Best photos from BLAST Pro Series

We put together the best photographs from BLAST Pro Series, which finished with SK hoisting the trophy after beating home crowd favorites Astralis in the final, for your viewing pleasure.

The dust has settled in Copenhagen's Royal Arena, where BLAST Pro Series took place on Saturday, with SK grabbing the grand prize of $125,000 and their second title with Ricardo "boltz" Prass after EPICENTER.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday, our photographers João "rzyx" Ferreira and Radosław "MAKKU" Makuch captured over 200 images, the best of which you can find below.

The full galleries from BLAST Pro Series can be found here.

Brazil Ricardo 'boltz' Prass
Ricardo 'boltz' Prass
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Ukraine petruska 
2017-11-26 22:47
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
nice timmy now go back to your dad
2017-11-26 22:48
Brazil tpennafort 
Smurfing against silvers is easy dawg, did not see a single flash thrown against the angles you were holding.
2017-11-26 23:11
Brazil lyr3 
2017-11-26 23:49
why no 1080p60?
2017-11-27 10:26
left hand faggot
2017-11-27 11:42
Ukraine SLGay 
2017-11-26 22:45
Germany No_Kappa 
SK GOAT winning tournaments 4v5
2017-11-26 23:47
Denmark jfkz 
2017-11-27 07:08
Netherlands Slashable 
2017-11-26 22:46
Sweden MrIgnii 
Whos that grill on the 6th photo? Its just for a school work
2017-11-26 22:47
Denmark fm100 
Thought she was pretty hot tbh
2017-11-26 22:52
Your mother! xD
2017-11-26 23:13
mOE | 
Iraq Bad_Guy 
Boltz kkkkkkkkkk
2017-11-26 22:46
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
this stage is so sick
2017-11-26 22:50
Portugal Stifmyster 
lol João "rzyx" Ferreira plz fix
2017-11-26 22:53
Canada Matomoto 
What an amazing looking venue.
2017-11-26 22:53
why the guys from sk look impressed as if they were whatching their families in one of those photos ?
2017-11-26 22:58
Watching Astraliss vs faze.. If faze had won they would be out in group stage.
2017-11-26 23:25
Czech Republic Charlie13 
They were impressed cuz if astralis win they will be in finals but if FaZe win they won't be in finals
2017-11-26 23:26
friberg | 
Portugal iNCOwo 
What a shots from Error. Great job mate!
2017-11-26 23:04
Stage is almost good as Epicenter one wp for this. Sadly, only positive thing about this tournament, prepare better next time danes. And please never hire PGL staff again, formula for the disaster.
2017-11-26 23:06
2017-11-27 10:54
f0rest still can teach all the youngs how to play cs:go in 2017 respect this guy kids. best player of all the time
2017-11-26 23:06
Russia ez4u 
He's a legend no doubt.
2017-11-26 23:08
2017-11-26 23:09
If PGL bid to host any of the upcoming major's VALVe should have a nice rofl.
2017-11-26 23:10
Brazil romp  
2017-11-26 23:19
forgot this one
2017-11-26 23:21
Portugal PortugueseFan 
The portuguese error always do the best pictures :) :)
2017-11-26 23:29
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
My favorite are the one from day 1 Kappa
2017-11-26 23:37
World WestSideDude 
Where are the news about Team Ukraine shit on others and won the tournament? #WESG
2017-11-26 23:38
FlipiN | 
Spain rastleh 
#WESG male, #Team Ukraine top1 ? no news?
2017-11-26 23:48
And the award for THE WORST EVENT OF 2017 goes to... BLAST Pro Series YAAAAY WOOOO *crowd goes wild*
2017-11-27 00:23
no way.. the worst one was PGL Major
2017-11-27 07:20
Actually we were 12.000 people who paid 75-100 EUR for a ticket and absolutely loved the event and hope for a event next year again.
2017-11-27 08:49
lmao 100€ and only a single BO3 worst event of the year
2017-11-27 10:51
I understand from comments the online streaming was poorly executed with bad HUD etc., but as a fan/viewer on site at the event, everyone enjoyed themselves. Venue, production, matches - pretty much everything besides the catering at the arena was on point.
2017-11-27 14:56
they should've just skipped streaming it all together and save us the time we wasted at least. would've been more honest
2017-11-27 16:09
Major improvement in pictures, not only close up photos of faces. The venue looked pretty cool.
2017-11-27 03:38
fer | 
Argentina MyMatkhev 
Sick stage and trophy, nice pictures and info, GOD mode hud in game, and very beatiful medals for the winners. Everyone have one bad day, good job from blast. I want to see more tournaments from RFRSH
2017-11-27 03:51
the hud was cancer though, even default hud is better. do you work at RFRSH or why do you write this bullshit? one bad day of a two-day tournament is literally half the tournament ruined
2017-11-27 10:53
Greece knk74 
its just a reskin of the pgl ui (the best one) its ok imo
2017-11-27 11:51
so hard to see who was low hp or even dead. even the casters failed to notice crucial info and said wrong things all the time
2017-11-27 12:15
Greece knk74 
It was very confusing bcuz it was a thin line without contrast
2017-11-27 12:18
thats why I think the default hud was better, and there are custom huds way better than that one as well
2017-11-27 13:39
Greece knk74 
Imo if you kept the vanila hud it would be better
2017-11-27 15:00
coldzera | 
Brazil Luska 
nice SK, congratz guys, NTC !! <3
2017-11-27 06:18
if botz fart his shirt would explode XD
2017-11-27 06:28
United Kingdom ChrisFroome nice event and weel played to sk. I just made this highlight for them :)
2017-11-27 15:53
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