Calyx: "These four days were the most important time in our lives"

We spoke to Buğra "Calyx" Arkın following Space Soldiers' overtime win over mousesports, with which the Turkish squad earned their spot at the ELEAGUE Major.

Space Soldiers qualified for the next stage with a 3-1 record, beating AVANGAR, Misfits, and mousesports in their last three matches.

Calyx & co. are set to spend the next few days fixing their mistakes to prepare for the next stage

After the team made their first Major in their first attempt at the Main Qualifier, we got a hold of Buğra "⁠Calyx⁠" Arkın to ask him about Space Soldiers' last two matches and what their goals will be next weekend. He also gave us his thoughts on Valve including the preliminary stage into the Major.

Can you first touch on your yesterday's match with Misfits, which ended up getting quite close, what was the key to winning Train?

Actually, we didn't do anything special, we just reviewed some important points and went over some demos, but we didn't prepare anything special. We just wanted to play our game and we played our game.

They're quite known for doing their homework on their opponents, is that something you were aware of or noticed in the match?

We knew that. We also knew that if we stuck to our game, our gameplan, then everything would be okay.

Talk me through the mousesports match as well, the beginning was quite close before you took over until 13-5. What happened after that point, when mousesports came back to push it to overtime?

Everything was okay until that point, but we just lost a round by our own mistake and we just lost our communication, actually we got pissed a bit. We started losing rounds because it was hard to read them, we just took one pause to discuss what was going on. They found a gap, that was our main mistake, they used the gap, which was short, suNny used it really well. But basically it was just stress.

What was then the key to closing it out on overtime, simply calming down?

When we switched to overtime we took one more pause and we reminded ourselves that we need to play our game, only our game, stop trying to read them, trying to read their moves, and just play our own game. I think we only got one round on the CT side, but when we switched to T side, we won the first round and told ourselves 'okay, we're going to close this game no matter what.'

Was there anything special about the last round? It was clear MAJ3R gave out some specific directive and it seemed like you were waiting for mousesports to push.

Yeah, MAJ3R reminded us that they were going to push now, because chrisJ does this a lot, we just waited for him and we knew somebody else would come to trade. We just traded, chill, chill, chill, and then we basically just did our execute.

Tell me about the next couple of days which you'll have off before the next stage begins, are you going to use that for normal practice or is there special you will focus on?

We will just go over the demos from matches we have played here, because we have done lots of mistakes here and we need to fix those mistakes in order to prepare for the next stage. Practice-wise we will probably do some and then we'll just rest a bit, that's it.

Being through to the next stage, is the pressure now off? What will you be aiming for next weekend?

We have nothing to lose, our main goal here was to get to the next stage and now we did it. I hope the pressure is gone now. We always do things step by step, so the first step will be winning the match, then the second match, third match, and hopefully we will get into the playoffs. But the main goal is of course the first match.

Space Soldiers have been around for quite a long time but up until now you haven't been able to get to the next level, what does this achievement mean for you?

Personally and as a team we are super, super happy to achieve that, it was the most important thing in our lives. Basically we just focused only on this, because we knew that these four days were going to be the most important times in our lives. We just tried to do our best and we did.

The last thing I'd like to get your thoughts on is Valve changing the format, this stage being included in what they call the Major. Did you feel like this was already the Major for you, or did you still feel like this was a qualifier?

It was a qualifier for me. My feeling was that it was a qualifier, not the Major itself.

