IEM Katowice Asia & Oceania closed qualifiers set to start

The Asian and Oceanic closed qualifiers for IEM Katowice 2018 is set to commence from today onwards, with each qualifier handing one spot to the $500,000 event in Poland.

After determining the winners of the open qualifiers during the past two weeks, the next stage for the Asian and Oceanic regions is ready to go. ESL invited four notable teams from each region for the closed qualifiers, who will be joined by two more teams (for each region) via the open qualifiers.

The Asian closed qualifier will kick off earlier than their Oceanic counterpart, taking place online on the Singapore servers from January 19-22. The Australian and New Zealand closed qualifier will run on Sydney servers from January 20-25.

With xccurate joining, can BnTeT release the beast inside him?

For the Asian closed qualifier, the team list can be found below:

China TYLOO China Flash
Singapore BOOT-d[S] Mongolia TheMongolz
Open Qualifier #1 Open Qualifier #2
Korea MVP PK Thailand Signature

The participants for the Oceanic region's closed qualifier consists of:

Australia Chiefs Australia Grayhound
Australia Tainted Minds Australia ORDER
Open Qualifier #1 Open Qualifier #2
Australia Athletico Australia Corvidae

The closed qualifiers will use a best-of-three double-elimination format, with the grand final being a best-of-five, assisted by a 1-0 map advantage for the upper bracket final's winner.

Here are the opening match-ups for Asia:

Friday, January 19th
08:00 Korea MVP PK vs. China Flash BO3
08:00 Singapore BOOT-d[S] vs. Thailand Signature BO3
11:00 China TYLOO vs. MVP PK/Flash winner BO3
11:00 Mongolia TheMongolz vs. B.O.O.T-d[S]/Signature winner BO3

Followed by the opening match-ups for Oceania:

Saturday, January 20th
02:00 Australia ORDER vs. Australia Athletico BO3
05:00 Australia Tainted Minds vs. Australia Corvidae BO3
Sunday, January 21st
02:00 Australia Grayhound vs. ORDER/Athletico winner BO3
05:00 Australia Chiefs vs. Tainted Minds/Corvidae winner BO3

For the rest of the schedule, and other information, refer to our event pages for the Asian closed qualifier or Oceanic closed qualifier.

2018-01-19 07:39
United States ldKuKluxKlan 
2018-01-19 07:40
Australia KatVian 
Because two up and coming regions deserve qualifiers. Cs is breaking out in Asia so generating more intrest there is good and Australian cs is on the up and up with 5 pretty decent teams who are all very competitive amongst each other.
2018-01-19 08:51
Australia had their chance to show up good CS for years. Disappointed
2018-01-19 09:02
Pakistan perth 
I'd say 2 years tbh but you are right It's sad that last time an AU team made it through the main qualifier to a major was Katowice 2015. RNG and iM made it to Cologne 2015 but they qualified directly from the Asia minor so I don't know if I should count that. The only really opportunties AU/NZ get are those Asian lans and the Asia minor and sadly most of the time we lose.
2018-01-19 09:11
Are AU teams in NA for a better opportunity?
2018-01-19 09:40
Pakistan perth 
lul one and they do OK but not as well as expected. I won't count winterfox because that was a shit lineup to begin with. Should have made the major this time, literally had the perfect matchups but still failed :/ so embarrassing. Chiefs theoretically could move to NA and get into pro league but that would pretty much be it. They would stand no chance against SK, C9 or TL and online would probably lose to teams like RNG, misfits and NRG.
2018-01-19 10:22
2018-01-19 10:27
Are there any notable team from New Zealand in Oceania scene or just Australians? And did any team from those minor oceanic countries ever appeared on pro scene ever?
2018-01-19 17:40
Pakistan perth 
Not really anymore all NZ players have mixed into AU teams instead of forming an 'NZ superteam'. Last time I saw a 3 player or more NZ lineup was WESG lineup with Sico, grat, raz etc but that ofcs is WESG so it doesn't count. As for the second question, no. Some of Indonesia is in Oceania but I won't count that since the whole country isn't in it. So just AU and NZ. I am not an expert in the scene tho lul ask a pro player they would know more
2018-01-19 17:47
ok thanks
2018-01-19 17:53
Australia KatVian 
It is definitely on the rise, look at Australian regional ranking for 2015 and now big improvement. They are getting there.
2018-01-19 10:27
GL TyLoo
2018-01-19 07:40
2018-01-19 07:40
Australia KatVian 
Ez for chiefs #1 in Au
2018-01-19 08:52
2018-01-19 07:40
Russia j0cat 
Ez tyloo¿
2018-01-19 07:41
Korea mg8968 
Lets go MVP
2018-01-19 07:44
Indonesia DezfanzeR 
Ez Tyloo
2018-01-19 07:44
Bntet #1polish player
2018-01-19 07:49
Asia HikaruS 
Not really. Tyloo currently has Bntet and Xccurate #1 and #2 polish player in the team.
2018-01-19 07:52
Slovakia ypsylonnn 
Hope I can watch IEM @twitch
2018-01-19 07:55
gl tyloo
2018-01-19 08:14
Argentina Joaqqo1 
Still missing south america qualifiers
2018-01-19 08:41
Katowice in poland not asia, lern
2018-01-19 09:04
NEO | 
Poland BartoloNEO 
Why do polish players compete in Asia I don't get it.
2018-01-19 09:11
Easier scene, just like Optic playing in NA xD
2018-01-19 17:41
Finland Smoonah 
get them tyloo skinZA
2018-01-19 09:11
Other Onizuka_go 
ez 4 xign
2018-01-19 11:18
World waltsuu 
flash took new players already?
2018-01-19 14:05
Indonesia epen 
Ez TyLoo, Bntet and Xccurate Polish player
2018-01-30 03:45
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