FaZe beat Cloud9; into ECS semi-finals

December 17th, 2017 01:27

FaZe are through to the semi-final stage at the ECS Season 4 Finals after defeating Cloud9 2-0 in Group B's decider match.

The battle for the last spot in the playoffs began on Mirage, where Cloud9 continued to show their dominant form in pistol rounds as they stormed their way through the B site thanks to three entry frags from William "RUSH" Wierzba.

However, FaZe did not take too long to react. In fact, the Europeans rallied back on eco in the following round, and they took control of proceedings as Cloud9 simply could not find any openings.

It was only when the North Americans were down 2-8 that they finally managed to string two rounds together, but FaZe kept their defence very tight and took 11 rounds into the second half.

Cloud9 kept their hopes alive by taking the pistol round and the subsequent anti-ecos, bringing the scoreline to 7-11. But then they were put into double eco territory as FaZe picked up the first full gun round of the half off of three kills from Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer. After getting their economy back on track, Cloud9 still picked up a round, but back-to-back triple kills from olofmeister inspired FaZe to secure the map.

FaZe are through to the semi-finals

FaZe picked up where they had left off and got out to a quick 3-0 lead on Overpass, a map on which they are traditionally very strong. After winning the first full gun round, Cloud9 saw themselves on the verge of an economic reset, but RUSH saved the day with a fantastic 1v4 clutch, picking off his opponents one by one.

Cloud9 went on to win the following round, restoring parity at 3-3, but then the game turned into a one-sided affair as FaZe's defence simply left nothing through, with the half ending with an 11-4 advantage for the Europeans.

Tarik "tarik" Celik came up huge in the following pistol round and picked up four kills during a B retake to keep his team in the game. After being held off in a third-round buy, FaZe were able to pick up their first round of the half on a shoddy buy. A hectic period of play ensued as the teams traded round for round, but, eventually, the European side locked down the map thanks to a 1v2 clutch from Nikola "NiKo" Kovač, sealing passage to the semi-finals.

16th December 2017

 FaZe K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nikola 'NiKo' KovačNiKo 49 - 30 +19 100.4 1.50
Sweden Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjerolofmeister 47 - 23 +24 89.8 1.49
Norway Håvard 'rain' Nygaardrain 45 - 33 +12 107.4 1.39
Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' KovácsGuardiaN 30 - 31 -1 61.5 1.00
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersenkarrigan 26 - 25 +1 52.8 0.94
 Cloud9 K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
United States William 'RUSH' WierzbaRUSH 38 - 37 +1 77.1 0.97
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celiktarik 30 - 37 -7 74.9 0.93
United States Timothy 'autimatic' Taautimatic 31 - 42 -11 65.7 0.83
United States Tyler 'Skadoodle' LathamSkadoodle 19 - 39 -20 57.0 0.70
United States Jake 'Stewie2K' YipStewie2K 23 - 42 -19 55.8 0.67

