ESL Pro League Season 7 set to start

The seventh season of ESL Pro League will kick off on Tuesday, featuring 26 teams across two divisions.

The EPL action will continue where it left off last season, which came to an end at the Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense, Denmark, where SK beat FaZe in a thrilling final to be crowned champions. A change from the sixth season will be the official streaming platform as Facebook will be the new go-to place to watch all matches.

Fourteen teams in Europe and 12 in North America will compete in a round-robin league  using a home-and-away match system as they try to qualify for the Season 7 Finals, which will take place from May 14-20 at the Verizon Theatre in Dallas, Texas.

It is not yet known how the season finals spots will be distributed between the two regions after the North American division was reduced by two teams, with ESL expected to make an announcement on this matter in the upcoming weeks.

ESL Pro League is back

The European division will kick off on Tuesday with 12 sides in action, including AGO, one of the two teams making their first appearance at this level (the other being Space Soldiers). Astralis will be playing their first match since signing Emil "Magisk" Reif, with teams such as North and Envy also out to prove their worth after undergoing roster changes.

The full team list for EPL Season 7 Europe can be found below:

Poland AGO Denmark Astralis
France Envy Europe FaZe
Sweden fnatic France G2
Europe HellRaisers Denmark Heroic
Europe LDLC Europe mousesports
Ukraine Natus Vincere  Sweden NiP
Denmark North Turkey Space Soldiers

Below is the full schedule for Tuesday's European matches (teams will play each other twice):

17:00  Denmark Astralis vs. Europe LDLC
17:00 France G2 vs. Europe FaZe
19:15 Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Europe HellRaisers
19:15 Europe mousesports  vs. Sweden fnatic
21:30 Europe FaZe vs. Denmark Astralis
21:30 Europe LDLC vs. Poland AGO

Across the Atlantic, only 12 squads will partake in the league after Misfits and CLG didn't renew their licenses. OpTic's new roster, which includes three Danish players, will be one of the teams competing in the league.

EPL Season 7 North America will have the following teams:

United States Cloud9 North America Complexity
United States Dignitas Canada Ghost
North America Liquid Brazil Luminosity
United States NRG Denmark OpTic
Australia Renegades  United States Rogue
Brazil SK United States Splyce

SK and Cloud9 will kick things off with two games, starting at 00:10. The full schedule for the first day is:

