flamie: "Our [CIS] region is becoming more powerful"

After Natus Vincere closed out the fifth round of the Swiss format with a dominant over Liquid, clinching a spot at the ELEAGUE Major, we spoke to Egor "flamie" Vasilyev.

Natus Vincere became the last team to qualify with a 3-2 record in the Swiss format, defeating Liquid at the end of the fifth round in dominant fashion to clinch the eighth spot.

flamie is happy to see more CIS teams at the Major

In one of our last interviews from the Main Qualifier, Egor "⁠flamie⁠" Vasilyev talked about the issues Na`Vi faced in their big losses to mousesports and FaZe, goals for the Major, and the CIS region that exceeded expectations at the tournament.

Can you tell me about the big FaZe loss that you suffered earlier today, why you weren't able to compete?

I don't really know what happened in our game versus FaZe, it was the same game as we had versus mousesports, we lost 16-4. In practice we play a different game, we have a lot of focus and we have a different view in-game. But when we play such games, like against FaZe or mousesports, sometimes - I don't know why - we stop believing in ourselves as we do in practice, or as we believed now versus Liquid.

When they won the second round 5v0, it was the first force round, we just got a mental block, and they started to shoot very well, started to rush everywhere. We just didn't focus, nothing helped. After the match versus mousesports, we had a big talk in our team about how to fix these mistakes, how not to let that happen again and we just played versus Liquid and won.

Tell me about the Liquid match as well - it was clearly very comfortable for you, were you just all feeling well individually?

Yeah, first of all, we did our team chant, we focused, we said it might be our last chance, because we didn't want to play two more games. We were just very, very focused as a team, the individual plays, we just hit almost everything and everything worked.

What is it going to take for you to do well in the group stage of the Major?

We will have four days before the Major, we will practice a lot. We didn't practice for a week before the Major almost, because we went to New York for Pro League Relegation and there was no place to practice. We just forgot how to play (laughs). Right now we will focus on our game, focus on our tactics, and I hope everything will be okay at the Major and we will pass to the playoffs.

Is there anything specific you will focus on?

It's about our map pool I think, we don't have a big map pool as other teams, we don't play seven maps, but we will focus on our strongest maps to win and to get to the playoffs stage.

What do you think about what Valve have done for this Major, including the Main Qualifier into the whole system?

I was never at the Major qualifier before, but it was a feeling as in Major games, playoffs, finals, every team is playing with their hearts. It's very hard, if we lose focus like versus FaZe or mousesports, and they are more focused than us, they can crush us and as you can see, we need to focus a lot. Of course nothing changed for the players, but they know this is a Major now, and they're playing more with their hearts to go through here.

The CIS teams have done very well here, Vega Squadron advanced, now Quantum Bellator Fire advanced and AVANGAR still have a chance, what are your thoughts on your region doing so well here?

I'm very happy there are a lot of CIS teams at the Major, on the main stage. I didn't expect that Vega and Quantum Bellator would pass the qualifiers, but I'm very happy for them, happy for us. I think our region is becoming more powerful and very strong, as you can see there are more CIS teams than any other country, any other region.

