FalleN: "I never felt we couldn't win at any moment [on Cache]"

To close out our coverage of BLAST Pro Series, we caught up with the tournament's MVP, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, to reflect on the grand final and the event overall.

SK started the grand final on the wrong foot, losing Mirage following a CT side worthy of only four rounds, with Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen closing out the first half with two fantastic clutches. 

The Brazilians then secured Inferno, taking their revenge for the group stage loss to the Danish side on the same map. It was all decided on Cache, where Astralis went up 9-0 before SK mounted a comeback, took the last map to overtime and grabbed the title at 19-17.

FalleN reflects on the grand final as well as day one issues

We ran through each map of the final with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, who gave us his point of view on dupreeh's clutches on Mirage, what his team changed for the second time they played Inferno versus the Danes, and how they came back on Cache:

Let's start with Mirage in the final, you had a really bad start, then it seemed like you were going to come back into it but it fell out of your hands. What issues did you face in the first half?

I think we definitely lost Mirage in the first half, there were so many rounds where we had an advantage or we should have played a bit differently, but they were able to win incredible rounds. Two of them because of some performances from dupreeh, there was a 1v4 which we played badly, but it was awesome from him, and there's also the shot from connector. There were two things we could have done, we could have pushed the smoke and try to kill him or we could try to be in front of the shot and tank the shot for TACO. I tried to do that and I died together with him (laughs), so he played those rounds amazingly.

As T side, I think we played super well as T the entire tournament, good decisions, good calls, calm plays, and I was expecting to do the comeback, but I failed in crucial moments. There was the shot on Xyp9x, I really had the AWP right on his body, I don't know how it didn't hit, and then there was the round where I misunderstood the sound. I killed someone from catwalk, then I rotated to go with boltz from slope, and they had no idea I was there. When I saw the first guy, I thought the second one was on stairs, so I was like 'no one is defusing, so if I kill this one, I won,' and then I missed the shot. As soon as I missed the shot, I looked to the stairs and thought the second one who was coming from connector was going to kill me. And then nobody was there, so I got something wrong. That was too late. I choked it and I could have hit the second shot as well and they got the round. Without those rounds, I think we could have made the comeback.

Now that you mention the sounds, we've already seen a couple of tournaments played with the new sounds, is it something you still struggle with as players?

At first, it was very harsh to understand the sounds, but I think now it's even better than it was before, we can have a good sense of how far players are. I think it's really better, so it was a question of getting used to it. In that round I mentioned, I don't think the problem was the sound itself, he was on stairs but I couldn't see him get out and no one communicated that.

Going over to Inferno, you played it before against Astralis in the group stage and it went badly, were there any special adaptions towards the grand final?

Inferno is a map we've been struggling with a lot lately and there are so many approaches we've been trying to take differently every time we play the map. Today, the first time we played, I had some ideas when I woke up at 4 AM, I think I overcomplicated things a little bit and my team couldn't do what I wanted. Maybe what I wanted to do was bad as well, so it didn't work at all in the first map, but as soon as we lost it, we started talking about it to fix it for next time, doesn't matter if it was Astralis or not, we wanted to play differently. As they picked Inferno again, we knew that would be an entirely different match, we knew what we had to do.

As Cache is your least played map apart from Nuke, how much space did you have to adapt after the 0-9 start on the first half?

I never felt we couldn't win at any moment of the game. Of course, when we were 0-9 and we were making a lot of mistakes, some retakes that we could be holding, some lack of communication while using flashbangs in afterplants and stuff like that really cost us some rounds. They played well at the beginning as well, they were getting some crucial kills, some trades that did not go our way. When it was 8-0, I said 'let's just do an eco here, let's get some AWP and let's play slow, if we get six, we can get the pistol and tie the game.'

I'd like to touch on the issues on day one, do you have any comments on that, especially as all the players have been so positive towards BLAST despite all of it?

Yeah, I saw a lot of people on the internet saying 'why are the players saying good things about BLAST if they're suffering so much on the first day,' and stuff like that. The thing is, we understand that sometimes there are problems. They treated us very well from the first day, since the invitation, since we got here, everything was great. And when you see they're suffering with those problems, it was heartbreaking for us as well, because you could see that all the hard work was going nowhere. So we felt very bad for that, but I'm grateful that they really did a great job on the second day, the stadium was great.

Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Szax 
SK is looking very strong with the addition of boltzz, let's hope this results in a second SK era
2017-11-26 01:39
The sk era already started my friend
2017-11-26 01:44
Germany No_Kappa 
Boltz passive style unleashed vintage FalleN
2017-11-26 17:05
Vintage FalleN gives me chills.
2017-11-28 23:49
SK never had an era.
2017-11-26 01:47
3 era
2017-11-26 01:48
They never had an era since they were good for like 2 months and then they go into a slump, 2 months and boom a slump, and again and again but they were on the top for a long time now, always coming back and competing at the top. Not an era but still very good, and people gotta respect them for that.
2017-11-26 01:51
Brazil Raftlot 
2016 was lg/sk era my friend
2017-11-26 02:28
Brazil ilovemywife 
back to back majors, back to back tournaments in 2016 and 2017 shut up you little prick.
2017-11-26 02:30
winning 3 tournaments out of 25 is not an era you fool.
2017-11-26 02:34
Brazil ilovemywife 
just this year they won 8 big tournaments, wich team did better then them this year ??
2017-11-26 02:37
yes i would call this likelier an era than last year. (sk/lg had no era in 2016 ;-)
2017-11-26 02:40
BabyRage it's no a era sk/lg BabyRage
2017-11-26 03:23
if winning majors and others t1 tournaments is not an era idk whats an era because winning everything its just desnecessary ... tell me 1 team that did that
2017-11-26 17:42
NiP did that on CS:GO, and old SK on 1.6
2017-11-28 14:50
for months???
2017-11-28 18:17
Greece knk74 
8 ?
2017-11-26 09:01
U were wrong. 7
2017-11-26 10:20
Brazil razorheadd 
there won't be "eras" in counter strike anymore, the game became too competitive as teams are playing better than never, sk astralis and faze are doing a great job though
2017-11-26 02:34
2017-11-26 04:04
Croatia Jack Russell 
You sure? Football is 1000x more competitive, are you saying it wasn't Barcelona's era with Pep for example? They were the team to beat for 3 years straight (at least). Only Mourinho's Inter fluked a win against them with a bunker in CL.
2017-11-26 11:24
pbf1 | 
Brazil Countrybr 
Football isn't more competitive, maybe If it's Barcelona vs real Madrid is competitive, but real vs Chelsea,Juventus,Bayer,any team, real have more chance to Win them those teams, CS is diferent the top 10 can Win top 1 and anyone would be surprised
2017-11-26 15:50
Croatia Jack Russell 
Are you baiting? CSGO more competitive than the biggest sport in the world lmao, top joke.
2017-11-26 17:38
Lul i'm not saying that football isn't competitive or isn't the biggest Sport of the World, i'm Just saying that is pretty ez to say who os going to Win ACTUALLY, in the past was much more competitive them now
2017-11-26 17:42
Croatia Jack Russell 
OK nvm. In my opinion CSGO is a more random game than most traditional sports because there's 7 maps in the pool and the group stage format is predominantly bo1, that's why more upsets happen.
2017-11-26 18:04
ur pretty stupid xD
2017-11-26 17:43
I agree my friend, anybody can beat anybody. To have an era u shouldn't loose bo3 to nobody.
2017-11-26 13:23
Brazil razorheadd 
the game became too tactical to just win everything with good aim as before, whoever learns more about their opponent, wins. And that is a constant process
2017-11-28 17:32
What do you mean with, before?
2017-11-29 05:41
Brazil razorheadd 
i meant that when csgo started (and even some of cs 1.6) most succesful teams won because they had skilled players (aim, movements and etc), i think that the cs that is played today is more tactical than skillful (although skill is obviously necessary), and i think that is one of the reasons that teams like nip and fnatic lost their throne as cs gods, the meta has changed.
2017-11-30 00:20
This is not an era? The biggest champion in 2017? See the positions that sk has stayed, the top of the world in a long time You does not saw the time of LG? Turn on your screen
2017-11-26 02:53
Brazil Collee 
Not only 2017. 2 consecutive years being the best team in the world, ofc it is an era, these people are just haters, they'll never admit it. Sure SK didn't dominate like NiP or fnatic in such a short period, but none of these played at such a great level for 2 consecutive years. I mean maybe NiP because the scene was shit in 2013 and still a bit weak in 2014, but we all know that lineup wouldn't achieve anything nowadays
2017-11-26 03:47
Denmark iaintnojoke 
