chances to speak with players during matches

Below you can find DreamHack's new rules regarding the way coaches communicate with players:

  • 4 timeouts per match for 30 seconds each. They can be used as teams see fit. No restrictions per half. Combined with freeze time, teams then have 50 seconds.
  • Timeouts are not stackable and only one can be used at the time of calling a timeout.
  • Coaches can talk for 20 seconds during freeze time.
  • Coaches can talk for 60 seconds during half time.
  • Everyone is muted during technical pauses.
  • Unused timeouts will transfer to overtime.
  • Coaches can talk for 30 seconds in half time going to overtime.
  • Coaches can talk for 30 seconds in half time during overtime.

DreamHack Masters Malmö will run from August 30 to September and feature 16 teams, who will battle it out for the bulk of a $250,000 prize pool.

Nice gl NiP
2017-08-24 14:48
u didnt deserve 1st
2017-08-24 14:47
Ez for BnTeT brother Lord Benkai <3
2017-08-24 15:36
Czech Republic ljukeN 
nt poorlak
2017-08-24 17:37
Denmark qwedsa 
dont be mad coz they caught you off from sea
2017-08-24 18:38
Czech Republic ljukeN 
2017-08-26 09:56
Envy Poorlak!
2017-08-24 20:39
2017-08-24 17:16
Andorra TYZ4 
Ez for Kuben
2017-08-24 14:48
Sweden Staffan1 
nip will crush cuz threat will igl and gtr and xizt can play to full potential
2017-08-24 15:30
2017-08-24 15:53
Someone will still have to mid round call.
2017-08-24 16:08
not if they all rush b and win early round
2017-08-24 17:34
Portugal tioNik 
what if the other team antistat?
2017-08-24 18:41
2017-08-24 19:07
Israel BoyMcFacto 
thats great for nip. because xizt can focus on mid calls only and theat can work antistrats mid game or set strats and defaults.
2017-08-24 19:13
That's true, but you have to think that it will benefit other teams as well like NaVi now having Kane as their coach and Astralis
2017-08-24 19:16
Israel BoyMcFacto 
Yep, thats true, every team will benefit from it, a 6th guy thats not cracking under pressure and can look at things from a different prespective. this is very good indeed, coaches deserve this.
2017-08-24 19:21
I definitely agree. We'll just have to see how everything goes at the tournament and see whether it's too op.
2017-08-24 19:27
2017-08-24 14:47
Rip NiP
2017-08-24 14:47
2017-08-24 14:47
2017-08-24 14:47
2017-08-24 14:48
Estonia Rebae 
2017-08-24 14:48
Russia RussiaLovesG2 
2017-08-24 14:48
Andorra TYZ4 
I would want smithzz as far from the team as possible. Bot player bot coach braindead tactics
2017-08-24 14:50
Less braindead than your nickname and team which you're fan of.
2017-08-24 15:00
Andorra TYZ4 
Butthurt Latvian? You will be USSR soon, with no NATO to save yourr sorry backsides. #cryisfree
2017-08-24 15:21
2017-08-24 16:17
Not quite butthurt, but ur basic Russian, by saying same stuff as in TV. :D U not cool ruski with which we drunk bivasik and vodka. :D And guess what, u were not so privilaged as we in ussr. If it happens it will be same again. ;)
2017-08-24 16:36
Andorra TYZ4 
Sorry, cant hear you. Background noise too high imgur.com/QrGudx9
2017-08-24 16:58
Can't 1v1 like ww1 or ww2, expected from pussies.
2017-08-24 18:17
i would rather die, and i probably would.
2017-08-24 16:45
That's depressing.
2017-08-25 03:04
mrvnNN | 
Czech Republic stinx 
Can confirm
2017-08-25 07:49
mrvnNN | 
Czech Republic stinx 
Can confirm
2017-08-25 07:49
go back to school kid.
