draken: "We have all the right bits, we just need to find the balance"

NiP currently hold the first place in Group A at IEM Oakland, we talked to draken to get his thoughts about how his team is playing.

NiP's day has started out well, sweeping Cloud9 and TheMongolz to top Group A ahead of their final match against Envy.

NiP hope to skip the quarterfinals and go straight to the Oracle Arena

In the interview, William "draken" Sundin talks about expectations before the event, the keys to the play that has allowed them to positively surprise in Oakland, and what they hope to achieve in the Golden State.

Coming into the tournament, we've now seen you are solid, even topping the group at the moment, but coming into it what were your expectations? Did you think you'd be this solid?

Yeah, I think so. I had a good feeling about this event because we've been practicing so much, bootcamping a lot, and our new mental coach is really helping us a lot with routines and really being a team, getting good food, exercising, having a daily schedule... and we're putting a lot of work into CS so I kind of expected us to at least do well here. It was expected but it's great and it's a relief when it actually happens.

How important was it for you to play well here after having some rough qualifiers, missing the Minor, etc.?

It's important to play well, but even if we lost we would have to go home and work harder and get ready for the next event. There are so many events and so much competitiveness, you just have to go home and work on it, take the positives, and move forward. Of course, it would have sucked if we didn't make it out of groups. I think we're through at this point, and it would have sucked if we didn't make it, but in the end you just have to keep your head up and put in the work.

You've been playing for a while now as a team, but how has the team evolved, Particularly regarding the balance of experience and youth?

I think now we play more off of our instincts, at least me and REZ, when we get into our comfort zones. We go with the first play that comes up in our heads and we work from there. That provides space for the other guys in the team. We have diversity with experience, aggressiveness, and raw aim power. So I think we have all the right bits, we just have to find the right balance which is always hard but I think we're getting there.

Now that you've kicked off the tournament on the right foot, what are your expectations moving forward, and what were they coming in before the group stage?

We expected to maybe get out of the groups, but our goal is always to win. Now I think we have a solid chance to make it straight to the semifinal and even the finals if we can keep it up and just play our game and not focus so much on the other teams because that's what we do sometimes. We fall into slumps and think too much about this and that and we should just, as I said earlier, especially REZ and me, go for the instinct plays. When we get in that zone I think we're a really solid team.

About the Cloud9 match, did you think you were going to get out of it as easily as you did or were you expecting more opposition since Cloud9 looked good yesterday and in recent events?

We thought we would play Cache or Train, so actually, we were happily surprised when it ended up being Overpass because it has been one of our best maps so far. We lost the pistol with Stewie2K getting that quad kill which two months ago we would have probably not even recovered from, but now we just work and take the positive things out of every round. I think we're confident in the fact that if we keep this mindset we can take the next round and focus and put up a good fight. I didn't expect it to go 16-4, it was kind of a stomp, I thought it would be a bit closer, but I was pretty sure we could win that match, especially on Overpass.

And now moving on to EnVyUs, what are your thoughts on that matchup?

EnVyUs should be a good game. Now we don't have pressure so we can just go in and play our own game. Even though we don't feel any pressure because it's the last game and we're through we're still going to keep up the same exact mentality as if we could go out of the groups if we lost. It'll be relaxed but we still need to be really focused.

