kennyS: "The pressure is off our shoulders"

We had a quick chat with Kenny "kennyS" Schrub after G2 finished the ELEAGUE Major group stage with a 3-0 record following their win over Quantum Bellator Fire today.

G2 are the first team in the ELEAGUE Major playoffs, taking place next week in Boston, after the Frenchmen defeated Cloud9, Liquid, and Quantum Bellator Fire on their way to a 3-0 record in the Swiss format.

kennyS feels that the break helped G2 clear their minds

We talked to Kenny "⁠kennyS⁠" Schrub following the match to find out how confident the Frenchmen feel after their dominant run at the Major so far, and we asked him whether the fact that they played the Main Qualifier was an advantage.

A really confident run throughout the group stage, barely breaking a sweat in your matches here, how are you feeling about that going into the playoffs?

Well, first of all, we had a small bootcamp, like one week before the Major, the qualifier, it was probably one of the most productive bootcamps we've ever had as a French team, mostly, because French teams have been pretty known for having bad bootcamps (laughs) and productive ones.

I think the fact that we had a good bootcamp gave us a lot of confidence, I think we're all on point individually, I think we're going to step up a little bit more for the hardest games, the playoffs. But yeah, we were definitely really confident for these two stages.

What was so different about the bootcamp, what made it so good?

I don't really know, we had the holidays before, so we got to clear our minds. We had a week before the bootcamp playing online and yeah, just the fact that we had a week of holidays before cleared our minds and made us really hungry for the bootcamp and the Major.

Considering your core hasn't been able to advance to playoffs at a Major for at least two years, what does this mean for you? Is the biggest pressure gone?

We don't really realize it yet, but we are obviously really happy, especially that we won 3-0 in the group stage. We're super happy and the pressure's off our shoulders.

Having played the qualifier, being able to get used to the setup here, being able to warm up as opposed to the Legends who had a week of practice but no official matches, do you feel like that was a big advantage?

Yeah, I feel like it was an advantage for every team coming from the qualifier. We're not used to playing in this kind of setup and these kinds of monitors and stuff, not saying it's bad, it's pretty good to be honest, but we're not used to it.

It was nice for us, as I said before, all the teams had a break and coming into 2018, and having the first official games at the Major is not easy. Our first game against Flash was probably the worst game we played out of the six we've played so far, so it's pretty hard to get into it. It's just about official games. The fact that we had official games before and the fact that we got used to this setup was an advantage for us.

France Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub
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North America xdrax
2018-01-21 21:14
2018-01-21 21:15
Slovakia Tomo1181
2018-01-21 21:23
nah final will be VP x NiP
2018-01-22 21:28
Bangladesh abghunter
no shit
2018-01-21 21:14
no missed it!
2018-01-21 21:15
2018-01-21 21:15
2018-01-21 21:15
Europe fjallraven
i got 7th my personal record xd
2018-01-21 21:15
2018-01-21 21:15
Good for G2 lets see who else is going to qualify..
2018-01-21 21:16
Australia KatVian
2018-01-21 21:16
Switzerland Andro7789
no pressure on the play offs ok then eZ Major i guess
2018-01-21 21:17
India swast1k36
G2 vs SK final!!
2018-01-21 21:20
Ez for Kenny "carryS" Schrub Nathan "NBKing" Schmitt Dan "rapEX" Madesclaire Richard "shoxieJESUS" Papillon Alexandre "godyy" Pianaro #G2ARMY
2018-01-21 21:22
2018-01-21 21:50
2018-01-21 23:32
2018-01-22 06:02
2018-01-22 14:03
2018-01-22 21:28
if they win major ill buy a borat swimsuit and go live on insta for hltv.
2018-01-21 21:34
Sounds hot
2018-01-21 21:51
go get em
2018-01-22 06:10
China bigshabi
i love to see it hahahaha
2018-01-22 07:55
2 NA teams and QBF as opponents. Easiest 3-0 in the history of majors
2018-01-21 21:46
They always have bad draws tho.
2018-01-21 21:57
2018-01-22 19:39
2018-01-21 22:30
massive respect G2
2018-01-22 08:20
India MistaJ
2018-01-22 11:20
Unexpected, Very nice
2018-01-22 18:21
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