olofmeister: "Now there's only one goal, that is to win"

After FaZe qualified for the playoffs following a 16-12 win over SK on Cache, we grabbed Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer for an interview and talked to him about FaZe's run in the group stage and what lies ahead.

FaZe clinched three wins in a row in the ELEAGUE Major group stage, joining G2 in the playoffs as the second team to go 3-0 in the Swiss format, beating fnatic, Vega Squadron, and SK.

FaZe moved on to the playoffs with three wins in a row, defeating SK at the end

We spoke to Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer about FaZe's rematch with Vega Squadron as well as their issues on the CT side of Cache against the Brazilians. He also told us what it will take for the European squad to win it all now that they've passed the first two stages.

Can you first tell me about your rematch with Vega Squadron - you played them at the Main Qualifier and it didn't go your way, this time it seemed very comfortable for you - were you just better prepared for them?

We were better prepared because they have a gamestyle which is I would say a little bit random. Once you're ready for - I don't know how to say it in English but stupid plays, when you're ready for that random factor, then it was easier to play against them and we had a gameplan.

Also, as people have heard, we had a hard time practicing against them before and a lot of other teams have as well, so we maybe underrated them a little bit, because we didn't really expect that their playstyle would work so well, but obviously it did.

You ended up removing Inferno in the second match, was that a map you didn't want to go back to just in case?

It's karrigan who does every veto, I just stand by him. I wouldn't be afraid to play them on Inferno, we watched the game after and we saw a lot of gaps that we could have used. But maybe we'll play them in the playoffs and maybe we can play them again on Inferno.

Going into SK, a big matchup for you and historically not very successful, how were you feeling about it considering SK are playing with felps here?

SK's a really good team, but it's not like we're afraid of playing them. They have a very special playstyle and a lot of experienced players, so they always make it hard for everyone. But they are human like everyone else and you can beat them.

And we have beaten them a lot of times in best-of-ones. I wouldn't mind meeting them in the final, it would be fun for everyone, I think, everyone involved and everyone watching, that would be a great game.

You had a rough going at the start of the match on Cache, not being able to get into it until late in the half as CT, how come?

There were a lot of close rounds as CT during the first nine rounds and then we won a semi-buy or something like this and they got semi-broke already, and then it was a lot easier for us. We had a lot of ecos, so it could have gone a different way at the start, but they played really well and we couldn't close out the rounds. It is what it is sometimes.

You ended up pulling off a great T side, only losing two rounds, were you just more comfortable on the T side in general?

We had a good start, I don't think we're a lot more comfortable on the T side, we like to play both sides. It was just a bad start and they closed out all the rounds that were close. That shows also that they are a really experienced team and that's probably why they are the best team in the world right now.

No, we don't really care what side we're on, we know that we can do really well on both sides, so we were confident even when we were down 9-1, we were talking about it, that we can still come back as T and stuff like that. I would say Cache is a little bit T-sided if you can get the money control.

Now you have four days off before the playoffs begin, how are you going to spend the break, is there going to be any more preparation, anything special?

Of course we're going to prepare, I don't know how many days, it's a lot of days, anyway. We're going to prepare, we're going to watch all the games, we're going to play a lot individually like we have done, I feel like everyone is on point right now. Yeah, just prepare, hopefully do some practicing as well if we can find anything.

G2 are now also in the playoffs as the second 3-0 team, do you see them as your biggest rival aside from SK?

Aside from SK, I guess G2 is the best team, but what teams have they played? They looked better than they had before, but at the same time I want to wait, they haven't beaten a really, really strong team yet. But, at the moment, yes, they are the team to look out for, I guess. Hard to say.

I'm sure you're aiming for the win here, what is that going to take?

I always take one step at a time. First of all I just wanted to qualify, which I was a bit scared of, I haven't done a qualifier in a long time, bro. And then after that, we just wanted to get through groups, because NiKo had a little bit of a curse, so we just wanted to break that, that was the main goal I think.

And now there's only one goal, that's to win. We managed do the two steps before and to be able to win this, you have to be calm, trust in your teammates, just be on point individually, AND have a little bit of luck.

Wouldn't it be great to join JW, flusha, and pronax as a three-time Major champion?

Of course, of course!

