WESG APAC Regional Finals set to start*

WESG Asia-Pacific Regional Finals is set to kick off tomorrow in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, China from January 11-14. We have compiled all the information you need to know about the tournament.

The Chinese event will take place at Fangyuan Sports Center, giving out ten qualification spots to the World Finals and two spots to the female World Finals in March. With reigning Major champions Gambit and Chinese favorites Flash pulling out of the event, the organisers have decided to bring in MAX as a last-minute replacement for the Chinese side. 

With Gambit gone, moxie and co. have an easier group for WESG APAC Finals

Gambit and Flash were originally slotted into Group C and D respectively before they withdrew. Below you can find the updated groups, with Group C down to four teams:

Group A Group B
Korea MVP PK Australia Control
Australia ORDER Iran LEOPARD
Malaysia Fire Dragoon China New4
Jordan Chosen5 New Zealand Parallax
Pakistan Portal Other Wolfhound
Group C Group D
Singapore BOOT-d[S] Indonesia Recca
Japan SCARZ Absolute Philippines Mineski
Thailand NSPR Vietnam UTM
Vietnam GameTV Hong Kong EMC
  China MAX

The full schedule for WESG 2017 Asia-Pacific Regional Finals is as follows:

Thursday, January 11th
04:00  Malaysia Fire Dragoon vs. Korea MVP PK BO1
04:00  China New4 vs. Australia Control BO1
04:00  Pakistan Portal vs. Australia ORDER BO1
04:00  Iran LEOPARD vs. Other Wolfhound BO1
05:15  Pakistan Portal vs. Malaysia Fire Dragoon BO1
05:15  New Zealand Parallax vs. Australia Control BO1
05:15    Jordan Chosen5 vs. Australia ORDER BO1
05:15    China New4 vs. Iran LEOPARD BO1
06:30  Jordan Chosen5 vs. Korea MVP PK BO1
06:30  New Zealand Parallax vs. Other Wolfhound BO1
06:30  Australia ORDER vs. Malaysia Fire Dragoon BO1
06:30  Australia Control vs. Iran LEOPARD BO1
07:45  Korea MVP PK vs. Pakistan Portal BO1
07:45  New Zealand Parallax vs. Iran LEOPARD BO1
07:45  Jordan Chosen5 vs. Malaysia Fire Dragoon BO1
07:45  Other Wolfhound vs. China New4 BO1
09:00  Korea MVP PK vs. Australia ORDER BO1
09:00  New Zealand Parallax vs. China New4 BO1
09:00  Jordan Chosen5 vs. Pakistan Portal BO1
09:00  Other Wolfhound vs. Australia Control BO1
Friday, January 12th
04:00  Singapore BOOT-d[S] vs. Vietnam GameTV BO1
05:15  China MAX vs. Vietnam UTM BO1
05:15  Indonesia Recca vs. Hong Kong EMC BO1
06:30  Philippines Mineski vs. Indonesia Recca BO1
07:00  Hong Kong EMC vs. China MAX BO1
07:45  Japan SCARZ Absolute vs. Vietnam GameTV BO1
07:45  Thailand NSPR vs. Singapore BOOT-d[S] BO1
08:15  Philippines Mineski vs. Vietnam UTM BO1
09:00  Vietnam GameTV vs. Thailand NSPR BO1
09:00  China MAX vs. Indonesia Recca BO1
09:30  Philippines Mineski vs. Hong Kong EMC BO1
10:15  Vietnam UTM vs. Indonesia Recca BO1
10:15  Japan SCARZ Absolute vs. Thailand NSPR BO1
11:30  Hong Kong EMC vs. Vietnam UTM BO1
11:30  Japan SCARZ Absolute vs. Singapore BOOT-d[S] BO1
12:00  Philippines Mineski vs. China MAX BO1
Saturday, January 13th
04:00  Round of 12 #1   BO3
04:00  Round of 12 #2   BO3
04:00  Round of 12 #3   BO3
04:00  Round of 12 #4   BO3
07:00  Quarter-final #1   BO3
07:00  Quarter-final #2   BO3
07:00  Quarter-final #3   BO3
07:00  Quarter-final #4   BO3
10:00  Semi-final #1   BO3
10:00  Semi-final #2   BO3
Sunday, January 14th
04:00  Third place decider   BO3
06:00  Grand final   BO3
07:00  Relegation #1   BO3
10:00  Relegation #2   BO3

The eight-team female division will not have a group format and will feature a best-of-three, single-elimination format instead, alongside a third-place decider match. The two-day schedule can be found below, starting with the opening quarter-final match-ups:

Thursday, January 11th
10:15  Australia Kings fe vs. China Etab BO3
10:15  South Africa LeetPro fe vs. Taiwan No IdeA BO3
10:15  Singapore Asterisk fe vs. Vietnam Powar Rangirls BO3
10:15  Mongolia AnticlockwiSe vs. Kazakhstan K23 fe BO3
Friday, January 12th 
04:00  Semi-final #1   BO3
04:00  Semi-final #2   BO3
07:00  Third place decider   BO3
10:15  Grand final   BO3

*Update - HLTV.org has been notified of a change in how the WESG 2017 Asia-Pacific Regional Finals' $92,500 prize pot will be distributed:

1. $40,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
2. $20,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
3. $10,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
4. $6,500 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
5-6. $4,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
5-6. $4,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
7-8. $4,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
7-8. $4,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals spot
9-10. WESG 2017 World Finals spot
9-10. WESG 2017 World Finals spot

The female division's $16,000 prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

1. $10,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals Female spot
2. $4,000 + WESG 2017 World Finals Female spot
3. $2,000

For more information on both divisions, make sure to check our event pages (for general and female) to keep yourself on track.

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Australia mitch_
tl;dr re: Streams WESG have not supplied a English broadcast for this event and so there will be limited ways of getting coverage. twitch.tv/CappingTV will bring Semi/Grand Final coverage from the China stream but other then that we're all in the dark.
2018-01-10 06:36
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I think i can live withoit it
2018-01-10 08:47
Would be good for csgo if Asia would start to kick ass.
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flam3zcsgo - HLTV.org pl0x
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Good game portal. Just dont overthink everything.
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Go Kiwis
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Finland Jonzu95
MVP PK will win
2018-01-10 10:00
Indonesia FriZZy
1st B.O.O.T ds 2nd MVP PK 3rd ORDER 4th Recca 5-6th new4 5-6th NSPR
2018-01-10 10:08
team mongolia vs team kazakhstan battle of the giants, folks. erkast is even coaching, what a time to be alive
2018-01-10 10:10
Finland Smoonah
dunno much of really
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Group 1 Who Group 2 Who Group 3 Who Group 4 Who Qf Who SF Who GF who Tournament Who
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