Teams for ESEA S26 MDL determined

ESEA has revealed the team list for the European, North American, and Australian divisions of its Mountain Dew League.

Scheduled to start on September 24, the Mountain Dew League will see teams from three different regions battle it out for the chance to attend the season finals, taking place at an as-yet-unannounced location.

After skipping a season, will be playing in MDL

As reported back in June, will be participating in the league, now that it will have direct promotion to the ESL Pro League Season 7. Joining the Polish side are the four teams who came from the Main league – eXtatus, MK, Crowns and passions – as well as 22 other squads.

Below you can find the full team list for ESEA Premier Season 26 Europe:

Poland Kinguin Turkey Space Soldiers
Finland VITALIS Europe Epsilon
CIS FlipSid3 Romania Nexus
Denmark North Academy France aAa
Sweden fnatic Academy Europe PENTA
Poland PRIDE Russia Spirit
Lithuania Playing Ducks Sweden Singularity
Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX Finland
Denmark Fragsters Kazakhstan Gambit
Slovakia eXtatus Bulgaria MK
Sweden Crowns Sweden passions
Romania Invictus Aquilas Lithuania CHAOS
Poland United Kingdom ESL UK winner
Poland ESL Poland winner

Just like in Europe, teams from the North America Main division, such as ex-Broken Alliance and Adaptation, have managed to grab spots in ESEA MDL after placing in the top four. Brazilian squad Gorilla Core, who placed first in the Open division, and Sam "⁠DaZeD⁠" Marine's team, GX, have also been invited to play in the league. 

The 24-team list for the North American region looks as follows:

United States L4Org United States ANTI ECO
United States Blight North America Beacon
Canada Torqued United States CLG Academy
United States Muffin Lightning Canada subtLe
United States Denial United States Nitrious
United States Mythic United States Naventic
Canada FRENCH CANADIANS United States Rudy's Players Club
United States Bushido Boyz United States Adaptation
Canada Rise Nation United States ex-Broken Alliance
United States LFAO Brazil Gorilla Core
United States Morior Invictus United States GX
United States Mask Off Argentina Gale Force

In Australia, 17 teams will be facing off, with the likes of Athletico, Chiefs, Grayhound and Kings being the most notable participants.

ESEA Premier Australia will see the following 17 teams in action:

Australia Athletico Australia AVANT
Australia Chiefs Australia Corvidae
Australia Dark Sided Australia Funkd
Australia SIN Australia Grayhound
Australia Kings Australia Legacy
Australia Masterminds Australia SYF
Australia Tainted Minds Australia Conspiracy
Australia Tyrant Australia seadoggs
Australia Noxide 

