Fierce: "Each team is really strong [... but] CIS teams are good to play against for us"

In our first interview from the ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier, we asked Vega Squadron's coach, Artem "Fierce" Ivanov, about how the Russians prepared, their first match against Renegades, and his role in the team.

Vega Squadron managed to beat Renegades in their first match here at the Main Qualifier, clinching Mirage 16-14 following a tough second half in which the Australians nearly came back.

Fierce (in the background) talked Vega Squadron at the Major

After the match, we got a hold of Artem "Fierce" Ivanov, the relatively new coach in Vega Squadron, and quizzed him about the team's preparation for the tournament and more.

You had a big bootcamp before EPICENTER but that didn't work out very well in the end, did you do another one prior to the Major as well? What was the preparation like?

At first, we had a really big issue with visas, so we spent at least one week to sort everything out. After this we went to the team house and we were there for four or five days maybe, spending time practicing, improving our play, maps, stuff like this, that's it.

What kind of goals did you set for the whole Major cycle?

Our main goal is to have a great teamplay since if you play at high level, you do well at Major.

Your first match against Renegades ended up getting very close despite a 10-5 CT half, tell me about the issues you faced on the second side after clinching match point.

It's hard to say, we just tried to attack B but they were two or three there, stacked up. I think we took two pauses two rounds in a row and we were just cheering each other up. The main goal was to calm down and to continue playing like we did in the first half of the game.

Are there any teams you would like to avoid, or some that you'd like to face moving forward?

Each team is really strong, so... You never underestimate a single team. Because they come from the same region, the CIS teams are good to play against for us and that's it.

We always like to find out what kind of input and roles coaches have, can you explain what you do as a coach and how much input you have during matches?

I'm new at this, so I'm the person who brings everyone together and connect things up, the rest is the same as with other coaches I guess, looking at reviews, working on the issues of the team in-game and outside of the game, and making the mentality good.

Russia Artem 'Fierce' Ivanov
Artem 'Fierce' Ivanov
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#OnlyVega Let's go my boys!
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Asia> CIS
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ahahahah nt nigeR
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So big disrespect for CIS from him hehe
2018-01-12 19:53
Many CIS players know each other pretty well, so thats why its comfortable to play against CIS region. Never meant CIS teams were not that good or anything
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gut good
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This guy seems like he has no idea of this job :o Not a single interesting answer was given.
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clearly new at this
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Flash strong LUL
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> Vega Squadron's coach > issues you faced > It's a hard question. I don't know Lol looks like coachy is not so good
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that was more like a figure of speech buddy
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