EPICENTER 2017 closed qualifiers announced

The team list for the European, CIS and North American EPICENTER 2017 closed qualifiers have been released, with the likes of FaZe, Natus Vincere and Cloud9 making the cut.

After concluding the total of six open qualifiers for EPICENTER 2017, two per region, the time for the closed qualifiers has come. Each region will have eight teams competing in the closed portion of the qualifier, with the best teams from each open qualifier being joined by six hand picked ones.

The teams will be split into two GSL-style groups, with the two best ones from each group moving on to a double-elimination playoff bracket. All of the matches in the qualifier will be played as BO3's. In the end, only the best team from each qualifier will earn a spot at the Wildcard qualifier, which will take place on LAN a few days before the main tournament starts.

FaZe will have to fight for a spot in St. Petersburg

In Europe, Space Soldiers and HellRaisers will be joined by invited teams FaZe, BIG, fnatic and NiP, as well as mousesports and Heroic, who competed in the first open qualifier but were eliminated by the Turkish side and Binary Dragons, respectively.

You can find the groups for the European EPICENTER 2017 closed qualifier below:

Group A Group B
Europe FaZe Sweden fnatic
Sweden NiP Europe HellRaisers
Turkey Space Soldiers Denmark Heroic
Germany BIG Europe mousesports

Natus Vincere is the biggest name in the CIS qualifier, alongside Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodenskiy's FlipSid3. Joining them will be Spirit Academy and Quantum Bellator Fire from the open qualifier, as well as Vega Squadron and Spirit.

The groups for the CIS closed qualifier are as follows:

Group A Group B
Ukraine Natus Vincere CIS FlipSid3
Russia Spirit Kazakhstan AVANGAR
Russia Quantum Bellator Fire Russia Vega Squadron
Russia forZe Russia Spirit Academy

NRG and Luminosity earned their spots in the closed qulifier for North America, and will be joined by the notable teams from the continent, such as Immortals, Cloud9 and Liquid. OpTic, who have five European players but play in the North American division of ESL Pro League, will also compete in the North American qualifier for EPICENTER 2017.

This is the full team list for the North American closed qualifier for EPICENTER 2017:

Group A Group B
Brazil Immortals United States Cloud9
United States Liquid United States Misfits
Brazil Luminosity North America NRG
United States CLG Europe OpTic

The closed qualifiers will start on the 12th of September with the CIS matches and will run for three weeks. The last match to be played, the North American final, is scheduled for October 3rd.

To remind you, the team list for EPICENTER 2017 currently looks like this:

Denmark Astralis France G2
Kazakhstan Gambit Denmark North
Brazil SK Poland Virtus.pro
Other Wildcard Qualifier Other Wildcard Qualifier
Ukraine Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United Kingdom Tendies 
Wildcard ooh wee
2017-09-11 18:15
Serbia Removekebab13 
2017-09-11 18:39
United Kingdom Tendies 
2017-09-11 18:40
United States LeafyIsHere 
2017-09-13 17:06
Faze in qualifier? jesus
2017-09-13 23:29
rip SS
2017-09-11 18:14
Turkey Bronc0 
SS already win against mousesport and invited mousesport WTF
2017-09-11 18:35
2017-09-11 18:56
Turkey Bronc0 
:/ sad story
2017-09-11 21:41
Turkey spaceSfanboi 
Press the icon left to my name and check their last results.
2017-09-12 04:46
ropz | 
Turkey eauchaud 
Heroic too bro...
2017-09-12 10:52
World manolinguilder 
ez for nrg
2017-09-11 18:15
2017-09-11 18:15
broky | 
Latvia De1Co 
IMT Koosta Hype! Hopefully he forgets the defuse kit ;)
2017-09-11 19:07
2017-09-11 18:15
Germany Wurstkreatur 
easy 4 forze
2017-09-11 18:15
NA players bitching about OpTic in NA qualifiers incoming
2017-09-11 18:15
Optic actually is not even the top 4 there XD
2017-09-11 18:27
Sweden LimeyGaming 
No, cuz Optic top1.
2017-09-11 19:16
World nakTriceps 
Optic now has to prove themselves. SK, Imt, Liquid and maybe C9 are in a higher level than the europeans.
2017-09-11 21:07
I haven't seen anyone complaining about it ever since they came to NA
2017-09-12 12:44
United States ichibaNcs 
immortals will get late to the tournament again lol
2017-09-11 18:15
Russia majncly 
RiP navi, ez4Jame
2017-09-11 18:16
starix vs NaVi Oh wait
2017-09-11 18:16
wait what? :D
2017-09-12 01:14
FaZe, NiP, SS, BIG LUL Team of best aim and disappointments
2017-09-11 18:16
Switzerland Alzameister 
Nip has best aim? lul
2017-09-11 18:22
Malaysia byaIi 
group A looks more like group of death but B more like familiy show
2017-09-11 18:43
Turkey AtheismFTW 
rip ss
2017-09-11 18:16
World exeberia01 
ez for ss
2017-09-11 18:17
why did VP get an invite again, most of the teams from the qualifier would probably beat them
2017-09-11 18:17
Because people actually like to see them.
2017-09-11 18:25
Kuwait marrrwin 
fucking shit team gets invited to every csgo event then they bomb out in groups with shit results
2017-09-11 18:25
Maybe because they were in the grand final vs north ? Maybe owner of epicenter is also owner of vp ?Maybe because fanbase of VP is huge and this team attracts sponsors, fans etc? Just bear in mind forever that LAN are organized to make money.
2017-09-11 18:38
United Kingdom trtr098 
+1 but still sad to see this dying team being invited to every tournament.
2017-09-11 22:40
People forget that not that long ago vp were a top tier team, the only other one excepy astralis that were really contesting SK when they were still dominant. Theyre shit atm but their placings in previous iterations justify their invite. That's how its been in cs for a long time. There have been legend status teams at majors who didnt deserve the spot at the time. Its just part of the scene
2017-09-12 07:54
France Vipair 
The past is the past, vp is bad they shouldnt deserve an invite whatsoever
2017-09-12 09:52
United Kingdom trtr098 
Hasn't VP been bombing out every group stage since 2017? They only somehow did well in the Major
2017-09-12 12:30
And won DreamHack Las Vegas but ok
2017-09-12 12:45
Russia R0MkAcsgo 
The closed qualifiers will start on the 12th of June???
2017-09-11 18:17
L.K.S | 
Turkey xAiakos 
poor SS that group
2017-09-11 18:17
2017-09-11 18:17
Asia bossen1 
faze and nip in QUAL HAHAHAHAH!!!
2017-09-11 18:19
2017-09-14 22:32
Renegades get snubbed despite being top 2 teams in NA, bar the South Americans.
2017-09-11 18:18
12th of June ?
2017-09-11 18:18
ez nip
2017-09-11 18:19
>12th of June n1
2017-09-11 18:19
ez for imt
2017-09-11 18:20
Turkey haram123 
rlp space soldiers
2017-09-11 18:20
Germany Sabba1 
optic na wtf
2017-09-11 18:20
Myanmar xdavidlm 
optic na lul
2017-09-11 18:23
World $oft 
now KNG kill FNS
2017-09-11 18:25
You'll prove it or I'll kill you.
2017-09-11 18:30
Rip SpaceS
2017-09-11 18:27
Sorry for being lazy but.. i see 2 open spots but 3 regions, or are cis' best and europe's best playing a match for 1 spot?
2017-09-11 18:28
Slovakia SLAVak 