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William 'draken' Sundin
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REZ | 
Norway J3nga 
2017-11-15 22:54
Sweden bbq2213 
fuck you
2017-11-15 22:54
no u
2017-11-15 22:55
Sweden bbq2213 
rude. reported
2017-11-15 22:55
Sweden ConfusingMaze 
reported. reporting people, very rude, not ok.
2017-11-15 22:59
Reported for reporting people for reporting other people
2017-11-17 07:11
Sweden bbq2213 
2017-11-15 22:54
Ninjas Noba #1 /Closed
2017-11-15 22:55
NIP <3
2017-11-15 22:54
Sweden Rexz 
2017-11-15 22:54
Korea f1are187 
Yes! NiP takin' again to Oakland!
2017-11-16 17:54
France iwasthelegend 
2017-11-15 22:54
Sweden R4GG3 
2017-11-16 08:54
2017-11-17 06:44
Sweden sounDyGOD 
2017-11-15 22:55
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
thats what nip always told
2017-11-15 22:55
+dennis = balance
2017-11-15 22:55
Sweden werkaster 
-Xizt or what are you thinking?
2017-11-18 12:58
France meF1 
nip xD
2017-11-15 22:55
United Kingdom sawdust 
2017-11-15 22:55
Netherlands Nielsfalko 
lets go nip
2017-11-15 22:55
Yeah yeah yeah we already heard it stfu you wont be #1.
2017-11-15 22:55
hahaha you disappeared, I thought something happened to you because if nip lost you will be the first one to reply with your bullshit comments, like WTF where do you read "WE WILL BE TOP 1",
2017-11-15 23:04
I dissapeared? oh OK No I am not but what ever you ignorant NiP fanboy. hltv.org/news/21383/draken-i-think-we-ha..
2017-11-15 23:06
two days ago, you said that they are wasted spot, and don't deserve invites, what happened?
2017-11-15 23:15
No I didnt. I explained why the thread creator thinks like that. Stay ignorant ignorant NiP fanboy.
2017-11-15 23:16
Nip still won more trophies than All German teams combined :)))))))
2017-11-16 00:14
uhm ok?
2017-11-16 00:15
Stop crying you german imbecill ;)
2017-11-16 09:20
I am not crying you NiP fanboy.
2017-11-16 11:41
Europe Donzii 
mad fnatic fanboy
2017-11-15 23:06
mad NiP fanboy
2017-11-15 23:07
Europe Donzii 
2017-11-15 23:07
Sweden Weedish 
What kind of problem do you have :D hahaha NiP <3
2017-11-16 12:39
NiP fanboys
2017-11-16 13:06
Sweden Weedish 
2017-11-19 20:38
Sweden All_Day 
Haha Mister Crybaby is crying.
2017-11-16 11:28
Sweden werkaster 
Yeah :( Such a Swedish interview, fair, leveled and the same quotes as always. Draken has the hair to be a lot cooler than this, maybe throw some insults around and be a little toxic. They could very well win this tournament, though, I think it's more likely than not actually as everyone else's playing so badly. But yeah, no constant number #1 spot as long as Xizt, and maybe GTR, is on the team. Another alternative would be to put GTR as IGL and replace Xizt with Dennis or Twist, and hope GTR can reinvent himself once again, but we can't wait forever.
2017-11-18 13:03
This is a pretty nice comment, thank you for your thoughts, i agree with most of it!
2017-11-18 15:36
Finland sw0gger3 
the balance, so he means he needs to become a grey jedi
2017-11-15 22:55
2017-11-15 22:55
2017-11-15 22:56
2017-11-15 22:58
f0rest | 
Slovakia Zworx 
2017-11-15 22:59
2017-11-15 23:08
Russia USUAL 
Draken looks so fucking funny in this glasses
2017-11-15 23:14
''hey my name is draken i need to tell hltv something'' idiotism
2017-11-15 23:17
So glad they're performing somewhat decently again. It was saddening to see the brand, forest and get right going out early/not qualifying.
2017-11-15 23:42
2017-11-17 13:40
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
2017-11-16 00:34
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
Go Ninjas
2017-11-16 00:34
Sweden kallespann 
draken looks like some toussaint carachter from witcher 3
2017-11-16 01:23
Sweden Weedish 
2017-11-16 12:35
LUL draken LUL in LUL 2017 LUL thinking LUL he LUL is LUL good LUL player LUL
2017-11-16 12:38
Sweden Weedish 
cryforfree brazilian! :D
2017-11-16 12:40
African Union ArisA 
They just need to find skill.
2017-11-16 22:33
They just won their group before teams as Astralis, SK etc. How could they do that without skill?
2017-11-17 13:17
African Union ArisA 
Astralis played with zonic, and SK lost a match on purpose to get Astraliis out of groups.
2017-11-17 17:35
+1 at least some ppl with brains on this site
2017-11-18 12:05
Still almost won against SK (just choked) and beat ALL the rest. Why didnt Astralis beat them all when Device was back? Then they should’ve had the same points as NiP. Maybe they should go home looking for some skill.
2017-11-18 21:04
draken draken, do i really have to pop your pink balloon you're in right now? lemme give you my tissues for this event, u'll need it so it seems
2017-11-18 12:04
Uzbekistan d0N1NjA 
2017-11-18 13:18
2017-11-18 15:20
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