GuardiaN: "It's more fun for me to play CS again"

Talking to Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács after his team's victory over North, the Slovakian sniper revealed that FaZe was restless on Mirage, which caused problems, but were overall confident in their map pool against the Danes.

A comeback on the T side of Mirage and a confidently closed out Inferno was how the second semi-final of ELEAGUE played out, with FaZe booking a date with Astralis in the playoffs.

The Slovakian enjoys the freedom he has in FaZe

After a series prolonged by technical difficulties, we chatted with a jolly Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, who said that FaZe were overzealous in the first map, but figured out stuff on Inferno where they won 16-10.

On Mirage against North, starting with your CT side, it looked a bit shaky, but you ended up winning in the end. How do you feel about how Mirage went, especially the CT side?

I don't really feel good about how we started because we were all, I would say, restless. We all wanted to do something and I think the whole CT side was chaotic and the T side was chaotic as well, but I think we showed a stronger game on the T side. The first map was really chaotic, we were creating some kind of chaos for ourselves.

There was fast information, a lot of information, useless information, overrotations and stuff like that. It was a bad game, Mirage was a very bad game for us, but it happens. We were waiting all day and maybe we got tired before we started the game, then a lot of waiting, pauses... I mean, that happens.

As you said, all the players wanted to create something, is that still an issue for you as a team? Having a lot of playmakers on the side, balancing that out, especially on the CT side?

It's not always like that, this particular Mirage map was that kind of stuff, that everyone wanted to do something and we didn't listen to karrigan a lot of times so I think we created it ourselves because we all know how North is playing Mirage. I mean, they play a very good Mirage T side so they know how to create the chaos on the map and that played a big role as well. I think it just started and everyone wanted to be the superstar to win the map and we just created the problems ourselves. But yeah, North played very well and we had some key moments that decided that we won Mirage.

In general, it sounds like you were pretty confident going into this matchup. How was the feeling, playing against North, considering all the results you had?

There are many factors, in term of skill and talent we are very confident against any team in the world, in terms of map picks I think it was very hard to pick which map they should play against us. Because I think Mirage, Overpass, and Inferno are our best maps and they had to choose Mirage or Train, but they chose Mirage.

It was a very hard matchup for them, because if we lose Mirage we still have Inferno and Train, and they don't really know how we play Train because we played only one online game against NiP. I think it would be a risky move for them to play the third map because they don't know anything about us and we knew a lot because we checked how they played Train. I think in term of the map pool we were the winners.

Tell me about Inferno then. From the outside, it seemed like you were in control for the most of the map, even though they got 10 rounds it didn't look that scary. How was it on the inside of the team, was it the same thing?

Inferno is the map that we are the most confident on and most comfortable, especially on T side, because we are confident to peek and play on contact and open the sites. Any of the players can do it. I mean, it was 5-1 when they won the key round, they won an eco with a saved AWP, when we did a long rush to A. We just failed, everyone went one by one, we got caught off... I think we were in control of the T side, I mean, we had a lot of tactics that we could use but we didn't use. The whole T side was more about duels.

Talking about you personally, on Inferno you had that one great round with AWP and you were playing pretty good in general. How does it feel for you, since you had an up and down period, the whole 2016 more or less with Na`Vi and now doing pretty good again?

For me it feels more like I don't have any pressure on my shoulders, I can do whatever I want and I know that my teammates will, even if I die without killing anyone, cover that mistake, or issue, or bad luck, or something. I always know that my teammates are behind me and I can freely feel the game and say "I want to go there". Like I did on the CT side against North now, I just said, "guys, I'll go banana through the molly and I will kill the guy". And I killed him. So I feel more open and because I'm more open and nobody is pressuring me from all the sides I can do whatever I want. It's more fun for me to play CS again.

In general, k0nfig has been playing very, very well, but in this series, we didn't see that much from him. What is your take on that, is there anything special you did to shut him down?

We don't do that kind of thing that we are shutting down some star fragger or something. I mean, I think Mirage was that close because k0nfig was getting a lot of opening kills, a lot of important kills and I think that on Mirage, he was showing that he is one of the best players in the world and that he has the skill, he is very smart I would say. At least myself, I consider him a smart player, and he is good at entry killing.

