OpTic granted transition period for ESL Pro League

OpTic's new roster, which consists of a European lineup, has started to play ESL Pro League in North America, where the organization has its license. ESL has said they will have to provide documentation or their matches will be forfeited.

ESL's rules state that a team's home region is that in which most of the lineup's players reside. With Europe being the region in which most of OpTic's players reside, they will now have to—per ESL's rules—provide documentation of long-term permissions to reside in North America. If not, their home region would default to Europe.

mixwell and co.'s license hangs on the balance unless OpTic can provide ESL with a plan the tournament organizer deems satisfactory

The team is expected to play Pro League in North America and will have to provide the proper documentation to do so. The North American organization will have until the end of business on August 31 to "provide a plan outlining how they guarantee that the majority of their Pro League matches will be played from North America," according to ESL's ruling.

OpTic is expected to play at least 75% of matches from North America (that is at least 10). Were OpTic unable to provide a plan acceptable to the league's administration, the organization would lose its license, the team would be disqualified, and their matches nullified. Any earnings would be distributed among the rest of the teams playing ESL Pro League. 

2017-08-25 18:51
2017-08-25 18:52
this is good for optic.
2017-08-25 19:12
. .
2017-08-25 18:52
Sweden 1nc0g 
+1 yeah that would be a brilliant solution
2017-08-26 05:33
+1 well said
2017-08-27 22:30
Korea Derepaer 
unfair for mr.friberg
2017-08-25 18:54
Lithuania Woozylul 
Didn't the NRG at some point in NA had a majority eu lineup and for the people who are saying that they are stealing spots from NA teams what about those 3 Brazilian teams that literally are always top 6 except the LG and taking away the spots from NA teams all the time :thinking:
2017-08-26 03:51
Colombia SkeletoNMLG 
2017-08-26 03:52
"is that in which most of the lineup's players reside" Old Nrg and Monkeyteams fit to that
2017-08-26 08:20
2017-08-28 03:38
Damn those eyes from mixwell
2017-08-25 18:52
he tired I think xD
2017-08-25 20:20
United States VerySmartGuy 
2017-08-25 18:52
2017-08-25 18:52
ele | 
Europe ctronic 
2017-08-25 18:52
CIS sergioff 
2017-08-25 18:52
United Arab Emirates TheLordAlpaca 
2017-08-25 18:52
2017-08-25 18:52
Nothing because it was already established in the rules?
2017-08-26 01:46
2017-08-26 08:40
Norway felt 
Post to username correlation off the fucking chart
2017-08-26 10:12
pls ler engish
2017-08-27 08:51
Norway felt 
was that too fucking hard for you you mongloid Russian?
2017-08-27 11:38
2017-08-29 20:01
2017-08-25 18:52
Germany _cief_ 
2017-08-25 18:52
2017-08-25 18:53
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
2017-08-25 18:53
This is probably something they should have figured out before starting league play. Delay the beginning of the league if you have to, or just kick optic out for this season. But doing it right in the middle of league play seems super unprofessional.
2017-08-25 18:54
Yeah why didnt they wait until the league finish, the next season they could transfer to Europe
2017-08-25 19:05
Just bad organizing from ESL and Optic. I would assume that such big orgs are constantly in touch to prevent such things from happening. But tbh i dont give a damn bout optic and their players. This project most likely will fail.
2017-08-25 19:34
> Just bad organizing from ESL and Optic. I would assume that such big orgs are constantly in touch to prevent such things from happening. +1000...... really can't understand how this comes up just now, ridiculous organization.
2017-08-25 21:23
How transfer Just can start in main division.2 season too long too bqck in pro league
2017-08-26 06:22
Brazil LaicaBoss 
lol what a stupid rule
2017-08-25 18:56
Its a smart and necessary rule. Do you even comprehend this?
2017-08-25 19:36
Brazil LaicaBoss 
it`s stupid at all. why teams cant have the roster that they want?
2017-08-25 22:20
wow you're retarded
2017-08-25 22:31
Lithuania Woozylul 
Well actually if this rule would work all the time Sk , immortals and LG would have to play in South America :)
2017-08-26 03:30
they are living in america. dude please don't speak to me
2017-08-26 06:17
