mixwell: "We just have to fight to see how far we can go"

After a thrilling 16-14 victory over G2, which qualified OpTic to the IEM Oakland quarterfinals, we caught up with mixwell to hear his thoughts about how his team is fairing.

OpTic will face SK in the first IEM Oakland quarterfinal at the ESL Studios in Burbank on day three of the tournament. The European mix were the last team to qualify after beating G2 in-extremis in the last match of the group stage.

OpTic uncertain of how they will fare against SK

Going back to the inception of the team, Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas runs us through OpTic's progression in both the season as well as this particular tournament, and where he believes the team currently stands.

With the season wrapping up in the next month or so, let's go back to the team's creation for a moment. How did that all come about?

There was a moment in which I almost went to mousesports, which is public knowledge, but there was some fishy stuff in the contracts and they were giving me deadlines. At that point, the OpTic team was going to be North American and I wanted to go back home to Europe. Eventually, they agreed to my contract demands, but by then I lost faith and backed out. At the same time, my family advised me to stay in OpTic because I had a good relationship with the organization, so I came back to the US to play with RUSH and Tarik, and look for a 5th player, but a few days before me coming back to the US they went to Cloud9.

I had a meeting with OpTic and they supported my idea of making a European team. Two days away from the Pro League inscription deadline I had to contact all the players, sign them to the team, and sign us up to the leagues. We're even getting docked some prize money for late inscriptions. It was all a bit chaotic.

With the beginning being so complicated, going out at the Minor and the EPICENTER qualifier, and not reaching a level most of the players in the team have reached before, how has that affected the team?

The Minor was our first LAN, but that's no excuse because qualifying for the Major is the most important thing. Qualifying for the Major would have been especially important for us because it would have created a stability in the team that's very important. If we want to move back to Europe, we may have to play a league below ESL Pro League, and playing a Major would have created some stability. If we have to change leagues and we don't play the Major, we could spend a whole season in no man's land. That's why qualifying for the Major would have been important in my opinion, and we couldn't do it. That affected all of us. It was definitely a hard start. Now we just have to fight to see how far we can go.

Getting into the end of the season, IEM Oakland is the last LAN for you before EPL and ECS, what were your expectations coming into it?

We didn't have any expectations as far as going home soon or going deep in the tournament. It was just about going one match at a time. We knew we could play well against anyone because we're a strange team in a way, and because we have good players, but we have to get much better tactically. If we knew how to use our players better we wouldn't have as much trouble as we do against teams that are worse than us individually. We know we can beat anyone, but we can also lose against anyone.

How has all the traveling between Europe and the US been, retrospectively?

For the organization being in the main leagues is essential, or at least really important, but I think that it has tired us out a lot. Flying back-and-forth, not having any days to practice because all the league matches bunch up every day of the week and so on. We're all quite burnt out. I think it hurt us more than it helped us, even though in the last interview I said I thought it would help us.

To get out of the group stage you had a nail-biter against G2, how did you get ready for it mentally?

We went in knowing we could win, but we also saw they were strong against FaZe while we had a terrible match against the same team. We knew we were going to have to play much better against them or we were going to get stomped. We started out pretty strong, though, and when things start out well for us we're a very different team. My feeling at the beginning, when we won a few gun rounds, was that the match was going to go our way.

If it weren't for bodyy and the great match he played, I think we could have won a lot more comfortable, maybe even 16-8 or 16-9, but bodyy is a great player and was on fire in the clutch situations. He made the match be closer than it should have been. They're a great team but this time we came out on top.

As far as tomorrow's match goes, do you have the same feeling that you can either go in and wreck or go in and crumble?

Yeah, that's one of the problems we have right now. If you look at our results it's pretty obvious. There are matches we lose 16-3 against random teams, but if things go well, we can play well. We can win 2-0 or go home looking really bad, it just depends on which way the tide goes.

Finally, how do you feel about not going to the stadium just yet? You thought you were going to Oakland after making out of the group stage...

Not playing the quarterfinals in the stadium... that's really bad! What you expect in the playoffs is to play in front of a crowd, and it really discouraged us to not be able to do that because it's been a long time since we've played for a crowd, and Counter-Strike is really different when there's a crowd in front or not. We're a bit tired of playing small LANs or behind closed doors, we really want to play in front of our fans in North America. After all, OpTic is a big name, so we have to win against SK or we won't be able to see them.