Best team/teams from this qualifier will get into the Wildcard qualifier. And from the Wildcard qualifier (which is a LAN) 2 teams will get into the event. It's really freaking complicated system to get into one event. It's almost like Major qualifiers.
2017-09-11 20:13
Turkey CamelotzZz 
Rip SS hahahahahaha ez
2017-09-11 18:29
so mousesports played for fun in the qualifier? they threw the match against ss
2017-09-11 18:29
no they lost fair and square.. its pretty dumb of epicenter to invite mouse who lost in the qualifiers. other teams deserve chances
2017-09-11 18:32
"other team deserve chances" mouse lost to ss in the finals what means 1.ss 2.mouse ss qualified mouse got invited
2017-09-12 15:42
ropz | 
Turkey eauchaud 
No but still loss is a loss...
2017-09-12 10:53
Ez 4 Optic
2017-09-11 18:30
Turkey talhagunes60 
group of death GROUP A EU
2017-09-11 18:30
EU qualifiers always fight to death
2017-09-11 22:40
rip ss
2017-09-11 18:31
Ukraine extezy10 
navi just win all games like 16-8.. f3 can win 1 map at all..
2017-09-11 18:31
Gotta love them making up a CIS qualifier just to give Na'Vi a 'free' spot to the tournament, fucking russians.
2017-09-11 18:31
2017-09-11 18:32
Spain Alser 
OpTic lets gooo
2017-09-11 18:32
Spain Alser 
wut double comment
2017-09-11 18:34
ez hacks
2017-09-11 19:03
3 Qualifiers (EU, CIS and NA) 2 Wildcard > In the end, only the best team from each qualifier will earn a spot at the Wildcard qualifier ??
2017-09-11 18:33
Greece hekzy 
Wildcard = the 3 teams that get qualified + other invited teams (probably aussies and asians).
2017-09-11 19:01
i.imgur.com/DYLnXZB.png Wildcard = Wildcard Qualifier. No more invites.
2017-09-11 19:04
Greece hekzy 
Maybe wildcard will be the 3 teams battling it out, and one going home? Looks weird af
2017-09-11 19:07
wildcard will have 4 teams, 1 from each region (3 in total) and 4th invited maybe
2017-09-11 20:05
1 is from china region which make 4 region. HLTV didn't even bother to explain anything about it.
2017-09-12 04:36
group a niko f0rest xantares tabsen
2017-09-11 18:35
lmao space soldiers, heroic and hellraisers invited + CIS qualifier xDD
2017-09-11 18:36
Turkey AtheismFTW 
ss not invited they came from open qualifier
2017-09-11 18:40
AM | 
spaces and hr won open qualifers. wtf mate
2017-09-11 18:40
How the fuck is Brazil in North America? Rigged IMO
2017-09-11 18:39
United States ItsImpact 
Because there is only NA leagues and EU leagues and Brazil isn't in Europe
2017-09-14 22:28
India nicebaitm8 
Should've added 16 teams to be honest. It is a major equivalent(in production values) with 1/2 prize pool.
2017-09-11 18:40
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
2017-09-11 18:46
Brazil Setrock 
Could anyone explain to me what a "wildcard qualifier" is?
2017-09-11 18:42
Turkey orox2 
Qualified teams from EU CIS and NA gonna play another qualifier to get last 2 spot.
2017-09-11 19:04
lucky that EPICENTER is owned by VP, otherwise they wouldn't get invite and no chance that they would pass online qual
2017-09-11 18:45
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
no invite for navi dafuq are u doin epicenter
2017-09-11 18:46
Turkey TheRustle 
Heroic is eliminated by a shit team (Binary Dragons) in open qualifiers and mouz is eliminated by SS in open qualifiers. Both of them gets invited to the close qualifier. What the fuck is the point of them being in openq then?
2017-09-11 18:47
s1mple | 
Ukraine st1ng7 
Opy HeMoTy
2017-09-11 18:55
Turkey orox2 
My kebab friends please stop crying like a bitch. If SS want to be solid t2 and a succesful team, they have to rekt this teams. Gud luck schutzstaffel
2017-09-11 19:02
fuck navi i wish f3 win the qualifier so electronic can have another memorable performance and is finally signed up to a better team #FREEELECTRONIC
2017-09-11 19:04
Poland zJe 
Space Soldiers eliminated Mousesports in qualifers but mousesports invited again? >Epicenter >Logic Pick one.
2017-09-11 19:04
Turkey TheRustle 
They deserve a spot for sure but wtf? This is just not cool.
2017-09-11 22:19
CeRq | 
Bulgaria CeRqTOP1 
2017-09-11 19:05
Easy for FaZe Clan
2017-09-11 19:06
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
OpTic on NA side LUL
2017-09-11 19:07
Turkey Mertcursed 