those dumb af
2017-08-27 02:20
They live in NA, therefore NA epl
2017-08-26 10:28
n0thing | 
Finland no_man 
2017-08-25 18:56
this is not nam, there are rules.
2017-08-25 19:06
Ukraine FaZe_UW0TM8 
Cya in europe
2017-08-25 19:07
Kazakhstan ezBORAT 
2017-08-25 19:16
Nobody needs a tourist visa from those 4 coming to NA and you can stay 3 months with passport only and esl pro league lasts 2 and half more months which will be enough for them to play there only coming as "tourists".
2017-08-25 19:20
But if NA is the region to be then a tourist visa wont work. They cant just go to europe for a lan and then come back. They need p1 work visa
2017-08-25 19:37
They are not there as tourists. They are working in NA and receive salary. Tourist visa doesn't work for that, also ESTA doesn't either I think.
2017-08-25 21:24
No they need an athlete Visa Luckily the US issues Visas for Esport players Esta would be illegal because they are working and competing And Work Visa doesn't work because they are competing not working
2017-08-25 22:27
REZ | 
Sweden jackir 
uhh same thing
2017-08-26 09:56
2017-08-26 10:29
LUL some Americans are really mad that OpTic would get the finals spot even if they would play from Europe
2017-08-25 19:22
Wow you really think that? Youll have a 100-150 ping alone from Austria. From sweden or Finland its probably worse
2017-08-25 19:39
They won the first match easy
2017-08-25 20:02
Yeah ok but can it be consistant tho?
2017-08-25 20:03
yes because they are tiers better
2017-08-25 21:23
So are they currently really playing from EU? (i.e. from their EU homes?)
2017-08-25 21:25
United States Logic_CSGO 
Yeah, they had over 100 ping each lol
2017-08-25 22:56
Sweden Froxez 
magisk was at 200 most of the time
2017-08-26 17:02
That's really ridiculous then! What do they expect... NA team with NA license but playing from Europe... yea.... big orga fail not to check this with ESL?
2017-08-27 20:41
yeah because winning against ghost gaming = getting finals spot 100%
2017-08-26 01:26
Every organization wants their 5 minutes of fame off Optics back lol.
2017-08-25 19:28
Omg just let 'em play. xD
2017-08-25 19:30
No, rules are rules
2017-08-26 10:30
Snax | 
Tunisia Dupix123 
what a haters they saw them dominating they did that
2017-08-25 19:36
Brazil bandicoot 
the third best team in ESL NA pressured by salty americans. i hope they get their paperwork done in time, but i think this looks scary for optic
2017-08-25 19:47
Guatemala feerzein21 
4/5 players are from EU why they would play in NA competition? isnt fair, imagine if you are on Brazilian League, and suddenly teams from a WHOLE continent started moving to your COUNTRY getting your spots? they are europeans and already played EU Pro League, why they would not play there then? i see no problem
2017-08-25 19:57
Brazil bandicoot 
i see the point. but if they provide papers that they reside in NA, they can play from this region. if anything this would make the americans more excited and try harder
2017-08-25 19:59
Guatemala feerzein21 
Soccer players live around the world, but on World Cups they can't play with/for the country which they live. They have to play for their own countries, sure these players now reside on NA but they still europeans, it ain't American Team's fault. actually they should not play in Pro League for the simply fact that they roster has only 2/5 players of the team that earned Pro League spot. ELEAGUE and DreamHack are following rules, ESL is not, if they want to play on NA is fine, but you have to earn that spot and would be easy if they played main/premier first. otherwise isn't fair game.
2017-08-25 20:06
Brazil bandicoot 
whos rules? and who get to make the rules anyway? this is a league, not a worldcup like ESWC or WCG. its PRO LEAGUE. just like any top league team in other sports, it has diverse nationalities in top tier teams roster. and its not a Major or valve tournament with these spesific rules. if ESL dont have a rule about it, then its just sentimental thoughts and bias. its not like optic players kicked their players either, they just left and they chose some good available players that can compete and keep the org relevant. nothing wrong with that. I just find it funny how little time they give optic to get the paperwork done. ESL NA surely know its close to impossible to meet these demands in just 2-3 days, even though they would all get visa's easily given just alittle more time