I think that is why they won nine rounds on T side against us, because k0nfig was doing his job. On Inferno, I think that we were just too strong on our T side in general, so it's not like he can do anything, like rush somewhere and kill everyone. I think if the team is getting crushed or beaten that hard on CT side, nobody can do anything. You can have exit frags but that doesn't change the fact that you are losing. I think that he played very good in general.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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2017-10-13 05:06
oh rly. didnt know winning was more fun than losing /s
2017-10-13 16:56
Faroe Islands Jones123 
This is what him and olof needed
2017-10-13 05:06
yeah either this or a wrist that could work in 2016
2017-10-13 05:22
2017-10-13 05:58
Czech Republic WhyAmIHere 
+1 :(
2017-10-13 18:30
Canada PwnNewb 
2017-10-13 06:06
just sounds like you're dumb af, olof was always good
2017-10-13 06:29
Switzerland Alzameister 
2016, k1o was better than olof
2017-10-13 12:27
another noob who doesn't know about olof's wrist pb in 2016
2017-10-13 12:32
Australia SUNSPY 
Yep, was a good topic on counter points, one of many great discussions in the latest episode which featured ZEWSGOD himself Happy for them, they're both in a good place and being happy makes their job a completely different experience. Great viewing have been loving it seeing vintage olof and vintage GuardiaN We are blessed :D
2017-10-13 05:29
I was about to tell you to fuck off calling them vintage but I look back at it and remember that 2014-15 was the prime era for basically all the top tier players, even though it’s only 2-3 years; the things that have changed have been changed drastically and a year itself is a long period of time on its own. Crazy to look back at all the good CS people were taking for granted.
2017-10-13 09:06
+1 Faker is right
2017-10-13 11:04
2017-10-13 05:35
United States Globebuster 
2017-10-13 05:06
France _TeeD 
FaZe will win Eleague for sure.
2017-10-13 05:08
2017-10-13 05:06
s1mple | 
Sweden Anders1 
2017-10-13 05:06
Russia AyvaN 
very fun )))
2017-10-13 05:06
NiKo | 
Denmark happyDane 
2017-10-13 05:06
United States ShadowScheme 
Because he is on a team that actually can win
2017-10-13 05:07
they said guardian was the problem lul
2017-10-13 05:08
2017-10-13 05:10
always fun when you win
2017-10-13 05:12
exactly. still inexcusable to not try his best in navi
2017-10-13 07:26
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo 
2017-10-13 08:22
Slovakia sanjuro 
he tried his best in 2015 and nothing from it
2017-10-13 08:58
Sweden New@ac@low@id 
faze fan checks out
2017-10-13 10:11
Slovakia sanjuro 
it hurts when faze fan is right
2017-10-13 15:04
Then ruin 2 Majors when whole team was playing great
2017-10-13 12:45
Slovakia sanjuro 
:D there was not a single tournament where more than 2 navi players played great
2017-10-13 15:03
there are not a single team then have 3 players playing great in a single tournament
2017-10-14 04:40
Brazil xpassw0rd 
Ofc now you're laughing at the NaVi noobs
2017-10-13 05:21
2017-10-13 05:25
Thank mr s1mple.
2017-10-13 05:28
I am tired of this monthly "i have motivation and fun again" Guardian interviews
2017-10-13 05:32
To be fair, he does at least look like he's having fun now under Karrigan.
2017-10-13 05:41
In Navi it was denial, in Faze it's a whole new era.
2017-10-13 06:43
Finland Smoonah 
probably just happy not on navi anymore LUL
2017-10-13 05:37
Malaysia byaIi 
or get kicked like allu
2017-10-13 09:42
godian <3
2017-10-13 05:39
Guardian twofaced toledo
2017-10-13 05:41
Sweden 1nc0g 
2017-10-13 05:53
not as fun as losing finals to Astralis
2017-10-13 06:02
Peru Xithus 
You were saying?
2017-10-14 09:16
Czech Republic MatthEWw_w 
Ez for lacoW
2017-10-13 06:03
Ladislav "Twofaced" Kovács
2017-10-13 06:27
flusha | 
Lithuania fbhx 
How is he twofaced?
2017-10-13 12:32
Maldives Derbyss 
ye how lol?
2017-10-13 17:01
