Nemiga to replace FONTAN at CIS Minor

Nemiga Gaming will replace FONTAN at the CIS Minor, the Belarusian team have revealed.

The announcement was made by Nemiga on, adding that PGL, the organisers of the CIS Minor, will release a statement on the matter on Friday.

In a VK postFONTAN confirmed that they will not be able to attend the Minor and claimed that Dmitry "⁠Ezzo⁠" Kosov failed to submit a scanned copy of his passport to the tournament organisers, resulting in the team's disqualification.

The Russian team had come under fire after it was revealed that at least two of their players have active bans for cheating on FACEIT. Spirit Academy, one of the teams who lost to FONTAN in the qualifier, filed a protest after the match, with CEVO promising that all disputes would be investigated.

CyberFocus' Nemiga will attend the CIS Minor

Nemiga had lost to FONTAN on three maps in the qualifier's 5th-6th place decider. The Minor will be the first of two international events for the team, who have also qualified for the WESG Europe & CIS Regional Finals via the Eastern Europe qualifier.

Meanwhile, a conversation involving Ezzo was leaked online. The FONTAN player confirms that his team used "soft cheats, for sure" in the qualifier, adding that he decided not to attend the Minor as he "did not want to ruin the dream of those who live to play the game." He also revealed that he never expected his teammates to actually want to compete at the Minor.

The CIS Minor will run from October 26-29 at the PGL studios, in Bucharest, with $50,000 and two spots at the Main Qualifier for ELEAGUE Major: Boston up for grabs. Below you can find the current team list for the event:

