ZEN League S2 team list finalised

With the conclusion of the ZEN League Season 2 qualifiers for Asia and Oceania, the full team list for the Asia-Pacific league has been determined.

During the past few days, nine teams from the Asia-Pacific region duked it out for the six remaining spots for Season 2 of ZEN League. In the Oceanic qualifier, Kings, Tainted Minds and Legacy emerged on top over AVANT and SIN, cementing their position in the league.

In the Asia qualifier, NASR and 5POWER secured their spots in their first matchups. BOOT-d[S] managing to qualify for the last available spot over Signature, using Insidious' Tidus "⁠StyroN⁠" Goh to fill in for Benjamin "⁠moxie⁠" Kou who was away on vacation after their attendance at DreamHack Masters Malmo.

Benkai & co. were the last team to qualify for ZEN League with a stand-in

With $24,300 USD on the line for the twelve confirmed squads, ZEN League Season 2 is now ready to kick off next week on September 12, with the online regular season expected to finish by October 12. This will culminate into a live LAN finals, with the top two teams from each conference uniting at PAX Australia 2017's ESL esports stage in Melbourne, Australia from October 27-29. 

Below you can find the aforementioned teams for the Asia-Pacific league:

ANZ Conference Asia Conference
Australia Chiefs Indonesia Recca
Australia Grayhound Korea MVP PK
Australia Athletico Mongolia TheMongolz
Australia Kings United Arab Emirates NASR
Australia Tainted Minds Other 5POWER
Australia Legacy Singapore BOOT-d[S]

Make sure to check our event page for more information. The matches will be stream on ESL's main Twitch channel here.

Singapore Benjamin 'moxie' Kou
Benjamin 'moxie' Kou
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Singapore Tidus 'StyroN' Goh
Tidus 'StyroN' Goh
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Armenia cGev
ez for 5Power
2017-09-08 06:27
2 replies
felps | 
Brazil Beicom
2017-09-08 06:27
Serbia el1teman
Idk what their roster is actually, every match they use different players
2017-09-08 06:29
2017-09-08 06:27
Tier 7
2017-09-08 06:27
2017-09-08 06:27
Latvia De1Co
Easy for Chiefs
2017-09-08 06:38
5 Mongolz players 2 Mongols in 5POWER 1 erkast in Grayhound if only Mongolia had good Internet
2017-09-08 06:42
2 replies
New Zealand flam3zcsgo
I see who you are fanboying : > 1 Mongolian > 2 and 5 Mongolians Hope to see some new Mongolian talent rise soon
2017-09-08 08:28
1 reply
me too alex wish the mongolz would give up and coming players more opportunities but apparently they're keeping maaraa as a 5th. doesn't make sense to me
2017-09-08 08:34
Malaysia phyzell
culture shock kids
2017-09-08 06:51
no bntet = no win for recca
2017-09-08 10:52
Australia Cyberwaste
Kings gonna continue their hot form. But real curious about Legacy now that their lineup is set in stone.
2017-09-08 11:02
Asia HikaruS
Can't imagine the ping of this online tournament.
2017-09-08 11:17
1 reply
mika | 
Faroe Islands kLango
It's offline.. and have separated conferences
2017-09-08 11:29
Other Onizuka_go
2017-09-08 11:32
RealY??? Is it Joke?
2017-09-08 15:04
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