steel: "It's an experience for my entire life to play in an NA [team]"

In our next interview from ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals, Lucas "steel" Lopes talked about his experience as a temporary coach, Liquid's group stage exit, and expectations for ECS Season 4 Finals.

Lucas "steel" Lopes wasn't allowed to play for Liquid in Odense due to roster locks put in place, but in the end he traveled with the team and acted as the coach while Wilton "zews" Prado stepped in.

steel took ESL Pro League as a good experience

In the end, the North American squad only clinched one win in five matches and exited the event in last place. Liquid then came by for their media obligations on the semi-finals day, so we got a chance to discuss various topics with steel:

As you weren't allowed to play, what was it like standing behind the team for the first time?

To be honest, I didn't coach at all, I was coaching because I was behind them with the headphones, talking about timeouts, but I didn't prepare at all. I just found out that I was able to coach on the morning of the match, so I hadn't prepared anything, but it was a good experience and a fun experience for sure.

The results weren't really there, one win in five matches, do you really feel disappointed about it considering the circumstances, or do you just see it as a learning experience and moved on?

I didn't feel like it was a bad thing for us at all, I'm not feeling sad or demotivated or anything like that, because we were playing with a stand-in at the finals of Pro League. The better teams of both regions were here, so we knew it was going to be hard to play.

It was our coach, he knows everything about us, but he's not a player, so talking about skill and technique, he's little bit different from pro players. It was a good experience for ECS, we're going to be more prepared for ECS, I don't know if we're going to be 100%, but we're going to be close to that.

What are going to be the expectations for ECS, then?

Talking about myself, my expectation is to go to the playoffs and to do my best, for sure. It's going to be a tough tournament, we have all the best teams, we do not have some of them, of course, we do not have SK for example. I hope to be in the playoffs, because playing playoffs is different, it's a different feeling.

I'd like to go back to the Immortals situation. After all, it all worked out pretty well for you as you got an offer quite quickly, but tell me about the first weeks when you realized the team was breaking up, before you got the offer from Liquid.

It was super bad when we found out that Immortals wasn't working at all. When I first received the news that Liquid wants to play with me, I was so happy, I cannot describe it in words.

It's not only an experience for my CS career, but it has been an experience for my entire life, to play in the North American scene, talking in English, different cultures, different playstyles, because they think about Counter-Strike in such different ways than we as Brazilians. It has been an awesome experience.

How are things in Liquid now, then, getting used to talking in English and the playstyle difference like you said, do you feel like you're already there or are you still in the adjusting period?

No, I still need a little bit of learning and adjustment. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now than when we were playing in Oakland, but sometimes, talking about in-game, I do not do anything, because I'm thinking about talking in English and listening to the team. This is something that's going to become more natural in the next few months, I'm sure I'm going to be a lot better in the next few months.