2017-08-24 15:43
exactly what i meant
2017-08-24 18:54
France Styxx92x 
Yo les noobs
2017-08-24 16:38
Denmark Xipingu 
+1, Smithzz is the epitomy of why his last team before retirement from pro play was a team in deep, deep trouble.
2017-08-25 10:30
device | 
United States skurr 
2017-08-24 14:48
Amazing move by DH!
2017-08-24 14:48
France BriBri 
2017-08-24 14:48
shox | 
Latvia kjyy 
2017-08-24 14:48
2017-08-24 14:48
Finland ginbay 
Navi starix
2017-08-24 14:48
Starix left a while ago. Now Kane (if that's how you spell it) is their coach.
2017-08-24 16:09
Kane left with Zeus, do you even read news or what
2017-08-24 17:33
u are troll right? Zeus returned to Na'vi like 2 weeks ago
2017-08-24 17:43
Zeus playing instead of Xizt, so no trolling
2017-08-24 19:44
Are yu retard
2017-08-24 19:29
explain that word, kind sir
2017-08-24 19:44
Ethiopia Azylu 
g2 have chance with god smithzz
2017-08-24 14:48
So good for SK , oh wait they don't have a coach LUL
2017-08-24 14:49
Belgium St0n3RaC00n 
Technically speaking dead is their manager but he acts as a coach i believe i have seem him on stage with them talking to them during timeouts
2017-08-24 14:57
no one cares :)
2017-08-24 14:57
Clearly you care if you left a comment about SK not having a coach. Just because someone proved you wrong, now everyone doesn't care. Yup
2017-08-24 16:12
Mad cuz dead best coach?
2017-08-24 16:14
mad cuz you from 3rd world ? Ohh sorry , how the fuck you have computer and internet there ?
2017-08-24 19:07
2017-08-24 23:41
>The way valve should've done it.
2017-08-24 14:49
Portugal dracø 
This should be the general rule. WP dreamhack E: >Na'vi removes their IGL, coach rules fuck them hard. >Na'vi gets their IGL back, coaches can intervine more actively again xDDDD #FreeNa'vi
2017-08-24 14:50
LUq | 
Poland tr1xx 
ye, cs is full of cucks who can't make manly decision and have to change the rules all the time
2017-08-24 15:37
Because Volvo doesn't care what people think or have to say inside the CS community. They do their own thing and everyone else have to adapt
2017-08-24 16:14
zAAz | 
Romania traffut 
but it's their game
2017-08-24 17:20
And they're slowly murdering it.
2017-08-24 17:21
zAAz | 
Romania traffut 
well, the game is 5 years old, they made tons of money, will be out for another 3-4 years, soon as they see it goes bland they'll release another one, everyone will jump on the bandwagon. ez money
2017-08-24 17:22
Games can survive longer than that though, For instance LoL or Dota. It's always been obvious Valve does not care much for the CS/CS:GO fanbase. Just look at the most prize money at a Dota even versus a CS:GO event. But yeah, i'm pretty sure they're working Counter-Strike: Interplanetary Offensive. Lazerz, pewpew.
2017-08-24 17:34
zAAz | 
Romania traffut 
agree, but look at each games age, 1.5, 1.6, then cz, knew they fucked up-> source, then few years later csgo
2017-08-24 17:35
Kind of contradicting what I said earlier but it's not really valves fault, as much it is the devs. The devs don't care about the game. If I'm correct, there's less than 5 devs working on the game while their are teams of 20+ working on DotA for example. Valves system is weird. The way it works is that if a decision feels they can make progress or give ideas to a game, they work for that game. And honestly I don't know how else CS:GO can improve without a new gun, source 2 or massive meta change
2017-08-24 19:13
Bulgaria milusheffCS 
Wp dreamhax
2017-08-24 14:49
Sweden pontus767 
This should be used at all tournaments, well done Dreamhack!
2017-08-24 14:50
ceh9 suggested this right after volvo banned coaches from talking during the round. Praise ceh9 the famous youtuber for his excellent foresight.