SK has probably been the most consistently good but they haven't quite had the dominance of prime Fnatic or NiP. I agree that NiP had less competition, but prime Fnatic was unstoppable. With Dennis in that honeymoon period I think reached the level SK is at now, constantly top 3 and very consistent, but after Olofs injury they were never the same.
2017-11-26 04:04
pbf1 | 
Brazil Countrybr 
After 2015 updates fnatic wasn't the same, olof is a beast ofc, Just like Fer had the injury, but play like a beast
2017-11-26 15:53
I agree on your comment, they have been very competitive on these last 2 years, however i don't think any other team was that competitive, always reaching playoffs or finals as SK/LG
2017-11-26 03:02
ERA MEANS, a period that begins with a remarkable or striking historical fact, or which gives rise to a new order of things. You dont accept doesnt change the fact that SK have an ERA!
2017-11-26 06:38
Bro why u shame yourself like that to the hole world? It is someone with a gun in your head making u do that coment right? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2017-11-27 11:54
Aight imma stop the bait now considering how many people fell for it. It's a bait, chill, ofc they've got an era but a less dominant one. Daaamn still can't believe how many people took the bait :D
2017-11-27 11:56
i am a easy baited guy hahaha too much fanboy of fallen and sk sorry bro kkk
2017-12-02 03:40
2017-12-02 13:04
United States PolerSS 
2 majors in a row it's not considered ad an era? huh consisten top 1 aswell
2017-11-29 06:01
Brazil Collee 
Best team for 2 consecutive years, I'll take it, even if it's not an era, it's when the competitive scene is at its best and it's harder to win
2017-11-26 03:43
Brazil BlackBks 
hltv.org/team/6137/sk see the ranking development and say this again.
2017-11-26 06:50
Idiot detected
2017-11-27 11:16
Man SK is shit, they cant win anything how are they top1 and how am I an idiot?
2017-11-27 11:52
SK Era is over
2017-11-29 20:39
Brazil HueyNewton 
ggwp what a game
2017-11-26 01:39
Brazil uz1king 
2017-11-26 01:39
Finland f0pZ 
Gabriel "TwofaceD" Toledo
2017-11-26 08:52
FalleN | 
Brazil HurtZ 
Why Twoface?
2017-11-26 15:21
pbf1 | 
Brazil Countrybr 
"people come to fast on internet to talk shit to you... You don't know anything about the Sport" Gabriel "legend fallen" Toledo
2017-11-26 15:56
Finland f0pZ 
u mean TwofaceD Toledo?
2017-11-26 22:10
Lul why twofaced
2017-11-26 23:58
Finland f0pZ 
Bcuz hes twofaced?
2017-11-27 12:15
Just random people come to internet and start talking shit about him, u can’t even kill 38 in silver , and that’s what he did on cache.
2017-11-27 14:54
Finland f0pZ 
talking about silver in csgo, top KEK
2017-11-27 21:02
gas | 
Austria Phil_1337 
2017-11-26 01:39
China yakmonster 
2017-11-26 01:41
Thanks China
2017-11-26 01:40
China yakmonster 
i always said fallen is the top1 sniper atm when discuss this with my friends ..as a igl fallen always can did the best and right decision with less mistake .. thats not ez
2017-11-26 01:57
Thanks china <3 FallenG0D
2017-11-26 18:04
Brazil Henriquecha 
Tks my Friend!!!
2017-11-26 01:52
China yakmonster 
ez ..happy to see sk back the right way with boltz
2017-11-26 01:59
2017-11-26 03:57
Norway insy 
2017-11-26 01:39
Bosnia and Herzegovina FaZeTier3 
Cry is free
2017-11-26 02:10
expected from rain
2017-11-28 23:53
African Union hdlmb 
2017-11-26 01:39
2017-11-26 01:39
2017-11-26 01:39
Just danish choke, nothing more LUL
2017-11-26 01:40
Poland DzonPrice 
2017-11-26 01:47
Other nars 
2017-11-26 01:41
Japan NiceTryAnime 
i read " [on cocaine]"
2017-11-26 01:42
2017-11-26 01:51
felt like it lmao
2017-11-28 23:54
2017-11-26 01:44
Brazil gabriezz1 
BEST IGL in history of Counter Strike
2017-11-26 01:45
Not history, just CS:GO
2017-11-26 12:42
But CS:GO is basically all that matters now
2017-11-26 12:42
I think history man. The scene never been so competitive like today. The level on the actual scene is fucking amazing.
2017-11-29 00:13
the best
2017-11-26 01:51
Ez 4 the best igl and awper in the world.
2017-11-26 01:59
mOE | 
Iraq Bad_Guy 
2017-11-26 02:02
Fallen should celebrate like Christian Ronaldo: "calm dupreeh, calm down. i'm here"
2017-11-26 02:38
member zonic after dupreeh's double clutch? hahahahha
2017-11-28 23:54
era mammor
2017-11-26 03:04
you can thanks taco for every trophy, this guy is so good
2017-11-26 03:11
SK the luckiest team ever Too bad with enormous luck they have they can only win against a well-known choke team with individually bad igl and an inactive standin from Sweden OMEGALUL
2017-11-26 03:22
Brazil ovomexido 
lmao those teears man can't u hold them? that was cringy as fuck to read lol
2017-11-26 03:28