00:10  United States Cloud9 vs. Brazil SK
02:25 Brazil Luminosity vs. Australia Renegades
04:40 North America Complexity  vs. United States Splyce
Denmark Emil 'Magisk' Reif
Emil 'Magisk' Reif
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Finland Jesuy 
woo! This gonna be great! :)
2018-02-12 23:35
Turkey Mustafa- 
excited for Space Soldiers - XANTARES
2018-02-12 23:38
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
FaZe UP!
2018-02-13 00:05
United States TheYusa16 
eZ for FaZe
2018-02-13 14:20
Paraguay imjustmau 
Optic EU team
2018-02-12 23:41
you can compete in NA since that is where Optic spot is.
2018-02-12 23:44
Paraguay imjustmau 
Yeah but it's unfair to the rest of NA
2018-02-12 23:45
no, c9 could get bought by hellraisers or something and c9 could play there.
2018-02-12 23:49
Paraguay imjustmau 
You're not getting my point sir
2018-02-12 23:49
NA won the major, still unfair lul
2018-02-12 23:53
it would be more unfair to kick a different team out of EU, since the optic guys didn't make another team, no body but optic deserve their spot.
2018-02-13 01:07
The gap between NA and EU CS is getting smaller, slowly but surely. Also, if you owned a huge ass org, you wouldn't want to relocate it to another region and be forced to play through 4 damn divisions to get to EPL again. That'd take around 2 years if I'm correct, and there's no guarantee that the team would stay together for the sake of "fairness".
2018-02-13 02:38
Paraguay imjustmau 
Optic is still EU tho
2018-02-13 02:39
Aye. But given what I said before, I can't see them relocating anytime soon.
2018-02-13 02:42
Not worst than SK playing in NA or SS in EU
2018-02-12 23:53
World nakTriceps 
Turkey is not in Europe? ...
2018-02-13 00:23
Yeah it's technically in Asia. The continental border is pretty much right on the border across whatever seas are to the north/northwest. I think it's usually considered part of the middle East but I could be wrong on that part.
2018-02-13 00:33
2018-02-13 01:34
Russia evg1804 
Turkey is Asia
2018-02-13 00:35
Nope, it's part of the middle east, although Istanbul, where SS are based, is in the Balkan Peninsula. Thinking of it, I think that SS had plans to go to Germany or something.
2018-02-13 02:41
Istanbul which is in europe, is bigger than most eu countries itself baugette, and there are more turkish cities in europe continent, not just istanbul. Do the math
2018-02-13 05:43
Bigger than MOST eu countries? Do you know what MOST means?
2018-02-13 09:44
Canada Ayton 
there is 17-18 million people living in the eu part of Turkey, that is more than "most" of european countries.
2018-02-13 14:36
He said Istanbul, not every part of Turkey in EU. PS : you are mean to say Germany is part of Turkey.
2018-02-13 17:36
Canada Ayton 
2018-02-13 17:53
dude half of istanbul's population is still more than most small countries in eu, I don't know what you couldn't understand :D check out wikipedia and germany of course belongs to turkey
2018-02-13 20:05
Oh now it is his population and not his size? Clear your mind before arguing with someone plz
2018-02-13 23:06
size doesn't matter :) you even got rekt by a canadian man
2018-02-13 23:50
yes baguetteman
2018-02-13 16:05
eZ for SS
2018-02-12 23:35
can't wait
2018-02-12 23:35
Ez Faze
2018-02-12 23:36
Cool ez SK
2018-02-12 23:35
Switzerland BottomFragger 
ez 4 vp
2018-02-12 23:45
2018-02-12 23:35
2018-02-12 23:36
2018-02-12 23:36
2018-02-12 23:36
go faze and mous
2018-02-12 23:36
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
lets get lots of good cs
2018-02-12 23:36
Ez for AGO
2018-02-12 23:36
2018-02-12 23:36
2018-02-12 23:37
Brazil BuddyINSANE 
Let's go BRAZIL, we can do it! We smart, we loyal, we friendly, we are from BRAZIL! Kreygasm
2018-02-12 23:37
Can't wait to watch it on facebook!
2018-02-12 23:44
2018-02-12 23:44
Did u not feel my sarcasm?
2018-02-12 23:44
Sure did. Just felt the urge to comment
2018-02-12 23:46
Denmark Xipingu 
Incoming 4000 complaints that Optic is competing in the NA league.
2018-02-12 23:38
I mean, do you not think it's cheap that EU players can just go to NA and compete in their leagues because it's easier?
2018-02-13 00:31
Denmark Xipingu 
No. Because they won't be top 1 in the league for obvious reasons.
2018-02-13 00:34
strize | 
Canada DiiSCO 
2018-02-12 23:38
WTH Facebook??!?!
2018-02-12 23:40
United Kingdom Andy8993 
Watching on Facebook will sure be great Kappa
2018-02-12 23:40
SS 28-0 EZ
2018-02-12 23:40
14 teams means 13 enemies for every teams -> 13 home and 13 away games, max. amount of wins are 26. If Space Soldiers are able to get 28 wins out of 26 games i'll admit they are gods.
2018-02-13 08:03
kebab | 
Turkey Styyx 
2018-02-13 11:38
But why on Facebook tho ?
2018-02-12 23:47
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
Go fnatic!!!! and Down with ESL & facebook!
2018-02-12 23:47
