zews: "I've just been trying to play as selfless as I can for my team"

January 13th, 2018 19:05

After Liquid clinched their first win at the Main Qualifier following a 16-10 scoreline on Cobblestone against FlipSid3, we sat down with Wilton "zews" Prada, Liquid's coach-turned-stand-in.

Liquid faced off against FaZe in the first round yesterday and nearly managed to pull off the upset, getting to 14-14 before conceding the last two rounds on Overpass to go 0-1.

In the bottom pool, they met FlipSid3 earlier today and clinched their first win following a comfortable Terrorist side on Cobblestone. 

zews would love to shift the rivalry with Cloud9 in his team's favor

Our next interview from Atlanta features Wilton "zews" Prado, who talked about Liquid's first two matches at the tournament and the team's goals in light of their situation.

We have to begin with the situation that Liquid has found themselves in again, with you having to step in as a player. How has the team dealt with that in terms of preparation and how have you personally been feeling with your individual preparation and form?

My individual thoughts, while I'm happy that I get to play a Major which is every player's dream, I'm really sad for steel and for our team and I think that is the biggest part of my emotions right now, as I wish we'd be playing with our full roster. As for preparation, I had to stay in Brazil resolving some visa issues, which got resolved at the very last second, I came in one day before the Major.

With that, I was practicing with 200 ping, my individual preparation again after Immortals it has been another year and something off, so it's not amazing. I've just been trying to play as selfless as I can for my team, I've been trying to in-game lead with a lot of help from everyone on the team, and I've been trying to just entry-frag and drop them guns even if they have it, because the guys on my team are amazing and I know they can do the job if they just have someone there sacrificing for them. That's what I've been trying to do this tournament.

I'm guessing you don't have the same level of expectations as you would with the full roster, can you tell me about what has changed, what your goals will be for the entire Major?

Expectations are rough because we know we have so much potential and skill on this team that we should be making it out of this at least, so our initial goal is to make it out of this and a really optimistic one would be to make the top eight, but that's super optimistic, we have to be realistic with a stand-in and the Majors being just the highest level of competition there is. So if we make it out of this new challengers phase, we should already be happy with what we're doing.

It was quite a surprise to see you guys do so well against FaZe in the first match, being able to get to 14 rounds, although you weren't able to close it out in the end on Overpass despite having a good chance, what happened?

That FaZe match was rough in so many ways, because we lost both pistols, we lost ecos, we won a lot of clutches 1v1 but our economy was really close the whole match. I still feel we had the match in our control on that 14-14 eco where we carelessly went into connector and got caught off-guard by something stupid, which wasn't the plan but it's a mid-round call and you have to do it and that's how it goes.

Against FaZe, they're an amazing team, we didn't know what to expect, last time I filled in at ESL Pro League it was 16-14 as well, so it kind of hurt to see it go in the same aspect again in a match that we felt we could have won. But still, they're an amazing team and in a way we have to be proud of what we accomplished.

Going over to FlipSid3, have you been able to prepare for them at all considering they haven't played anything for such a long time, even changed lineups a couple of months ago, was there any preparation towards them at all?

I put a lot of preparation into Mirage at least, yesterday night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up until 3 AM just trying to do it on the laptop. And they went with Cobblestone in the last second, so the preparation went kind of all out the window, and they didn't go for Overpass either which was the other map we prepped for, so it was kind of rough. But we respect every opponent, we will always do our due dilligence when it comes them.

Tell me about the match itself, what were the key points that helped you take the win?

We started off as CT, which is the less favored side, we got enough rounds in there but we still lost an anti-eco because of me in this case. We could have gotten more, but we had enough comfort and enough of a buffer, and then we got that T pistol, I knew we'd have a pretty good chance of winning.

I know the way they like to work, they put a lot of preparation into their T sides and our T sides as well, we are super smart about how we play, we try to mess with their minds a lot, and pound-for-pound and frags, I trust my team more.

Looking forward, are there any teams you'd particularly like to play or avoid?

Avoid, I think I'd want to avoid G2 because they just have a rough style to play against. I know people would criticise me for this but I look forward to playing against Cloud9 as I always like having that American rivalry.

That rivalry hasn't been to favorable for you, though...

That's exactly why I want to face them, I want to change that.