I stated a fact, don't cry favela
2017-11-26 03:31
Well they were the only team who beat Astralis.
2017-11-26 06:42
fer | 
Brazil Mangaba 
Now you are playing with logic, bro. He won't get you. GET THE SALT!
2017-11-26 10:20
Astrails with swedish standin and because of that their communication was on English, calm down monkey
2017-11-27 04:29
Brazil Mirekz 
they also beat FaZe in every bo3 and bo5 that they faced eachother, what is your excuse for that?
2017-11-28 07:35
Didn't find a bo5 win, found only bo3 win on ecs but it was with the old lineups tho
2017-11-29 04:09
Brazil Mirekz 
2017-11-29 04:32
everyone on sk performed good while faze underperformed, nothing special
2017-11-29 11:33
Brazil Mirekz 
nice excuse, NiKO is yet to beat SK in a bo3 or bo5 since he joined FaZe
2017-11-29 13:27
fer | 
Brazil Mangaba 
I thought that everybody at the team spoke english, and that they only spoke in english with their stand in when he was alive. But anyways... Reason is not your best feature, like everyone can see from your comments.
2017-12-09 01:36
I think the one who should cry is you hahahaha
2017-11-26 20:49
Expected from 120kg favela fan
2017-11-27 04:30
please, grab this tissue
2017-11-28 23:57
2017-11-26 10:32
russkoe jivotnoe pitaetsya pridumat' kakie-to slova, nice
2017-11-27 04:32
What? Gla1ve bad IGL? hahahah
2017-11-28 23:55
Never said he is bad igl, I said INDIVIDUALLY
2017-11-29 03:26
My bad.
2017-11-29 03:51
this guy always wins in OT...
2017-11-26 03:23
2017-11-26 04:06
Finland Smoonah 
interview someone else for once
2017-11-26 06:02
Brazil AfKW 
FalleN is the e-sports personality of the decade for sure. If someone say me one guy who get back a whole scene from the death as player and business man i change my opinion.
2017-11-26 06:57
2017-11-26 12:44
+ 1 twofaced confirmed fallen & bad fallen
2017-11-28 23:58
Ofcourse not you cheating piece of shit
2017-11-26 07:04
BADFALLEN destroyer PogChamp
2017-11-26 07:48
Of course You don't feel that you can lose when you are vs chokestralis
2017-11-26 07:49
9-0 fallen turns on his aimlock pc crashes tech timeout game restored SK star to win every round since then crisp as phuck
2017-11-26 08:48
Poland Marvelm 
Ye lol
2017-11-26 12:35
2017-11-26 09:51
Argentina GonzaPines 
Best igl ever
2017-11-26 09:56
Poland zJe 
After TaZ, yeah
2017-11-26 11:15
2017-11-26 22:12
2017-11-27 12:51
For sure. And Awper
2017-11-27 11:19
2017-11-27 12:52
Macau shoxisagod 
still wallen
2017-11-26 10:38
this guy is the most hypocrit person in the scene but one hell of a player,he should stop acting like a nice guy,he seems so fake and that's trigerring,Classic danish choke and classic SK bullshit tournament win in OT but it's been a while since that didnt happen so fck it
2017-11-26 11:13
Why do you say that? What makes him hypocrit?
2017-11-26 14:09
The best IGL of World!
2017-11-26 16:48
hacks in the bag i feel the same in mm everyday.
2017-11-26 17:05
Brazil raphaelmm91 
"Never had Sk era." *Faze wins 1 tournament "Faze era boys"
2017-11-26 19:17
Fallen >>>ALL
2017-11-27 11:20
This SK team, with boltz and the 4 stars, will be remembered like we remember heaton+potti, polish golden 5, NIP on the CSGO start, fnatic with olof. This is history been made, in 20 years people will not talk about this amazing faze or huge astralis (not fair with them), people will talk ABOUT FALLEN COLD BOLTZ TACO FNX FELPS & BOLTZ! So, that make this been an ERA. U can hate them how u want, but u cant change that! CSGO in some years will talked about like BEFORE/AFTER fallen. This guy is changing the game, and he is actually just in the begining of it. You will realize that when his academy turns to be worldwide. Do you have any ideia what is GA and GC? So you dont know nothing what this guy done! Outsiders cant still understand that fallen puted more than 30 player with him, on internacional PRO TOP TEAMS, it was all his amazing job and history, years of dedication and builting a strong comunity in Brazil. CS here was DEAD, Fallen made people stick with him even in the worse time. In some point that will be way more understood and appreciated!
2017-11-27 12:05
nobody will remember cheating kids
2017-11-30 19:49
prove it or i kill u kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2017-12-02 03:42
2017-11-30 22:26
I never felt cheating is bad, Gay Twofaced Toledo
2017-11-27 22:06
Jame | 
Portugal gazav 
The op in the middle of the place!
2017-11-27 22:08
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
its because ur cheater
2017-11-29 12:45
2017-11-30 07:12
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