Sweden Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
Olof 'olofmeister' Kajbjer
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Denmark JustYes 
I MADE IT! FaZe vs G2 Grand final inc have a cool day! -VeryCoolGuy
2018-01-22 00:18
2018-01-22 00:27
Was hoping VP will at least get double digits, but I hope they have a good transition to PUBG. The CSGO scene will never forget them.
2018-01-22 00:27
Yeah FaZe will win because Olof is cheating he locked on fallen on cache
2018-01-22 01:43
NiKo | 
United States skurr 
2018-01-22 02:31
2018-01-22 15:34
you realise he was trying to see anyone cross over on the gap in the smoke
2018-01-22 16:55
Denmark Xipingu 
SK fan detected.
2018-01-22 19:50
North America D3monw3st 
That made me laugh, nice one.
2018-01-23 16:13
Not even close the VeryNiceGuy.
2018-01-22 20:27
Canada hypsipyle 
the only team that can beat sk is astralix and device is idk sick or injured no idea plays like shit so i think it will be skvs faze but on the other hand felps is an awerage player boltz was playing better i would say 60% skvs faze :D
2018-01-24 00:59
2018-01-22 00:18
Not happening
2018-01-22 00:18
2018-01-22 00:18
2018-01-22 00:18
Brazil PazFanBoy 
rip not
2018-01-22 00:18
2018-01-22 00:18
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
2018-01-22 00:18
fnx | 
France ntBait 
2018-01-22 00:18
Good confidence but may not be possible if placed with SK instead of G2
2018-01-22 00:19
G2 in this form will beat them in BO3
2018-01-22 00:55
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Lol G2 will lose to SK in a Bo3 any day. Yes even SK with felps.
2018-01-22 06:57
G2 has ways beat SK
2018-01-22 12:58
what are you talking about? g2 has great history against sk, fucking indian fanboys
2018-01-22 13:47
Denmark Xipingu 
Lol retard detected ;DDD "I can remember all the times we have beaten FaZe, but can't remember the last time we have beaten G2" - TACO. Clearly new to CS LUL
2018-01-22 19:52
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Obviously. I ain't the newfag if you say inconsistent G2 can beat SK gaming is a Bo3. TACO said that because G2 doesn't even qualify for most tournaments. And Faze and SK meet in the finals very often retarded autistic shitfuck OMEGALUL
2018-01-22 20:03
Greece knk74 
Yeah bro
2018-01-22 00:20
Faze winning a major? I aren't think that
2018-01-22 00:21
kaas | 
Netherlands ImKuru 
You just wait :)
2018-01-22 00:46
We love you Olof <3
2018-01-22 00:22
Well winning this was important for confidence for the final. :)
2018-01-22 00:27
Finland Smoonah 
god olof
2018-01-22 00:28
Sweden Trkmag 
2018-01-22 00:30
Moldova OptimusBlyad 
2018-01-22 00:40
funny phrase. I would be surprised if any team's goal being to lose. I guess "now" implies Faze's goal BEFORE is not to win?
2018-01-22 00:58
India Thegameison 
Did you even read the article?
2018-01-22 02:21
Philippines RiceBoiiJP 
No I think that he meant that they had multiple goals from the start of the Major (i.e. Qualify and make it through to the playoffs). But now they have completed the other goals, so their only goal now is to win the Major itself.
2018-01-22 03:29
well first goal was to qualify. second goal to get out of groups and become legends. and now the only goal left is to win the whole Major. really not very hard to understand unless you're way below average intelligence
2018-01-22 13:49
well, to qualify and to get out of groups are both essential to winning the whole tournament, which means their goal is to win the major. If you want to break things down like this, their goal could be winning the first playoffs' game. still a very funny phrase to say.
2018-01-22 17:35
Brazil millerjmatos 
i respect this guy, great player
2018-01-22 01:07
Brazil SteffaNose 
2018-01-22 01:22
me 2! :D
2018-01-22 17:01
<3 Olof hope to see faze win this major as im going! Olof mvp maybe? :) one can hope
2018-01-22 01:23
guardian mvp<3
2018-01-22 13:47
Canada hypsipyle 
<3 olof and i thnk guardian deserves it more right now :)
2018-01-24 01:00
olof mvp of boston major
2018-01-22 01:25
Germany Windsz 
BO1 Faze win BO3 and BO5 SK win sk x Faze on major final with boltz in a BO5 its just insane but eleague doesnt like sk
2018-01-22 01:42
Australia NotSoMLG 
Also majors arent bo5. Even though i believe they should b
2018-01-22 02:12
Faroe Islands I_Oof_myself 
+1 won a bo1 against Sk and think they are on the top of the world
2018-01-22 17:17
Fnatic is going to destroy these noobs when the time is right.
2018-01-22 02:13
India MistaJ 
2018-01-22 03:09
this guy is such a good player. Godmeister :)
2018-01-22 03:58
winning in 2k18 LUL
2018-01-22 06:58
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
Ezaf for GodOlof
2018-01-22 06:58
olof <3
2018-01-22 07:14
Denmark slacking 
Definitly the favourites to win the tournament Olof.mvp
2018-01-22 08:48
mOE | 
Iraq Bad_Guy 
2018-01-22 11:30
newfag 0/8
2018-01-22 13:44
nice interview
2018-01-22 13:41
Serbia VuleKindeR 
2018-01-22 22:02
by an aimlocker nice.
2018-01-22 23:28
device: "Our chances at the Major are really good" ShahZaM: "We're ready to take on anyone considering it's BO1" gob b: "Now I finally feel like the tournament is starting for us" ----- you are here ----- olofmeister: "Now there's only one goal, that is to win"
2018-01-22 23:57
Brazil houghzinhu 
2018-01-23 01:39
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