GuardiaN: "I think mousesports struggle with coming back into the game when they're out of timeouts"

We grabbed Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács for an interview following FaZe's 2-0 win over mousesports earlier today to talk to him about the turnaround on Nuke and their confidence on Cache and Train at this tournament.

FaZe are now through to the semi-finals, having beaten mousesports 2-0 in the first quarter-final at the Agganis Arena in Boston after coming back from a 13-15 deficit on Nuke, winning two unlikely situations to take it to overtime and clinch map one. After that, Cache was a comfortable affair, as FaZe secured the series after a 16-9 scoreline.

GuardiaN discussed the mousesports quarter-final

After the match, we interviewed Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács to see how they came back in the tough Nuke and how they view Cache and Train (which would have been the deciding map of the series) in their map pool:

You played Cache and Train twice throughout groups and the qualifier and clearly were ready to play them today as well, how much time did you put into those maps and trying to expand your map pool with these two maps?

We were talking about the map pool a lot, beause we lost to Vega on Inferno and Inferno used to be our best map, so if you talk about a map pool, we did our best to fix it and to be ready on as many maps as we can. I think we're very good or close to perfect on three maps and then we have like Inferno and Nuke that we can play.

Nuke is a very hard map and we struggle with communication on the CT side, so that's why I think the teams have a chance to beat us on this map. I mean, our map pool is very good, I would say.

You seemed to struggle on Nuke versus mousesports on both sides, it looked quite one-sided in favor of mousesports in terms of actual gunrounds, was that down to communication like you said?

I wouldn't say it was a communication issue today, there was a round where we went to A site and we got completely destroyed. After that round, I called that we shouldn't go A, because they have a fast rotation, any time we went A, there were at least three or four guys on the A site, so we made that mistake that we didn't change the tactics earlier than the last like two-three rounds.

Every time we went lower we won the round, so we changed it up, we knew what we had to do and it worked out. We had to fake the upper site a little bit and there would be like three guys, so we can go to B almost for free. It was everything we did, we just discussed it in the timeout and it worked out.

The last rounds on Nuke ended up in 2v4 situations and you ended up taking those to push the match to overtime, how much of an impact do you think that had on mousesports going into the overtime?

mousesports is obviously a very good team, but when the team is out of timeouts, I think they struggle with coming back into the game. I think their team is based on good timeouts, if you don't have a timeout, I would say even then you have like a 70-80% chance to close out the game even if you're winning 15-13, so... I think that was the key point that they didn't have any more timeouts, so they couldn't calm down, and I think we just used our experience and skill to beat them. They were better on Nuke, obviously, but I think we used everything else to beat them.

On Cache there was a point where karrigan started calling a lot more fast-paced strats and it backfired, as opposed to the slow pace that had been working before, did he just want to change things up or what was the thinking there?

I think it was 7-4 when we won one round and we knew that the past two rounds they survived only in two when they won the round. So we knew they had no money and then we won the round, it was 8-4, and they would either forcebuy with one AWP, probably, because oskar was saving a lot of rounds, so we knew he might have the AWP, so that's why maybe we made Finn miscall some rounds, or I don't know.

Maybe we shouldn't have called that they have an eco or that they can have an eco, so probably if we didn't say that they have no money, we wouldn't have rushed. It's hard to say. But yeah, I think that had some influence on karrigan's calling at that point of the game. Maybe he felt like we needed to change the pace of the game and just start rushing, but it didn't work out, so we went back to the slow pace and it worked.

Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
Ladislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács
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Slovakia 08XI 
2018-01-26 21:14
Brazil PrestusHood 
2018-01-26 21:15
Canada webzyx 
2018-01-26 21:56
Spain Rekto_Plasm 
Suspicious indeed
2018-01-26 23:04
allu | 
Germany codeX29 
Olofmeister just got killed from this position one second ago like how should he not know where the enemy is
2018-01-27 11:31
Canada webzyx 
Why didn't throw the flash directly instead if he knew? I know that he knew but why then? People really need to start to think outside of the box sometimes.
2018-01-29 13:47
2018-01-26 21:14
yes i agree
2018-01-26 21:15
Israel Netanyahu 
2018-01-26 21:14
Germany jonezz 
2018-01-26 21:14
Well, mouz played still well!
2018-01-26 21:15
I agree. With the new lineup they have huge potential! Sadly they aren't able to close games yet. :/
2018-01-26 21:52
Canada webzyx 
Mousesports way better than FaZe. You only need to think outside of the box sometimes. But it's hard for low IQ kids.
2018-01-26 21:57
Finland Cocks 
They literally lost 2 bo3s with faze dropping 1 map nuke. Yes mouz is good but they're still yet to prove they're better than FaZe.
2018-01-26 22:35
Philippines RiceBoiiJP 
Thought Canadians were nice lul
2018-01-26 23:18
Finland Cocks 
Mouz are so good right now. They would be insane if oskar stay consistent and they can not let games go when they start losing 5-6 rounds in a row. Nuke game was so good to watch as well.
2018-01-26 22:00
Finland Taynz 
+1 Faze win the major
2018-01-26 22:31
Finland Cocks 
I met allu yesterday. He's pretty short.
2018-01-26 22:42
Finland Taynz 
2018-01-27 07:19
2018-01-26 21:15
Sweden yayer 
2018-01-26 21:15
no that's not correct
2018-01-26 21:15
Faze will win major
2018-01-26 21:15
gg ez win #FaZeUp
2018-01-26 21:15
China wordEXE 
2018-01-26 21:16
No they struggle because their players kill themselves in a 4v2 on round 14 and then lose the round
2018-01-26 21:16
Yea that too, in all seriousness
2018-01-26 21:25
nukkye | 
Czech Republic kczr 
Yes,they struggle cause the best player in team killed himself and other 3 did shit 900iq
2018-01-26 21:27
Finland Taynz 
2018-01-26 22:35
HAHA omg really? Finnfags have like 2 good players dont fucking talk if you dont have a scene :D
2018-01-26 23:11
Finland Taynz 
Mongoloid swedisfag
2018-01-27 07:20
Good comeback haha lmao triggered :D
2018-01-27 14:21
Denmark Fonder 
suNny ows his team an apology for that ownkill stunt, was the turning point for FaZe. But all respect goes to MouseSport, they did well on Nuke, but i have no doubt that FaZe would have won Train too.
2018-01-27 15:20
Final is VP vs NiP oh wait...
2018-01-26 21:45
Czech Republic KLothbrok 
Back in time baby
2018-01-27 01:57
2018-01-27 19:20
I think you suck fat bot with awp suckardian
2018-01-26 22:01
here is a translation Guardian: "lol we forced like 5 times and won them all, also niko is good"
2018-01-26 22:08
lover | 
Other Gala0 
Is everyone there this toxxxic?
2018-01-26 22:27
Mouz will only be better with experience
2018-01-26 22:32
Finland tetuan 
This. It was first match of this caliber for oskar so once he can reach his level in this kind of matches mouz will do well.
2018-01-26 22:40
Mouz will never achieve anything like this again.
2018-01-26 22:51
CoolStoryGuardian <3
2018-01-26 23:08
Poland halucyn0 
lol this photo + quote at main page XD
2018-01-27 01:06
Guardian reveals a bit too much tactics imo and also he reveals info about which maps they feel MOST uncomfortable with right now. Should have kept those crucial infos until after the major.
2018-01-27 01:36
Guardian is stupid fat asd
2018-01-27 03:18
Guardian "This is way better than Na'vi, I'm getting carried every game and don't have to do shit"
2018-01-27 03:27
2018-01-27 15:34
Tons of red there as expected compare with someone like NiKo/Rain with no red in their stats and ye he is getting carried hard every game and he's a bot.
2018-01-27 17:43
2018-01-27 17:43
honestly mouz played really well, what a game-play they brought.. massive respect from Faze fans. Niko is God
2018-01-27 04:46
NiKo | 
India Sishir 
"We grabbed Guardian" lool
2018-01-27 04:51
kennyS | 
Russia l1monx 
coolstorybob (c) Guardia[n]
2018-01-27 15:33
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