United States Sam 'DaZeD' Marine
Sam 'DaZeD' Marine
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
ez Gorilla Core
2017-09-12 23:50
Brazil Peluzin
ez pbf
2017-09-12 23:58
Virtus plow kek
2017-09-13 01:25
Latvia Faaakk
Virtus Premier LUL
2017-09-12 23:50
Virtus.Throw can they do it again?
2017-09-13 07:04
good teamlist
2017-09-12 23:50
2017-09-12 23:50
ez 4 F3
2017-09-12 23:51
Please dont... :(
2017-09-13 00:57
Chile furpU
ez swag
2017-09-12 23:50
2017-09-12 23:50
2017-09-12 23:52
Red Reserve ?
2017-09-12 23:52
2017-09-12 23:53
maikelelelele kick?
2017-09-13 00:23
yes lol
2017-09-13 00:34
Why was He kicked, some toxic attitude?
2017-09-13 05:51
Sweden fanofH
2017-09-13 06:09
Yes, nothing new.
2017-09-13 05:41
true of true
2017-09-13 05:52
VP to ESEA Main S27.
2017-09-12 23:53
2017-09-13 00:22
2017-09-13 03:38
A bunch of good teams in North America this season: Torqued, CLG.A, Muffin, Denial, Mythic, French Cdns, Bushido, ex-Robin, Rise, Obey, Gx, Maskoff, Gale. The only thing missing in NA are Tempo Storm.BR, however they need to go through Open first.
2017-09-12 23:56
United States HighFuel
>Good team >North America pick 1
2017-09-13 00:23
Of course I'm speaking in relative terms.
2017-09-13 00:30
nt fakeflag
2017-09-14 16:51
this season will have insane matches. I wanna see brax wrecking MDL
2017-09-13 00:32
this is fcking ridiculous to do with both Tempo rosters, being even worse with Tempo BR, these guys, even being kinda inconsistent they are sure on the level of Pro League teams and they dont even get invites to fcking Premier? There are some teams on that NA league list that take the game way way less serious than those guys, and some of them will probably even disband mid season. I sure wasn't expecting much coming from ESEA, but that shit is just sad
2017-09-13 01:17
Well, ESEA has an explicit rule on teams crossing over leagues (e.g., .br -> .us) and they've upheld the ruling. ESEA (not ESL) are pretty strict with their ruling, it's just instead of loopholes they do systematic changes to accomplish things.
2017-09-13 01:48
Ez Vp Gx and Chiefs
2017-09-12 23:53
gorilla core LUL
2017-09-12 23:53
United States ViKaLiBuR
The year where Virtus.Pro has to fight for a spot at the pro leagues... Major LUL.
2017-09-12 23:53
EZ for overrated Mythic
2017-09-12 23:53
Sweden 4Sweeeden
Virtus Premier LUL
2017-09-12 23:53
Azylu | 
New Zealand Azylu
lmao they expanded EU for VP
2017-09-12 23:53
2017-09-13 01:11
lmao they expanded EU for VP
2017-09-13 02:08
Portugal dascouves
2017-09-12 23:53
2017-09-12 23:53
Nice you got vitalis aAa chaos crowns and inviqtus But no binary dragons or outlaws .....
2017-09-12 23:54
vitalis placed 4th last season ?
2017-09-12 23:59
Ofc when no1 wanted to play
2017-09-13 00:02
Spain Alser
Virtus Premier's chance to become Virtus.Main
2017-09-12 23:56
Virtus.premier got this!
2017-09-12 23:56
if vp dont finish 1st they should disband xD only ss and gambit can take map from them even with their online performance
2017-09-12 23:56
i wouldn't be surprised,VP can lose even vs a roumaien team
2017-09-13 00:00
2017-09-13 00:01
They suck online so it would not be upset. Many of the teams are better online, vp will soon change
2017-09-13 06:05
2017-09-13 11:42
Half of these teams don't even have 5 players. WTF??
2017-09-12 23:56
Italy tyro1
virtus.premier 4Head
2017-09-12 23:57
ez for gale force
2017-09-13 00:01
Switzerland c12345
easy for GX
2017-09-13 00:02
EZ FOR GX EZ FOR TORQUED not so ez for virtus pro
2017-09-13 00:02
Luxembourg sanzc
ez for aAa
2017-09-13 00:12
I like it
2017-09-13 00:12
Yugoslavia houschwitz
finally league for TAZ & NEO skill lvl
2017-09-13 00:14
Brazil c0nt
2017-09-13 00:15
Brazil DiegoXPG
omg, this GX team is so good, letsgo see on the practice XD Gambit on Premier Europe? Keepo
2017-09-13 00:15
ESL UK winner :D nice to see, but.. LOL
2017-09-13 00:15
Turkey orox2
2017-09-13 00:16
to virtus premier haters: major winner is also here 4Head
2017-09-13 00:23
Argentina ivanpb
Yea and CHAOS is also here KKKKKK
2017-09-13 01:02
Argentina ivanpb
Yea and CHAOS is also here KKKKKK
2017-09-13 01:02
World Tenshi_R
Yea and Playing Ducks is also here KKKKKK
2017-09-13 06:15
ez for GoatTares
2017-09-13 00:24
Why dignitas dont play in any tournaments? Don't try to qualify for anything.
2017-09-13 00:24
They had to forfeit from the last ESEA Main season, don't know why.
2017-09-13 01:23
Asia BurjAlArab
yeah, i don't get it..
2017-09-13 03:24
Super curious on who the last polish team will be.
2017-09-13 00:25
Turkey onuRRRR
virtus.premier PogChamp
