Miami Flamingos sign FiReMaNNN

Miami Flamingos have announced that they will not complete the signing of Bruno "BRUNO" Hernandez, with Javier "FiReMaNNN" Collado stepping into the team's active roster.

The move comes after the Peruvian athlete could not secure a US visa to join up with the rest of the team, forcing Miami Flamingos to find a new player.

Javier "FiReMaNNN" Collado, formerly of Hafnet, has inked a permanent deal with the Miami-based organisation after filling in for Bruno "BRUNO" Hernandez in recent weeks.

FiReMaNNN is ready for his new challenge

According to the squad's coach, Hugo "Rew4z" Cáceres, the 25-year-old Chilean player has been adapting really well to the roster, bringing a "fruitful relation" to Miami Flamingos.

"Coexistence [in the gaming house] has gone smootlhy," Cáceres said.

"Taking into account his adaptation to the squad, and the good environment within the team, we believe that we did not need to make player changes, and that a new player would delay the process too much given the little time we have had together in our Gaming House."

Here is how Miami Flamingos' roster looks with this addition:

Argentina Gabriel "1962" Sinopoli
Argentina Roberto "reversive" Themtham
Argentina Alejandro "otto" Mendive
Chile José "L!nKz^" Ortega
Chile Javier "FiReMaNNN" Collado

Argentina Hugo "Rew4z" Cáceres (coach)

