xccurate: "Our communication is a mix, half Chinese and half English"

We talked to Kevin "xccurate" Susanto after Tyloo picked up a stunning win over fnatic during the second day of StarSeries i-League S4.

TYLOO suffered a defeat in their opening match of the tournament, losing 2-0 to FaZe in a very one-sided series. However, the Asian squad managed to bounce back today, shocking fnatic with a 2-0 victory on Cobblestone and Inferno.

xcurrate's AWP was on point on Inferno

In our interview with Kevin "xccurate" Susanto, we discussed TYLOO's upset over the Swedes, their play in Asia and the communication issues.

You just finished your match against fnatic, how are you feeling after this win?

We are feeling really, really happy now, because yesterday we were not really in our form, in our first match we fought probably the best team in the world, FaZe, we didn't have our confidence. We talked a lot, practiced a lot after the match yesterday and today we have our form back.

Going into the matchup against fnatic, what was the preparation like, what were you expecting to play?

Actually, we didn't expect fnatic to ban Cache, but we watched a lot of how fnatic play on Cobblestone and Inferno. I know that on Inferno fnatic is really good, they know how to get control of the map, but I said to our team that we should just do our default tactic and play with confidence, and we just did it.

Cobblestone is where it started, you got your first map win, what went right for you on that map?

Cobblestone is our best map, because in competitions in Asia we always play Cobblestone so we are comfortable on the map, that's why I think we played well there.

Inferno was fairly contested, back and forth, how did you see that one going and what was the key to closing it out?

At 14-14 we had a lot of miscommunication, it was a 2v1 that we lost, but I just shouted to the team "come on, we can do it, let's go boys, don't think about it", and we came back one by one, we read how they played. I told BnTeT to just control banana and then we stacked A, and it was working.

Coming into TyLoo you are now the in-game leader and the AWPer, so tell me how has that been working out? Is it hard to balance the two roles?

I still lack as an in-game leader because I'm still new to this level of competition, I'm a new guy. And the communication is also a bit hard, we just know basic Chinese, so our communication is a mix, it's half Chinese and half English.

Still, in Asia you have been doing well, there was the qualifier for this and IEM Katowice and you won both. So do you feel that you are the best team in Asia at the moment, even though you are a fresh roster right now and have communication issues?

I don't want to say that we are the best team in Asia, but... You can see from the results, I think people can judge us themselves.

You picked up a big win here, what are the expectations going forward from this point?

Our target here is the playoffs, we want to go to the playoffs. I think, our win against fnatic is very positive for us, because we got a lot of confidence right now. I think that we just practice after this, practice a lot.