Russia Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
Egor 'flamie' Vasilyev
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Finland Smoonah
gl flamie
2018-01-16 04:21
i pugged with flamie the other day and he went negative :/ but i still love him
2018-01-16 04:24
Japan Th3Koala
Now time for Japanese scene! Laz ftw <3 OwO
2018-01-16 04:25
Korea xtkjdtr01
Are u really from Japan? I hope csgo will be more popular there
2018-01-16 06:59
Japan Th3Koala
yes, im, cs in Japan is popular, but as we know, not like in eu/na
2018-01-16 14:22
Ukraine SzergiusZ
I think the situation should change in Japan for 5 years.
2018-01-16 16:01
Venezuela cubek
Why? They are good just like they are right now: quora.com/How-is-Japan-such-a-developed-.. Although a bit workaholic and asocial but hey they're fine
2018-01-18 05:42
2018-01-16 15:07
implying flamie plays as hard as he can in a pug with low level players like you? lol
2018-01-16 14:16
2018-01-16 08:22
so fucking bad jesus christ. EZ fix get hobbit
2018-01-16 09:22
Poland ReHowskyy
2018-01-16 04:21
wow very powerful
2018-01-16 04:21
2018-01-16 04:22
2018-01-16 04:22
hi hltv
2018-01-16 04:22
CS Region with Ebola: "I Am Growing Stronger"
2018-01-16 04:22
Australia kTw0
2018-01-16 04:22
2018-01-16 05:51
thats not rly hard
2018-01-16 06:19
Yes more teams that will never win anything gl.
2018-01-16 04:22
Last Major winner is from CIS, douche
2018-01-16 13:10
2018-01-16 13:48
Yeah if you keep playing against sprout and a team with a coach it sure will
2018-01-16 04:23
Peru vaniIIa
+1 lul
2018-01-16 18:17
Libya nanaichini
gl flamie u r back in form oh, i was don't know this details
2018-01-16 04:23
Japan jia
ofc... getting carried by a player who already got caught cheating
2018-01-16 04:24
ahahaha sure, like ropz
2018-01-16 04:28
Japan jia
mad because im saying the truth?
2018-01-16 12:39
shut up amerifat burger
2018-01-16 13:44
Yeah cis getting powerful but navi going downhill since 2016
2018-01-16 04:25
We will see on this major
2018-01-16 12:05
flamie but flammie on faceit
2018-01-16 04:25
got lucky u mean,and you all will get out group stage lmao
2018-01-16 04:27
NaVi definitely got lucky, but I wouldn't bet against Vega making playoffs after how solid they looked this weekend. I think they could beat a lot of the teams at the major in a BO1.
2018-01-16 13:04
2018-01-16 04:27
CIS > NA, SA, ASIA. Scandinavia and Europe top 2 Edit: If Avangar qualify, CIS will have 5 teams at the major. More than Scandinavia, and almost as much as Europe.
2018-01-16 04:32
Why 5? 4
2018-01-16 05:49
Avangar, Gambit, QB, NaVi, Vega would have been 5
2018-01-19 18:33
gosh, when scandinavia broke away with europe O.O scandexit ? scandal !
2018-01-16 16:31
ROFL I think that OP mentioned Scandinavia separately due to their "tradition" in e-sports, it's still the region with most CSGO major titles, both inside Europe and in a global scale.
2018-01-17 16:34
*sigh of relief* thanks captain obvious
2018-01-17 18:08
Sarcasm isn't always perceptible behind a screen, you know.
2018-01-18 02:16
sryy if you feel offended^^ guy in #25 is just ridiculous
2018-01-18 11:20
I'm blatantly referring to regions you mutt, resist the urge of cleaning toilets and get back to school!
2018-01-19 18:38
noobik was reported, no mercy 4 autism
2018-01-19 18:39
Don't be salty that a tier 3 Russian team is dominating your national idols atm. It's just a feeling, it will pass.
2018-01-19 18:42
2018-01-16 04:34
Is it? Let's w8 and see.
2018-01-16 04:38
"but they know this is a Major now, and they're playing more with their hearts to go through here." time for hltv plebs to finally realise this isnt a major qualifier
2018-01-16 04:54
Malaysia K2tan
avangar should be the one qualifying not the shitty qbf
2018-01-16 05:15
Flamie may be right in general, but if 100Thieves had made it in Avangar wouldn't have been able to even play to get in, and if Steel had been playing Liquid would have gotten in much earlier. That means QB wouldn't have gotten in either. However, the CIS region does look much stronger than people realized, I agree.
2018-01-16 06:10
Russia razorVJ
> When they won the second round 5v0 I didn't watch. What the hell was that round?
2018-01-16 06:18
Faze took deagles, 5 headshots, and round was finished
2018-01-16 07:09
L.K.S | 
Russia clife
How you feeling, mr.Thorin? 4/6 CIS teams on Major...
2018-01-16 06:53
None of which will make it to playoffs unless they get lucky matchups against each other. It's not going to be as easy vs. SK, Astralis, North and fnatic as it was vs. Flash Gaming, Avangar, Sprout and Liquid/NV with coaches playing.
2018-01-16 07:30
L.K.S | 
Russia clife
many people bet 0-3 qbf/avangar, but they was much better. Yesterday no one doesnt knew about these teams, but today one of them on Major, another one loss in overtime... it was so close... Dont compere old top players and youngblood, give a time
2018-01-16 07:39
"much better" If RpK hadn't gotten pneumonia and steel had been able to play instead of zews, they would have gone out early. The only reason they didn't get 0-3 was because an already disbanded team (flash gaming) and a soon to be disbanded CIS team (f3) managed to do even worse. Both teams from the EU minor would have qualified if it wasn't for RpK's pneumonia, and teams like OpTic, HR, Heroic and NiP would all have a better chance at making playoffs than QBF and the already eliminated Avangar. Vega Squadron is pretty much the only CIS team that's gotten better, and there doesn't appear to be a single team from thr region poised to win the major, let alone make playoffs.
