TeG win KODE5 Romania

Thirty-two Romanian teams had found their way to Forte Games internet café in Constanta this Saturday, to participate in KODE5 Romania Regional Finals. Eight selected teams received a special invite, while twenty-four qualified through the online qualifiers.

Up for grabs would be one spot to KODE5 Global Finals and the honor to represent Romania. Main favorites coming into the tournament should be TeG, IGG and neXtplease. It should come down to just these three teams, to fight out who should represent Romania at KODE5 Global Finals.

TeG sent neXtplease to the lowerbracket, as TeG won the upperbracket final 16:14. IGG should then face neXtplease to determine who would have a shot at TeG in the grand final. Overtime should be needed to determine which team advance. IGG secured the overtime with four rounds against zero for neXtplease. Grand final should then consist of TeG versus IGG.

TeG obtained the favorite role, coming from the upperbracket. They did also use great advantage of it, as they won the one map they needed 16:11 and qualified for KODE5 Global Finals.

Broken tag

Yet another participant for KODE5 Global Finals has been found. Final standings for KODE5 Romania are as listed below.

Final Standings

1. Romania TeG
2. Romania IGG
3. Romania neXtplease
4. Romania fragers
5-6. Romania unreality
5-6. Romania -q-

You can check out photos from the event, by visiting the ComputerGames.ro event gallery.

Another KODE5 qualifier is in progress as we speak. KODE5 Portugal will end later today, we will be back with more information once the winner has been found.