Other VladimirLucas 
winning is fun
2017-10-13 06:28
I love how everyone wrote him off last year and now the same ppl are all over his nuts. The dude is no joke at anytime. Boy can play. When he speaks people should listen. Gj guardian
2017-10-13 06:54
Name checks out
2017-10-13 08:21
Denmark Xipingu 
2017-10-13 16:59
France cedd 
I'm not sure what ppl expected. dude was a god in CSS and in csgo for a whole decade. i knew hed come back
2017-10-13 08:28
Germany iXoxo 
ure damn right ma boy. got that white widow :D
2017-10-13 20:13
This guy is still a beast when he focuses on the game
2017-10-13 07:21
it's always fun when you're winning...
2017-10-13 07:25
Luxembourg alex24 
NAVI was a dead team anyways, and with toxic simple, anyone would play stressed glad for guardian he left that tier4 team
2017-10-13 07:29
United Kingdom badgesa 
Always S1mples fault isn't it... Not showing up to practice? Must be S1mple! Hardly playing cs before tourney? Must be S1mple!
2017-10-13 09:10
Luxembourg alex24 
simple AKA the team destroyer :) you are right sir
2017-10-13 09:21
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
when 3 different teams with s1mple have same issues, its their fault and not his?
2017-10-13 09:59
+1 a look at s1mple's track record clearly shows he's the problem he's a great fragger but a team destroyer nonetheless
2017-10-13 11:22
Serbia Removekebab13 
Now he cant even build a ukraine team with the f3 guys because everyone hates him there lol
2017-10-13 12:20
lol. he has really painted himself into a corner
2017-10-13 13:49
Denmark Xipingu 
Fanboys will always defend their idol. He did carry Liquid to a semifinal and a grand final, but that doesn't change the shitton of internal issues he caused as Hiko explained. The Na'Vi situation is a 100% no different with this cunt.
2017-10-13 17:01
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
Expected. Everything is fun when you win.
2017-10-13 07:35
k0nfig | 
Denmark Smert3N 
Preach :)
2017-10-13 13:13
message to toxic s1mple :D
2017-10-13 07:46
Malaysia byaIi 
2017-10-13 09:43
Ladislav the most Slavic name I've ever heard
2017-10-13 07:59
Malaysia byaIi 
2017-10-13 09:43
u wanna fight bro? where do u live bro? i will come right away bro. i will tear u up bro. get the fuck outta here bro!
2017-10-13 16:05
Malaysia byaIi 
you intellegent i am smart
2017-10-13 16:09
bro, one more word from u and i will be knocking on ur door.
2017-10-13 21:51
Serbia Removekebab13 
I would say vladimir
2017-10-13 12:21
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
how about vladislav
2017-10-13 15:04
Poland kick_michu 
heheeehhe NAFI
2017-10-13 08:21
Estonia rYm 
nice, happy he left the sinking shit called NaVi #FaZe - rank1
2017-10-13 09:09
2017-10-13 10:31
ofc its fun when u winning
2017-10-13 10:36
Navi is pressuring him? ok then
2017-10-13 10:45
s1mple said to guardiaN that if he doesn't get enough frags he'll TK him and take his AWP every round it was a lot of pressure
2017-10-13 11:25
Czech Republic stejn 
lol FatdiaN english lvl chaotic chaotic chaos, information information ....... :D :D
2017-10-13 11:07
*Fatdian's Nice english
2017-10-13 13:07
Czech Republic stejn 
mad FatdiaNs fan :D :D :D
2017-10-13 13:13
Why would i be mad? Faze top 1. You should be mad
2017-10-13 13:19
Fan of North what do you expect
2017-10-13 14:03
Key of Mirage map: When Guardian switch with Olof the awper role.
2017-10-13 12:27
ofcourse it is more fun to play when doesn't have a cancer (s1mple) in his team
2017-10-13 12:34
720 | 
World cl^ 
when you have a toxic player in your team is really hard to love the game. S1mple is one of the most skilled players in this game, individually but with his attitude he destroy teams. Not once, not twice, a lot of times/teams.
2017-10-13 12:44
+1 stole my words
2017-10-13 13:21
faze will win a couple of 200k tourneys and then start losing and dropping out of groups again in the major enjoy it while it lasts boyz
2017-10-13 12:51