Sweden Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Tarik 'tarik' Celik
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
United States William 'RUSH' Wierzba
William 'RUSH' Wierzba
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
Good job faze!
2017-12-17 01:27
Algeria N_nja 
last year for skadoodle on cloud9, bye bye!
2017-12-17 01:28
Canada Timings 
I feel like adding Nifty would be wonders! :D
2017-12-17 01:47
pls no Nifty is virtually one of the Aussie Bois now. We're getting Nifty and Noodle sigs anyway now so I'm happy to leave it there :)
2017-12-17 02:15
Australia KatVian 
Nifty is super inconsistent. Amazing but streaky.
2017-12-17 02:32
Yeah honestly hes probably no better than skadoodle or JDM - thats why I dont see either of them getting dropped There was once a time when koosta was pretty good too, but now all NA awpers are pretty butt
2017-12-17 03:10
Canada Timings 
You guys are right but it feels like Nifty in a better team could be even better. Since he is so good at some points but yeah consistency..
2017-12-17 04:01
boltz | 
Brazil kazmad 
give the awp to stewie and bring EliGE
2017-12-17 04:27
Australia KatVian 
I think any swaps between C9 and TL have to involve one of them bombing out of the major. If TL fuck it up and C9 don't then I reckon Twist or EliGE would switch. Other then that I don't reckon there will be swaps between the two.
2017-12-17 05:04
2017-12-17 13:09
North America Krulcifer 
Maybe FNS and stewie becomes main awper
2017-12-17 01:48
Canada Timings 
Stewie2k is a hybrid tho but possibly.
2017-12-17 04:02
North America Krulcifer 
Skadoodle to Liquid over JDM
2017-12-17 20:16
Finland Smoonah 
should have been the last year for him 2 years ago.
2017-12-17 02:00
I think for him its just been downhill since the seangares era
2017-12-17 03:10
Austria shaakeh 
ez 4 NiKo
2017-12-17 01:28
Poland Djdawidosik 
Ez for Best igl in the world
2017-12-17 01:39
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
Ez vs tier 2 teams. Why vs astralis Niko don't do That?
2017-12-17 06:06
Tier 2 team ?? Cloud is inhltv rating place 5 ...
2017-12-17 09:12
yeah and faze is second.They paid for their rank Captain believe it or not. Liquid achieved more than cloud9 this year and they are ranked 10th while fnatic is at 8th place
2017-12-17 21:17
Why should they oay money for a high rank ... it makes no sense to me...
2017-12-17 21:20
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
GG Niko is insane! Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2017-12-17 01:28
+1 Glad that you've been unbanned btw, welcome back!
2017-12-17 01:28
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
Thanks my friend! I wont post locker boy pictures again! Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2017-12-17 01:32
United States tediousmcgee 
I was wondering what came of you veryniceguy
2017-12-17 04:00
what? you got banned for posting locker boy Pictures?
2017-12-17 10:46
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
"Hello, you are currently banned due to trolling by posting a widely spammed picture in an unrelated forum thread. Regards SpainJonathan E." Yes :D Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2017-12-17 14:42
lmao wtf
2017-12-17 14:47
And olof
2017-12-17 01:29
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
I'm insane when i play with lowplayers ... Why Niko don't do 50 frags vs astralis ir sk?
2017-12-17 06:07
Youre brazil shitbag nothing else
2017-12-17 07:33
Algeria N_nja 
last year for skadoodle on cloud9, bye bye!
2017-12-17 01:28
Denmark JustYes 
2017-12-17 01:28
2017-12-17 01:28
I'm gay
2017-12-17 01:28
Chile nachooww 
2017-12-17 01:29
Ez for my boi Olof
2017-12-17 01:29
strize | 
Canada DiiSCO 
stew blows
2017-12-17 01:29
United States NA_BEST 
2017-12-17 01:29
Once again EU proves that it is the best region in CS, and that NA players (especially Stewie2k) only have good k/d ratio because they farm t3 NA teams.
2017-12-17 01:31
Poland Marcines 
EU dont have to prove anything in CS mate
2017-12-17 01:33
SK>EU t1>NA t1=EU t2>everything else
2017-12-17 01:33
EU has more countries than NA. More players. More wider range. Tf u comparing?
2017-12-17 03:48
The best comparison is EU country = NA State. Since the size of NA is so big.
2017-12-17 09:41
2017-12-17 09:55
The size of NA, or even just the US, is comparable to all of Europe. So if you want to make a fair comparison, it would be EU country vs US state. But the pathetic thing is that even if we count them as countries when US has of so much more ppl, they still get beaten by super small countries like Denmark or Sweden.
2017-12-17 10:07
Get this you stupid baboon, USA is pretty much all American people. EU has a huge variety of people of different cultures nationalities and traditions. Are you so retarded that you count countries as states? And a continent as a country? Really? Go back to bed kiddo the world doesn't work that way