2017-08-24 14:50
mir | 
Ukraine v1adyb0y 
next major DreamHack confirmed
2017-08-24 14:50
"Everyone is muted during technical pauses." They have team chat ingame, voice and text LUL
2017-08-24 14:51
Pretty sure they mute whatever the players are using for voice during that..
2017-08-24 15:04
Sweden JPKmad 
-zeus +Guardian now!
2017-08-24 14:51
You little piece of shit what the fuck is that Na'Vi flair? And you're supposed to be swedish? Are you not a patriot man? Do you also enjoy watching your blonde girlfriend getting fucked by big black cocks?
2017-08-24 15:13
Sweden JPKmad 
What do you mean
2017-08-24 15:18
hes obviously fakeflaggin ;-) #bög
2017-08-24 16:08
Sweden JPKmad 
ja obv.
2017-08-25 19:14
Russia skipster 
HAHAHAHA why are you so triggered
2017-08-24 16:44
Norway sparta92 
I like this meme bro :D
2017-08-24 18:41
fer | 
New Zealand PROALTO 
fair enough ... Should spread this to all events ... it would make the teams more structured and make the game as a whole a lot better
2017-08-24 14:52
CIS Luchbm 
that's how it must be on every tournament. gj, dreamhack
2017-08-24 14:52
woxic | 
Unused timeouts will transfer to overtime. Errm.. what? Timeout that makes overtime longer or the ones they can use at overtime?
2017-08-24 14:55
Once in overtime, you don't get additional timeouts. If you've used all of your timeouts before overtime, that's it. No more timeouts
2017-08-24 16:16
ty Dreamhack
2017-08-24 14:54
stupid rules: the coach should be allowed to talk without restrictions. Or just delete the coach figure. Rules made in this way are so stupid and easy to bypass
2017-08-24 15:04
Yea. I dont know why they cant talk during rounds. It is so stupid
2017-08-24 15:46
The reason is because it's more like sports. You don't see a coach during a hockey game call strats and such. The only have time to do so during timeouts and in-between periods
2017-08-24 16:18
What bout football. In football coach shouts all the time
2017-08-24 16:41
You can argue that but I don't think it would make much a difference to their play. I'm not in to football/soccer so I might be wrong. My point was just that is traditional sports, you only look over strats and talk them over during timeouts or when the play stops
2017-08-24 19:10
Germany andoRRR 
There are no timeouts in football.
2017-08-24 19:14
Yea but coach shouts to players when he see wrong setting etc
2017-08-24 19:39
Dude than there wouldn't be players as IGL but coach would be IGL.....
2017-08-24 19:04
That wpuld be huge nice cause there can be like one free player. I mean he can be second entry fragger or rifler
2017-08-24 19:41
LoooooL Navi is fucked up again. -zeus -coaches, now +zeus +coaches. I do agree that zeus will do better midround calls, but they wouldn't be such a shit last year if starix/andy could call during freezetime
2017-08-24 14:59
Norway insy 
Gained all respect.
2017-08-24 15:05
2017-08-24 15:09
2017-08-24 15:13
Slovakia cheatersw0w 
Nice gl NiP
2017-08-24 15:14
Magisk | 
United Kingdom tr4c 
Pretty good, they still need to unban IBP though.
2017-08-24 15:14
Sweden 133665 
This is a really good change hope other tournaments start using these rules
2017-08-24 15:15
Poland Drakon10 
Much better than ESL & Valve rules. GJ Dreamhack.
2017-08-24 15:17
United States gtmaniacmda 
ez4north ez4navi
2017-08-24 15:17
shox | 
CIS Gaz1k 
2017-08-24 15:18
oskar | 
Ireland sk0ffin 
Nice gl NiP
2017-08-24 15:21
2017-08-24 15:22
Inb4 Zeus getting kicked again
2017-08-24 15:27
Russia skipster 
2017-08-24 16:43
Europe tweekzter 
Makes sense.
2017-08-24 15:31
Tunisia Dupix123 
nip will win lel
2017-08-24 15:31
Sweden shirre 
This is great news! I hope other events do the same.
