s1mple: "I hope we meet Gambit again"

After Na`Vi advanced to semi-finals at DreamHack Open Winter, we caught up with Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev to talk to him about Denis "electronic" Sharipov's addition, their grudge match against Gambit, and the decider versus Heroic.

Natus Vincere are through to the playoffs at DreamHack Open Winter after a turbulent group stage, defeating Heroic in the opening match before dropping to the decider following a quintuple-overtime loss to Gambit. The Ukrainian-Russian squad then rematched the Danes and came away with a 2-1 victory, earning a semi-final match-up against Envy.

Na`Vi came to DreamHack to try new things

After Na`Vi made semi-finals in Jönköping, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev gave us an interview where he shared his thoughts on Denis "electronic" Sharipov's addition and their matches at DreamHack:

Let's begin with electronic, how has he fit into the team so far?

As I said before, he's a great team player, so when he got in our team, we just got something that we didn't have before. He's a really calm guy. Most of all I like to stay in clutch situations with him. He has some - I'm not sure how to call it - another way of thinking. He's really smart in the game.

Is it also the firepower boost?

Yeah, a big firepower boost. Not only firepower, he knows a lot of nades, so he gave us a lot.

As someone who also played under B1ad3, do you feel like he helped guide electronic the right way?

Yeah, B1ad3 teaches all players the tactical part, you know, and it's really helped every player that has ever played with B1ad3. He's really calm as well, B1ad3's a really smart person, one day when he becomes a coach he will be the best coach in the world.

Going into this event, what kind of preparation did you have considering electronic has only been with you for a short time?

We had a bootcamp before WESG for about a week and a half and after we came back we had a three-day bootcamp. So we just practiced, practiced, practiced together and it seems like we're becoming better and better. Our main goal for this tournament wasn't to win, we're trying new strats, trying our teamwork, it's our first LAN together so we're just trying new setups as well. It's a preparation for us before the Major qualifier first, and I hope the Major too.

Your first match against Heroic was fairly straight-forward, but I wanted to get into the Gambit clash. HObbit said that he felt extra pressure due to the history with Zeus, was there anything like that from your side as well?

I just wanted to help kane and Zeus, because it's like a rivalry between them. Gambit wanted to win because they wanted to see if they're better without Zeus and kane, and Zeus and kane wanted to win against them because of the situation after the Major.

Did you feel that during the match?

Yeah, I felt it and I tried to help my teammates as much as possible. But I hope that if we win against EnVyUs tomorrow and Gambit beat mousesports, we will meet in the final again, so it's going to be really great for all fans in CIS.

Tell me about the rematch with Heroic, there were a few issues here and there, what do you think went wrong especially on map two, Overpass, which you already played against them earlier?

First of all, we vetoed Nuke because it's their strongest map, we prepared Cache for them. I think they were scared to play Cache, we didn't even veto it in the second round. The first map was Inferno, we knew how to play against them. For us it's easy to get banana control and we just tried to rotate a guy from A to B and we tried to split from all sides. We won the pistol round after and it was easier for us, but after we lost the first buyround, we said that it shouldn't happen like against Gambit yesterday.

The second map was Overpass, we started really badly because of our economy, I don't know why we forced on the third round but we had a plan to do this force and they just pushed mid and destroyed our plan. The third was Train, it was a great half on T side for us, but after, when we lost pistol and the first buyround, it was really hard to play against them. But we managed to do it, our guys on A were calm and confident.

What do you think the semi-final against EnVyUs will look like?

They're a good team, they prepared really well for this tournament, I saw them play against mousesports and I was surprised they beat mousesports 13-2 on the T side. I guess they're going to pick Nuke or Train and... we're going to pick another map (laughs). It's going to be a good match, we came to this tournament to play more and more, to practice more and more, so I hope we win tomorrow.