Turkey Buğra 'Calyx' Arkın
Buğra 'Calyx' Arkın
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2018-01-15 22:56
woah i got 3 n1
2018-01-15 22:57
interesting interview
2018-01-15 22:57
That's quite sad
2018-01-15 22:57
2018-01-15 23:04
+1 true , i thought the same
2018-01-18 09:56
Switzerland c12345
2018-01-18 15:55
2018-01-15 22:57
2018-01-15 22:57
2018-01-15 22:57
Sweden sounDyGOD
2018-01-15 22:57
France MIK120
2018-01-15 22:57
United States GamerPlays
2018-01-15 22:57
thats rlly sad lmao
2018-01-15 22:57
well you are turkish so i didnt expect anything else to hear xdd
2018-01-15 22:57
heheh funny xdd
2018-01-16 00:09
arent you the guy go to the stream to donate and beg for a sign in your steam profile ? u
2018-01-16 13:53
Bulgaria zikinu
2018-01-15 22:58
he says taktik maktik yok bam bam bam
2018-01-15 22:58
ROFL! Sad life you have
2018-01-15 22:58
Turkey Mustafa-
lol sad hater
2018-01-15 23:16
Its called the truth in the real world
2018-01-16 00:31
What noscener?
2018-01-16 13:49
Go outside kid
2018-01-16 18:42
United States ndg316
This is exactly why he's up there competing and making money, and you're not.
2018-01-20 14:11
4 best days of his life...must have been wonderful life so far
2018-01-20 20:24
United States ndg316
Imagine if a person finally lands their dream job after years and years of working hard for it, i'm sure its the same feeling for him
2018-01-20 22:55
and he "landed his dream job" just on that day or what ? Im pretty sure he had same money/contract before and will have the same after...
2018-01-20 23:26
We not beat sprout we beat avangar fix the title pls.
2018-01-15 22:58
Lol, they hadnt beat sprout this week
2018-01-15 22:59
He really needs to step up his communication CT side. Together with ngin they were sitting ducks, getting caught off guard and unable to set up crossfires and bait for eachother. Other than that congratulations!
2018-01-15 22:59
Finland Smoonah
The sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs.
2018-01-15 22:59
Chill your going to lose first match anyway.
2018-01-15 23:00
They beat Avangar and not Sprout, pls fix.
2018-01-15 23:00
looks like boltz
2018-01-15 23:01
Russia Pierock
Fight for $35000
2018-01-15 23:02
nice interview
2018-01-15 23:03
2018-01-15 23:10
Respect them, they deserve guys, they worked so hard. At this point, they wont never lose, they already won too many things. GG
2018-01-15 23:19
Greece knk74
Calux is the one guy i like from sps
2018-01-15 23:29
2018-01-15 23:34
"Yeah, MAJ3R reminded us that they were going to push now, because chrisJ does this a lot, we just waited for him and we knew somebody else would come to trade. We just traded, chill, chill, chill, and then we basically just did our execute." poor chrisJ. LOL
2018-01-15 23:43
good job, performed better than expected
2018-01-15 23:53
Finland Smoonah
I guess birth wasn't.
2018-01-16 00:08
As much as i hate turks in mm and have barely any symphaty for thier leader irl, congrats ss.
2018-01-16 00:11
2018-01-16 00:15
OMG i think he is the user -VerySeriouslyGuy
2018-01-16 00:38
United States SladesterG
They gonna get they asses wiped against the big bois
2018-01-16 00:41
Just fökus
2018-01-16 05:00
"If we can do it, we can do it, if we lose, we will lose" Calyx 2018
2018-01-16 07:03
if i kill him, i kill him my friend
2018-01-16 07:11
"we have to beat our opponents to win" Calyx 2017
2018-01-16 07:51
Russia AyvaN
"Won SK is not a suprise for me to be honest" Maj3R 2017
2018-01-16 15:07
lool the most important 4 days i played computer lololololopooooo
2018-01-16 13:52
its wonderfull succes guys we proud of you.
2018-01-16 16:15
Turkey Sekolelele
2018-01-16 16:25
what a sad life he has then
2018-01-16 21:34
19 y.o. professional gamer what u expect? so tell us what is your most important time in your life? or go ask fallen etc.
2018-01-16 21:38
19 y.o. professional gamer what u expect? so tell us what is your most important time in your life? or go ask fallen etc.
2018-01-17 10:33
Competing for 8750 dollars most important time hahahaha
2018-01-18 15:05
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