2017-12-17 10:10
Russia iGNISKEY 
So the thing with this is that they don't need that many teams to cheer for as in EU. They got Cloud9, they got Liquid. That's basically all they need. In EU there should be a French team or 2, 2 Denmark, 2 Sweden, and a lot of mixed teams for countries with smaller CS scenes.
2017-12-17 11:19
You said "EU has more countries than NA. More players. More wider range." in this comparison where you ONLY focus on population, a more realistic comparison is right country vs NA state. Of course I know there are more differences between EU countries than NA states, but that has no value when all you talked about was the amount of players. Chill with the profanity kid!
2017-12-17 11:28
By "more players" I meant a wider range of playstyles. Not my fault your head is too far up your ass to comprehend anything.
2017-12-17 11:32
So you are implying that cultural differences makes teams play in different ways? The cultural differences between Denmark and Sweden are basically nonexistent, but still Fnatic and Astralis hardly plays the same way. And an ESL/ECS league for only Sweden+Denmark would still be better than an NA one. And in that comparison NA has more in every way, more players and by that more different play styles. (If they can't manage more different play styles it is just an other testimony to how weak the NA scene really is).
2017-12-17 11:50
More different playstyles? Have you ever been to a lan centre in Denmark and then one in Sweden? You'll immediately notice the difference. But ofc you haven't. Every lan centre in na is basically the same. Different teams play the exact same way. Fnatic and Astralis hardly play the same way because they grew up playing in different conditions. Honestly it feels like I'm talking to some inbred brainless retard who doesn't know the first thing about how different countries have different CS scenes and styles. I'm done here. *drops mic*
2017-12-17 11:56
"If they can't manage more different play styles it is just an other testimony to how weak the NA scene really is" With a country that big and so much ppl, it is pathetic to not be able to develop more playstyles. The US is world leading in innovation in many fields, how can they be so braindead when it comes to CS?
2017-12-17 12:01
United Kingdom hArdLad 
Berd, fix your phrasing before insulting others.
2017-12-17 17:20
Tell everybody else on hltv why don't you? You obviously have no meaningful thing to do in life since you go correcting some random comment on some random discussion board on some random forum.
2017-12-17 17:45
vs astralis 1.52, sk 1.8 and so many more hltv.org/stats/players/matches/8797/Stew..
2017-12-17 13:12
Denmark slacking 
every single time cloud9 looks good and fanboys overhype them, then faze completly demolishes them. liquid would have put a better fight
2017-12-17 01:34
Both c9 and liquid just can´t fight against faze cause their pure skills But they play very good vs astralis and SK cause Sk and astralis doesn´t have that skills and it´s easier for c9 and liquid to play against them
2017-12-17 01:39
But its pretty obvious liquid is the more sound team as far as strategies and mid-round calls
2017-12-17 03:08
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
"SK don't have that skills". rofl
2017-12-17 03:20
Bulgaria AboveYall 
If u talk about pure raw aim sk is probably not even in top 10.. If u ask me whos the best team - sk obv and cold is the best player, they are really well organised with perfect undsrstanding of the game but about pure aim i can name more than 20 players with better aim and raw skill compared to Cold, that doesn't change the fact that hes the best player overall.
2017-12-17 07:15
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
name those 20
2017-12-17 08:48
Bulgaria AboveYall 
rain, niko, scream, f0rest, tarik, shroud(when he used to compete), s1mple, flamie, byali, k0nfig, shox, apex, elige, twistzz, xantares, calyx, rpk, ropz, lekr0, xyp9x, dupreeh. Here u go all of them have better aim and raw skill, are they better players ? fuck no. Cold is the best, that doesnt mean hes the best aimer.
2017-12-17 09:34
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
Shrouds aim was ALWAYS shit at lan events. He goes from like 65-70% hs online to 30% offline lol. Aside from him, I disagree about ropz(he has godluke xhair placement, not godlike aim imo), flamie, tarik, elige, xyp9x, dupreeh, rpk, xantares, byali. Rest I agree Cold is better, but they have more "raw skill".
2017-12-17 09:50
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
Yes. Cold, Fallen, fer and Boltz not skilled at all. lol
2017-12-17 08:51
C9 is still pug strat team.
2017-12-17 12:09
Finland Smoonah 
2017-12-17 02:00
What the hell is going on with skadoodle?
2017-12-17 02:31
