UCC to host WCA Europe qualifier

UCC and Farmskins have announced that they will host one of the European qualifiers for WCA 2017, with two spots at the event and over $43,000 on offer.

The qualifying process for the WCA 2017 world finals is already in full swing in several regions, with two teams already determined: Chiefs and BOOT-d[S]. In Europe, two of the three regional spots will come from online tournament taking place in October and featuring eight teams.

The Farmskins WCA 2017 European Qualifier will begin on September 1-3 with two open qualifiers, both of which with 512 slots. The top two teams from these cups will advance to a closed qualifier, joining 12 invited sides in a double-elimination bracket, which will run from September 4-24.

EnVyUs invited to the Farmskins WCA Europe Final Stage

The top four teams from the closed qualifier will progress to the Main Stage, which will be held from September 25 to October 8. At this stage, they will be joined by 12 invited teams in a double-elimination group stage, with the group winners then progressing to the Final Stage.

Running from October 16-21, the Final Stage will feature eight teams - four qualified and four invited -, who will face off in a single-elimination bracket for the chance to compete at WCA 2017 and for the grand prize of approximately $26,000.

Below you can find the teams who have been invited to take part in the various qualifying stages of Farmskins' WCA Europe Qualifier:

Closed Qualifier
Bulgaria Imperial Russia Spirit
Denmark North Academy Poland PRIDE
Denmark undefined Bulgaria Outlaws
France EnVyUs Academy Slovakia eXtatus
Sweden Singularity Ukraine pro100
Finland HAVU Serbia Binary Dragons
Main Stage
Russia Vega Squadron Europe LDLC
Europe PENTA CIS FlipSid3
Denmark Tricked Poland Kinguin
Turkey Space Soldiers Sweden Red Reserve
Europe Epsilon Sweden GODSENT
Europe HellRaisers Europe TBA
Final Stage
France Envy Europe TBA
Europe TBA Europe TBA

The prize distribution for the Final Stage of the tournament is the following:

1. ~$26,000 + WCA 2017 Spot
2. ~$10,900 + WCA 2017 Spot
3. ~$4,350
4. ~2,175

Teams can sign up for the open qualifiers by following these links:

2017-08-25 16:14
6 replies
United Kingdom Tendies
Ez for space soldiers
2017-08-25 16:15
1 reply
Russia MahoneDes
scam event nice
2017-08-25 16:15
2017-08-25 16:15
2 replies
2017-08-25 16:15
1 reply
best scam site in the world best csgo item website for poor and disadventaged people
2017-08-25 17:14
nV and Vega/f3
2017-08-25 16:29
2017-08-25 16:15
Farmskins about to throw
2017-08-25 16:15
2017-08-25 16:15
Germany simonmy
2017-08-25 16:15
2017-08-25 16:15
Armenia cGev
its not even out on the site for me
2017-08-25 16:15
Croatia nAmeless69
2017-08-25 16:16
Where is bd? :(
2017-08-25 16:16
Why no bd wtf
2017-08-25 16:17
3 replies
2 are still TBA so probably one will be bd
2017-08-25 16:20
2 replies
I hope :/
2017-08-25 16:21
nt adren
2017-08-25 17:32
Ez 4 xantares
2017-08-25 16:19
So free money for EnvyUs? And i think there is many teams that would've deserved to get invited... If thats how it works
2017-08-25 16:19
X6tence or Movistar riders
2017-08-25 16:20
Ez imperial
2017-08-25 16:22
A lot of skins will be farmed
2017-08-25 16:23
Spain chanSw0w
Invite to x6tence and Movistar Riders, they are strong teams, same as G2.Vodafone
2017-08-25 16:27
5 replies
invite jonathan E and moviestar riders
2017-08-25 16:36
4 replies
Europe KappaKaako
Its movistar u retard not movie
2017-08-25 18:26
3 replies
Its r mom Who care tier100 team name
2017-08-25 19:35
2 replies
Europe KappaKaako
2017-08-25 21:44
1 reply
Pr00100 suck flarich only god
2017-08-25 22:50
gambling money is insane wtf
2017-08-25 18:08
I want BIG with denis to participate
2017-08-25 18:23
Romania csf
Pls nexus
2017-08-25 18:40
CIS zzero
envyus academy and envy in the same tournament? does that work?
2017-08-25 18:43
1 reply
It's not major so it works I think
2017-08-25 20:30
Finland PiOTRrrr
2017-08-25 19:20
Indonesia rareguy
What? Why did the title change? Admin, pls explain.
2017-08-26 00:00
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