Never lucky space soldiers...
2017-09-11 19:10
Turkey anymor3 
ss eliminated mouz in qualifers but mouz invited again. fucking shit epicenter
2017-09-11 19:12
No nV? K
2017-09-11 19:13
tengri? did they not play open quali because of roster issues?
2017-09-11 19:16
Hahaha mouz invite LMAO fucking shit epicenter!
2017-09-11 19:16
Rip my soldiers :(
2017-09-11 19:16
Ss is there can you not be this dumb
2017-09-11 19:57
Optic=5 eu players So put them into EU qualifiers already ffs
2017-09-11 19:20
gob b | 
Germany Flexb0y 
I can't imagine BIG getting through, but lets see
2017-09-11 19:24
United States EmperorTrump 
Starix' team vs NaVi lmao this gonna be gud
2017-09-11 19:31
United States EmperorTrump 
This format is confusing. So 6 top teams from each closed q group will play against each other for 2 empty wildcard slots?
2017-09-11 19:38
Group A Natus Vincere Spirit Quantum Bellator Fire forZe That group kaef
2017-09-11 19:44
Brazil Charizaldo 
Hope IMT right their clocks
2017-09-11 20:10
mouse eliminete but still gets the invite LOL
2017-09-11 20:15
paz | 
Sweden daboxD 
2017-09-11 20:15
Good luck FlipSid3
2017-09-11 20:33
5 russian noobteams wtf
2017-09-11 20:49
India TYZ4 
Russian teams in CIS qualifiers What a surprise /s
2017-09-12 09:33
2017-09-12 12:13
Lol VP invited
2017-09-11 21:02
ez optic
2017-09-11 21:06
Belgium KenshinS 
plz stop inviting virtus blow ...
2017-09-11 21:32
confused 3 qualifiers 2 open spots can comeone enlighten me? are the winners of cis eu playing each other for the spot. and na winner gets the second?
2017-09-11 21:36
Turkey Kuyt11 
There are 4 regions. Eu cis na and china. Winner of them will advance to wildcard which only top 2 teams are able to compete in main event
2017-09-11 22:29
alright so this is basically closed qualifier for the 4 team qualifier? lol
2017-09-11 22:38
Turkey Kuyt11 
2017-09-11 23:29
k ty...pretty hard qualifiers...guess thats what happens when you give away free spots to vp and gambit.
2017-09-12 00:25
+1 and when you invite mousesports and heroic to the closed when they got eliminated in the open qualifier. Why did they even play the open lmao
2017-09-12 00:31
lollll didnt even know that, i mean they deserve more then flip or hr but still. I have no problem with the aforementioned teams playing in the tourney because they are decent but not invite worthy. make them go through a qual and invite navi and faze or something. That way we can drop the cis qual and make them go through eu. then make two from eu and two from na go to the wildcard qual. shit invites tbh. qualifier almost looks more exciting then the tourney its self. one spot going to na 1 to eu and 1 to cis na is going to be tough with optic, liquid, imt, and c9. eu also has faze, nip, ss, big, and mous..atleast those are who i think are the strongest looking right now.
2017-09-12 00:43
Turkey Kuyt11 
2017-09-12 12:22
Malaysia phyzell 
wildcard qualifiers or Bingo qualifiers?
2017-09-11 22:17
Zeus | 
Latvia shtx 
Why Faze were not invited to main even, if they appeared on that epicenter teaser video?
2017-09-11 22:51
Because EPICENT saw they look so bad with newlineup
2017-09-11 23:01
Optic in NA lol
2017-09-11 22:58
More like tier 1 EU and tier 2 "eu" qualifiers :)
2017-09-11 23:12
China ene1nz 
Spirit Academy >>> Spirit
2017-09-12 00:27
Brazil XEMBAO 
NA will be the toughest qualifier
2017-09-12 00:27
So we can't watch the close qualifier at all?
2017-09-12 04:46
Argentina ivanpb 
no gale force no party
2017-09-12 06:45
2017-09-12 08:01
f0rest | 
Russia XyetoN 
dis gon b gud
2017-09-12 09:29
Immortals will qualify. I think they're better than OpTic and Liquid online can lose to Ben's Anime Team. C9 so far have been having a bad stretch and I dont think they've had time to really sit down and just iron out their problems. Misfits, LG, and NRG aren't good as a whole, maybe upset potential but not qualify potential.
2017-09-12 12:49
Immortals in Russia hype!
2017-09-12 13:03
Ezier than shit for Na'Vi. They have ez group, They can get to semis, trust and remember this comment.
2017-09-14 09:11
Greece knk74 
2017-09-17 12:15
Sri Lanka ezfaze 
2017-09-17 18:02
ez in qualifers for inmortal/liquid and faze
2017-09-18 20:57
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