Facebook in 2018 lul
2018-02-12 23:50
s1mple | 
Ukraine s0fcat 
Waiting for pro matches
2018-02-12 23:55
Facebook? Da fakk.
2018-02-12 23:57
NEO | 
Poland Trausky 
Facebook ruins all
2018-02-13 00:00
Boo | 
France mbl4 
SK - C9 again lul
2018-02-13 00:01
Boo | 
France mbl4 
SK - C9 again lul
2018-02-13 00:01
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
Let's go astralis
2018-02-13 00:03
optic smurfing in na
2018-02-13 00:03
Tier 3 100%
2018-02-13 00:21
NA will body those EU bots
2018-02-13 02:59
LMAO OpTic with this lineup would probably lose only to TL, C9 and SK
2018-02-13 04:24
I just hope they can get more than 3 rounds vs the NA dignitas. Easy for NA Thanks for free wins
2018-02-13 14:19
LMAO NA dignitas is Soar Gaming =LUL
2018-02-13 14:43
Yup. FNS is the best IGL. And right behind him is Matthew "mCe" Elmore. Easy for Team dignitas. They really did make a good move. I'd be sad if they started wasting their money on more garbage EU bots
2018-02-13 14:44
2018-02-13 14:48
You show a video where koosta fucks up instead of FNS lol
2018-02-13 14:54
Yeah, you're right, but FNS is fore sure not best IGL even in NA Steel (Canadian) is better than FNS Sean is better than FNS Nitr0 is better than FNS Stan is better than FNS While in other parts of the world... Fallen is better than FNS Golden is better than FNS Gla1ve is better than FNS Shox is better than FNS ChrisJ is better than FNS Even MSL is better than FNS
2018-02-13 14:59
I don't see why you say "even" MSL is better than FNS as if chrisJ and shox are better IGLs than MSL lol
2018-02-13 15:36
woho, waiting for the match, just like primier league, liga in soccer
2018-02-13 00:08
Brazil thainan_mau 
Why optic didn't lose their spot?
2018-02-13 00:09
The spot belongs to the organization.
2018-02-13 22:18
Brazil thainan_mau 
2018-02-13 22:26
Serbia Removekebab13 
At this point the last hope for ldlc is to give theie all in this tournament so they make it to the lan or just disband
2018-02-13 00:21
Belgium bioZARRRD 
They will relegate, this is their last season in EPL. They are shit without ex6
2018-02-13 06:39
they are shit with x6 aswell
2018-02-13 19:19
Belgium bioZARRRD 
Atleast they survived 2 seasons in EPL
2018-02-13 20:38
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
broadcasting on Facebook WTF ESL PLEASE
2018-02-13 00:25
Watch on ESL's website. Will definitely be better than the facebook stream.
2018-02-13 00:41
It's facebook integration, same shit.
2018-02-13 00:55
Pretty sure it's not. It's a separate stream of it's own.
2018-02-13 01:15
Does facebook at least have audio only mobile streaming? That's the biggest reason I don't pay attention to either eepl or ecs
2018-02-13 00:35
I wish
2018-02-13 02:46
Yet ANOTHER C9 vs SK match up. Better love story than Twilight.
2018-02-13 00:41
fb lmao wtf is this shit
2018-02-13 00:42
United States Mol10 
C9 vs Sk every single time lmao
2018-02-13 00:48
Australia NotSoMLG 
Lul Facebook streams WHAT A MEME
2018-02-13 00:50
2018-02-13 00:55
konfig feasting on na lol
2018-02-13 00:55
2018-02-13 00:58
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
Facebook is dogshit but at least it isn't Hitbox or fucking Azubu
2018-02-13 01:08
United States GreenWaller 
Damn it no OpTic till March 6th :/
2018-02-13 01:40
France StickyRice 
Gonna have to wait to see my boy Shahzam :(
2018-02-13 04:06
United States GreenWaller 
And K0nfig smurfing :)
2018-02-13 17:23
Wont watch cuz of Facebook
2018-02-13 02:40
Facebook in 2k18 HYPEROMEGALUL
2018-02-13 02:50
EZ for C9
2018-02-13 04:56
Holy Shit, this is gonna be an epic day! Maybee its even a pizza day? :D :D
2018-02-13 07:56
Thank God polish stream stays on Twitch
2018-02-13 08:04
Ez 4 Fnatic
2018-02-13 08:32
Why facebook? I hope they will stream on twitch too
2018-02-13 08:39
Europe erhansol 
facebook stream.... that is the worst decision ever. esl can see the drop of viewers than the last leagues. hope they will change it to youtube or twitch.
2018-02-13 09:00
CIS lvefunc 
fnatic 26-0 inc.
2018-02-13 09:51
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
no more cancerous twitch chat
2018-02-13 10:09
2018-02-13 10:16
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
hype games hyped for faze and to see the new envyus
2018-02-13 10:25
Saudi Arabia Dolandos 
facebook kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2018-02-13 10:49
Easy for sk gaming and another tournament easy for oskarsports
2018-02-13 10:52
AmaNEk | 
France ZywHere 
VP ftw
2018-02-13 11:45
Netherlands CuriosityNL 
Watching on Facebook in 480p I’d guess? Lel
2018-02-13 12:32
Ez for faze
2018-02-13 13:05
ez for sk
2018-02-13 14:00
Netherlands Yak_41M 
facebook blocked at work.. RIP
2018-02-13 15:20
Poland PiterixXx 
2018-02-13 16:13
It will be easily from XANTARES
2018-02-13 16:35
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