Russia Spirit Kazakhstan Tengri
Kazakhstan AVANGAR Ukraine pro100
Russia Quantum Bellator Fire CIS NOTBAD
Belarus Nemiga Russia Fantazeri
Russia Dmitry 'Ezzo' Kosov
Dmitry 'Ezzo' Kosov
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2017-10-13 00:56
Brunei br0ks
2017-10-13 00:56
2017-10-13 00:56
Brazil bandicoot
2017-10-13 00:56
Latvia Faaakk
2017-10-13 00:56
United States HajaX
thank the lord lul
2017-10-13 00:56
Who replaced who at what
2017-10-13 00:56
3 replies
Russia Sur10n
read!!! 0/8 btw
2017-10-13 01:01
Belarus ALBiNh0
me replacing ur dad at guess what?
2017-10-13 06:46
1 reply
2017-10-14 19:50
2017-10-13 00:56
they cryed enough i guess
2017-10-13 00:56
2017-10-13 00:56
2017-10-13 00:57
Ezzo taking dem lan dodges to a new level.
2017-10-13 00:57
1 reply
2017-10-13 01:26
Ukraine PeR4uk
bye bye FONTAN
2017-10-13 00:57
2017-10-13 00:57
United States MaceCS
2017-10-13 00:57
Syria Tdogg120
LUL typical russians.
2017-10-13 00:57
2 replies
Where the fuck did u get internet access in ur country?
2017-10-13 08:50
1 reply
Syria Tdogg120
??? Syria isn’t so bad my friend. ???
2017-10-13 19:51
Serbia Strumfleus
He also revealed that he never expected his teammates to actually want to compete at the Minor. k
2017-10-13 00:58
Cheating russians, classic MM
2017-10-13 00:58
2 replies
Netherlands YourT
2017-10-13 20:58
fxy0 | 
Europe almy
Classic MM where all countries cheating...
2017-10-14 02:29
FONTAN on LAN? i aren't think that
2017-10-13 00:58
2017-10-13 00:59
Russia Sur10n
fak u CEVO admins,worst platform and admins i ever saw in my life
2017-10-13 01:00
1 reply
+, but he show us how retarded is @CEVO to the checking cis
2017-10-13 16:49
2017-10-13 01:05
"did not want to ruin the dream of those who live to play the game." TOO LATE FOR THAT LUL
2017-10-13 01:10
Ezzo on LAN? I aren't think that xDDDDD
2017-10-13 01:11
shox | 
Bangladesh Ploxzz
Good Guy Ezzo
2017-10-13 01:14
why pic is so old here is the fresh
2017-10-13 01:15
shitty russians ruining the game and still cevo won't ban them HAHA
2017-10-13 01:19
1 reply
Netherlands YourT
ikr wtf
2017-10-13 20:59
Greece her-1g
He basically said "yeah i play with wallhack blyat but i do t want to go to the lan because i have to drink vodka with some kurwas. Let the the game idc"
2017-10-13 01:23
7 replies
lul do you honestly think russians drink vodka everyday? its stereotype, no more
2017-10-13 05:44
6 replies
ezzo, in particular, drinks only premium wine, whiskey and absinthe
2017-10-13 05:54
3 replies
zet | 
North America RosT-
hi, mr smoke 9
2017-10-13 06:30
and inchainz drinks sperm, ebu4iy pidoras
2017-10-13 11:17
1 reply
feed me some
2017-10-13 16:30
Netherlands YourT
LUL, u actually think that, have you seen russians drive :P
2017-10-13 21:00
1 reply
Im russian, but currently i live in NY
2017-10-15 08:03
CEVO is a fucking disgrace.
2017-10-13 01:27
Guys lets take a moment to thank ezzo for saving us so much trouble! Good guy!
2017-10-13 01:27
"soft cheats"
2017-10-13 01:36
1 reply
Russia grEminence
2017-10-13 03:19
2017-10-13 01:40
2017-10-13 01:45
Nice excuse to not get caught cheating? :)))
2017-10-13 02:07
what about all the other teams they played against? fuck them right lol pathetic
2017-10-13 02:14
2 replies
zet | 
North America RosT-
right in the pussy.
2017-10-13 06:30
Russia Bluemrr
Funny fact that Nemiga qualify to a minor 2nd time in a row, instead of a disqualified team. Big LUL
2017-10-13 14:28
2017-10-13 02:47
Nice flag, what does romania have to do with this
2017-10-13 05:00
1 reply
Greece knk74
2017-10-13 06:59
LUL And Cis minor ar Bucharest. Having all of the cities in CIS Double LUL
2017-10-13 05:03
1 reply
Bucharest is in Asia confirmed
2017-10-13 07:54
zet | 
North America RosT-
expected new jOELZ ezzo on lan? I arent think that
2017-10-13 06:32
Belarus Exotnik
It is such a disgrace for CEVO. They didn't react to any of the team's protests on time. Though these cheaters were the most obvious one could hope for. The whole community was furious, but no reaction followed. Now they just spat in the face of organizers, admitting the obvious cheating and STILL no reaction. CEVO? Are you kidding? Team should be banned, players should get lifetime bans, results should be overlooked. Otherwise we shall see tens of teams like that next time. And yes, CEVO should be burned to the ground and forgotten as a place to hold any decent events.
2017-10-13 08:33
CIS minor Bucharest lol pick one
2017-10-13 09:02
Fantazeri aren't gonna be there cause of visa issues as well as the team who are meant to be replacing them. 10/10 organising thanks Eleague and Valve !!!1!!!!!!11
2017-10-13 09:34
2 replies
sXe | 
Russia Duzzle
thanks PGL for CIS minor in European Union
2017-10-13 10:27
and WEPLAY, whom they defeated are not able to go to Romania as well. this minor is a pure joke