Stewie should be thanking Skadoodle for giving him a free pass. 23 frags from Stewie over 2 maps is absolutely trash. He's not the IGL anymore and he is supposed to one of their best. His playstyle gets him killed alot for stupid peeks.
2017-12-17 03:02
stewie the americano s1mple overated, overagressive,allaim,nobrain
2017-12-17 03:21
Except that S1mple is actually good while stewie isn't, but nt though!
2017-12-17 09:45
2017-12-17 03:03
good play from faze, im pleased NA needs to get some good awpers though because honestly its pretty embarrassing that JDM and skadoodle, the two best, suck dick 7/10 games
2017-12-17 03:07
United Kingdom cowbunga 
Nifty best American awper, best NA region awper is Mixwell
2017-12-17 11:10
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
Stewie main awp bring in fns. As much as i hate ska to go and i didnt think he was the problem ever on c9, they dont need the awper. NA IS FIREPOWER. 1 igl makes a crazy difference, that was optics success.
2017-12-17 03:32
To all the -skadoodles, hey peanut brains, it's pretty well known for years now that skadoodle can't play well unless there is a good igl that uses him to the fullest. With tarik, don't think that's gonna happen. Skadoodle was at his peak with sgares. Think for once hltv think
2017-12-17 03:51
Excuses for a bad inconsistent player.
2017-12-17 04:33
"bad inconsistent player"? Skadoodle has the best pistols of anybody in na. Go watch older matches when Sean slemmy or Stewie were igl. Then your pathetic Finnish brain can come to terms with it. And skadoodle is leagues above Allu.
2017-12-17 04:48
So basically he is a peanut brain himself? If he can utilize his own strenghts as an awper he is not good enough.
2017-12-17 12:12
I mean that what his igl tells him to do doesn't let him utilize his strengths properly.
2017-12-17 12:43
He shouldnt need a puppet master. Thats why point. He has no mentality to try things himself. To make a play himself. Fucking beta male. And even IF they tell him, go make a play, it still looks half baked and insecure so he is just not good enough. This guy needs to feel 100% comfy in order to play well. So again, not good enough for tier 1.
2017-12-17 12:56
So who do you consider tier 1? And he has made plays by himself in the past. A lot of them. Vs g2 in Krakow on cobble, 10-9 to g2. He's holding long with automatic for support. Three push him, gets all three without breaking a sweat. If it was anybody else in that situation it would've been one and done. People forget that an awpers job is to provide support, not topfrag all the time. That's what makes kennyS so inconsistent and skadoodle so good. He rarely ever whiffs shots.
2017-12-17 13:01
Those “plays” are once every 5 games. Also, “skadoodle so good”. This guy LACKS and have been dropping the ball for quite some time now. Sorry to burst your bubble.
2017-12-17 13:14
Iran LorDxMahDi 
Faze is so Lucky .... because SK isnt here :)..... and astralis without Dev1ce :(.... so lucky
2017-12-17 04:22
"so lucky" Astralis beat faze to go to semis lmao
2017-12-17 04:49
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
2017-12-17 06:10
shox | 
Sweden okaynoyes 
Just disband these shit NA teams
2017-12-17 04:29
All 4 teams in the semis are from EU... Na cs lmao
2017-12-17 04:32
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
ALL 4 teams in semi Will Win because sk r not in this tournament.
2017-12-17 06:11
Stfu sk could not qualify from NA
2017-12-17 08:43
Playing with 4 players because one r playing from Brazil with 400 ping... Só why faze André astralis don't Win their finals agains sk? Cry is free
2017-12-17 21:53
Skadoodle so bad can't even frag with an aim key
2017-12-17 06:32
Greece her-1g 
They could add rickeh instead of ska
2017-12-17 09:32
Skanoodle so bad. You can even see it on his face. When they are behind he starts crying and shit. No fucking balls or mentality this guy.
2017-12-17 12:13
He's literally the worlds most calm and composed awper. Also nice bandwagon.
2017-12-17 13:02
Bandwagon? It’s my opinion on the guy.
2017-12-17 13:15
No I mean your 100 thieves bandwagon. They literally haven't played yet, just hyped.
2017-12-17 13:21
Hahah, they have played with eachother except for bit. One way or another. I also like to support underdogs and im really curious to see how they perform. Tell me why you support c9?
2017-12-17 13:24
I've been supporting c9 since the complexity days. It's in my blood to cheer for them now.
2017-12-17 15:45
Netherlands pewpeww 
Boring match to watch though, never really had a chance.
2017-12-17 17:52
Kick sca and stewie. Stewies stupid plays and greed for eco frags hurt his team more then it helps. Sca pretty much has to have an awp and when he's not hitting anything with it then he's worthless and costing the team a ton of money. Grab two from liquid.
2017-12-17 18:09
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