2018-01-16 07:52
L.K.S | 
Russia clife
Everyone was on equal terms. Each team had a chance to qualify and each team had a chance to reach the final of Major. About playoffs and final of Major - we will see, who take a trofey
2018-01-16 08:10
They were on equal terms, but not vs equal opposition, and Na'Vi wouldn't even have made it if it hadn't been for 100Thieves' visa issues. My point is that the CIS region has never been weaker, and it'll be a long time before any CIS team takes home a trophy from a big tournamemt, and that team will most likely be Vega Squadron, although their map pool isn't deep enough yet to compete in Bo3s vs the top teams of the world.
2018-01-16 08:16
cis region is shit lad, they should have just invited nip rather than waste spots on some russian shitters
2018-01-16 13:43
L.K.S | 
Russia clife
Why so toxic? Wait... Oh... Sorry NIP fun...
2018-01-16 13:54
Panama Bill_Bait
Flamie being drunk again lmfao
2018-01-16 07:50
2018-01-16 08:11
Riiight. They got better at not whiffing USP-S shots on Mirage A site ladders against mousesports at least
2018-01-16 08:14
Flamie should watch out or soon he's not even a top 10 player from cis anymore :D
2018-01-16 08:20
FlamieNATOR was really good at most of the matches. And he is great with an AWP! Keep the WORK man!!! DON'T STOP IMPROVING! cuz when you stop improving = you becoming worse and worse! remember that. gl.
2018-01-16 08:21
closed it out with a dominant over liquid
2018-01-16 08:21
Just cause they have their own CIS region... teams like Godsent, AGO, Heroic, Optic, NiP, ... would have beaten them easily... but they have to fight each other for 2 spots.. CIS teams have to fight other T3 teams for 2 spots When you add the luck of Swiss draw sending Avangar vs Quantum in 2-2 match, its easier Not saying, that they are not playing well, but just saying, that better or at least same results would have had loooot of other teams not from CIS
2018-01-16 08:39
World aagii247
evry team u said on Eu lost to space soldiers in eu qualifer so wtf are u talking lol
2018-01-16 13:14
and? .... Space Soldiers deserve their spot... I am talking about CIS teams = Vega, Flipside, Avangar, Quantum, ... (especialy last 2) - if they had to fight through EU Minor, they wouldn´t probably make it to the Major Qualifier
2018-01-16 19:30
World aagii247
u gonna say same thing now on major if the cis teams wins eu teams??? we see what happens..
2018-01-19 17:03
World aagii247
They destroy North my friend and North is legend team ahahaha
2018-01-19 17:19
Good for Vega, but this still not changing my opinion about CIS Minor.... CIS teams just got it easier to break up, than T2-3 EU teams like Ago, eXtatus, Heroic, .... + harder to get back for long-term T1 teams: NiP, Optic
2018-01-19 17:49
* break through
2018-01-19 18:18
World aagii247
Now they destroy Vp like vp is mm global team 16:3 ahahaha
2018-01-19 18:47
good for them, VP are waste right now. AGO >>> VP 100% Still just saying, that CIS Minor gives CIS teams advantage to have quicker success than (according to lower tier tournaments) same skilled EU teams Seems like they are playing really well now, good for them, can have new Na´Vi / Gambit potential
2018-01-19 18:57
World aagii247
tell me 1 good Chezh team that is good expect 1 player Oskar and Styko
2018-01-19 18:49
eXtatus is the only CZ/SK pro team - not saying, that they are on Major level, but they have beaten Gambit or Vega in the past too. (Czech CS scene is conected to Slovakian = most of local teams consist of 2/3 CZ and 2/3 Slovakians)
2018-01-19 18:53
World aagii247
but i mean are u gonna say the same thing if they going thru the play offs? sorry for bad englando haha
2018-01-19 18:59
OMG, done, last post A) I´m not saying, that CIS teams sucks - right know, they can even win the Major (good for them) B) My point is, that CIS Minor produced those teams (Gambit, Vega, QBF) and who knows what would happen if they had to fight through EU Minor Overall: EU teams such as AGO/Heoric/eXtatus/Optic/... could have been same suprise as QBF and Vega, but they did not make it though EU Minor .... but that´s just speculations => Don´t hate CIS teams, just think for EU´s is the way here much more difficult
2018-01-19 19:09
agreed, they invited fucking flash, waste of a spot then brazilians drop and fucking eleague makes up some new rules instead of doing the obvious thing and inviting nip or optic
2018-01-16 20:13
Cry is free. Cis teams numba one at the moment. Did you forget last major champions from CIS?
2018-01-17 19:58
flamie aka best football manager player
2018-01-16 12:46
2018-01-17 20:59
too bad there will never be a top 1 cis team...
2018-01-16 13:47
Shit holes always churn out the best competitors.
2018-01-16 17:39
Western countries just relax and watch how to play CIS teams at MAJOR)))
2018-01-17 20:03
c9 went 3-0
2018-01-17 20:58
C9 all players from asia))))
2018-01-18 09:05
they very powerful davai davai
2018-01-17 20:58
CIS finals: Na'Vi vs Gambit CIS semi-finals: Na'Vi vs Vega; Gambit vs QBF; #CISUP (lul)
2018-01-18 15:13
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