Russia Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Lol Gambit > Navi
2017-12-02 20:58
Sweden AlexJonesVEVO 
i'd say its pretty 50/50 navi got simple and electronic that can reach very high levels, but gambit has far better team work
2017-12-02 21:00
Canada adizelo 
2017-12-02 20:59
Faze about to buy simple watchout
2017-12-02 21:00
Sweden TomodachiOM 
But who would they replace on FaZe?
2017-12-02 21:16
2017-12-02 21:17
Who would IGL
2017-12-02 21:53
Paraguay imjustmau 
IGLing in 2k17 lul
2017-12-02 21:54
girL | 
CIS Sforz 
2017-12-02 23:05
Germany Tunio 
still never wins anything
2017-12-03 10:07
I feel niko was forced to IGL in mouz, he was ok at it
2017-12-03 13:43
olof / rain
2017-12-03 09:46
or botmesiter
2017-12-02 21:53
2017-12-02 22:59
2017-12-03 05:47
2017-12-02 20:58
s1mple is mad
2017-12-02 20:59
Poland zJe 
-zeus +ange1
2017-12-02 20:59
Albania w0lves 
2017-12-02 23:03
Mongolia k0ng0 
Where is Ange1 hype coming from? Show me sum inituitive strats or some major accomplishments he's had in his carrier? Then compare it to Zeus. I just think it's strange.
2017-12-03 03:52
CeRq | 
Russia normD 
2017-12-02 20:59
Czech Republic Peks123 
2017-12-02 20:59
Canada adizelo 
2017-12-02 20:59
HAHAHAHAHA! will get rekt by gambit again :)
2017-12-02 21:01
FlipiN | 
Spain rastleh 
hltv.org/news/22170/gambit-defeat-navi-a.. s1mple 65-35 (+30) yeah, surely "get rekt" LUL he was the best player on the map so far.
2017-12-02 21:39
i know man but they got 9-0 lead and still lose, and im talking about Navi not about simple.
2017-12-02 21:45
Canada 2jfr 
ahaha, gambit-envy final
2017-12-02 21:01
ny hz)
2017-12-02 21:58
2017-12-03 06:15
Vietnam rollofocker 
hehe who cares if he is toxic in teamspeak if he can act like this in public
2017-12-02 21:02
"Gambit beat mousesports" lol savage s1mple, no chance for BiG
2017-12-02 21:02
2017-12-02 21:44
but it's true, look now!
2017-12-03 09:16
LOL @ "Gambit beat mousesports"
2017-12-02 21:03
2017-12-02 21:12
Navi win dreamhack
2017-12-02 21:05
Russia VeryChokeGuy 
Gambit vs Mouz - Gambit Navi vs nV - Navi Navi vs Gambit Final It will be a great match
2017-12-02 22:02
ez4Gambit again xd
2017-12-02 21:16
FlipiN | 
Spain rastleh 
31;28 very ez
2017-12-02 21:38
Result is important xd
2017-12-02 22:08
in fact it was not easy at all, just lucky comeback from 0-9 + luck after 15-15
2017-12-03 09:16
Armenia KKegham 
"We prepared Cache for them." PogChamp Navi on Cache
2017-12-02 21:18
FlipiN | 
Spain rastleh 
S1MPLE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gambit
2017-12-02 21:38
obv that wasn't the case when s1mple had one of his best games vs gambit, but still couldn't win...
2017-12-02 22:23
It wasnt one of best games He missed a lot
2017-12-03 06:16
one of his best games lol he has 1,3 rating thru 78 matches get your head straight
2017-12-03 07:51
GODFATHER s1mple. hope you and Na`Vi will rek those lucky noobs Luckbit!
2017-12-02 21:42
give some respect to your countrys best player xGoD in gambit.
2017-12-02 22:24
Belarus etozheghost 
Gambit - Natus Vincere it's 50%-50% right now If the next game is the final of the tournament, it will be very interesting and only in bo3 we will be able to find out who is stronger.
2017-12-02 21:44
The only way of Gambit losing against Na'Vi is if s1mple carries even more than what he did before. Good luck to both teams.
2017-12-02 21:57
how is that possible to carry even more than he did in their last clash? f*cking 65-35 +30 in bo1......
2017-12-02 22:09
which is why Gambit win
2017-12-02 22:15
That's a good question, which I don't know how to reply, and that's why I think Gambit would win again.
2017-12-02 22:29
Zeus | 
Russia Klugervl 
+30 in 60 rounds. Some bo3 has 60 rounds at 3 maps...
2017-12-03 05:07
Partly it's a pity s1mple...It`s just 1v9 when he made 65 frags in match versus Gambit.Only flamie was helping him,but Gambit also had better teamwork,teamplay... s1mple is much above the level of the game of his mates..
2017-12-02 22:13
Would be awesome if you could make these video interviews instead and upload them to a youtube HLTV channel. Just an idea. I find it would be more entertaining to watch than read.
2017-12-02 22:41
Mongolia justice11 
envyus vs mousesports grand final
2017-12-02 22:43
I don't understand why gambit is considered a good team They got lucky one event and are alright but come on they arent better than envyus or even new look navi
2017-12-02 22:51
It wasnt luck It was very hard work for months
2017-12-03 06:17
it was Zeus who made tier1 team out of tier3 which they were before Zeus
2017-12-03 09:23
Let's be honest though, a lot of teams were off their game in that major
2017-12-03 15:19
Nope, just hard work
2017-12-03 15:21
I guess they stopped working then huh
2017-12-03 17:52
France StickyRice 
Not gonna happen as NV will 2-0 (one really close map, and one like 16-9) NaVi ;)
2017-12-02 23:11
it's your dirty dream for sure, mr.pathetic_hater
2017-12-03 09:12
s1mple | 
United States iScorps 
stay strong, at least s1mple will rape them XD
2017-12-03 09:21
2017-12-03 09:21
Hi man
2017-12-03 15:21
France StickyRice 
Hi boy
2017-12-03 15:21
Nice predict
2017-12-03 15:22
France StickyRice 
s1mple was wrong anyway, Gambit won't be on final
2017-12-03 15:22
He's right about B1ad3 tbh, he'd be an amazing coach
2017-12-02 23:37
s1mple is not good manner
2017-12-02 23:40
elaborate or stfu and kys
2017-12-03 09:12
loool no Way Envy picks Train, nt S1mple, they are gonna Pick Nuke for sure tho!
2017-12-03 02:07
Now navi just like ecofox
2017-12-03 04:19
Sweden lagcats 
s1mple out for blood
2017-12-03 05:07
DA, xo4y final Navi vs Gambit :D
2017-12-03 09:19
+100500 and Na`Vi to take revenge on lucky inferno
2017-12-03 09:22
Xizt | 
Czech Republic davskal 
And you guys keep saying this guy is toxic. Smh my head.
2017-12-03 09:53
haters always gonna hate, retards who hate him will hate till their death cuz they are braindeads.
2017-12-03 11:24
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Imagine s1mple instead fitch in Gambit.
2017-12-03 10:23
wont work cuz they have already mou as awper
2017-12-03 11:05
United Kingdom AlywOw 
s1mple to add firepower he can be as good rifler as awp could be a secondary awp from time to time as well
2017-12-03 11:06
Mneah,chemistry wont work and somehow s1mple will make all players from gambit look bad.same with koosta and s1mple on liquid,guardian and s1mple,mou and s1mple wont work.
2017-12-03 11:33
for sure if you compare any player to s1mple they look bad. not his fault tho...
2017-12-03 21:09
sadly but GamBOT are too bad to meet you Mr.S1mple
2017-12-03 21:08
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