2009-03-22 15:21
lineup on TeG and IGG?
2009-03-22 15:22
2 replies
k1d0r TaofiK Darky Marius PeRRy is TeG
2009-03-22 16:13
bEe, kyle, ApRoZaR, tALAZIz, manN1
2009-03-22 17:37
foto: k1d0r TaofiK Darky Marius PeRRy
2009-03-22 15:28
good job TeG
2009-03-22 15:29
Nice. Gratz TeG.
2009-03-22 15:31
2009-03-22 15:40
gg TeG .... sa nu ne faceti de cacaua
2009-03-22 15:53
NICE ! GL :)
2009-03-22 16:06
Ukraine lancee
who cares, TeG don't stand a chance against average european teams lol
2009-03-22 16:13
12 replies
everyone can have an opinion, but i tell you that ro can beat ukraine anytime
2009-03-22 16:28
10 replies
are you sure ? :(
2009-03-22 16:30
7 replies
i am
2009-03-22 17:02
4 replies
well don't be , ukraine has better players than ro :) , but anyway i don't agree with #9
2009-03-22 17:36
3 replies
you should!
2009-03-22 17:42
2 replies
i think i studied the "ro situation" better than you :) and TeG is a semi-pro team
2009-03-22 21:56
1 reply
2009-05-02 12:42
Ro has beaten Russia in the past, so don't talk unless you know something
2009-03-22 18:53
1 reply
first of all, ukraine is not russia ... and second, about that match RO vs RU, at that moment in Russia was an important lan, and there were most of important russian teams, so that means vs Romania didn`t play the best players from Russia ...
2009-03-23 05:23
Ukraine lancee
Are u sure? Has any RO team shown something on the international stage? Sure not! So wtf are u talking about, any team from our top5-6 can beat TeG. I have nothing against romanian guys amd i'm not blaming or sth, just telling how it is -.- That's unfair that u guys have qualifications for KODE5 when we don't. Besides only RO teams could participate in ur quals. Our best teams have to go 2 Poland/Russia/Spain to fight for a spot..
2009-03-22 19:21
1 reply
I will remember it for you that we won against Russia (national team, mix) 19-11 so don't talk if you don't know, anyways Ukraine has better players than Ro because you care more than us about CS.
2009-03-22 21:56
agree romania low!
2009-03-25 14:43
gg TeG
2009-03-22 16:15
This is a question for Nix0n & cia. I would like to know if there will be coverage for kode5 Spain. There will be great teams there. Thanks for reply, I didn't know where to post this, delete this one if you thik this is not the way
2009-03-22 16:41
2 replies
You bet we will. We have already talked to the organizers, so don't you worry.
2009-03-22 17:52
1 reply
Thanks man ;)
2009-03-22 17:53
There were only Romanian teams? That's not good. KODE5 should be open for everyone.
2009-03-22 16:49
1 reply
it was a qualifier my friend ;)
2009-03-22 18:54
gratz TeG and IGGs lineup:cicic ApRoZaR Kyle bee manN1
2009-03-22 16:49
5 replies
cicic = tALAZIz
2009-03-22 17:12
4 replies
i thaught kyle was talaziz :))
2009-03-22 17:34
2 replies
oh my bad then sry
2009-03-22 17:37
1 reply
Kyle is tALAZIz
2009-03-22 22:26
kyle = tALAZIz 100% ... cicic i think is vARTAN...:)
2009-03-24 14:58
gg Teg
2009-03-22 16:53
i knew it gg TeG
2009-03-22 17:14
Brazil fzZ
2009-03-22 17:14
where is earthquake?
2009-03-22 17:19
2 replies
earthquake doesn't exist anymore the last 2 or 3 players from Earthquake are playing for neXtplease!
2009-03-22 17:21
1 reply
thx, bad ;[[
2009-03-22 17:25
cicic = unu` (ex topnet)
2009-03-22 17:20
earthquake is nextplease
2009-03-22 17:22
2009-03-22 17:59
gl teg :)
2009-03-22 18:00
not a big news huh?
2009-03-22 18:05
"Earthquake release CS 1.6 team" was posted on Saturday, 23.08.2008 now Eq is neXtplease
2009-03-22 18:32
I think TeG have potential this year
2009-03-22 18:33
1 reply
2009-03-22 22:03
2009-03-22 18:49
where now is sedan playing ?
2009-03-22 19:40
1 reply
2009-03-22 19:44
the romanians are acting smart, they close their quals for romanian teams only, cuz they know that whoever participates will win it, so there won't be a romanian team at kode5 finals.. nice ..
2009-03-22 21:34
10 replies
2009-03-22 21:46
Nope, we only wan't to give our teams to kode5, that sounds like much more patriotic. If you wanted to say that innerfire would win a romanian qualifier, maybe top 5, but not 1st place at all. ;)
2009-03-22 21:59
8 replies
well how can we know that, when you are closing your quals!?!? And there is a good reason to close them, cuz innerfire 100% will win it. It's no secret who is the best team on the Balkans :)
2009-03-23 12:37
7 replies
hahaha, ok, you lost against us and you are still saying that you're the best, ok, gg you're no. 1 in the world hahahaha
2009-03-23 13:44
4 replies
when was that ? which year ?! wasnt this or the last one and another thing, when there are big tournament on the Balkans (in Serbia, Greece.. etc) Romania never attends. So this is another thing. No one can understand what romanian playing level is cuz they don't attend tournaments besides wcg/escw (bulgaria doesnt hold a quals for them) and dont attend the 'local' ones
2009-03-23 22:25
3 replies
right this year look here smart guy: www.hltv.org/?pageid=87&teamid=386&eventid=303 TeG has attended GameGune, SEC, WCG, ESWC, KODE5. They don't attend in the "balkans" tournaments because there is no big tournament here, and what is big, it's in the WEST and no Romanian team has sponsors to pay them the transport. So shut up because you're making yourself a fool.
2009-03-24 13:56
2 replies
o rly ? Vodafone greece wasnt big enough for you ? Only 10k euro ? :(( fool is you to believe that TeG or any other romanian team is better. All of you are scared and the proof for this is the closure of the kode5 quals for example. we'll see what will happen in ENC, screw CB it isnt a serious tournament
2009-03-24 21:21
1 reply
yeah, your loss is still your loss so su ;)
2009-03-25 06:27
atm I think TeG>innerfire
2009-03-23 16:34
1 reply
agree :)
2009-03-25 00:58
gg TeG
2009-03-22 21:40
Where is HellGaming?
2009-03-23 01:57
1 reply
home, practicing for kode5 2019 :(
2009-03-23 05:28
4'th place, did my best :D
2009-03-23 11:29
2 replies
niceone:D line`up#fragers?
2009-03-23 16:33
1 reply
MaFy, trashk, goody, mmb, juventus
2009-03-23 16:47
2009-03-23 13:20
GL TeG in Moscova !
2009-03-23 16:39
GG TEG. Anyway, the best team from LAN nextplease was a shame that after having led 8-0 on teg or relaxed and finished 9-6 ... And in the final looser already were down and morale and the IGG reuist to beat. If it was TeG vs next on train, not teg took 5 rounds after beating ii can not nuke the know.
2009-03-24 19:26
4 replies
dute si mai invata engleza analfabetule
2009-03-24 21:25
1 reply
2009-03-25 13:43
It's call spell check, look into it..
2009-03-26 10:53
Google Translate vs. you 1-0
2009-05-02 16:21
ahahahhahahhahahahahahah #69 =))))))))))))))) GG
2009-03-24 23:54
made in romania :) :P
2009-03-24 23:57
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