Chile Javier 'FiReMaNNN' Collado
Javier 'FiReMaNNN' Collado
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Argentina Roberto 'reversive' Themtham
Roberto 'reversive' Themtham
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Argentina Alejandro 'otto' Mendive
Alejandro 'otto' Mendive
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Peru Bruno 'BRUNO' Hernandez
Bruno 'BRUNO' Hernandez
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Chile José 'L!nKz^' Ortega
José 'L!nKz^' Ortega
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Argentina Gabriel '1962' Sinopoli
Gabriel '1962' Sinopoli
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Norway Phancy11 
2017-10-18 19:45
2017-10-18 19:45
2017-10-18 19:45
lueg | 
Czech Republic Lueg 
he looks like xantares and colzera combined
2017-10-18 19:46
Denmark oskarsports 
sadly true lul
2017-10-18 20:38
Italy tyro1 
2017-10-18 19:46
Norway duffz00r 
2017-10-18 19:46
2017-10-18 20:27
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
ez tier2
2017-10-18 19:46
miami, is it better than your scene, what are you talking about? xd
2017-10-18 20:27
tier 2 is actually something good, dont know if was meant to troll or not but tier 2 teams are vp, nip, fnatic, liquid, cloud9 XD
2017-10-18 22:34
Luiquid is t1, c9 is 1,5
2017-10-19 00:23
1,5 kkkkk
2017-10-19 01:16
Faroe Islands Jones123 
Real shit?
2017-10-18 19:46
2017-10-18 19:46
Argentina roulettesoad 
Feel bad for Bruno, but Firemann is a beast #GoPechingos
2017-10-18 19:47
Uruguay Faq^v^ 
Ez 4 Roberto and 1962
2017-10-18 19:48
Germany iXoxo 
what t99 team?
2017-10-18 19:48
They are actually pretty good skillwise than gale force for example
2017-10-18 22:36
They ar gooder?
2017-10-19 00:24
i messed up my comment haha i meant they are pretty good skillwise, and better than gale force
2017-10-19 01:17
Argentina Clasor 
Well, at least they are not cheaters
2017-10-19 08:30
2017-10-19 17:21
Argentina luchinade 
#GoFlamingos #GoLatam
2017-10-18 19:50
2017-10-18 20:04
i know something: make a * for the news section too so that all the unimportant crap about tier5 fuckheads who nobody knows or cares about can disappear =)
2017-10-18 20:07
Liberia Tier 5 fuckheads >pick one
2017-10-18 20:15
denmakr brain >pick one
2017-10-18 20:27
denMAKR rofl still better than Shitberia who cares about this shit country?
2017-10-18 23:34
Can't even use meme arrows
2017-10-19 09:08
2017-10-18 20:15
Argentina ccritical 
It's working for me, can't see any Liberian scene news
2017-10-18 20:16
2017-10-19 00:04
Yeah, really SAVAGE lmao, are you a Jake Pauler or what?
2017-10-19 17:56
malta | 
Malta vfXy0 
No he is rip englando u blind?
2017-10-20 02:42
Liberia lul. Must be a fakeflagger because I don't even think there is internet in that shithole
2017-10-18 22:07
congrats, ur the first one of these little subhuman rats that guessed it right. my point stands tho.
2017-10-19 10:18
Chile budzerstoned 
wait wait... do you actually have good teams in USA?? asking cause i always see foreign people raping US teams in ESL :P
2017-10-20 00:53
2017-10-20 03:54
Argentina damik1ng 
Nice! GL!
2017-10-18 20:09
2017-10-18 20:26
2017-10-18 20:40
South American CS is on the way
2017-10-18 20:47
2017-10-18 20:52
2017-10-18 20:55
Argentina M4estre 
this was already knowk LUL
2017-10-18 21:02
He was a stand-in wachin
2017-10-18 22:37
Portugal Luisdiogoc 
2017-10-18 21:03
These guys are literally in ESEA open... Who cares about them?
2017-10-18 21:10
World germicuello 
They are in open, but can easily be premier.
2017-10-18 21:26
Debatable. My open team scrimmed them a few months back and went like 16-14 with them. I've never heard of their players nor are they insanely talented from what I could tell.
2017-10-18 22:30
World germicuello 
That's because they were playing on SA. They came to us a few months ago.
2017-10-19 02:49
Sweden Rec123 
They will be in premier in the next two/three months, mark my words :)
2017-10-20 04:03
Ex miami flamingos (now Gale Force) are making a decent run at Premier. This new roster is on their way to at least getting to premier as well. So yeah, it's worth mentioning imo.
2017-10-18 22:15
But why? I genuinely have never heard of these players, and I did follow the original Miami flamingos back withProxure and them so I am relatively familiar with up and comers in Argentina.
2017-10-18 22:33
They were the best players in SA, linkz and firemann played in hafnet with tio, rochet and some other player who i forgot his name XD Then Reversive and 1962 played together for a long time before they came to MF. They are a solid team with tons of raw skill, they almost beat Gale Force in the qualyfiers being their very first one that they played.
2017-10-18 22:39
Thanks for giving me a bit of their history, I'll be sure to pay more attention to their progression now. Good talking to you!
2017-10-18 22:42
np :)
2017-10-18 22:43
Chile Benjamin[BS] 
Firemann, Linkz and Proxure went to the WESG World Finals in China too :P
2017-10-18 22:54
Hmm, I must've forgotten... Regardless, very disappointing that Proxure never got his Visa taken care of. Imo he's more skilled than anyone on Gale Force
2017-10-18 22:57
Chile Benjamin[BS] 
If I am not mistaken, Proxure had problems with the visa because he has a child, having a child gives him more problems to travel to the USA i think., I also hope Proxure can compete again in NA.
2017-10-18 23:02
That kinda stinks for his career; I'm not sure of his age but I feel like he could've become a very good player if he moved to NA with Gale. Now, he'll likely have no chance to get his career moving.
2017-10-18 23:03
Chile Benjamin[BS] 
Yep :( , in addition , since he left flamingos he no longer plays as well as he used to.
2017-10-18 23:06
Rip :(
2017-10-18 23:13
Myanmar xdavidlm 
2017-10-18 21:25
