Rise Nation round out DreamHack Winter team list

Rise Nation won the final match of the North American qualifier for DreamHack Winter, 2-0, against Ghost, and claim the last spot at the tournament in Sweden.

Ghost was the first team to make it to the DreamHack Winter North America Qualifier final winning one map of the best of three semifinal, as they had forfeited the first due to internet issues and GX forfeited the decider to play an ESEA MDL match.

The second team to make the grand final was Rise Nation who took out Complexity in-extremis by winning the last five rounds of the decider map in a row in their semifinal for a 16-14 victory in the third map.

Jonji & co. will compete at Elmia this December

Rise Nation jumped quick out of the gate with an early lead on Train and a dominant start to the best-of-three, although Ghost, on the attacking side, didn’t let the Canadian side run away with the half, trailing by just one at the half.

Ghost took the second pistol round, but it was in vain as Rise Nation stomped their opposition on the terrorist side and took the half without a hitch to pocket the first map of the series, 16-10.

Nuke started out with Rise Nation once again taking a big lead early on in the CT side, which they kept all the way to the half, giving up but two rounds before the switch. After winning the second pistol round, Rise Nation gave up the anti-eco, losing a couple rounds, but ultimately closed the map out 16-4 to qualify for DreamHack Winter.

 Ghost K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
United States Ronnie 'ryx' Bylickiryx 36 - 35 +1 87.0 1.08
Canada Connor 'CONNOR93' GloverCONNOR93 31 - 36 -5 72.3 0.94
United States Sebastian 'seb' Buckiseb 26 - 39 -13 61.6 0.78
United States Collin 'wrath' McSweeganwrath 21 - 38 -17 54.8 0.69
Canada Matthew 'WARDELL' YuWARDELL 22 - 37 -15 54.1 0.65
 Rise Nation K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Canada Kaleb 'moose' Jaynemoose 51 - 23 +28 95.2 1.63
United States Will 'dazzLe' LoafmandazzLe 42 - 30 +12 101.2 1.38
Canada Andy 'vSa' XuvSa 39 - 25 +14 91.8 1.36
United States Brandon 'Ace' WinnAce 28 - 27 +1 58.9 1.04
Canada Jonathan 'Jonji' CareyJonji 25 - 31 -6 75.2 0.92

With this result, the team lists for DreamHack Winter is:

