ESL updates IEM qualifiers rules

ESL has announced that it has decided to update the rulebook for the IEM events regarding regional affiliation for teams.

With the new set of rules, which are already in effect for the qualifiers for IEM Oakland, teams are allowed to play in a qualifier outside of their own region provided that they have "valid reasons" to do so.

According to ESL, exceptions will be granted to teams without qualifiers in their home region, teams competing in other tournament(s) in a different region and who cannot make it back in time to take part in their region's qualifier, and teams who have moved to another region "for a prolonged time".

Teams can now request to partake in qualifiers in other regions

All teams willing to compete in a qualifier in a different region will need to contact ESL to make a request for an exception. Should they be granted one, then the respective region will be considered that team's home region for the entire event or until the conditions for the exception expire.

TYLOO are one of the teams who have been granted an exception as they have been allowed to compete in the qualifier in Europe, where they are currently bootcamping.

The open qualifiers in Europe and North America are already in full swing, with two spots in the closed stages up for grabs per region. In Asia, the qualifier, open to teams from the Eastern and the Southeastern regions, will kick off only on Saturday.

f0rest | 
Finland gaazer 
2017-09-20 01:47
United States verminkt 
great for asian scene but not in asia :D
2017-09-20 02:21
fer | 
Brazil _Spike_Br_ 
2017-09-20 01:48
fnx | 
United States MrFaZe 
2017-09-20 01:47
United States HajaX 
2017-09-20 01:47
GG for Optic
2017-09-20 01:47
Hungary subzera 
ez clg
2017-09-20 01:47
Portugal SouoCorreia 
oh shit
2017-09-20 01:48
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
very amazing
2017-09-20 01:48
United States vikingswine 
I actually like this
2017-09-20 01:48
Vietnam Oida 
This excludes Optic right?
2017-09-20 01:49
Malaysia phyzell 
Android phone system will get rebooted in 5 secs.
2017-09-20 01:50
Not really
2017-09-20 10:46
Sweden rh3ny 
GG OpTic
2017-09-20 01:51
United States BanU 
why would Tyloo even want to participate in the EU qualifiers? they're going to get rekt...
2017-09-20 01:53
Netherlands RichRamp 
Theyre bootcamping here to get better
2017-09-20 02:33
United States BanU 
yes I read that but I think their chances in Asia would be much much higher even with the ping problems
2017-09-20 02:37
Netherlands RichRamp 
They didnt qualify for malmo because of it :(
2017-09-20 03:13
Estonia swag420weed 
Their goal is to get better not to get easy qualifiers and then get rekt in tournament...
2017-09-20 12:33
Malaysia phyzell 
And it's not a cheap investment to get rekt. But would prefer to see them 'renting' a top European player to gain a secondary opinion for improving their tactics. Anyway, it's definitely a huge milestone for an Asia-based organisation.
2017-09-20 02:46
United States BanU 
yes I agree. I think some of the Asian teams have great potential as they obviously have individual skill. But they lack top-level strategy. Hiring a EU coach would do wonders to improve their playstyle.
2017-09-20 17:24
Inb4 all teams travelling to Asia rn for "bootcamp"
2017-09-20 02:07
India transformer 
true that, but some teams might clearly upset the travelling teams.
2017-09-20 02:47
United States Globebuster 
2017-09-20 02:26
United States KylieJenner 
2017-09-20 02:52
United States BanU 
LUL Optic smurfing in NA makes me laugh too. It's like a NBA player facing a high school player. Guaranteed playoffs for Optic.
2017-09-20 17:28
Good. Its good for teams that want to improve in other regions and not allow teams to travel just to play a qualify and then go back
2017-09-20 03:07
2017-09-20 03:28
why not
2017-09-20 08:48
Flash has easiest qualifiers of all time
2017-09-20 08:58
malta | 
Malta vfXy0 
is it good reason to play in asian qualifer if cannot qualify from eu?
2017-09-20 09:27
Denmark fm100 
Now Tyloo's example. That would be the most stupid move ever to try and qualify in a better region vs better teams. Then they definitely don't stand a chance
2017-09-20 09:59
France Telt 
They've got to try, it looks like a hard but efficient way for them to improve their level. I'm persuaded they have what it takes
2017-09-20 10:12
Denmark fm100 
Yeah definitely agree with they improve and get's better. But for this qualifier it just does not help Them very much
2017-09-20 11:13
World aagii247 
They won teams like sk man wtf
2017-09-20 19:06
United States BanU 
props to Tyloo for trying in EU instead of asia. But let's not kid ourselves. They're going to get rekt by even tier 4 eu.
2017-09-20 17:30
France Telt 
They surely unlikely to qualify but I still hope that they can surprise me :)
2017-09-20 21:47
France Telt 
They're... damn
2017-09-20 21:47
Denmark fm100 
I dont think i understand this. So example if G2 ( random) are bootcamping in LA. They can ask for getting in the NA qualifier or what?
2017-09-20 11:15
United States BanU 
according to the rules if they are there for an extended amount of time (or in Optic's case if the org is from that region even if the players don't live there)
2017-09-20 17:32
buster | 
China qwe8706 
but tyloo lose to TBA LUL
2017-09-20 11:36
2017-09-20 15:49
ropz | 
Turkey eauchaud 
Probably the reason why Despe got banned..
2017-09-20 19:47
zonic | 
Denmark KrynexCS 
That's pretty nice!
2017-09-20 21:10
what are Tyloo thinking? they dont stand any chance in EU qualifiers. just back to China No.1 lmao
2017-09-22 06:56
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