What is the need for be toxic with SA teams? The same story was with SK and today they are tier 1 and much better than many NA and EU teams
2017-10-18 21:33
United States Phamous3k 
Just people being stupid hiding behind a computer.
2017-10-18 21:55
2017-10-18 23:18
What a worthful addition!
2017-10-18 21:45
Sweden Golden_shower 
one of the worst nicknames i've ever seen
2017-10-18 21:51
Sweden Rec123 
Why? Firemans are awesome (?
2017-10-20 04:05
United States TruthEmbargo 
soon BANANAMAN is joining
2017-10-18 21:54
French, Italian and German surnames on that team :)
2017-10-18 22:40
wtf? who cares LOL nice 3rd worlder here
2017-10-18 22:45
by now: more than 120 ;)
2017-10-18 22:46
nice comprehension m8
2017-10-18 22:48
i got your comment, i just said people seem to care about mflam since there are a lot of comments. I know you said "who cares (about their ancestries)" but since the "banana" insult has a racist connotation then i toldya they are mostly european.
2017-10-19 01:21
the only caucasian dude there is otto, and maybe 1962, but he's mixed (even tho italians are kinda sand nibbers) reversive is a negro, so are the chilean duo what are you talking about, dumb ass bitch?
2017-10-19 02:10
didnt say they were fully white, only that they have those ancestries
2017-10-19 08:15
the 90% of the latinamerican population has european ancestry, either directly or indirectly do you really think that spanish surnames aren't as european as german-dutch-italian (and so on) surnames? what's your point?
2017-10-19 14:06
My point is that they have both more european blood (or less nativeam) and from more sofisticated countries (speaking on a prejudice point of view) Also they most probably have direct ancestors and not some 10th generation mixed people. Add that up to the fact that 2 of those 3 argentinians are most probably 100% european aswell as 60~70% of all the argentinians
2017-10-19 16:55
>more sofisticated countries k then
2017-10-20 00:03
..."and from more sofisticated countries (speaking on a prejudice point of view)" do you even read? the whole immigration project in argentina was planned to bring german, french and british people but spaniards and italians came, thats what i mean by sofisticated
2017-10-20 00:59
>and from more sofisticated countries
2017-10-20 02:11
you seem to not be into reading and getting what people try to say
2017-10-20 02:13
I get what you're trying to say, it's just stupid also, nice english Xd XD
2017-10-20 02:14
if you dont have any arguments to backup what you are saying then i dont care.
2017-10-20 02:16
w/e boi
2017-10-20 02:51
World ZMDR 
wrong game
2017-10-19 00:27
I'm so used to see JonY's team as Miami Flamingos, checked the flags & saw no Mexican flag and I thought they replaced MarkE lol.
2017-10-18 21:55
Argentina chaoticcsnek 
that was months ago lol
2017-10-19 16:24
I know.
2017-10-19 16:31
Who cares
2017-10-18 22:00
Idk maybe argentina? Dumb
2017-10-18 23:17
Argentina is not real xdd
2017-10-18 23:23
rip faze no schance mah frend
2017-10-18 22:19
ZywOo | 
Chile siag 
HAHAAHAAHA finally someone took this new with humour!
2017-10-18 22:26
2017-10-18 22:24
rain | 
Colombia nezzy_s 
fireman is a fucking god :)
2017-10-18 22:35
China ene1nz 
Can he speak argentinian?
2017-10-18 22:37
argentinian is a pretty tough language, i dont think so
2017-10-18 22:42
Chile Benjamin[BS] 
He speaks Chilean Spanish,he can speak in any language he wants
2017-10-18 22:55
Paraguay lel0x 
La wea qlao xuxa uwyeuw?
2017-10-18 23:30
naaa po weon reql puta que eri la raja ctm
2017-10-19 01:13
Chile Benjamin[BS] 
No me vengan a hacerse los choros sapos qliaos
2017-10-19 01:43
saco e wea mapuche jil ql ijo e la deisi DDxxDXD biba chile po arjensimio
2017-10-19 02:07
Chile Cristoff 
Jajajajaja tengo ataque de risa
2017-10-19 02:31
uvbuwevwebwve onyetubwebwe po weon ossas
2017-10-19 08:17
puta que se te pega el acento po fui 3 dias hace 2 años y algnos chilenos que conoci despues se la creian caleta po wn ql
2017-10-19 08:17
Argentina kletus 
A like this roster, its so aggressive ! Good Luck =D
2017-10-18 22:41
Mexico romoresp 
gl hope they get and invite for WCA 2017 NA Finals
2017-10-18 23:10
Argentina juanme555RIP 
Honestly -Otto +juanme555
2017-10-18 23:13
zAAz | 
Chile Drimzito 
Good work Javier <3 this team is the dream of Latin America, so I hope they know how to bring the dreams of all LAS players and reach the highest for us. I have faith to my compatriots and neighbors, good luck MF!
2017-10-18 23:53
Sweden Rec123 
I feel that the best shoot for a super spanish Latinamerican team is if they pick the best players from Chile and Argentina. Linkz seems better than jonyboy with the awp, idk the others, but Linkz is an ez choice for me.
2017-10-20 04:10
Argentina resolutioNN 
GL for Miami Flamingos ez premier.
2017-10-19 00:19
Argentina Bombtrack 
gl flamingos easy road to premier
2017-10-19 00:34
Chile nachooww 
2017-10-19 01:22
Chile drogen 
que bueno por el gaming latinoamericano :D
2017-10-19 01:40
as always argentinians helping latinoamericans so they can evolve, and yet they get to hate and insult us haha, we're way too generous gl
2017-10-19 02:04
Gl, its a shame for bruno but fireman did a really good job, he deserves it too
2017-10-19 02:09
Bruno is a beast, sad that he won't be able to make it, but Firemann has proven to be a pretty good consistent player so nothing really lost here, GL!
2017-10-19 03:24
Bruno is a beast, sad that he won't be able to make it, but Firemann has proven to be a pretty good consistent player so nothing really lost here, GL!
2017-10-19 03:24
GL boluditos
2017-10-19 04:16
2017-10-19 12:06
shrek | 
United States shrek1 
Bruno is really good sucks
2017-10-19 14:00
Venezuela Kennedy^_^ 
2017-10-19 18:23
gl guys
2017-10-20 02:17
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