k1ck win KODE5 Portugal

KODE5 Portugal should be finished off this weekend, at Museu Municipal in Pacos de Ferreira, with eight teams competing for one spot to KODE5 Global Finals.

Major favorites to grab the spot were before start, was team k1ck, with the Portuguese monster-fragger Ricardo "foxj" Pacheco onboard. The team should also take the favorite role quite seriously, as the team walked through the group stage without any trouble. The k1ck challengers should be exotic, also walking through their group without too many problems.

Former team mates should then face each other in the grand final, as former k1ck members now play with exotic. The two favorites facing each other, which should be the ultimate showdown of, who is best it Portugal. Going into the final, one team had to win two maps, in order to secure the spot to KODE5 Global Finals.

Starting on nuke, k1ck got to great start as CT. A trick-play from exotic in the pistol-round didn’t shock k1ck, how was able to re-secure the lower bombsite and defuse the bomb. Third round went to exotic, as they bought those cheap AK47’s. Going hand in hand for a few rounds, the teams took turn to get a round. Finishing off as CT, k1ck stepped up a little, to secure an 11:4 halftime score. As T k1ck continued to take rounds and the win on nuke was never questionable, even with exotic taking rounds. Five T rounds granted k1ck the win on nuke, with 16:7 overall.

Second map train, exotic got to start on the stronger CT side. It did however not look as a stronger side, as k1ck played a fairly good T side, gathering six rounds, against nine to exotic. Switching sides, k1ck locked it down and never was the victory in danger, only letting exotic getting one round, against ten k1ck rounds. With a 16:10 score on train, k1ck secured themselves a ticket to KODE5 Global Finals.

Broken tag

Another KODE5 qualifier ends and k1ck join teams such as emuLate, TeG, Team Immunity and Gravitas at KODE5 Global Finals in Moscow, Russia. Below you can check out the final standings for KODE5 Portugal.

Final Standings

1. Portugal k1ck
2. Portugal exotic
3-4. Portugal Phantoms
3-4. Portugal BUSSIFUORI

The team to represent Portugal at KODE5 Global Finals consist of following five:

Brazil Helder "coachi" Sancho
Portugal Tiago "QUICK" Silva
Portugal Rui "SHOUW" Reis
Portugal Ricardo "foxj" Pacheco
Portugal Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes

Next KODE5 qualifiers to finish off are Poland and Germany, taking place next weekend.

