DreamHack Masters Malmö viewer's guide

With the start of DreamHack Masters Malmö just around the corner, we bring you a detailed viewer's guide of the $250,000 event, the first tournament premier after the player break.

The second edition of DreamHack Masters Malmö will run over the span of five days, starting on Wednesday, August 30th and finishing on Sunday, September 3rd. 16 teams will be present in Malmö, Sweden this weekend, with BIG being the only team out of the current top 10 to miss out.

DreamHack Masters returns to Malmö this week

The top two teams, SK and Astralis, will be ready to continue their fight for the throne, while the likes of FaZe, Natus Vincere and Cloud9 debut their new rosters in the Malmö Arena.

Sixteen teams have been split into four GSL-style groups that combine BO1 and BO3 matches, but this time around, the winners match will be BO3, while the elimination match will be a BO1. Another change DreamHack has made is to the coaching rule, which now allows coaches to speak during freeze time and half time.

Below you can find the group draw in full:

Group A Group B
Brazil SK Denmark Astralis
Denmark North Poland Virtus.pro
United States Cloud9 Ukraine Natus Vincere
Singapore BOOT-d[S] Australia Renegades
Group C Group D
Kazakhstan Gambit Brazil Immortals
Europe FaZe France G2
Sweden NIP France Envy
Europe MOUZ Sweden fnatic

For the first day of the event, the tournament will feature a B stream, on which half of the matches will be played (marked with an asterisk). From Thursday onwards, the action will be happening on just the single, main stream. The event will be open to the public only for the playoffs on Saturday and Sunday.

The full schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, August 30th
13:00    Brazil SK vs. Singapore BOOT-d[S] BO1
13:00   Denmark Astralis vs. Australia Renegades* BO1
14:30 Poland Virtus.pro vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere BO1
14:30 United States Cloud9 vs. Denmark North* BO1
16:00 Brazil Immortals vs. Sweden fnatic BO1
16:00 Kazakhstan Gambit vs. Europe MOUZ* BO1
17:30 Europe FaZe vs. Sweden NIP BO1
17:30 France G2 vs. France Envy* BO1
19:00 Group A elimination match BO1
19:00 Group B elimination match* BO1
20:30 Group C elimination match BO1
20:30 Group D elimination match* BO1
Thursday, August 31st
10:00 Group A winners' match BO3
13:00 Group B winners' match BO3
16:00 Group C winners' match BO3
19:00 Group D winners' match BO3
Friday, September 1st
10:00 Group A decider BO3
13:00 Group B decider BO3
16:00 Group C decider BO3
19:00 Group D decider BO3
Saturday, September 2nd
10:00 Quarter-final #1 BO3
13:00 Quarter-final #2 BO3
16:00 Quarter-final #3 BO3
19:00 Quarter-final #4 BO3
Sunday, September 3rd
11:00 Semi-final #1 BO3
14:00 Semi-final #2 BO3
18:00 Grand final BO3

To bring the action, DreamHack have asembled an impressive talent list. Desk hosting will once again be done by Alex "Machine" Richardson, while Sue "Smix" Lee will take the interviewer role. Commentating the action will be Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett and Henry "HenryG" Greer, while Anders Blume will be pairing up with Jason "moses" O’Toole this time around.

Vince Hill and Dustin "dusT" Mouret will be covering the B stream on the first day, with the talent list being completed with four analysts, including Janko "YNk" Paunović and Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill.

The following 14 people will be working as on-air talent for DreamHack Masters Malmö:

United Kingdom Alex "Machine" Richardson - Desk Host
United States Sue "Smix" Lee - Interviewer
United Kingdom Pala "Mantrousse" Gilroy Sen - Reporter
United States Tres "stunna" Saranthus - Reporter

Canada Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett - Commentator
United Kingdom Henry "HenryG" Greer - Commentator
Denmark Anders Blume - Commentator
United States Jason "moses" O’Toole - Commentator
United Kingdom Vince Hill - Commentator (B stream)
United States Dustin "dusT" Mouret - Commentator (B stream)

Serbia Janko "YNk" Paunović - Analyst
Norway Halvor "vENdetta" Gulestøl - Analyst
Australia Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill - Analyst
Denmark Jacob "Pimp" Winneche - Analyst