France Envy Kazakhstan Gambit
Denmark Heroic Europe mousesports
Ukraine Natus Vincere Germany BIG
Denmark North Academy Canada Rise Nation
2017-11-13 06:31
United States cananigfrag 
expected tbh
2017-11-13 06:31
Europe qwertaaz 
Fuck that's so dope. Congrats to them!
2017-11-13 06:31
Wrath in ghost?
2017-11-13 06:31
Stand in
2017-11-13 20:12
Weren't rogue in the qualifier too with out him
2017-11-13 20:17
Yea i think so. It was strange
2017-11-13 20:24
India nicebaitm8 
good exposure.
2017-11-13 06:31
strize | 
Canada DiiSCO 
India CS lul
2017-11-13 06:36
India nicebaitm8 
Idiot I appreciated them that it is a good platform to prove themselves and you are invoking India CS out of no where.
2017-11-13 06:37
strize | 
Canada DiiSCO 
xd same
2017-11-13 06:49
United States ThetaSigma11 
This response has me dying lmao
2017-11-13 07:01
Canada LongBaguette 
Thank you, come again.
2017-11-13 07:17
Can you fix my interwebs?
2017-11-13 10:17
Again I like how there are zero swedish team in a swedish tournament.........While there are 2 danish :P
2017-11-13 07:01
Canada lame^ 
moddiis there
2017-11-13 07:05
xD yeah thats not enough :)
2017-11-13 07:12
More than half of the players in NA pro league are not from NA. The two teams topping the leaderboards in NA are not from NA. The best team in NA is not from NA. The best player in NA is not from NA. Sweden had glory days. NA never did.
2017-11-13 07:37
And what does this have to do with anything i said above? Just because Sweden might have stopped being the best cs nation in the world does not mean that they cant have a Swedish team in a Swedish tournament.
2017-11-13 08:36
Its a tier 2 even,which should actually be perfect for nip/fnatic/godsent to attend...but they are proud.they wont attend small events.
2017-11-13 10:39
Dude there is so many more swedish teams then the ones you just mentioned. Such as epsilon passions and team 5.
2017-11-13 11:15
they are too bad to be invited directly,im sure they tried to qualify. Also DH winter is a DOTA 2 Major this time....
2017-11-13 11:48
Wow but still i mean if NIP, fnatic or godsent attended they would have a good chance to win especially if they have the backing of the swedish crowd
2017-11-13 15:31
They tried to qualify and lost. Fnatic were invited but declined. There was a swed team but they bailed. Be mad at them not the turny.
2017-11-13 20:14
Brazil nomurway 
2017-11-13 07:09
envy t2, gambit t2 ,mouz t2 ,heroic t2 ,navi t2, big t3 ,na t5 ,rise t4. its t3 event
2017-11-13 07:12
gambit t1 and big t2,na tier 3.Lol
2017-11-13 07:21
gambot loosing in premier i wont say them t1 now look at big last performance .. they t3 now
2017-11-13 08:06
Gambit always suck online,always they toggle on lan.exception their choke on epicenter,but since VP beat also faze/g2 and almost sk doesnt matter
2017-11-13 12:02
If you take average of all tiers, you will get tier 2 event ,stupid isis monkey gtfo
2017-11-13 07:59
Australia mitch_ 
to go and play A FUCKING MDL MATCH LOL
2017-11-13 07:28
That match was really important since they were 9-6 and you need at least 10-6 to make playoffs.
2017-11-13 07:38
Actually they still made playoffs at 9-7. I think they just couldn't take a FFL and make the playoffs.
2017-11-13 14:35
Yup. They were time constrained and it just worked out this way. Gx should be there.
2017-11-13 20:16
I feel like they could have worked around it. Rather they would have got the W vs Ghost or not who knows. They def looked pretty ruff for their MDL match. They played a lot of CS yesterday.
2017-11-14 04:11
crazy amount of matches
2017-11-14 04:32
Iceland caverat 
is here a t2 event?
2017-11-13 07:39
Canada > USA
2017-11-13 07:44
k0nfig | 
Denmark strogie 
Much even teams gonna be a good event :)
2017-11-13 08:25
Luxembourg alex24 
tier3 event with tier3 teams like navi, envy, gambit and mouz RIP DHW, it will forever be my favourite LAN event, i went to DHW in 2006, it was so cool
2017-11-13 09:24
Norway Mickey Mouse 
Back then it was the absolute bestest lan!
2017-11-13 09:49
Dh since 2016 is shit
2017-11-13 11:25
Luxembourg alex24 
this was the best event wiki.teamliquid.net/counterstrike/DreamH.. last DH event i was.. cluj2015.. the production and stage were good, but the romanian crowd wasn`t as hyped as cologne2015 actually after cluj2015 i stopped traveling to CS events, and i think i will never do it again 2015 was the last great year for CS.. since then, its not worth to invest in this game... either attending events, or buying stuff ingame
2017-11-13 14:16
finally smart reply. you are totally right, 2015 was last good year for cs.
2017-11-13 19:05
Not true. Yes the scene changed but it kinda had too. It was spread way to thin. It was cool to see so many lans but it broke the scene. 2015 was a great year to watch. I do agree with u the production was better then which is strange.
2017-11-13 20:18
Luxembourg alex24 
i attended 5 CS events from 2005 to 2015 last two were cologne2015 and cluj2015 nuff said 2015 was the peak year of cs:go, since then its all going down hill last night i played some war games, cheaters with just installed cs:go everywhere, and not those suspicious cheaters, but blatant spinners with name changing cheaters steam and cs:go is so hack-able these days, i-ve seen so many crappy cheats, just last night: - cheats for getting max commends - cheats for having 400hrs of playtime in the past 2 weeks - name changing hax, so you can`t kick him - bhop hax - wh and aim of course until valve steps up and cleans all the hax, this game will slowly die, starting with the scene, and i`m not using the meme
2017-11-14 06:55
Yea mm is broken. Esea or faceit only
2017-11-14 18:49
Faroe Islands shubaNNN 
wasted spot
2017-11-13 09:36
so stupid with the forfeits, GX should be there
2017-11-13 09:46
Russia t0nyk1ng 
navi vs gambit grand final xd navi in 2k17 lul
2017-11-13 10:57
Denmark Xipingu 
Inb4 North.A and Rise Nation beats Na’Vi :D
2017-11-13 11:10
Denmark fm100 
Happy for both teams. But lets see what they can do on lan
2017-11-13 11:12
France Gugus_Patacus 
Rise did decently good at the MDL finals
2017-11-13 11:56
Denmark fm100 
They did indeed
2017-11-13 11:57
France Gugus_Patacus 
I mean obviously it would be a big surprise if both NA and Rise don't end up both 7-8th, but this is gonna be entertaining for sure and they can upset some teams imo
2017-11-13 11:58
Denmark fm100 
Yeah true. North Academy looked amazing yesterday. And if they play like yesterday they could actually do some damage!
2017-11-13 12:00
France Gugus_Patacus 
Yeah, they look so much better since the roster changes. b0rup keeps impressing me aswell
2017-11-13 12:02
Denmark fm100 
Yep and they play much better togheter than lomme and glace. Mertz and b0rup plays so well of each other its beautiful to watch
2017-11-13 12:04
France Gugus_Patacus 
Yeah I know right. Bright future ahead of them if they keep improving.
2017-11-13 12:04
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
Aw. Didn't realize GX ended up forfeiting. Wish they did something on cobble.
2017-11-13 12:02
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
Aw. Didn't realize GX ended up forfeiting. Wish they did something on cobble.
2017-11-13 12:02
wow gz rise
2017-11-13 12:03
Gl rise
2017-11-13 12:53
If they play gambit in groups LUL this tournament was too ez for LANbit
2017-11-13 15:01
2Ez 4 god wardell aka best na awp 2k17
2017-11-14 05:53
United States Rambeard 
Happy for them, go Rise!
2017-11-14 07:55
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