2017-10-13 11:19
At least we know for sure now that cheating is real in pro scene. GGWP!
2017-10-13 09:45
9 replies
Think about the fact that even with those cheats they would still lose to every tier2/1 team. Of course they are so *skilled* that they win vs cheaters ^^.
2017-10-13 10:41
6 replies
why would they lose to tier1 team with cheats? are u idiot?
2017-10-13 13:09
5 replies
Ignorance is bliss, in your little retarded world i bet it's perfectly fine to ask that, without being able to speak properly, in a language i learnt in less than 6 months 18 years ago.... But i won't complain, the average gamers being dumb as fuck mean i won't ever need to work again in my life.
2017-10-13 13:34
4 replies
Don't write stupid things then there will be no questions if you are an idiot or not. Of course they would beat tier1/2 teams without any problem. Do you realise that they are not some supreme mm players, but guys who are decent and playing this game for 5+ years? With wallhack they would easily beat top teams. They just lost to AVANGAR in purpose to make it look that they are clean.
2017-10-13 13:43
3 replies
The irony being that imho you are a mongoloid with an iq equating that of a flower pot, just going by your statement. Then again it was clear going from your first sentence, once you learn how shit goes in life you will realise the inadequacy of your belief in tier 1/2 teams being clean. Or maybe you live in a rosy tainted world where those *pros* , while risking nearly nothing compared to other sports, are clean despite their irl counterparts being juiced as fuck. But thank you for comforting me, my bread and butter is safe for another couple of year apparently. >>seriously, wallhacking....they were using soft cheat assistance to scout position and aimlocking at times to secure kills and important rounds. You prolly didn't even watch the game anyway. If it still was 1.6 ton of pros would have been banned just from demo reviews. edit: Honnestly speaking i don't even give a fuck if you reply or not. It's not like you could provide me anything wortwhile, anyone calling someone an idiot in a 1 liner sentence as a reply is a piece of shit in my book, especially if he types *are you idiot* with the grammar of a third grader.
2017-10-13 17:19
2 replies
ok I see, you are an idiot
2017-10-13 17:24
1 reply
Coming from a retard who can't judge shit i will take it backward, thanks for the compliment.
2017-10-13 17:27
fontan is not PRO random puggers. it was an open qualifier...cheating has always been rampant in open qualifiers.
2017-10-13 13:23
1 reply
I didn't mean that fontan is a pro team. I was trying to point that if some random russians or how you call them "puggers" have cheats that haven't been spotted yet (qualifiers), then some of pro players could have much expensive and that means more powerful cheats. Just a speculation, don't get me wrong on this one either.
2017-10-13 15:34
FaZeTaN Clan
2017-10-13 10:34
Germany BIG2020
"Soft Cheats" wtf
2017-10-13 12:00
No one even thought to disqualify these cheaters They withdrew from the tournament by themselves.. This is some next level idiocy SHAME ON YOU VALVE/ELEAGUE/PGL/CEVO
2017-10-13 12:03
2 replies
keep valve out of it...blame eleague...they chose trash cevo as partner instead of SLTV PGL is not even associated with this major
2017-10-13 13:24
1 reply
CIS and EU minors are hosted by PGL this year
2017-10-13 14:33
Russia DJFors
Disband CEVO, plz
2017-10-13 12:28
Why the fuck in Bucharest? LUL
2017-10-13 12:36
This fontan guys just got lotta money on themselves bets .
2017-10-13 12:44
2 replies
This was probably the only thing they were after, but greed seem to have gotten to their head seeing only one of their players actually went ahead to stop it. Think of what you can earn being a tier xxx team and being able to manipulate odds with turning on/playing like shit on purpose etc. Just don't bet a lot, use multi account/friends and family bank number and spread your bets on multiple sites. There is no way to get caugh and you can make a ton of money rapidly.
2017-10-13 13:39
1 reply
2017-10-13 14:28
ropz | 
Latvia `DinGo
2017-10-13 13:08
Ukraine crmax
2017-10-13 14:37
World Notb8ing
deserved :D
2017-10-13 15:54
the classic drama of cis minor qualifer.
2017-10-13 16:32
FONTAN best moments on qualifier:
2017-10-13 16:57
typical russians
2017-10-14 22:48
1 reply
World Tenshi_R
and now check EU minor cheaters everywhere :D
2017-10-16 03:28
Greece PentaGR
''He also revealed that he never expected his teammates to actually want to compete at the Minor'' noone would want to have a chance to compete at the biggest tournament of the year SURE
2017-10-17 12:59
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