karrigan: "I feel like you can always challenge people in the vetos"

Finn "karrigan" Andersen discussed his approach to vetos and the SK rivalry in our interview following FaZe's win over Renegades.

The European mixture started off the quarter-final series against Renegades slowly, as the Australians went off to grab an early lead. However, FaZe managed to find their way back into the map and secure a confident 2-0 win in the end.


karrigan is very confident in their Cache

After the match, Finn "karrigan" Andersen revealed that he was hoping Renegades would pick Nuke, so they get to play the map after the rework, and that he expects SK to bounce back after some shaky results at the start of the year.

Back in Sydney last year there was that play with the veto between you and gla1ve regarding Cobblestone, now you kind of challenged Renegades to pick Nuke into you here. Tell me about that, do you have particular fun playing mind games with the vetos?

I mean, vetos are always kind of fun because it is something I prepare a lot for, going into tournaments and going into matchups. I feel like you can always challenge people in the vetos and make them do mistakes.

I tried to make Renegades pick Nuke because it's a map I really want to play with this lineup, it's a map that hasn't been that bad for us, when you look at that when we play Nuke, we play the top-tier Nuke teams. So mousesports has proved a lot on that map, before the change was made, and we also played NiP.

So I wanted them to pick Nuke against us because I knew that if they picked Cache, it would look like it did today because Cache is a map we have worked so hard on for the Major, and since the Major we've really shown good results, I think we have eight or nine wins and one loss on LAN. So that is our new Mirage I would say, and I just wanted to have a challenge.

You picked Inferno in the end, for your map, and it was a lot closer than a lot of people expected. So run me shortly through the key things that went well for them. 

Our Inferno has been an issue since the Major, where we lost against Cloud9. It's something we worked on, so we decided to pick Inferno even though it wasn't the best pick to do against Renegades, but we need some confidence back on that map.

By playing an official you can correct the mistakes, and the mistakes we did in the Major we didn't do this time. On the T side we could execute with 25 seconds left, we baited out grenades, which we didn't do at the Major. Maybe that's why it was a little close because they had a good start on T side with 5-0, and they played really well.

Since the Major, SK didn't have that great results with summit and now here. Do you think we could still see a return of the SK - FaZe rivalry that we had last year? Will it be back in 2018?

Yeah, I definitely see SK returning. I mean, they had to play with felps at the Major, came back and had one or two weeks to prepare for summit. You really have to see how they lost these tournaments, they lost to Liquid in the deciding match twice, so maybe they have a bad matchup against Liquid, like we have against SK, and then they lost to Cloud9 in the upper-bracket final of summit. These two teams have been on the rise, Liquid is an unknown factor still I would say, so I think it's hard to read into these results.

I guess you have to see in Katowice, if they don't reach the final, semi-final, then I think there is a small dip in form, but if I know SK, this is just one tournament and they will be back in form and winning titles here and there.

It's either Natus Vincere or Astralis in the semi-final and then potentially the final ahead. What's the feeling like?

I feel like it's a good matchup no matter who we face in the semi-final. For the rest of the tournament, once SK is out it is obviously easier for us, even though I really want to play SK, it feels like I don't have the chance to play them sometimes.

But besides that, Na`Vi - Astralis is going to be a good game and no matter who we face they are probably out for some blood. Since we beat Na`Vi two times in a row now, here at StarLadder in the group stage and in the semi-final of the Major. Astralis haven't beat us in a BO3 since Katowice last year. I think they really want a BO3 win instead of just BO1's.

Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
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faze top1 for the rest of the year
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2018-02-24 08:06
Reported for being a video gamer. LUL jk you know how awkward media callls csgo players “VIDEO GAMERS”
2018-02-24 14:41
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Who will give calls ..LMAO
2018-02-23 18:34
Zeus | 
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Commentors and spectators, but need to play without headphones
2018-02-24 07:20
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Shoxie fits better imo :p
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u wrote "fnatic" false my friend
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im 92 kg hiko is minimum 120 lel
2018-02-24 15:40
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i dunno maybe he got kicked from c9 cuz of his weight
2018-02-24 15:45
Dosia is still playin' so mb he is just bad
2018-02-24 15:47
United States TheYusa16 
ehhh hiko was carryin but then he gained 30lbs so he got kicked
2018-02-24 15:52
no i think his aim assist licens was over
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You spelled "week" wrong
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10 iq IGL
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Still better than Happy
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and better than Glaive
2018-02-24 07:22
god karrigan
2018-02-23 17:17
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lies, karrigan has no feelings /close
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Shut up!
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Brazil vass28 
gg wp, karrigan is playing good this tournament, like he said once sk is out, is easier to them to win again
2018-02-23 17:26
against renegades, yea
2018-02-23 17:50
I thought the Inferno pick was a little weird, makes sense that they did it to practice the map though. Still have a lot to work on, they look shaky on what used to be a top 2 map for them. Room to improve for sure
2018-02-23 19:09
India Pranav3112 
I mean they can build confidence on it playing with weaker teams and can take risks. So i think it was a good choice so they can learn from mistakes
2018-02-23 20:25
2018-02-23 20:50
Daamm, i respect karrigan so much, best of lucky 4 them in the semis, i'll cheer for em
2018-02-23 20:10
Ivory Coast MrJanitor 
ez for Carrygun
2018-02-24 03:38
France Deadfish 
and lose, pathetic
2018-02-24 23:10
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2018-02-25 06:02
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Worst igl lol
2018-02-26 17:06
FaZe picked Nuke
2018-02-26 18:05
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