ANGE1: "We succeeded with our main goal"

We talked to Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow following HellRaisers' successful campaign in ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals group stage, where the mixture placed second and secured a spot in the quarter-finals.

HellRaisers surprised many in Odense, Denmark, defeating fnatic, Liquid, and Astralis on their way to second place in Group A despite a poor start into the tournament.

ANGE1 likes the character in his new trio

After Kirill "⁠ANGE1⁠" Karasiow's men advanced to the quarter-finals, we talked to the in-game leader about HellRaisers' matches and how his new trio deals with the pressure at such a big tournament.

You got off to a really poor start in the tournament with 0-11 against Luminosity on Cache, what was the problem there?

It was the first big tournament for three of us and I had some problems with my PC, which was my own fault, it was some video settings on maximum quality and I didn't fix it, I realized it late so I played really badly.

It was the first map of the tournament, I'm really glad we managed to come back from 0-11, it helped us a lot in terms of confidence in the next games. To be honest, they were playing really well, and now I think it was a mistake to play Cache with them, because we weren't expecting them to perform this well. We decided to play their best map because Cache is good for us as well, but for now, we all see the results of the guys, they were pretty good and it was a mistake in the veto.

Going into the following matches on Inferno, both very comfortable against fnatic and Liquid, who like to play it a lot, are you just well-versed on the map?

We should play some maps well, right, we're coming to a big LAN and it looks like our Inferno is in a good shape right now. I think pistols worked out, we won four pistols on the two Infernos, so we could just snowball teams. Our positions as T and CT fit well, that's why we were confident.

What was it like playing against Astralis in a match that ended up pushing you to the playoffs, overall it was a very close clash with a lot of close rounds...

Oh, it was really hard, there were fights every round, starting with the pistol, the clutch from ISSAA helped us start well as CT. We expected a close game, I'm really happy we managed to win it, it's a pity that Astralis played with a stand-in. I would prefer to play the full lineup of Astralis to test ourselves, because we're mostly here to test ourselves and to show the quality of our game against big names.

Your last match with FaZe didn't work out, a slow start on Overpass before you caught up, did you take your foot off the pedal?

It felt like we were relaxed already, when we won against Astralis, it was our main goal for this tournament. We succeeded with our main goal and everyone was a bit relaxed so we didn't get into the game from the beginning and FaZe just punished us, it was a really rough start for us, we didn't do shit.

They had all the economy with probably 16k at 6-0, so it was really hard, but it's really good that we managed to do one more comeback from 0-9 to 6-9, it shows that we can play. If we weren't so relaxed, I think it would have been another game. I hope we meet FaZe in the playoffs.

Talking about the playoffs, like you said at the beginning you have three players that haven't really been to a big tournament like this before, haven't played on a stage like this. Is that going to affect the new guys who perhaps don't have the experience to deal with the pressure?

To be honest, all of our guys are really confident. I was surprised that ISSAA and w0xic don't get affected by anything like LAN, it doesn't affect them that much. But of course anything can happen and we will see the results only after showing up on a big stage.

Do they take the pressure more as motivation, then?

Yes, that's what I like about our guys the most, they aren't scared. Whether it's a tough enemy or a crowd cheering for us or for someone else, it motivates them more, they want to prove themselves, I like this kind of character in our guys.

Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow
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Very good to see you go through! GJ and GL!
2017-12-06 16:38
smells like optic VS hr in the final
2017-12-07 04:04
It rlly doesn’t
2017-12-07 14:38
Kazakhstan Diki_Diki
Hr optic Optic win 2:1
2017-12-08 12:34
2017-12-06 16:39
Turkey Mustafa-
kick w0xic and be better team
2017-12-06 16:39
woxic | 
Hungary R4MMy
Kick your best player? Hm, ok
2017-12-06 16:46
But w0xic isn’t HR best player...
2017-12-06 16:54
woxic | 
Hungary R4MMy
He is carrying hard usually.
2017-12-06 16:57
Do you watch the same matches that I do and the real reason that HR wins is their good tactics and how they play each team differently and no one carries in HR and if they get carried it’s by issa&w0xic
2017-12-06 17:38
woxic | 
Hungary R4MMy
2017-12-06 17:39
mad cuz woxic>ISSAA
2017-12-06 20:34
Actually, issaa is better then woxic
2017-12-06 23:04
Issaa just rifles? Woxic is a better rifler than him and he awps lol what a comment my dood.
2017-12-06 23:09
Issa wins half of the pistol rounds for HR tho. And by saying woxic is better rifler I knew you are baiting otherwise you are simply retarded
2017-12-07 00:40
Issa also loses half the pistol rounds for HR by that logic lmao.
2017-12-07 00:39
2017-12-07 00:41
Nice stealth edit you fanboy, I don't even give a shit about Woxic or Issa but if you think Issa is better than anyone on HR you are delusional he is their worst player by far, Woxic has way better aim and his frags have way more impact.
2017-12-07 03:43
Again baiting retard or just brain dead. Issa isn’t the worst in HR and still not the best and as I said angel is the best but I can’t blame you for the shit brain.
2017-12-07 10:09
Woxic has been carrying the shit out of them this tournament.
2017-12-06 23:08
2017-12-06 19:25
2017-12-06 17:13
W0xic is t0xic?
2017-12-06 16:40
thanks mr.Karasiow
2017-12-06 16:40
Turkey Historian
best igl best person in cs go .Beacuse he is Ange1
2017-12-06 16:42
Norway Fant0s
new faze :))
2017-12-06 16:46
ange1 best fraggin IGL and soo NICE FeelsGoodMan
2017-12-06 16:48
Germany AYEON
lets go HR :D
2017-12-06 16:50
Go HR! Finish this year with decent cs!
2017-12-06 17:03
Well done, Mr. Karasiow
2017-12-06 17:09
Turkey okokaslan
lets go ange1 daddy
2017-12-06 17:18
Czech Republic dejwyyy
gj HR, its been great showing from them so far! Hopefully they can get atleast to semis.
2017-12-06 17:37
Denmark ghostan11
So cocky thinking they would beat faze lmfao
2017-12-06 17:40
They already did. 2 maps in a row LUL
2017-12-06 18:12
Denmark ghostan11
On lan? Ye.
2017-12-06 18:15
Online, but you didnt say on lan or not
2017-12-06 18:28
Denmark ghostan11
I was saying about this match as Angel said That if they would be more focused then they would have won
2017-12-06 18:31
That is possible as faze lost to fnatic and almost lost to liquid. Hr won fnatic and liquid. So, i don't know why are u so confused
2017-12-06 18:35
Denmark ghostan11
That chinesse logic lmfao xD
2017-12-06 18:36
?? I said that teams on this tournament are pretty equal and random. Ur logic in 1st comment is more like chinese
2017-12-06 18:39
Denmark ghostan11
So you are telling me by judging how faze played against those 2 teams and how hr played that means Angel can be cocky and say in interview that if they would try then they would have won? Reply to me when hr will win some trophy in tier 1 events
2017-12-06 18:43
Omg, angel didnt say that they would won for sure. He just meant that they would have better chances. They actually did comeback from 0 9 to 7 9, that already means something
2017-12-06 18:47
Denmark ghostan11
That was prob faze rushING and not respecting enemy. Still Angel shouldnt say something like this cuz hr isnt playing consistently in those tier 1 events
2017-12-06 18:55
Kapacb <3
2017-12-06 18:13
Honestly, ange1 is the best igl in cis, better than zeus. Cis superteam: Ange1 Adren Hobbit S1mple electronic top 3
2017-12-06 18:33
Russia AR4ER
HR surprised me...GL in Play-off Capitan Karas'
2017-12-06 18:50
Woxic carrying the shit out of them that kid is unreal.
2017-12-06 23:05
I <3 Ange1
2017-12-07 04:02
Europe t1ger
best igl in CIS.
2017-12-07 18:31
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