gl in Russia.
2009-03-22 20:09
gg.. hf in Moscow
2009-03-22 20:12
GL Kick =p
2009-03-22 20:14
2009-03-22 20:20
gl k1ck where can i see the demo?
2009-03-22 20:24
go k1ck go Eu vi a demo, mas tipo nao foi uns jogo com frags bonitas .
2009-03-22 20:26
pois eles suckam
2009-03-22 20:26
k1ck gogogo
2009-03-22 20:28
when will be Global Finals?
2009-03-22 20:30
1 reply
may 9-10
2009-03-22 20:36
Portugal noobs/whiners!
2009-03-22 20:36
28 replies
can't believe you're still talking about that game months ago. it's just a computer game, get over it.
2009-03-22 21:31
27 replies
Not talking about any match, it's facts!
2009-03-22 22:08
26 replies
yo bro, wassup?
2009-03-22 23:18
25 replies
Nothin' bro, all good. You? ;p
2009-03-22 23:53
24 replies
f***** idiot.. at least portuguese teams, play kode5, go to sweden play dreamhack, go to america, how about ur teams?i cant remember any...so stfu and grow up kid!
2009-03-23 00:18
23 replies
When? I guess you have a bad memory, kid!
2009-03-23 11:10
13 replies
when what? just stay and your little country and grow up...u came here and insult all the portuguese people, why?because of a game?nobody remember that already...fuckin geeks, get a life idiot!
2009-03-24 00:05
12 replies
Hahahaha...there goes you 'big country' education. I guess you are well educated talking like that. Really nice! It says enough about you and your people. Don't need some game to tell me about it.
2009-03-24 00:34
11 replies
lol, dude ur something unbeliable, i have to admit.. but u and ur people arent better than portuguese people, u came here and said portugal whiners noobs! wth is that?what u want with that kind of sentences?and now u turn the arguing in ur favor, becaming urself the victim and i am the one that insult...kind a smart got to say...but not smart enough!
2009-03-25 12:57
10 replies
Hm...I can say that because they are noobs and whiners. When they lose, they whine to try and win on rules, and they lose everytime, just as I said, because they are whiners. How low they are when they lose to Bosnia in CS? Maybe you should think that first and than you'll know how low they really are.
2009-03-25 13:54
9 replies
damn seems like u talk from your a**ho*e. from that only s**t come out.
2009-03-25 20:25
8 replies
Your nickname says it all ^^
2009-03-25 20:26
7 replies
pwned . now seriusly why do u only talk? lets see u in one of those events. u win any from your country? do u even enter one? lets not be just a talking di**head and show us what u can do. Respect to be respected.
2009-03-25 20:30
6 replies
Yea, I pwn .pt team regularly. They are ulow noobs, and that's why I can say that. Like I said, losing to team like BIH, that has maximum 1mb of internet, where people have 200euros average wage (how good can their computers be with that money?) says enough about the skill of .pt teams. Or maybe it doesn't for you? :)
2009-03-25 20:35
5 replies
haha senseless. my discution ends here.
2009-03-25 20:39
4 replies
You still think that your teams are good even tho they lose to a country that plays on commodore? :) NICE! Very nice gg
2009-03-25 21:16
3 replies
10 years old, fat boy?
2009-03-25 21:23
2 replies
23 now, and I'm slim. Sorry kid, no luck
2009-03-25 21:25
1 reply
no, u are a liar
2009-03-25 22:56
Ukraine lancee
Yes, they probably do sometimes. But have they ever won any team out there? haha..
2009-03-23 11:35
3 replies
How do you win a team? xD I'd like to do that! :D
2009-03-23 16:33
haha what?defs lose i remember 16-11 against mibr last dreamhack! so is that a bad result?im realist, portuguese teams, cant be compared to big teams of europe, but this dont have a clue...by the way, ucranian doctors came to portugal work on constructions, so dont tell ur country is better than mine cause he isnt just because u have good cs teams...F*** the cs.!
2009-03-24 00:08
1 reply
mibr arent from europe by the way..:b
2009-03-24 01:55
Anything wrong with Sweden now?
2009-03-23 16:33
4 replies
haha pwn3d :)) Maybe the girls are bad?? (hard sarcasm :D)
2009-03-25 13:08
3 replies
Yeah they're soooooo bad xD Hehe Portuguese weather so we can have some Swedish girls at the beach, perfect combination!
2009-03-25 13:47
2 replies
dude that would be HEAVEN!:D, so u can have and idea, in the night, 23º where im living atm...and we just welcome spring, imagine when summer came...:D
2009-03-25 21:03
1 reply
Nice, where I am it's still snow (partially) and around 0 :)
2009-03-25 21:10
2009-03-22 20:54
GL k1ck
2009-03-22 21:03
Where can i download k1ck vs exotic demo? i wanna see ho they are atm
2009-03-22 21:05
exotic were so lucky against bussifuori.
2009-03-22 21:17
#11 we will se in russia. we have Portuguese monster-fragger Ricardo "foxj" Pacheco :b
2009-03-22 21:20
1 reply
Use the "Reply" function and the user will now you replied to him/her.
2009-03-23 16:34
N1 and Artyk from Peru won KODE5 Latin America
2009-03-22 21:22
lune-up exotic ?!?
2009-03-22 21:34
1 reply
luNa b1nd weapoN axoN dak
2009-03-22 22:02
DTS-CUP Teams: fnatic ex.mYm DTS.Chatrix Crack Clan mousesports k23 mTw.dk DTS-CUP > KODE5
2009-03-22 21:38
2009-03-22 21:43
Portuguese monster-fragger Ricardo "foxj" Pacheco fox not foxj :p
2009-03-22 22:01
5 replies
its foxj -.-
2009-03-22 22:02
2 replies
2009-03-22 22:51
1 reply
2009-03-22 22:52
2009-03-23 00:19
He's nick used to be/is fox, but he is better known as foxj. From what I've heard the j stands for Joana (missj)
2009-03-23 00:48
Brazil fzZ
good coachi
2009-03-22 22:11
Foxj the monster :) GG k1ck :)
2009-03-22 22:17
2009-03-22 22:39
Hell yh :) go fox or foxj it doesn't matter :P
2009-03-22 23:16
n1 leets see if we can score in kode5 global finals
2009-03-22 23:56
Fds a hltv nao teve nos jogos?? Omfg .. numa KODE5 .. ENFIM! Foxj ALLE 8D
2009-03-22 23:57
sim teve
2009-03-22 23:59
#36 entao passa-me la o link das demos sff
2009-03-23 00:31
1 reply
Please post your comments in English.
2009-03-23 16:35
LOL! os k1ck... k1ckaram as teams 8D N1 foxj N1 coachi N1 mUttt N1 SHOUW N1 QUICK
2009-03-23 00:32
I want the demooooos :(
2009-03-23 01:29
1 reply
The hltv's were from fraglider, try looking there.
2009-03-23 13:22
2009-03-23 09:22
nebojsa, only thing u can do is whine so get off pls.. and.. ur country is probably ranked last so i wouldnt whine here about that
2009-03-23 09:30
2 replies
2009-03-23 20:26
Belgium kridele
The Dude hasn't got anything better to do.. Insulting people while he is the one acting childish now.. :)) Giving comments on lurppis "bad attitude/behavior" (while I fully understand his anger though he had a point - football opinion), while himself is a complete asshole.. He has not said anything nicely in any post of him that I've read.. And please, do feel free to comment, I feel I have alot of people backing me up and sharing the same feelings about Nebojsa.
2009-03-25 20:38
Go K1CK! ;D
2009-03-23 14:20
GOGOGOGO k1ck gl =) coachi noob oh come on im better than you noob_-
2009-03-24 22:35
hi, im trying to find the demo of kode5 final portugal,does anyone have them?? thx :D bye
2009-03-24 22:47
2 replies
2009-03-25 21:20
1 reply
thank you very much :DDD
2009-03-27 18:08
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