Brazil Wilton 'zews' Prado
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Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
Lucas 'steel' Lopes
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Israel BoyMcFacto 
Fake steel! s/o gujasWoshington also gl to his sick mom in chemo.
2017-12-10 00:07
and real
2017-12-10 00:06
Israel BoyMcFacto 
Niet bratan steel is canada this guy is fake one! Hashmal mizdayen naal ima shel ha medina hazo
2017-12-10 00:08
jews on cs lmao
2017-12-10 13:59
Mexico jaimecz1 
SA steel best steel tho
2017-12-10 00:06
And gay
2017-12-10 00:07
real steel you mean. better then na steel. he play in programingtd at long time. feelsgood for him
2017-12-10 04:51
2017-12-10 09:48
Malaysia byaIi 
2017-12-10 00:03
Malaysia byaIi 
was boymcfacto
2017-12-10 00:03
Israel BoyMcFacto 
The throphy is yours!
2017-12-10 00:03
Malaysia byaIi 
thanks mom,dad and especially BoyMcFacto
2017-12-10 00:05
Israel BoyMcFacto 
Npnp! Enjoy
2017-12-10 00:12
f0rest | 
Portugal oxisnarf 
NEVrr first
2017-12-10 00:03
Why does it matter
2017-12-10 18:24
NAF | 
Canada Chizten 
2017-12-10 00:03
United States Xeophs 
2017-12-10 00:03
World Tyrotoxism 
2017-12-10 00:14
If you refer to the 'in an NA team' part, the pronunciation of NA starts with a vocal sound /en/ and therefore using 'an' is correct as its use is determined by the sound and not orthography.
2017-12-10 20:28
JW | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
Have A-Level in English, can confirm
2017-12-10 20:43
Brazil Charizaldo 
Steel is a nice guy
2017-12-10 00:26
Brazil guihqrz 
hey man
2017-12-10 00:38
"different playstyles, because they think about Counter-Strike in such different ways than we as Brazilians." Kek.
2017-12-10 00:42
It's why we have two majors while NA have just... well... they haven't.
2017-12-10 15:30
humble and nice csgo pro player its very unique
2017-12-10 00:43
Brazil Setrock 
I thought spaniards hated Brazilians. :/
2017-12-10 01:23
Macau stg1 
those are just stereotypes, there's no way every Spaniard hates every Brazilian
2017-12-10 03:22
Brazil Setrock 
Yeah, I hope.
2017-12-10 12:20
#runskg #number1
2017-12-10 13:32
Brazil Setrock 
2017-12-10 14:07
Denmark Poopoohead123 
Watch as team liquid slowly becomes sa
2017-12-10 00:59
Brazil marcovsk 
maybe they win something..
2017-12-10 01:05
Yugoslavia Malityc 
Would be fun
2017-12-10 01:11
this guy has such an informative youtube channel
2017-12-10 01:06
Norway anMu 
From shit SA to shit NA. WOW WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT IS XD. I hope there will never be a EU team dumb enough to sign a bra71lian.
2017-12-10 01:13
>shit SA >2nd place at major pick one
2017-12-10 01:21
Norway anMu 
2nd place by winning vs 3 CIS teams in shit swiss format (navi, vega, flipside) and vs shit BIG and VP in playoffs just to lose in final vs bunch of borats xD??? Yeah in this case scenario 2nd place at major = shit. P.S. History never asking about 2nd places. GOT SMASHED BY BORATS IN FINAL AHHAHAAH.
2017-12-10 01:24
ok fair enough. steel isnt too bad tho
2017-12-10 01:28
Norway anMu 
Agreed, he is one of few brazilian players that don't piss me of that much.
2017-12-10 01:32
yeah he is the only brazilian thats actually smart, loyal and friendly
2017-12-10 01:33
Norway anMu 
lol true
2017-12-10 01:33
The dude is legit on the server and off
2017-12-10 18:25
i are agree
2017-12-10 13:14
Brazil Setrock 
Both steel and team liquid have been major finalists. LOL
2017-12-10 01:24
Norway anMu 
#27 about steel Liquid in final of cologne 2016 was 50% fluka and other 50% ultra hard carry by s1mple.
2017-12-10 01:25
Brazil janfps 
maaaan what you're talking about ? your country only has 1 relevant player and he is half asian, so shit team>>>>>>Norway scene dont be mad calling me a monkey and etc... its just facts
2017-12-10 06:42
Greece Gianopoulos 
Norway Scene.. OmEGALUL.. mad kiddo
2017-12-10 14:51
2017-12-10 01:20
Aap Pakistani hain ya ghalat flag istimal karr rehe hain? Urdu may baat karrahahun takay pata chalay agar sahi main ap Pakistani hain,
2017-12-10 01:26
2017-12-10 01:31
Sweden crindz 
great humble guy, hope he does well with liquid
2017-12-10 01:33
2017-12-10 01:50
Portugal WETTGOD 
Gl to him mum
2017-12-10 01:57
I wish him the best of luck maaaaaaan.
2017-12-10 02:17
Steel is opening a new door to brazilians, we can only say thank you seetl to everything u been doing to CS BR. I cheer for u to get fixed on this liquid lineup!!! GOGOGO Steelega!!! Steel está abrindo uma porta nova para os brasileiros, só temos a agradecer tudo que ele fez pelo CS BR. Torço DEMAIS pra ele encaixar no liquid!!!! GOGOGO STEELEGA!
2017-12-10 02:48
Brazil oldStar 
Steel is a nice guy ! GL ! =)
2017-12-10 02:46
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Steel, u've my respect! Glad to know u bro! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2017-12-10 03:31
Please leave. Make Liquid NA again
2017-12-10 06:18
thats what you get by stealing our motherfucker stanislaw..
2017-12-10 06:49
Thought stanislaw + zews was a match made in heaven. It just wasnt meant to be. If C9 -Skadoodle +stanislaw, my life will be complete
2017-12-10 09:05
well they cant before the major thing begins because you need to have trio to compete in major
2017-12-10 09:07
That doesnt matter either because Stewie thinks C9 dont need another IGL. Maybe he is right. idk
2017-12-10 09:08
so why the fuck get stan lol. even ska can rifle just as good as him
2017-12-10 09:09
Because stan is a good IGL and its more than about firepower?
2017-12-10 09:10
i dont know he wants the igl again,daps said he doesnt like anti-stratting teams
2017-12-10 09:31
Who said IGLing is only anti-stratting? Thats good if he doesn't like anti-stratting. We need more NA teams that play their own game.
2017-12-10 13:05
but that also explains he left the calling in liqiud aswell the cocksucker doesnt even know what he wants to do currently
2017-12-10 13:13
zews and stan had conflicting ideologies thats why he left. He felt like he didnt get to do what he was brought in for. No different from s1mple really
2017-12-10 13:14
Canada Krenos 
Steel my man
2017-12-10 06:24
Im glad we got a nicer, upgraded steel
2017-12-10 09:09
Estonia Qlity 
wrong steel this is the gay brazil one
2017-12-10 09:23
Best guy
2017-12-10 10:18
2017-12-10 15:32
I give him 6 months before he realizes how shitty it's like playing for NA trash.
2017-12-10 22:02
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