why everyone is blaming s1mple instead seized and Edward????????????
2017-10-13 12:51
in another words s1mple destroyed navi
2017-10-13 13:09
Wp man, I know it's hard to play with that egoistic toxic kid simple,that's why you and whole navi were in the slump. Glad that you found your motivation again, you're one of the most iconic players in csgo, and you deserve to shine again !
2017-10-13 13:20
Netherlands AppelMoes 
It's always Karrigan who knows how to use the players.
2017-10-13 13:24
Karrigan is a legend man he is the only dane in the scene that have my respect
2017-10-13 13:39
lol what u got against all other players?
2017-10-13 15:02
idk man i think they are boring or something like that, btw they are great players but i don't like them
2017-10-13 16:44
ok I dont agree, but ppl are entitled to their own opinion.
2017-10-13 23:06
device eco farmer Gl1aive weird head konfig troll on twitter only dupreeh likable guy
2017-10-13 17:10
lol most logic reasons, but how about the rest?
2017-10-13 23:07
Well rest of FaZe need to listen to Karrigan most of the times at least or it could be chaotic again.
2017-10-13 13:32
ofc cs if funniest when u get carried and win 100%
2017-10-13 14:04
Bosnia and Herzegovina Stook 
Kviko the best
2017-10-13 14:51
Guardian knew NaVi will disband
2017-10-13 14:51
When you hear stars like Olof and Guardian saying they having fun and have motivation once more , its scary if you add to that Rain/Niko. Having fun and be motivated is the key for E-spots imo. Fun = when there are no internal issues and extreme whines etc rather than the opposite. Motivation = when again team is united, everyone tries for the best and you see results then you getting motivated to do as good as possible yourself. If this team stay with that principles, because is too early, will be number 1 soon.
2017-10-13 15:07
Yeah, they'll dominate for a good while, as long as they don't get complacent after their first couple of tournament ( major? ) wins .. They just have way too much firepower and starpower
2017-10-14 00:29
As long as they keep it cool with each other and wont start fighting each other in every mistake here and there theyll do fine. Having 5/5 star players can backfire at any time. A bad day or a wrong attitude can trigger shit situations out of nowhere since these kind of star players having a bit more ego than the usual. As long as they keep it that humble and let their ego aside , they can reach top for sure.
2017-10-14 00:44
+s1mple -karigan
2017-10-13 15:51
sh1tple destroys teams
2017-10-13 21:45
earning good enough money and playing shit yeee its what we call FUN
2017-10-13 16:35
Maldives Derbyss 
guardian second best rating and he is playing shit? xD mad hater
2017-10-13 17:04
Tunisia wotup_newfag 
quadchin "tripleface" kovacs
2017-10-13 16:35
NEO | 
Italy Vincenz0 
that 1v1 in the kitchen was prolly the worst 1v1 ive seen since pasha who couldn't kill the SK guy defusing the bomb 1st round nuke semi final major. terrible
2017-10-13 17:58
lover | 
Other Gala0 
Old faze would still beat liquid, North and these other teams incluiding astralis Didnt prove anything yet
2017-10-13 21:01
The same team that lost against FlipSid3? You tried
2017-10-14 00:22
lover | 
Other Gala0 
faze just had a bad major
2017-10-14 00:28
It doesn't matter if the old FaZe would've beaten those teams (which I highly doubt they even would've) they sure as hell wouldn't have done it in the same fashion This lineup is much better than the previous and they have already proven it, not even the saltiest kio/allu fan would disagree
2017-10-14 01:14
lover | 
Other Gala0 
it is not that is not better They just havnt achieved more yet to justify the change
2017-10-14 01:29
2017-10-13 21:15
nak | 
Brazil hAGGRAZ! 
Ladislav "twofaced" Toledo
2017-10-13 22:19
Czech Republic KLothbrok 
2017-10-15 12:41
"It's more fun for me to be winning again" Fixed.
2017-10-15 12:43
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