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Belgium St0n3RaC00n
Ez for mouz with Godskar
2017-08-28 14:42
7 replies
2017-08-28 15:08
1 reply
Indonesia DezfanzeR
2017-08-28 15:27
godskar is a beast shame they brought in bot styko
2017-08-28 16:08
3 replies
Styko is support so doesnt matter and he is alright
2017-08-28 16:27
2 replies
North America xAriana
So a support player is allowed to be shit? N1ce
2017-08-28 17:14
1 reply
Aint saying that it just isnt that bad when they are And styko is ok
2017-08-28 17:20
Hahahahah hell no
2017-08-29 13:02
Norway bouncerul
FaZeUppppppp boissss
2017-08-28 14:41
5 replies
Finland Taynz
2017-08-28 15:46
2017-08-28 16:08
2017-08-29 13:12
eZaF 4 FaZe
2017-08-29 16:44
2017-08-29 20:03
Xizt | 
Czech Republic davskal
thank mr hltv
2017-08-28 14:41
Howard Mobley
2017-08-28 14:41
2 replies
2017-08-28 17:40
1 reply
He missed the key homie
2017-08-28 17:47
2017-08-28 14:41
Greece NitrouZ
2017-08-28 14:41
Russia HLTV_Admin
nice noice
2017-08-28 14:41
ez fazeaf
2017-08-28 14:41
France kNRD^
G2 Win!
2017-08-28 14:41
3 replies
One can hope, but i doubt it.
2017-08-28 15:54
Armenia cGev
2017-08-28 16:32
France 2Ez4MaBoyZ
I think both french teams could make it to the playoffs
2017-08-28 18:12
go immt and ak
2017-08-28 14:44
ez boots
2017-08-28 14:45
Spain Alser
bo1 elimination in 2017 ffs DreamHack fix your shit
2017-08-28 14:45
5 replies
Better than Swiss system
2017-08-28 17:41
4 replies
Spain Alser
I get people are tired of the Swiss system, but getting eliminated after 2 bo1s is objectively a worse system than getting eliminated after 3 bo1s
2017-08-28 17:42
3 replies
+1 I clearly don't see any reason to set the elimination match down to Bo1
2017-08-28 19:00
2017-08-29 00:12
He probably says this because he saw Thorin's video about the Swiss system and can't think for himself.
2017-08-29 00:13
elimination match bo1 fucking idiots
2017-08-28 14:48
2 replies
+1 Its kinda worst than swiss system a team can go out with just 2 BO1s :| :/ Elimination should be Bo3 instead of winners match
2017-08-28 19:00
1 reply
Just a it's been for a while now
2017-08-28 19:02
f0rest | 
Russia znkd
2017-08-28 14:50
If you put in asterisks into a text, you need to put what they mean at the bottom of the text. It's easily calculated for someone with a brain what they mean but still, how the fk do you miss something that is so ingrained into journalism and writing period.
2017-08-28 14:52
5 replies
they did put it before the match list u'd have noticed it if u actually read the article
2017-08-28 15:03
3 replies
That's not where it belongs, especially not in parenthesis. Edit: Also, where did I mention I didn't see it was an explanation in the text? I just stated they need to put the explanation for the asterisks at the bottom of the text. Like every text around the world uses it. They can feel free to put it within the paragraph prior to the use aswell if they want, but it's not where it belongs.
2017-08-28 15:10
2 replies
Sweden Div-\
2017-08-28 15:23
Yea i agree about the paranthesis part maybe its ez for the reader if they put it before than at the end of the article since u have to scroll down to see wat the asterix is for...and then again scroll up.
2017-08-28 17:14
Finland Slyp3
Was thinking the exact same thing lol :D
2017-08-28 15:07
2017-08-28 14:53
Slovakia le01
Les go faze
2017-08-28 14:56
Russia v1p3rrr
2017-08-28 14:59
where is semmler ? :0
2017-08-28 15:05
D0cC | 
Netherlands Zouma
ez for godniko
2017-08-28 15:11
France Kabby
Change the elimination match into a BO3 and this is perfect imo
2017-08-28 15:14
1 reply
2017-08-28 15:23
ez 4 af
2017-08-28 15:14
looks really, really good; just sadly BO1 elimination matches :/
2017-08-28 15:19
No, no, and no. Stop with these Bo1s.
2017-08-28 15:19
Palestine steve13
envyus going to be champion ;)
2017-08-28 15:22
Why is there a * on envyus, renegades, north and mouse?
2017-08-28 15:23
5 replies
It will be streamed on the B stream fam
2017-08-28 15:25
India Reaper1
Because for those matches, you will have to mute the stream.
