Krefeld to host ROG Masters EMEA finals

Krefeld has been chosen as the host city for the ROG Masters Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Regional Finals, it has been announced.

The event will take place from October 12-15 at the TaKeTV studios, where eight teams will duke it out for two spots at the ROG Masters world finals, where $250,000 will be on offer.

HAVU, the winner of the online qualifier, are the only team confirmed so far for the event, with the remaining seven spots being filled through invites. 

TakeTV's studios will stage the ROG Masters EMEA Finals

Tickets for the EMA Regional Finals are free of charge and can be claimed by heading over to the competition's page on Eventbrite.

Only six teams will be in attendance at ROG Masters 2017, which will take place later this year at an as-yet unspecified location. TYLOO booked the first spot at the event after winning the China qualifier, with the other teams coming from EMEA (two), Asia Pacific (two) and the Americas (one).

2017-09-14 12:54
Nomad | 
Germany Gauleiter 
Gonna be gud
2017-09-14 12:55
Sweden ThorinEk 
2017-09-14 13:00
2017-09-14 12:54
France Static2k 
2017-09-14 12:54
Canada ryxze 
2017-09-14 12:54
tier 99 event
2017-09-14 12:55
Estonia teremartin 
you like play tier 100 xD
2017-09-14 13:21
tier 101 english xD
2017-09-14 13:23
Estonia teremartin 
again tier 102 english xD
2017-09-14 13:24
Serbia Removekebab13 
tier 102 fag xD
2017-09-14 18:41
Pakistan perth 
2017-09-14 12:55
s1mple | 
Russia SherB1 
2017-09-14 13:07
guess BIG should be invited for sure
2017-09-14 13:07
you should call it Europe only since no middle east nor north africa made it lul
2017-09-14 13:14
Having MENA play the same qualifier as EU is not fair, just compare the amount of LAN/Online events in both scenes, probably 1000x the amount.
2017-09-14 13:23
yeh , should have been MENA , countries in asia (india taiwan ect) had their own qualifers even tho they didnt have good teams
2017-09-14 14:04
Good choice, the atmosphere there is always nice, even without special events going on. I hope they'll invite some t3-t4 teams which are not completely unknown.
2017-09-14 13:25
2017-09-14 13:58
es3tag | 
Germany vipitis 
Wtf? This is the worst weekend, I have to give a presentation on the 14th and have my 18th birthday on the 15th.
2017-09-14 15:06
Serbia Removekebab13 
Post something online and get drunk with some strangers if you have no friends
2017-09-14 18:42
Malaysia phyzell 
250k offered, but is it hard cash?
2017-09-14 15:23
Turkey SG^^ 
Best choice, taketv LANs were always fun to watch in past
2017-09-14 15:41
2017-09-14 20:57
gob b | 
Germany Flexb0y 
Ok, when the teams from the middle east and africa are coming the players will try to get refugee papers asap
2017-09-14 17:17
Tunisia edgg 
nah they're already there
2017-09-15 15:15
free tickets lul
2017-09-14 17:43
Austria db42 
is it homestory cup like or actual tournament?
2017-09-14 18:41
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Ez for my boys at Havu <3
2017-09-15 08:33
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