Spain Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
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EliGE | 
United States EdgyBlob 
Do it optic
2017-11-16 11:04
United Kingdom WillStar 
2017-11-16 11:09
2017-11-16 12:57
Fakeflagger 100% confirmed
2017-11-16 17:37
EZ 4 Mixwell the machine! EZ for Magisk the wonder boy! EZ for GODAllu! EZ 4 HeadShot! EZ for Friberg, not fribuger, but the king! Not of banana. Simply the King! ...and easy for the Pet!
2017-11-16 18:43
I want to see an OpTiC vs NiP Semi-finals!!! And then a NiP vs FaZe grand final
2017-11-16 15:18
holy tits that would be litty af
2017-11-16 18:47
2017-11-16 21:59
World nakTriceps 
Afraid of SK?
2017-11-16 23:40
2017-11-16 11:04
Turkey Anatoray 
2017-11-16 11:04
Andorra hltv_citizen 
not far bb
2017-11-16 11:04
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2017-11-16 11:05
I are didn't read
2017-11-16 11:05
2017-11-16 11:07
Turkey RivS99 
Easy win optic ;)
2017-11-16 11:09
The quarter finals aren't being played on the main stage? That's just dumb.
2017-11-16 11:12
Yeah, bit shit for OpTic on their first LAN with a crowd they make playoffs but NOPE no crowd for you. Guess they just have to stomp SK now!
2017-11-16 11:17
Hopefully they can.
2017-11-16 18:49
Denmark Xipingu 
ESL for you. Worthless in every aspect
2017-11-16 12:21
And the bad thing, I'm pretty sure (PRETTY SURE, IF I'M WRONG TELL ME) ESL owns WESA which governs quite a lot of eSports in CS:GO (maybe even the majority). Luckily we still have ELeague and PGL.
2017-11-16 18:52
Denmark Xipingu 
I don't know if ESL directly owns WESA, but I'm sure they have a big share in it, since they are branded as the biggest eSports organisation in the world. I'm just glad that we indeed have ELEAGUE and PGL (albeit PGL is a bit bad at handing out proper hardware it would seem from last major), who doesn't have to get corrupted from the inside by WESA. Honestly WESA is the most bs crap ever. Since they got formed, I've seen several questionable matches that has ended with a team winning I know shouldn't have won. Hence my glance at corruption.
2017-11-16 19:19
Europe AtomicZombie 
if we do beat SK it would be a great boost for the team going forward especially after we lost so hard against FaZe
2017-11-16 11:25
Aleksib | 
Denmark megz 
2-0 for Optic. Magisk and Mixwell will carry :P
2017-11-16 11:28
You fuckas better win my friends :)
2017-11-16 11:42
A Finn going for faze but rooting for optic. Man.. are you riding the fake faze boat or just an Olof fan since fnatic or beyond
2017-11-16 11:54
I don't even like FaZe, I'm an OpTic fan, but I've liked olof since fnatic so.. xd
2017-11-16 15:22
Brazil AntaresSlayer 
It's called the meisterboat, bro
2017-11-16 16:11
You didnt even know about cs when olof started in fnatic
2017-11-16 16:51
Brazil AntaresSlayer 
Dude Don't you dare doubt a favela guy My childhood was about CS, Lineage and GunBound Now stfu
2017-11-16 18:58
i think almost every faze fan wants optic to win this match lol...
2017-11-16 18:50
Australia USTlLO 
great interview, a lot of depth
2017-11-16 11:57
Poland cinos 
Oh, i thought they're gonna give up in the middle of the tournament. That's so deep
2017-11-16 12:01
Denmark Xipingu 
Really retarded that the quarterfinals are played behind closed doors. This is exactly why ESL gets no more majors. Shitty planning, bad quality streams, same old with multiple matches being streamed at once... Terrible.
2017-11-16 12:20
salty chokestralis fanboi LUL great interview btw
2017-11-16 12:37
2017-11-16 15:43
Denmark Xipingu 
Your bait is getting old, bro. Especially because it gets more and more out of context ;)
2017-11-16 19:11
Nodios | 
Liechtenstein diosf 
2017-11-16 12:49
India nicebaitm8 
Kinda weird that they booked arena only for two days both for CS & PUGB.
2017-11-16 13:21
they did it so they could maximize profits with minimal expenses. im just happy as long as im watching good cs
2017-11-16 18:51
India nicebaitm8 
Good for profits but it discourages audience from going to the events.
2017-11-16 18:58
probably... it doesnt help the venue they are renting for those days is Oracle Arena.... when the warriors arent there i guarantee the fees for having it just for the day are extremely high. So i dont blame them
2017-11-16 19:09
India nicebaitm8 
Yeah that's true but organizers should prioritize experience over everything which is not the case for ESL whose events became cockshit rn.
2017-11-16 19:12
valde | 
Finland Juvi 
Good read.
2017-11-16 13:42
Spain G3CK0 
Leggo Mixwell
2017-11-16 14:35
Good interview, really honest and provides nice perspective I agree its a shame they aren't plying quarter finals in front of a crowd
2017-11-16 14:46
United States Cs_dev 
ahahhahaha u will gonna lose
2017-11-16 14:54
2017-11-16 15:45
Nice london
2017-11-16 17:03
Lul optic on CS LUL
2017-11-16 15:40
Mixwell's such a nice guy. Very humble.
2017-11-16 17:36
Is Optic NA or EU CS?
2017-11-16 18:17
Lets go Optic! You got it. It will be hard against top 1 team right now but they wont be able to stop GODALLU GODWELL GODBURG GODHS GODGISK
2017-11-16 19:01
nice this optic line up is gud
2017-11-16 19:35
not everybody can beat g2 on overpass
2017-11-16 19:36
Not very far xd
2017-11-17 05:14
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