2017-08-28 15:32
3 replies
ahahahhaahha good one +1
2017-08-28 15:38
2017-08-28 17:15
Sad we can't just mute dust
2017-08-28 17:42
Where is Semmler? :(
2017-08-28 15:28
1 reply
Not going for personal reasons I think. He made s comment on twitter about it.
2017-08-29 00:19
thank you dreamhack. all shit matches are on b stream.
2017-08-28 15:29
1 reply
NM | 
Netherlands [Np]KNz
So you mean all NA CS is on b stream ?
2017-08-28 21:13
Nice bo1 elimination format tournament ruined
2017-08-28 15:33
Russia razorVJ
Easy for Gambit, the champion of PGL Major Krakow 2017.
2017-08-28 15:34
gl gambit
2017-08-28 15:38
SK ez path once again.
2017-08-28 15:44
Whats this? A VIEWER GUIDE! I SURVIVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solid talent-lineup, but +thorin would have been nice
2017-08-28 15:47
ez for NiP
2017-08-28 15:50
make it bo3 elimination please
2017-08-28 16:09
Winners match BO3. Elimination match BO1. GENIUS
2017-08-28 16:11
ez 4 mouz
2017-08-28 16:12
Please get rid of that annoying dusT guy. I'd rather listen to some random chimp making noises.....oh wait.
2017-08-28 16:12
1 reply
2017-08-28 17:43
"The winners match will be BO3, while the elimination match will be a BO1" Are you serious with that? lol, you can make the winners match a BO3 no problem with that at all, but losers BO1? I believe we have gathered enough experience throughout other tournments to know that BO1s are random enough and should not be used to eliminate teams from Premiere tournments. Two bad maps and boom, you are done.
2017-08-28 16:18
1 reply
I wanted to ask this, why is someone eliminated with just 2 bo1's? They had everything to be the best tournment of the year, but they just fucked the schedule..
2017-08-28 16:47
Malaysia phyzell
Shroud Komodos are back!
2017-08-28 16:21
I will jizz when I hear dust casting.
2017-08-28 16:22
So fucking easy for sk.
2017-08-28 16:23
easy for Asa 'smix' Akira
2017-08-28 16:25
1 reply
Other Phinks
2017-08-28 17:39
always easiest group for SK ALWAYS except for once but thats a year ago when they were with fnatic, VP and old NV
2017-08-28 16:43
NiKo | 
Czech Republic Mirax_
Ez for FaZeUP
2017-08-28 16:52
"the winners match will be BO3, while the elimination match will be a BO1" this is bs....make the elimination match a bo3 too...comeon
2017-08-28 16:54
jdm64 | 
Slovakia _hPi
No one's gonna talk about Pimp being an analyst?
2017-08-28 17:01
Brazil creuzebek
Up Immortals have good chances, they are up to challange fnatic. Good mathces by the way, gonna be fun
2017-08-28 17:30
Other Phinks
What is going on with auguste?
2017-08-28 17:39
A: SK and Cloud9 B: Astralis and Na'vi C: NIP and mousesports D: Immortals and Envyus
2017-08-28 17:43
ez g2
2017-08-28 17:44
SK lucky.
2017-08-28 17:58
France 2Ez4MaBoyZ
NV and G2 could make it to the playoffs.
2017-08-28 18:12
2017-08-28 18:24
So ez 4 SK top1
2017-08-28 18:55
A: SK, North B: Astralis, NaVi C: FaZe, mouz D: G2, fnatic/EnVy
2017-08-28 18:57
1 reply
g2 immo*
2017-08-28 20:34
No fiffy ( especially for an event in his native Sweden)..no fun :(
2017-08-28 19:45
Straight out of the bat it's NiP versus FaZe. I cannot wait for this event!!!
2017-08-28 19:48
United States LJPixels
Please make this best of 3 elimination. Not fair for any team.
2017-08-28 19:54
No thorin ;_;
2017-08-28 21:42
PIMP! Nice, good to see that guy again. Hopefully he'll be able stop selling hotdogs :D
2017-08-28 23:32
SPUNJ on all the desk FeelsGoodMan
2017-08-29 00:29
Best or groups : A: SK B: ASTRALIS C: FAZE OR GAMBIT D: imt
2017-08-29 02:13
Woot group c and d would be :o
2017-08-29 04:07
Finland FeeLyey
Why are elimination matches just BO1? And why isn't grand final then BO5 if almost all other matches are BO3? I liked the idea of BO5 when C9 and SK played against even SK won 3-0
2017-08-29 09:17
bo1 elimination sucks, but still better than swiss format
2017-08-30 13:21
1 reply
imo bo3 elimination better than winner's, because loser of winner's match still gets to play a bo3
2017-08-30 14:45
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