Brazil Wilton 'zews' Prado
Wilton 'zews' Prado
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c1so | 
Slovakia SUPERC1SO 
easiest #1 in my life/btw feewe is god
2018-01-13 19:05
gAuLeS | 
Brazil Verneth 
Zews > Zeus
2018-01-13 19:06
Algeria N_nja 
zews > Zeus
2018-01-13 19:07
NAF | 
Bangladesh Ligma_ 
Zews > Zeus
2018-01-13 19:40
Zeus < Zews
2018-01-13 21:09
Latvia Flinchester 
Zeus > Zews
2018-01-14 14:21
Brazil aAlem 
3/17 LuL
2018-01-14 15:16
United Kingdom Bowsette 
2018-01-13 19:05
2018-01-13 19:06
2018-01-13 19:06
Algeria N_nja 
zeus is pure lvl 5 faceit material pls retire go full bodybuilding u retard even pashBiceps has better aim than u zews > Zeus
2018-01-13 19:07
United States CrispyBox 
2018-01-13 19:09
Austria I_love_Hltv 
2018-01-13 19:10
Denmark Poopoohead123 
2018-01-13 19:11
United States Err0h 
OH my gawwd lmao
2018-01-13 19:16
damn dude, savage.
2018-01-13 19:22
f0rest | 
Finland Kentab 
2018-01-13 19:55
16-2 bottomfragging
2018-01-13 19:59
acid | 
Finland BillNye 
full body building lol
2018-01-13 21:38
Brazil MommyStealer 
2018-01-13 19:14
Brazil Valhalla00 
+1 lol
2018-01-13 20:34
France StickyRice 
Zews wants that american rivalry with C9 while Misfits is taking the number 1 USA spot at the meantime :)
2018-01-13 19:15
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
2018-01-13 19:23
United States JustJoshinYa 
i think Misfits is better atm. I really want a C9 Seangares though.
2018-01-13 20:31
France StickyRice 
I would like that C9 Misfits game but on quarters of the actual Major, to get to top 4.
2018-01-13 20:32
United States JustJoshinYa 
I think c9 is such strong player wise that they would win. Misfits would beat Liquid and I have them getting out 3-1 or 3-2
2018-01-13 20:33
Absolute non-sense. C9 is number 1. Misfits might be number 2
2018-01-13 20:51
France StickyRice 
Hope will see a game between these two, this would be interesting.
2018-01-13 20:52
I mean, Misfits have a perfect mesh between tactics and firepower, so I think it could be a win for Misfits. C9 are still number 1 NA for all of their international results though
2018-01-13 20:54
France StickyRice 
Yeah obviously if you go by HLTV rankings but i meant on current form.
2018-01-13 20:55
Even in that case I'm still not sure. Its 50/50. Either C9 straight up aim them so hard that none of sean's strats work or sean goes straight Megamind and brains those faggots away
2018-01-13 20:56
France StickyRice 
Yeah, i was semi serious it was more of a joke (Misfits taking the number 1 spot without getting noticed) as a reply to zews' talk on "we want to play C9 because of that NA rivalry".
2018-01-13 20:58
I hope Misfits do good. It was very nice to see all of the NA teams at EPL S6 getting some upset wins over some big name EU teams. Can't count the North wins though because North were just out of it all together
2018-01-13 20:59
France StickyRice 
There is hope for NA i think between C9 and Misfits (Liquid could get through 3-2 or 2-3 and win the remaining spot on decider games). A C9 Misfits game on quarters would ensure to get one NA team on semis, and from this point only one BO3 to get to the final, which is doable vs anyone but SK. (not that would be easy by any mean but still there would be hope). It's still the beginning so let's not be overly confident but C9 should be 2-0 (would be quite a big upset for them to lose to Sprout).
2018-01-13 21:02
Hong Kong IAmAutistic 
Team with Sean as IGL= Legendary team
2018-01-14 13:44
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
you suck
2018-01-13 19:18
i got baited , thinking it was zeus lmao
2018-01-13 19:24
same here lol
2018-01-13 19:30
Zews is a great brain IGL and stuff, but unfortunatly his aim isnt so good. That is because he is a coach. He is doing a great tatic job. When Liquid goes B side on cbble he go first to be baited and his friends do the job. Nice strat for Cbble. Congratulations Zews and Liquid.
2018-01-13 19:26
It's ridiculous though because Liquid have been playing better with zews than with steel, at least against FaZe. With steel, they got trashed like 16-6 or 16-8 or something like that. And yet, with zews in the server and IGLing, they get to 14 rounds and really make FaZe sweat. I don't like a Brazilian player ruining the full NA lineup thing but if it went down to it, I think I would welcome zews full time IGL. Ofc this is basing it off of small amount of data lol
2018-01-13 20:53
United States Skellington 
I mean they practiced with Zews more than they practiced with Steel because they knew they would be going in with a stand in. That's why there so well prepared. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the next major would have Liquid top 8
2018-01-13 21:52
World Nydhogg 
"I've been trying to just entry-frag" hard task if you're aiming like gold nova
2018-01-13 19:29
Hong Kong IAmAutistic 
He’s an awesome IGL, his strats worked really well on the game vs FaZe. Yes, his aim is really bad, but he is willing to bait for his team and his teammates will close up the round
2018-01-14 13:51
Why cant steel play??
2018-01-13 19:48
Roster lock rules , he played the qualifiers with immortals (same reason why boltz wont be playing for sk).
2018-01-13 21:21
Thanks man
2018-01-15 11:52
props to zews =)
2018-01-13 20:36
tryhard :D
2018-01-13 20:48
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Like you have a choice zews? You are terrible.
2018-01-13 21:12
zews back to habbo
2018-01-13 23:19
Thailand petchzbonny 
zews > zeus
2018-01-14 05:57
kNgV- | 
Brazil vini_zan 
I want a zews sticker . Valve sucks CZews > zeus
2018-01-17 01:13
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