2017-08-25 20:20
Guatemala feerzein21 
you are right tho, i was going to say something like "do you see any non european team playing on UCL?" but realized that OG is an American org so... but still, they shouldn't be allowed to play Pro League this season, 3 of their players are playing official matches from EU, so their home league is EU Pro League. Reading i saw that an Org can withdraw from League if they want to, for losing several number of players but this is not the case of OpTic, they wanted to stay on League but official matches are being played with 3 non American residents, what they have should did was signing only 2 EU players and 1 American player and started playing their season like that, i am not sure though because they should have thought about that or they just got fool'd. i don't know anymore lmao.
2017-08-25 21:28
Brazil bandicoot 
obviously it cant stay like this unless they all get american residence
2017-08-25 21:32
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
this is good. I don't want to shit shit na teams make it to lan. I WANT TO SEE THE BEST TEAMS
2017-08-25 19:58
So now they have to move to na lol even if its temporary still stupid af
2017-08-25 20:03
Europe lalt 
So, issue is they played from Europe? Not nationalities? Ie. it's fine as long as they travel to NA for EPL matches?
2017-08-25 20:56
2017-08-26 10:31
2017-08-25 21:02
2017-08-25 21:08
let them fuckn play u mofos why be so retarded about it!?
2017-08-25 21:19
Sweden Madrigals1 
ESL would just let them play, if not some shady orgs crying about it secretly messaging to organisers, as always. NRG with gob b had the same issue with NA teams.
2017-08-26 08:24
India gucci_mane 
Why the fuck is esl so worried about the countries and shit. I mean its just a fucking game dude and the pros are not representing the country like they do in olympics/fifa.
2017-08-25 21:38
2017-08-25 21:43
Serbia Ziky 
Esl if Latinos can play in USA, Europeans can too :D
2017-08-25 21:46
ow atm optic has big problems, they had spot on a lot of leagues and they can not keep cuz are from different regions :SSS new rules that allow a team to do changes like this
2017-08-25 21:48
Romania rolandroly 
2017-08-25 22:18
United States Logic_CSGO 
Mixwell is looking at the camera like it's The Office. "So you're telling me I still have to stay in NA? ..."
2017-08-25 22:55
They shouldve just transfered them to Europe for this season and add one more relegation spot.
2017-08-26 00:58
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
Europe's pro league is of a much higher caliber, much harder to compete in, it would be seen as unfair for an org to be able to just transfer into the harder league without qualifying.
2017-08-26 08:32
United States n3h 
Nice move optic Fucked by dreamhack Fucked by eleague Soon to be fucked hard by ESL
2017-08-26 01:11
Indonesia autumnleaves_ 
This is optic management fault, how they didnt know this rules? Lol They should have done the document before esl pro get started.. they just lazy i think.. Haha nice ESL , make they disqualified plz
2017-08-26 04:14
ummm ... i dont remember renegades getting this treatment whats going on??
2017-08-26 07:40
2017-08-26 07:42
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
2017-08-26 08:31
RpK | 
France Aliente 
where will they compete now? eu or na?
2017-08-26 08:49
In this thread: A bunch of idiots who can't read making up conspiracies or misrepresenting the rules... This has nothing to do with nationalities or other nonsense and everything to do with a team full of players with 120+ ping being bad CS. If they want to play in NA Pro League, then they need to be in NA. Pretty fucking simple to understand, really.
2017-08-26 09:27
NA Pro League... Then what about SK and Immortals ? Thats not NA teams that SA teams... No Logic. Go OpTic!!!!
2017-08-26 12:20
Dosia | 
Europe B1u337 
I like ducks
2017-08-26 16:57
Denmark Xipingu 
Incoming Optic EPL exit, incoming disband. HA
2017-08-26 17:25
I think from this standpoint, it would be very beneficial if Optic Gaming would stay in NA because they can be easily be top 5 in NA CS. Just saying. The down side is all the EU players will adjust to the environment drastically.
2017-08-26 17:29
World Buick 
hoping Optic doesn't get totally boned
2017-08-27 02:02
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