2017-09-13 00:25
space solder no league por? wtf
2017-09-13 04:03
Turkey onuRRRR
dont cry and remember twc2016 haHAA
2017-09-13 22:46
2017-09-14 03:26
Turkey onuRRRR
what about ?
2017-09-14 13:21
make virtus pro again
2017-09-13 00:31
Australia aucs
Tourqued vs gx will be good.
2017-09-13 00:32
so ez 4 gale force :D gorilla without Cogu will be so bad xD
2017-09-13 00:38
without cogu?????????
2017-09-13 01:23
Italy PiccanteCA
2017-09-13 00:39
GX first tournament HYPE
2017-09-13 00:40
iM | 
Romania AdryaaN
Romania having 2 teams for the first time, if I am not wrong. GL to both and of course to all teams.
2017-09-13 00:46
Argentina GonzaPines
Ez 4 gale force & gorilla core not so ez for virtus.premir lul
2017-09-13 00:47
vp finish in last place
2017-09-13 00:49
tempo storm?
2017-09-13 00:49
2017-09-13 01:23
Malaysia phyzell
Have 3 Poland teams, no Portugal nor Spanish and many other EU states. How did these teams qualified?
2017-09-13 00:52
Pride and Kinguin were in previous season, VP relegated from EPL4, and Ago (they will qualify from ESL polish championship) ez, they didnt had more spots, Poland just has a lot of tier 3 teams, while Spain or Portugal don't
2017-09-13 13:46
taz captain now so ezpz for virtus pro even if online just rush rush rush
2017-09-13 00:51
>gorilla core >brazil LUL
2017-09-13 00:55
wow , two lithuanian teams :O :D
2017-09-13 00:57
Argentina ivanpb
2017-09-13 01:04
2017-09-13 01:01
mika | 
Faroe Islands kLango
There is a clear rule in our league rules for this: "If a team moves from one ESEA League region to another, they must restart in the Open division. ESEA does not accept applications under any circumstances for any division and all teams are required to start in an Open division. If a team is found attempting to circumvent this policy, they will be automatically demoted to that region's Open division. League staff will review these situations on a case by cases basis." ://
2017-09-13 01:40
lew | 
Australia Smrfy
Fucking seadoggs...
2017-09-13 01:10
Lithuania Paulius_CS
I think VP will disband before this happens
2017-09-13 01:15
easiest event for dazed and co, mark my words
2017-09-13 01:22
Lithuania Paulius_CS
bro its 2017. Also who are Pollo and dapr. Well obviously some NA scrubs because this is the first time I hear of them
2017-09-13 01:24
Lithuania Paulius_CS
nvm they might win this because its NA premier. what I meant is they have no chance to make it out of tier 3
2017-09-13 01:27
meyern | 
Argentina angu
who else wants to see what Gale Force can do this s26?
2017-09-13 01:27
Sweden lagcats
rly hope that Singularity + passions does well
2017-09-13 01:33
2017-09-13 01:35
y self roast?
2017-09-13 02:39
Its not Virtus.Premier. Its Virtus.MDL. ESEA Premier doesnt exist anymore.
2017-09-13 13:16
Still self roast
2017-09-15 05:34
Virtus.Premier FeelsBadMan
2017-09-13 01:42
2017-09-13 02:38
17 teams in Australia Still no scene LUL
2017-09-13 02:41
Venezuela Kennedy^_^
ez 4 SA! go gale!
2017-09-13 02:41
VP to ESEA Main S27.
2017-09-13 03:38
United States y0rk
Torqued vs GX monkaS
2017-09-13 03:41
Tempo BR??????
2017-09-13 04:24
World Tenshi_R
well, maybe vp can win at least this
2017-09-13 06:19
Ez for eXtatus
2017-09-13 06:48
EU esea > NA esea
2017-09-13 06:48
Turkey orox2
eu esea > na epl
2017-09-13 07:10
ez 4 dazed
2017-09-13 07:00
Why everybody is saying about VP being in Premier but nobody is saying about Gambit being there even when they had Zeus on the roster?
2017-09-13 07:02
cuz gambits ping suck and they are known for being shit online
2017-09-13 09:20
and VP have been shit online for longer than gambit as a team have existed. people forget stuff too easily...
2017-09-13 13:17
yeah but gambit is utter shit ONLINE like wtf they lost to playing ducks or smthng (lithuanin team)
2017-09-13 17:21
Czech Republic Limacool
Ez for eXtatus!
2017-09-13 07:19
Invite Vitalis and iGame but no havu? What a joke.
2017-09-13 07:47
United States CHEESEY11
Sad to see VP fall down the ladder
2017-09-13 08:17
GL eXtatus .. i hope you will not get ban after you get through
2017-09-13 08:48
2017-09-13 08:56
Can't wait to see Torqed destroy Dazeds team
2017-09-13 09:03
Hold on, Gambit? Major winners in this league? lol
2017-09-13 09:22
eXt can make it
2017-09-13 11:31
And... where is EnVyUs Academy? Haven't they qualified through ECN?
2017-09-13 11:36
Virtus Main incoming
2017-09-13 16:37
Canada Sipr
ez 4 vp lel
2017-09-13 23:14
Poland Spanksss
every polish team gonna play in esea premier lmao
2017-09-14 12:40
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