2017-08-24 15:34
Latvia ploxyS 
Again Navi kinda cucked
2017-08-24 15:34
Good shit.
2017-08-24 15:39
Malta Rolezk1 
well rip G2 :(
2017-08-24 15:41
Why they cant talk all the time? It would be nice if coach say you ,,check behind" or ,,on your left"
2017-08-24 15:44
Austria DayWalkeR_OG 
1 tournament they can play with coach the other tournament not all tournaments with same rules is the better way
2017-08-24 15:45
Greece argiris123452 
ez for NIP
2017-08-24 15:49
Hong Kong kwc3 
good improvement!
2017-08-24 15:50
Argentina curlyfriezzz 
Good progress
2017-08-24 15:59
Thailand fsjp 
Haha feel sorry for NaVi.
2017-08-24 16:03
muted during technical pauses, wtf, players can't talk because organisers fucked up?
2017-08-24 16:09
There was an interview of a player who said that some teams used to disconnect their peripherals to get a random tech pause just so they can use it as a tactical pause, now they can't do that anymore
2017-08-24 16:55
well at least they can type lol
2017-08-24 21:05
I'm pretty sure every type of communication during technical pauses is prohibited, and muted regardless of whether it is voice chat, team chats, all chats. Usually there will be at least one person from the organizer to look on the comms.
2017-08-25 03:12
United Kingdom Szbitzel2 
finally . on our way back to the coach being able to always talk.
2017-08-24 16:28
NiKo | 
Slovakia FroZtSVK 
Rip SK Gaming
2017-08-24 17:05
HAHAHHAA after NAVI and NIP shuffled the shit out of their roosters, nice troll
2017-08-24 17:09
The real industry leaders finally made the dick play
2017-08-24 17:18
Oceania NiP_top5 
Finally. Hopefully it will be of much benefit to teams.
2017-08-24 17:23
Brazil MommyStealer 
better than valve rules
2017-08-24 17:56
vp and navi go retired its time
2017-08-24 17:59
allu | 
Finland heGUd 
Seems nice!
2017-08-24 18:06
Good; never should have been changed in the first place.
2017-08-24 18:24
Should be 4 time-outs per MAP.
2017-08-24 18:25
NaVi does -Zeus +s1mple thinking they can use starix as igl right after coaching rule banning coaches from talking to their players during games Navi does -guardian +zeus right after coaching rule letting coach to talk to players in game
2017-08-24 18:34
2017-08-24 19:00
This is how it should be, I don't know why coaching interactions got limited anyway. Every other professional sport has access to coaching staff during games.
2017-08-24 18:38
valve expressed their wish that the best csgo team should be the best from 5 players in a 5v5 game. They don't want team that have a coach to have an advantage over teams that don't. They want pros to play like MM players could play, and somehow i understand this. You have two choice, either you want everyone to be equal or you want the best CS level that you can reach. I think both are understandable
2017-08-24 19:05
World non 
Ok listen up , either you like this change or you dont. Whats good about this is that dreamhack that have been in csgo and cs 1.6 and have orginized the biggest cs turnaments for many years. They can go against valve and say this is not good. This is what need to happen in order for valve to open their eyes...
2017-08-24 18:39
Russia TheWizzard 
-Zeus -Kane +GuardiaN +Starix
2017-08-24 18:49
Latvia im da bes 
+starix Kappa
2017-08-24 19:25
Makes more sense than other rules, congratz DH
2017-08-24 20:51
Canada kawoh 
Good move, good rules. It felt like before, the coach was often rendered useless
2017-08-24 21:08
Too easy for FaZe number one o)
2017-08-24 23:17
Korea chog5469 
2017-08-25 00:37
Finally. Thank you Dreamhack crew!
2017-08-25 00:49
2017-08-25 00:59
Poland jakbu 
Makes sense.
2017-08-25 02:16
Very good thing for the usefulness of the coach
2017-08-25 12:16
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