Indonesia Kevin 'xccurate' Susanto
Kevin 'xccurate' Susanto
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wp anyway my friend china numbaYAN?
2018-02-18 13:35
My boy BnTeT and his friend did it again!
2018-02-18 13:38
bntet min kd lul
2018-02-18 14:13
Europe NejiBror 
2018-02-18 14:34
They let him at a 1 bombsite alone, thats why
2018-02-18 18:23
Kuwait marrrwin 
2018-02-18 15:38
2018-02-18 13:33
kaas | 
Netherlands ImKuru 
2018-02-18 13:33
Spain JasonRacism 
BnTeT to Renegades
2018-02-18 13:34
Turkey inmortial27 
Chine numbe one LUL
2018-02-18 13:34
kaas | 
Netherlands ImKuru 
2018-02-18 13:34
Unlike SS they can win a bo3 at lan lul
2018-02-18 13:49
Turkey inmortial27 
China numbe one
2018-02-18 15:09
Canada SummerClassic 
2018-02-20 18:44
Spain Alser 
So like your average PUBG squad
2018-02-18 13:34
2018-02-18 14:17
Poland papaski2 
XCCURATE TwoFaced Toileto
2018-02-18 13:34
CeRq | 
Sweden xamzino9 
hahahahaha never been tired to see that <3
2018-02-18 16:59
Brazil XEMBAO 
2018-02-18 13:34
Netherlands theicewithin 
That sounds inconvenient.
2018-02-18 13:34
wp Kevin!
2018-02-18 13:35
Finland sadmen)))) 
i have heard that this very experienced polish guy "TaZ" is in free agency! maybe this newly formes team should bench an unexperienced player like "MICHU" and take the super experienced player "TaZ"! that team sounds like they could be scary, maybe get all the invites to tournaments? who knows.
2018-02-18 13:35
United Kingdom daneclaw 
Hope this happens.
2018-02-18 20:42
2018-02-18 13:35
Europe Skraj 
And still they beat fnatic, r0fl
2018-02-18 13:36
Without GOD bondik they are pretty low.
2018-02-18 13:36
pretty low my ass, guess beating fnatic doesnt impress u rite ? and where is bondik now ? ohh wait a sec, he just lost to heroic lul p.s : not a fanboy of tyloo, just get a 1540 $ worth of skin from the tyloo match lul
2018-02-18 14:09
2018-02-18 14:10
ty :*
2018-02-18 14:11
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
Do a giveaway pls, jk
2018-02-18 14:19
2000$ cash, lets say ty to tyloo
2018-02-18 14:32
2018-02-18 15:11
United Kingdom daneclaw 
They won against Fnatic, and they're not very good anymore lol.
2018-02-18 20:42
ofc, ahaha i didnt expect them to be a consistant team, and for next match i'll prolly pick the other side just because tyloo hype is still going and dig for some penny out of there XD
2018-02-18 20:47
Canada SummerClassic 
Fnatic aren't good anymore? If we go by recent form such as the major, they seemed like a great competitor. Still a great achievement by tyloo
2018-02-20 18:47
Germany 7|1 
xccurate: "Our communication is full Polish"
2018-02-18 13:36
2018-02-18 13:50
Canada SummerClassic 
If that was the case, they would have lost...
2018-02-20 18:47
china numba one - JW 2018
2018-02-18 13:37
Chine numbe one
2018-02-18 13:37
thats why i hate your shitty team
2018-02-18 13:38
thats enough to beat fnatic
2018-02-18 13:39
Indonesia icevy 
wp kevin!
2018-02-18 13:39
fnatic lose mix .Fnatic is back ,2015 yea
2018-02-18 13:39
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
0/8 how you can choose 50% with 5 players
2018-02-18 13:44
BnTeT | 
Azerbaijan WaitWut 
2018-02-18 14:36
2018-02-18 13:44
keep on the form bois !!!
2018-02-18 13:49
Solid awper and good clutcher
2018-02-18 13:51
TyLoo have a nice future IMO
2018-02-18 13:56
indeed. they’ll be a very impressive team in the future
2018-02-18 15:53
2018-02-18 15:54
2018-02-18 13:56
China LeBronGames 
Tyloo has gotten better and better after they got rid of Bondik such a good move to get rid of that fat European money leech
2018-02-18 14:02
jks | 
Australia Mosski 
interesting stuff!!
2018-02-18 14:04
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
Chinese isn't a language
2018-02-18 14:05
We never emphasize “Mandarin”.
2018-02-18 14:08
you should show enough respect to a language which you stupid imperfect eu races can never study well. Chinese is really not simple as easy english.
2018-02-18 14:39
United Kingdom Theodoooore 
Wo shi qi sui
2018-02-18 15:08
China cescy 
i think he meant chinese is a set of many languages?
2018-02-18 16:14
idk but those Mandarin takes years to learn
2018-02-19 00:57
mix or mess?
2018-02-18 14:08
Austria I_love_Hltv 
2018-02-18 15:00
report ge JB
2018-02-18 17:38
Same question arose in my mind after watching they playing.
2018-02-18 16:24
wait.. they communicate?
2018-02-18 14:10
2018-02-18 14:18
Spain droh 
All my respects!
2018-02-18 14:41
Poland qube1 
oh... ok... hu kers????
2018-02-18 14:54
JUGi | 
United Kingdom onwards 
Let’s get it boys!
2018-02-18 15:12
D0cC | 
United Kingdom benje 
2018-02-18 16:12
China cescy 
most beautiful english
2018-02-18 16:16
Europe loonek4 
best team
2018-02-18 16:22
how to read xccurate? is that ex-ccurate or ekzaccurate
2018-02-18 16:42
it’s exkyurate
2018-02-18 17:24
Ez cao ni ma kuret
2018-02-19 05:11
Brazil Setrock 
Does xcurrate speak english?
2018-02-18 22:07
he speaks polish :)
2018-02-18 23:55
Brazil Setrock 
Reply needs to have actual content
2018-02-19 00:57
Indonesia epen 
just a little, mostly mandarin and indonesia lang, because he is indonesian chinese like BnTeT but, BnTeT better on english than mandarin
2018-02-19 06:00
nope, xcurrate is fluent in speaking english, have a singlish (singaporean english) style of speaking, i once played with him either in sostronk or faceit
2018-02-19 07:51
wow u really did with him? u must be a good player on faceit.
2018-02-19 08:06
No, look at his facebook rofl
2018-02-19 14:44
Indonesia numba1
2018-02-19 05:05
aizy | 
Asia glacecs 
What a humble guy
2018-02-19 07:45
Austria chris_de_b0ng 
Good luck TyLoo :-)
2018-02-19 08:47
Portugal MR_CAL 
2018-02-19 11:55
Cool trivia actually
2018-02-20 12:10
Wp Kevin.. Idk what i must said.. go with team only speak english.. cause communicate is terrible..
2018-02-20 14:12
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